Paul and Susan Move to an Apartment

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Susan was sitting at the kitchen table with their father. Mrs. Ward was busy preparing supper and paying very close attention to the conversation that was taking place. Paul heard his sister saying, “Dad, the rent, utilities and food costs for the apartment for twelve months come to less than you are paying for the two of us to stay in the dorm. We could keep that extra money — or you could hold it — for unexpected emergencies. The apartment complex that I have checked out has several vacancies for next fall. The manager told me that if we can commit to an apartment by the end of March that he is sure that we could have it at the beginning of August. He will only need the security deposit at lease signing and then he will need the first and last month’s rent before we move in.”

Mr. Ward said, “How many people do you intend to put in this apartment?”

Susan was quick to reply, “It would only be Paul and I. The ones that I have the prices for are only two bedroom apartments.”

Mrs. Ward proffered, “Do you want an apartment so that you can do more partying?”

Paul quickly said, “No! The dorm is a non-stop party place. If parties were what we wanted, we would just stay there. We would have more privacy in our own apartment than we have right now in the dormitory.”

Mr. Ward asked, “What about transportation? I suppose that you think that you will need a car to get to and from class?”

Susan answered, “A car would be nice. But that is another conversation. If we had one, we probably wouldn’t drive it to or from school anyway. The parking lots are farther from our classes than the apartment complex is. It is less than a three-block walk to the farthest classroom building. The dorm that we are in is almost as far away as the apartment.”

Mr. Ward looked at Paul and asked, “Is this what you want or are you just going along with what your sister wants?”

Paul replied, “I came up with the idea a couple of months ago and discussed it with Susan. We decided that she should put together the facts and present them to you — with my full support.”

Mrs. Ward looked at them and said, “Did you decide to have Susan come to us with this because you didn’t have the courage to do it yourself?”

Paul scoffed, “Mom, you know better than that. You were the one who told us when we were back in high school that I tend to have tunnel vision when researching something. Whereas, Susan tends to be more broadminded and her research tends to encompass more options, thus we can choose from all of the possibilities.”

Their mother simply nodded and went back to preparing supper. Mr. Ward said, “You haven’t mentioned furniture. What will you do about that?”

Susan said, “That is the one area that we haven’t completely covered yet. All of the appliances, including a microwave, are included. There is a laundry room in the complex. The manager said that there are a couple of beds and some chairs in their storage room that we can have. We figured that if you agreed to let us move into the apartment that you would let us use half of the garage this summer to store stuff that we could pick up at garage sales. We have some friends who have access to pick-up trucks to help us haul it down there. Although all of the details have not been ironed out, we have a plan that is still being developed.”

Mrs. Ward said, “Your older brother and sister stayed in the dorm all of the time. They never considered an apartment. Why should you two be any different?”

Susan quickly replied, “Economics, Mom. One, there have to be at least two people in the apartment to make it economically feasible. Two, location. John was at Holy Trinity. That was in a high rent area of Chicago. Becky is at St. Elizabeth. Fairchild is a college town. The rent for apartments in the university area is astronomical. Joliet is a factory town. Rent for apartments there is fairly reasonable — if there is such a thing as reasonable real estate.”

Mr. Ward mused for a few seconds and then said, “You’re right, reasonable real estate is an oxymoron. You seem to have some pretty sound arguments. However, I am not prepared to make a decision at this time. I think that your mother and I need to discuss this among ourselves. You said that you had to give the manager an answer by March. Well, that gives your mother and I time to discuss it thoroughly. Then, if we think that the idea has some merit, we can drive down there and look at the apartment some weekend. This is not a decision that can or should be made too hastily.”

Susan stood up and walked over to her father’s chair and kissed him on the cheek and said, “Thanks, Dad. We appreciate you listening to our plan and I feel confident that you and Mom will come to a fair decision.”

He laughed and said, “If my decision is ‘no,’ will you still think that I came to a fair decision.”

Susan hesitated and then laughed and said, “Probably not. But you two are still our parents and you are paying the bills. So, I guess that we will have to live with your decision — whatever it is.”

