Papi’s Girl

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“Where have you been, Lexie?”

It’s not easy being a single dad. I hadn’t even had time to grow into the role. It was thrust upon me unexpectedly when my wife of one year died in a car crash, leaving me with a 14-year old “daughter.” She had no other family, so since then it’s been just her and me. Lexie never knew her real dad, and I never had a daughter so we became symbiotic in a way, celebrating our newfound roles. She’s always called me papi, a Spanish term of endearment for a father, as a gesture of acceptance that made me feel honored.

My little girl is an 18-year-old senior in high school. Lexie had always been a good kid, Catholic school girl, honor roll student, respectful, intelligent – and she’s been “papi’s girl” since I’ve known her. But lately, things have become a little different between us – tense, perhaps even strained. Lexie clearly remembers the time before she had a male authority figure, and maybe that’s where the problems stem from.

Not only is my little girl developing an attitude, she’s started to discover that her beauty is a weapon against which men are defenseless. And I’m no exception. She started with little things to distract me, like hugging me from behind to press her full breasts into my back, or bending down in a short skirt to give me a glimpse of her panties. And when she’d catch me looking, she’d give a knowing little smile and flounce away. I’d like to chastise her, but what could I say? “Stop flashing me?” “Quit teasing me – you’re turning me on?”

From there, things got more intense. Kisses goodbye in the morning before school became just a little too personal, and the hugs pressed her body to mine just a little too tightly. Even the tone of her voice when she said “papi” became all too seductive. Yet any attempt to set reasonable boundaries for her blew up into a power struggle. Teenage rebellion and newfound sexuality have become opposite sides of a coin she was constantly flipping in her hand. When one didn’t work in her favor, she’d flip the coin over and try her luck.

Things had been especially bad these past few weeks. I received a phone call from her school one day that left me disappointed and angry – an unwelcome reminder that I’m failing in my duties as a parent and was unable to control my young charge. Something had to give, and I vowed that day to confront her.

That evening, Lexie came home – late as usual. I stopped her as she came through the door, and I think she could tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t pleased with her.

“Where have you been, Lexie?”

She set down her backpack and looked at me curiously. “I’ve been at Laura’s studying, Papi.”

“Studying what?”


I sighed. Very well, two could play this charade. “Your geometry teacher called me today.” She glanced at me quickly, then looked away. “He said you failed the test on Wednesday.” I sought her eyes, but she refused to look at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was no big deal; I didn’t think you had to know.”

“Yeah, after all, I’m only your father. What happened? Didn’t all your studying with Laura help you?”

She looked up at me, calculating her answer. If I knew about the test, it was likely I knew that her friend Laura wasn’t taking geometry. “Well, you see Papi, Laura took geometry last semester, and she’s just sharing her notes with me. She didn’t do so well in it either, but at least she knows more than I do. She helped as much as she could.”

Now I didn’t know whether to believe her or not. “Well, I think you’ve done enough studying with Laura. Until further notice, you’ll do your studying at home – and there will be no going out with friends until your next test comes back with a passing grade.”

She pursed her lips, biting back a protest. Then her face softened, and she shrugged. I knew her all too well. Manipulative little minx. Arguing now would avail her nothing. She would try to sweet talk herself out of her punishment after I’d calmed down. Not this time, young lady, I thought smugly.

“Fine, whatever – I’m going to my room.” And she turned to leave.

“Hold it!” She stopped and faced me with a look of annoyance. “This is not a game, Lexie. Schoolwork should be your first priority. You used to be a good student. You used to care about your grades. You used to respect your father. I’m really getting sick of your attitude and these games you play.”

Impatiently, she rolled her eyes. “Is that all?”

“No, that’s not all. It’s high time to correct that attitude problem. I’m sure your mother never punished you, so you are years overdue for a spanking, young lady.” I’m not sure what prompted me to say that. I guess I was just furious from all the months this had been building up, and I wanted to get some kind of reaction from her – fear, anger, anything. I wanted to get through to her, to make her feel the same hurt that I felt.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said assuredly – with attitude.

That escort bostancı was the wrong thing to say, to challenge me like that. “Wouldn’t I? Come over here.” She hesitated, eyeing me warily, trying to determine if I was serious. “It will only be worse if I have to come over there and get you. Right now, Lexie, I’m dead serious.”

