Our Story Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 – The Final Chapter?

My sexy neighbor Stacy works in an Insurance Office in our Town. I have had my auto policy with her Agency for several years, but I didn’t know Stacy worked there until recently. As I entered their Store to make a quarterly payment, my eyes met hers. She came up to the counter and asked me what I was doing here. I told her about my payment, and she motioned that she could take care of me in the next line. She motioned me over to another set of tellers, and began handwriting out my receipt.

I noticed that Stacy was wearing one of her shorter dresses, meaning it covered her thighs while she stood, but revealed quite a bit of her smooth thighs when she sat down . Stacy knew how much I loved both her and her daughter Heather’s legs, and she made the most of showing hers off to me.

She completed my transaction, and then asked me if I wanted to see her office. I said sure, and followed her down a hall and into a small office. She walked with that sway of a woman on a mission. Her nylon covered thighs brushed ever so slightly as she walked into her office. God…Katie Couric had nothing on this woman.

Inside this office were the usual desk, several easy chairs, and a 4 drawer locking cabinet. Stacy asked me to sit down, and she went over and sat on the edge of the desk, facing me. She crossed her legs, making sure her short dress appeared even shorter. Stacy continued to stare at me, and then, without missing a beat, began stroking her hose covered calves with her hands. Stacy asked me if I had missed her. It was about a week since our last sexual encounter. I told her that I had, at which she smiled and replied that she was hoping to get together again.

Her hands were now rubbing her thighs, and she had uncrossed her legs, giving me a better view of her panty covered pussy. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Stacy stood up, pulling her dress down to a somewhat respectable level. She went to the door, opened it to see her daughter Heather standing there.

Heather, wearing one of her short black dresses, and black spiked heels, bostancı escort bayan looked every bit the young vixen that she is. She asked her mother what was going on and Stacy said she was just showing me her office. Heather entered the office, and closed the door behind her, locking same.

Heather walked up to my seat and sat herself down right on my lap. She felt my hard-on immediately, and mentioned that she wanted to play too. With that said, Heather pulled up her dress to her waist, exposing her sexy bare legs and black panties.

Stacy had returned to the edge of her desk, again sitting with her legs spread wide open. She placed one of her own heeled shoes on my leg and began working her way up to my crotch. I was now literally up to my neck with a pair of sexy legs begging to be touched.

Stacy got up from the desk, and began pulling up her dress, removing it and tossed it to another chair. She was wearing a white bra which barely contained her lovely full breasts. She was left wearing panty hose and the white panties I had seen earlier. She walked over to Heather, who reached up and undid her mom’s bra. Heather removed the bra, freeing her mom’s luscious tits. Heather said that her mom looked especially good today, and began fondling her mom’s breasts, first the right one then the left. She began kissing them, licking at her mom’s now hard nipples.

Stacy said to Heather that she loved her daughter dearly but she wanted me to herself today. Heather said that wasn’t going to happen. To reinforce what she had said, Heather turned her full attention to me. She began kissing me, placing her tongue deep in my mouth. She began grinding herself onto my groin, making my erection ever more obvious.

I returned her passionate kisses, and she stood and removed her dress and panties. She also began undressing me, and once she freed my cock, she began sucking on it. I was watching Heather and lost track of Stacy.

After a minute had passed, I saw Stacy walking behind her daughter. She had strapped on a rubber dildo and was using her ümraniye escort own spit to lubricate it. She reached down and placed both of her hands on her daughters back, and suddenly rammed the rubber cock into her daughters now soaking wet pussy. Heather screamed out, causing Stacy to place her hand over her daughter’s mouth.

Heather, being momentarily distracted by her mom’s actions, then returned to sucking on my cock. Her mom continued pushing in and out of her daughter’s pussy with the rubber dildo, causing Heather to suddenly begin to orgasm.

Seeing Heather beginning her orgasm caused me to begin spurting my load into her mouth. Heather pulled my cock from her mouth and placed it between her heaving breasts. My cock continued shooting threads of spunk onto her breasts, finally dripping off of her nipples onto her stomach. Stacy suddenly pulled out of her daughter’s pussy. I saw that the dildo covered with Heather’s love juices. Stacy walked up to me and placed the slimy dildo in my mouth, saying she knew how much I loved her daughter’s pussy juice, so I was to lick it off of her cock.

As I obediently licked off Heather’s female juices, Stacy pushed the dildo into my mouth. She began fucking my mouth with her rubber toy. Heather recovered enough from her orgasm to begin kissing and licking her mom’s butt cheeks.

Heather then unhooked the straps holding the dildo up to her moms torso, and began licking at her mom’s pussy, which I could see was dripping with her own juices. Heather then turned her mom around to face her, and ordered her mom to lick off my cum from her tits. Stacy obediently began licking my cum from her daughter’s breasts, including the small amount that had dripped onto her stomach. Seeing Stacy lick my cum off her daughter’s tits cause me to become hard again.

Heather also noticed and said it was her turn to get some. She pushed her mom aside and grabbing my cock, placed it into her moist pussy. She began humping me, getting herself off with every thrust.

Stacy, watching her daughter come close to another climax, straddled kartal escort me in my chair, placing her pussy right on my face. She spread her pussy lips wide with her fingers, and said to lick her pussy. I eagerly placed my tongue between her thighs, and after parting her lips, began licking at her sweet pussy. I tasted her sweet juices as they ran out of her pussy. My tongue worked her until she had her own climax.

Heather, who now was pushing her mom’s ass in my face, neared her own orgasm. Heather and I came at the same time, causing both of us to violently spasm. I drained my remaining load into Heather’s sweet pussy. Exhausted, we all collapsed in a pile. Stacy said she hoped I was satisfied with her Company’s customer relations, and Heather said that I was probably more satisfied with family relations. I said that I had enjoyed both. Both Stacy and Heather got off of me, and began dressing.

As I was also getting dressed, I noticed that Heather had not put on her black panties. Instead, she walked up to her mom, who was pulling her stockings up one leg. Heather began rubbing her panties on her mom’s swollen but moist pussy, covering her panties with her mom’s juices. Heather then placed her fingers inside of her own pussy, and pulled out her love juices and my sperm. She further soaked her panties with this mixture and then smiling seductively, placed the panties on my face, covering my nose and mouth with the scent of both their nectar and my own.

After she was satisfied I had inhaled the combined fragrances, she took the panties and instructed her mom that she was to wear them the rest of the day. I watched as Heather placed one leg of the panties, then the other, over her mom’s nylon covered legs, and pulled them up around her small waist. She began fingering her mom’s pussy through the thin material, and told her mom that she would enjoy feeling our combined juices while she continued work.

Heather, looking quite happy with herself, finished dressing, walked over to the office door, unlocked it and walked out. Stacy, who was now fully dresses, walked behind her desk, said she would see me later. I walked out wondering what could possibly top this.

I am thinking of concluding this story line, unless I continue receiving suggestions or requests to continue…Thanks for reading and as always, your votes appreciated!

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