Mrs. Ward said, “Good answer. Now all of you sit down so that kartal escort bayan we can eat. And let’s find something else to talk about during supper. I think that we have talked this one to death.” She then started placing the food on the table and the four of them began to eat their meal. As they were finishing the meal, Mrs. Ward said, “Can you two finish the dishes and clean up the kitchen when you are through eating? Your father and I have to leave a little before seven. We are going to the Lowry’s to play bridge tonight. I also need for you to gather up all of your dirty laundry so that I can get it washed in the morning so that you have clean clothes when you get back to school.”

Paul looked up from his plate and said, “Sure, Mom, we can do the dishes tonight. What time are you going to start the laundry in the morning?” “Probably at about eight or eight-thirty.” “Okay. I’ll have mine in the laundry room by then.”

Clearing her plate from the table, Susan said, “I’ll have mine there tonight. The stuff that I am wearing, I will bring to you in the morning.”

Paul and Susan went to work doing the dishes and straightening up the kitchen. Their parents left for their bridge game shortly after they finished eating supper. When the dishes were finished, Susan went to her room and Paul followed. Closing the door behind him, Paul went over to Susan and put his arms around her. He asked, “Did you keep it warm for me like I asked this morning?” “Paul, why do I get the idea that you have already sampled one today? One that seems to always be ready.” “Christ. Why do you always seem to be harping about Becky? You sure don’t mind the way she is, when the two of you are having sex. I know that she has problems and seems to be preoccupied with sex, but she is my sister and I have deep feelings for her. When I’m with her it is more like . . . well, sympathy and a way to take the edge off of my horniness. With you I have true feelings, a love for you. I guess that the most primitive way of putting it is that I fuck her; I make love with you. Please don’t think about it anymore. She is back at St. Elizabeth now. We won’t have to see that much of her in the future. Let’s just put all of that behind us.” He kissed her.

Susan kissed him back and said, “Well, get your clothes off.” The two of them stripped and got on her bed. Tonight, they took their time and had a long leisurely bout of sex. As they were getting dressed in anticipation of their parent’s return, Susan said, “Now that is the way it is supposed to be done. Not that hectic, see how many times you can do it, pace that we tried to keep when Becky was here.”

Paul said, “Yeah. It was nice to just enjoy it and not treat it as a contest. You know, we probably should start getting our laundry together so that Mom will think that we are somewhat responsible. Everything that we do until Dad makes a decision will probably weigh on their decision about our apartment.”

Susan nodded her head and began to pick up the loose clothes on the floor of her room. As Paul moved to the door, she asked, “You can usually read Dad pretty well. What do you think our chances are?” “Right now, I would say that they are pretty good. You know how unemotional he can be. He seldom hesitates to tell us no. He wants to talk to Mom about it; that usually means that he can’t find fault with it and wants to know if she thought of anything that he didn’t. Tonight, though, Mom had a lot more input than she usually does. I don’t think that she will come up with anything to change his mind. I expect that he will keep us in suspense as long as possible.” “So we just wait; don’t we?”

Paul just nodded and returned to his own room to get his own laundry together. The two of them made several trips to the laundry room and finally ran out of laundry baskets. Then they started piling their dirty clothes on the floor of the laundry room. At about ten o’clock, their parents came home. Mr. Ward went to bed immediately, but Mrs. Ward walked to the kitchen and looked around. She spotted the children coming from the laundry room and said, “Thank you for cleaning up in the kitchen tonight.” She walked to the laundry room and shrieked, “My Lord, how in the world many clothes do you have in there.”

Susan immediately said, “But we’ve been home for almost three weeks and this is the first laundry that we’ve brought out here.”

Trying to placate his mother, Paul added, “We should have been getting it done earlier. We will help you with it in the morning. In fact, I will start a load tonight before we go to bed. None of it has been sorted yet, but I am sure that I can find a full load of jeans to put in right now.”

Mrs. Ward said, “That sounds like a good idea. Sorting and folding are the toughest part of doing laundry, so you two are getting up before eight in the morning to help me sort. And then I expect you to help me fold the clothes.” She then went down the hall to her bedroom.