I could almost see the smoke coming from her ears, but she wouldn’t dare to disobey me this time. Scowling fiercely, she walked over to where I sat on the sofa. “I can’t believe this,” she muttered through clenched teeth.

“You brought this on yourself, young lady. Maybe from now on you’ll show a little more respect to your father when you talk. Now, you know what to do. On my lap, Lexie.”

She crawled across my lap slowly and perhaps a little fearfully. As her hips settled across my lap, I felt a heady rush of power like I hadn’t felt in ages. “Papi,” she pleaded, “Please don’t do this.”

“Too late, little girl, you pushed me too far,” I responded as I raised her plaid skirt up to her waist. I hesitated at her little white panties. Was she too old for a bare bottom spanking? But then I recalled all those times she had teased me with those panties, and with firm resolve, I slid them down to her knees.

I gritted my teeth. She had such a beautiful ass. I rested my hand on one cheek, and she jumped away. My anger renewed, I planted an elbow in the middle of her back and held her firmly. Without warning, I raised my hand and brought it down on her beautiful bottom. She gasped and struggled against me, but I held her fast. I relished the view of the bright red handprint on her soft white cheek. If this was the only way to exert some control over her, then so be it. I would give her a punishment she’d not forget in a long time.

With a slightly fanatic zeal, I spanked her steadily, over and over. I spanked her until she stopped trying to struggle, and her angered breathing turned first to whimpers, then to sobs. That was what I wanted, to get a genuine reaction from her. The fury that I had felt ebbed slowly with every stroke of my hand. I spanked my daughter until my own anger was spent, and she lay submissive and crying on my lap.

For a moment, she just lay there crying. Then I started to feel bad. Maybe she didn’t deserve quite that harsh of a punishment. Maybe I let my anger get the better of me. But it sure felt good to exert some control over my daughter for once, instead of letting her walk all over me. And I finally got to put the little tease in her place. That in itself was immensely satisfying. Yet, even though it was justified, I still felt bad about making her cry.

So I turned her around and gathered her into my arms, trying to ignore the glimpse of soft bush I caught, and rocked her and soothed her. She buried her face in my neck, pressing her breasts very innocently against my chest. Adrenaline still raging through my system, I couldn’t keep my cock from rising, try as I might. I figured I could probably keep it under control though, so my little girl wouldn’t know that she gave her papi a boner, sitting there looking so sweet and innocent with her panties around her stockinged ankles, and her skirt bunched up to her crotch.

I stroked her head, feeling her ponytails under my fingers. All was going well, keeping things under wraps, until she shifted her weight, settling her delicious bare ass right against my cock. I bit my lip, trying to will my erection away. This worked for a few minutes, until she decided she had something to say.

She raised her head and looked at me, eyes glassy, lips swollen and pouty. “Papi, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be a good girl from now on, ok?”

I looked at her hard, wanting to believe her. Good girl? If only she knew just how good she looked at that moment. I didn’t have time to respond before she squirmed in my lap, and I knew that she felt my dick pressing against her bottom.

She looked straight into my eyes, a slight look of surprise on her face. Then she looked down coyly. “Papi, you hurt me,” she pouted. “Will you rub my… bottom? It stings.” She turned back over, presenting her soft pink cheeks to me, and grinding her pubic bone down on my throbbing cock in the process. I gritted my teeth, knowing we were skirting dangerous territory, and placed my hand on the heated skin of her ass. She gasped, and I knew then that I had hurt her more than I had intended. Gently, I massaged the sting from her bottom.

Several minutes later, she was stretching contentedly in my lap, arching her back and thrusting her ass up high, like a cat in heat. I could see her pink pussylips peeking out from between her soft thighs, and it almost killed me. This had gone too far already. I stood abruptly, rolling her off my lap and facing away from her so she couldn’t see my raging hard-on. Glancing back, I saw that she had landed on the floor, legs sprawled, pussy exposed – and how the hell had her blouse come unbuttoned?

“Papi? ümraniye escort What’s wrong?”

I sighed in frustration. “You have no idea what you’re doing, Lexie.”

“What do you mean, Papi?” She sounded so innocent.

“This is a dangerous game. The stakes are high. You know you can’t possibly win.”

She giggled lightly. I could hear her move behind me. Suddenly she was pressing her body against mine. Her breasts, more generous than a girl her age should have, flattened against my back, her pubic mound pressed against my ass, and her fingers deftly slipped inside my shirt to explore my chest hair. My head spun with desire, mad uncontrollable desire, for the young nymphet that I raised.

“Then teach me the game, papi.”

I swear, I couldn’t breathe as her fingers made their way down to the belt of my pants. Paralyzed, unable to move or think, I could focus only on the hot throbbing in my cock and how incredible my daughter’s body felt against mine. Completely forbidden thoughts were running uncensored through my head. Without a second thought, I acted on them.

I turned to face Lexie, jerking her body against mine with one arm. One hand gripped her behind the neck for a brutal kiss. If this was the game she wanted to play, we would play it by MY rules. I felt her gasp and pull back slightly, but I held her tight to me, forcing my tongue into her mouth. Her body was tense. She was scared.

I loosened my grip on her enough to let her speak. She stared at me in shock. “Papi,” she breathed, “What are you doing?” I searched her face hard for disgust, revulsion, anything that might prompt me to stop. But I saw only wonder and surprise.

“Isn’t this the game you wanted to play, Lexie?” I responded roughly. “Did you think you could flash me and tease me like you did without paying the consequences? I’m only a man, and this is what happens when you push a man as far as you pushed me.”

I didn’t give her a chance to respond, instead kissed her again, gently this time, with all the love and tenderness I felt for her. This approach relaxed her, and soon she was kissing me back, melting against me. Lust hadn’t completely clouded my senses yet. I was launching a complete counter-seduction, and she was playing straight into my hands. After all, even though she had the tools with her young enticing body, she didn’t really know how to use them. And she was no match for me.

After several minutes of coaxing, passionate kisses, my body was on fire, and my little girl was squirming against me in frustrated arousal. My hands found their way inside her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders. I squeezed her hard nipples through the white satin of her bra. She groaned and pressed against me harder. Despite my better judgment, I decided I really wanted to see those tits she had been taunting me with those past few months. I unhooked her bra easily, letting her big breasts out of their confines.

She stopped me here, covering her breasts with her hands before I could even sneak a peek. Large innocent eyes sought mine. “Papi, I don’t think you should touch those.”

The devil inside me prompted my reply. “Then I guess you shouldn’t have been offering them to me every day these past few weeks.”

I batted her hands off her tits so I could look my fill. They were beautiful full breasts, certainly the envy of all the girls in her class. Lexie was uncomfortable, self-conscious. I gently stroked her soft white breasts, whispering, “You are beautiful, mijita. So beautiful.” She smiled and relaxed at that remark. No matter what I said or did, she would always be her papi’s little girl.

I led her over to sit on the couch so I could taste her nipples. She had fantastic rosy nipples, hard as little pebbles, and just begging to be sucked. And I did so with great enthusiasm. This was my baby’s hot spot, apparently. The instant my lips closed around her nipple, her arms wrapped around my head, her breath came fast, and her body writhed against mine. The sensation of so fully arousing a woman was a heady power rush – only, this was no woman, this was a girl on the verge of womanhood, and not just any girl, but my own daughter. The sheer forbiddenness of the situation was exciting enough to begin to cloud out my sense of logic and good judgment.

My hand stole beneath her green plaid skirt. Her panties were long since abandoned, so I had free access to her soft fur. Her body tensed when my fingers found her curls, then relaxed as I explored the slippery wetness beneath. Her clitoris was swollen protruding from between her lips like a little gumdrop – surprising me, since I’d never encountered a clit so prominent in size and so obviously aroused. This in itself was immensely exciting, and I jerked Lexie’s skirt off with a haste that tore the fabric.

Sitting back to appraise my little girl’s glorious nudity, I felt a near-uncontrollable urge to undress and bury my cock deep in her little pink pussy. However, kartal escort bayan I dared not remove my clothes, as they were the only barrier between my raging lust and her alluring innocence. Taking a position on the floor, I kissed my way up her inner thigh. The scent of her arousal filled my nostrils as I inched closer to her glistening sex.