Susan started to laugh hysterically and Paul looked at her with a puzzled look. Susan said, “How much would she have freaked if we hadn’t gone all of those days escort maltepe without any clothes.” Paul started to laugh and went to the laundry room to start the first load.

On Friday morning the twins were out of bed before seven o’clock and, after a quick breakfast, immediately went to work sorting their laundry and helping their mother get everything washed and dried. Most of Friday had been spent doing laundry, so they had to finish packing Saturday morning. Their dorms were going to re-open at noon on Saturday, so they had planned to leave Madrid early on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Ward drove them back to school and they had finished unloading the car by four-thirty. As they were walking toward the elevator with their last load of suitcases, Susan said, “You know, Paul, I talked to Andrea on the phone yesterday and she told me that she is not coming back until Sunday afternoon or evening. When you finish unpacking, why don’t you come over to my room?”

Paul just smiled and the two of them continued toward their respective rooms. A short time later, Susan heard a knock on her door. Paul came in and they spent the rest of the evening in bed together. On Monday, they started attending classes for the second semester of their freshman year.

The first half of the semester had been uneventful, but they still had not gotten an answer from their parents on renting the apartment for the following year. Paul was considering taking a part-time job for a computer software company after spring break. He had talked to the owner of the company, John Slavik, the previous week. John owned a fairly new computer software operation and he was in need of a part-time programmer for some new projects that he was about to begin. John was about five years older than Paul and had been using students as programmers because they were a little cheaper and he didn’t feel guilty when he had to cut back on their hours. He was a caring enough of an individual that it would have bothered him to cut back the hours of a person trying to support a family.

Things had not changed much as far as the love lives of the twins were concerned. Susan and Bill continued to date a couple of times a week and Susan remained frustrated over the lack of progress on Bill’s part. One night she had tried to prod him on a little. When he arrived to pick her up from her room, she had answered the door without a shirt on. This did not get the result that Susan had hoped for; Bill had become embarrassed and was reluctant to enter her room. Susan was beginning to lose her patience in this matter. The fact that she tolerated his hesitance was the one thing that convinced Susan that she really did love him.

Likewise, Karen was not responding that well to Paul’s advances. On a couple of occasions, she had become quite upset at Paul when he had become insistent on sliding his hand under her panties. He still had not managed to convince her that it was all right for her to handle his naked cock.

As frustrating as this was for the two of them, Paul and Susan managed to cope with the situation. They still had sex with each other on a regular basis and Susan still had Andrea to come home to at night.

March had arrived and it was Thursday evening. Spring break would begin at the conclusion of classes the following day. On Friday Paul had one class in the morning. Unfortunately he had a mid-term exam in that class. Normally, he had two classes on Friday, but he had had a mid-term in the other class on Wednesday and the professor had canceled the Friday class so that they could get an early start on their spring break. The other bad thing about his class tomorrow was that it was an eight o’clock. Paul knew that his sister had two classes scheduled the next day. She was in his eight o’clock English class and she also had an eleven o’clock history class. When making her schedule Susan had only been able to schedule general education courses for her first two semesters. On the other hand Paul had been able to schedule a computer-programming course each of his first two semesters. Susan had intended to major in Business Management, but the only course related to her field was the Economics course that was a requirement for her major and a general education requirement. When they started their sophomore years, Paul would have a couple of courses in his major of Computer Science under his belt.