“Papi,” Lexie gasped, “What are you…?” The words were lost as my lips closed over her clit. Her body tensed, her hips thrusting into my face, as I savored her salty-sweet juices. My fingers found her nipples and pinched gently, hitting her hot spot, driving her wild. I rolled her clit on my tongue like a piece of candy, still amazed at the delectable size of it. Her moans were pure passion as I teased her with my tongue. She was hot as a firebrand, and within minutes was hovering on the edge of climax.

I paused a moment to ask her, “Hasn’t anyone done this for you yet, mijita?”

A fierce shaking of her head indicated “no”, at the same time urging me to get on with it. I wanted to slow down, to take my time with her, to give her the fiercest most satisfying climax she would ever have. But she was so close, panting, her frustrated moans begging me to finish her. I never could resist my little girl’s wishes. So I slid a finger in her, and tongued her wildly.

It was sudden, unexpected, and primal. She let loose a loud cry as her body clenched in pleasure. Her fingers dug into my back, then pressed my head so hard against her pussy I thought I might suffocate. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, with her pussy thrusting against my lips and tongue, and my cock straining towards release, and me torn between right and wrong.

As the pulsing of her orgasm ebbed, I sat back to survey my handiwork. A large damp spot darkened the sofa beneath my baby girl’s sweet pussy. Her body, flushed and sheened with sweat, lay limp and replete before me. She was unlike anything I’d ever experienced – fresh, innocent, and deliciously horny. I trembled with desire, unable to recall ever in my life wanting a woman so badly. But this wasn’t just any woman, this was a girl, my girl, and I couldn’t have her – I couldn’t have her! It was worth crying over! I stood to gather her clothing for her when she stirred.

“Papi…” she breathed. I looked down at her with tenderness. “Papi? Is that all?”

“Yes, mijita, that’s all,” I replied with finality.

“No. I know there’s more to it than that.”

I sighed, my cock reminding me with painful throbs that it was still unsatisfied. “Yes, there is more to it, niñita – but not for you, not now.”

“Porqué, papi?” I couldn’t think of a single reason in that moment. She must have sensed my hesitation. She continued, “After all, we’ve come this far.” True enough. I ran my hand through my hair, trying to come up with an appropriate comeback – something that would deny how much I wanted her. When I glanced back at her, she looked hurt.

Tears welled up in her innocent green eyes, and her lower lip protruded in a pout. “You don’t want me, do you, papi?” I was stunned at this turn of events. “I’m not pretty enough, and I’m not experienced enough – that’s why you don’t want to make love to me. But I can learn, papi, I can learn…” she pleaded through her sniffles.

That melted my heart. Had I been more lucid, I would have seen this for the manipulative tactic it was. But high as I was on lust, I couldn’t bear to let my little girl think her daddy didn’t find her extremely attractive. I sat down by her, gathering her close to me. Her naked body pressed against me, I could barely think of what to say. As I soothed her, the words just sort of formed themselves.

“Mi cielito, it’s not supposed to be like this… I can’t be the one to… Your first should be someone you really love –”

“I do love you, daddy,” she breathed against my lips.

Well, all my arguments just flew out the window in that instant. My mouth closed over hers in a searing kiss. Within minutes I was naked and poised over my daughter on the living room sofa. Her hands squeezed my shoulders, drawing the weight of my body onto hers. Cock throbbing painfully, resting against her wet clit, I tried hard to control myself. My fingers found her pussy hot and slick, and she arched against me, wanting deeper penetration. Her tight wetness squeezed my finger, and I knew I might hurt her when I entered her. My lust demanded immediate satisfaction, in conflict with my brain that said to take it slow.

“Papi,” she panted. I could tell by her heated abandon that she was at the height of her arousal, and as ready as she would ever be. I placed my cock gently between her swollen pussylips, probing for entrance. I eased into her slowly, exquisitely, gritting my teeth against the urge to plunge in to the hilt. Wet glorious friction invited me deeper inside her, and it was a struggle to go slowly. She whimpered as I parted her, delving ever deeper into her virgin chochita, feeling her velvet heat squeeze me like a glove. She moaned, somewhere between pleasure and pain, as my rigid cock reached the depths of her young pussy. My little girl’s arms came around me then, holding me still as her body became accustomed to the big dick inside it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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