Paul was sitting at his desk reviewing his notes from English class when he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and saw that it was Susan. She rushed past him and he closed the door. As soon as the door was closed, Susan jumped into his arms and kissed him. When she released him, she saw the perplexed look on his face. She quickly said, “Daddy just called about coming to pick us up this week-end. He’s coming down tomorrow night. He should be here by six o’clock.” “Well, we’re running out of time on saving that apartment. Did he say anything about that?” “That’s why I’m so happy. He didn’t give a definite answer. But he has a motel reservation for Friday night. We’re not going home until Saturday. He wants me to get an appointment pendik escort with the apartment complex manager for either Friday night after six-thirty or sometime on Saturday morning. He said that after he has seen the complex and talked to the manager; he will make his decision on the spot.” “Wow. For Dad, that is quite impulsive. He never makes a decision on the spot. Even when his mind is made up in advance he doesn’t make a decision on the spot. He hypothesizes forever and ever or he rants and raves. I think his mind is made up and he just wants one last chance to find some reason to change his mind at the last minute.” “We just have to hope that he doesn’t find any reason to change his mind. The fact that there is a very small concentration of students in the complex should help us. Tomorrow after our eight o’clock, I will go over there and try to make an appointment for Friday or Saturday.” “This being the last week before spring break, it might be better to make the appointment for Saturday morning. If the few students who do live there decide to party Friday night, they will be sleeping late on Saturday. It will probably be quieter then than it will be on Friday.” “Good idea. Besides Dad said he would probably take us out to dinner on Friday night. That beats the shit out of dorm food. “One more small problem. We will probably need the apartment starting in June not August. I have to call on Monday, but I think that I will start working for the computer programming shop that I told you about. If I get the job, I will work for about four or five weeks part-time from late March until the end of April and then in June, they have a project starting that will last for over two months. That will be full time and will pay big bucks.” “You mean that you won’t be home for the summer?” “Not, if I get this job. Hey, you type pretty well. This guy has three or four jobs for people to type the final drafts of these programs and some of his promotional stuff. Would you be interested? He is going to need some people part-time this spring and will need some more to work full-time this summer. Think about it this week-end and when I talk to him on Monday, I will bring your name up for the typing job.” “Well, I am not sure that I want to go to work while I am still in school, but I will think about it.” “You think about it. How are you set for that mid-term tomorrow in English?” “I am as ready as I ever will be. You know what I am really interested in for tonight?”

Paul pulled her into his arms and kissed her and said, “I think that we both are interested in the same thing tonight. The good thing is that my roommate left this afternoon. He is in my one o’clock class that has been canceled and his other class tomorrow doesn’t have a mid-term, so he is going to cut it.”

Susan started to pull her clothes off and said, “Maybe I’ll stay the night then.” During their first semester and a half at college, they had managed to spend the night together about once or twice a month. Occasionally, they spent the night in her room, but usually it was in Paul’s room. She knew that they would have to spend Friday night in their own rooms since they would have to pack for their trip home. Susan was down to her bra and panties and Paul was just standing there watching her. She looked at him and asked, “Aren’t you going to get undressed?”

Paul responded, “Yeah. I guess that this means that we aren’t going to get any more studying done for tomorrow’s mid-term.” “What’s to study; it’s English class. If you don’t know it now, you won’t know it tomorrow. An ‘all-nighter’ won’t make you ready to write a better essay on the book that he assigned you.”

Paul nodded, saying, “I guess that you’re right. I’ve read the whole book twice and studying won’t improve my grammar by eight in the morning.” He began pulling off his clothing. When Susan was naked, she started to pull back the covers on Paul’s bed. Although Paul had gotten a late start getting undressed, he wasn’t far behind her in climbing into bed. The two locked in an embrace and began to kiss each other fervently. They spent the rest of the evening pleasing each other sexually until they finally fell asleep by eleven o’clock.

Shortly before six in the morning Susan and Paul were entwined in each other’s arms, still naked from the previous evening’s activities. Susan was awake enjoying the feel of her brother’s naked body against her own naked form. It was nearly time for them to get up and start to get ready for their first class of the day. She reached between their bodies and began to fondle her brother’s limp cock. Even in his sleep, the feel of a warm hand on his cock began to bring it to life. When she felt Paul’s cock start to harden in her hand, she brought her head down to his crotch and took the hardening member into her mouth. The warmth of his sister’s mouth on his dick brought Paul to life and he said, “Oh, wake me up like this every day of my life.” Susan wanted to answer, but her mother had taught her not to talk with her mouth full. As she continued to suck his cock, Paul started to reach for and pull on her legs and finally brought her pussy up to his face. When he was finally able to swab her slippery pussy with his tongue, he rolled them over so that Susan was on her back. As Susan frantically sucked on his turgid member, Paul was just an exuberant in his efforts at satisfying his sister with his tongue.

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