Pick Me Up Ch. 01

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“My flight is delayed, baby.”

My heart sank. I knew you’d be coming home still, just later than expected.

“How long?” I tried to ask, masking the disappointment in my voice.

“At this rate, probably another hour, at least. I don’t want you out that late, I’ll take a cab home.”

I quickly answer, “NO! It’s ok. I’ll come get you.”

You smile, “Rhian, what are you up to?”

“Nothing.” I realize, seconds later, I have answered too quickly.

“It’ll be midnight, that’s not too late for me, you know that. And I don’t mind. It’s been a week. I miss you.” My voice gets suddenly whisper sexy soft…girlish almost.

You laugh to yourself. “Baby, if you think there’s any chance I am not going fuck the shit out of you as soon as I get you alone, you are mistaken.”

A shiver races down my spine, straight to my pussy.

A week apart is as long as we can stand with the dirty phone calls, long evenings spent listening to each other masturbate to orgasm. To say it had reached a fevered pitch is an understatement.

“I know, that’s why I have to pick you up.” My voice gets girlish, “I’ve missed you, Sir.” That was the Tell. Almost the reverse of a safe word. It means game on for us.

Your groan has my cunt flexing in anticipation of what will no doubt be a marathon of hot, steamy, sheet burning weekend long sex. And I intend to waste no time…midnight or not.

“Baby, I have to go we are boarding. I cannot wait to see you.”

“Mmmm, me too. Travel safe and you will see all of me soon.” I reply.

“Cock tease.”

“Later.” I say in our customary goodbye.

“Later, baby.”

The call disconnected, I glance at the bedside clock. It’s 10 pm. Time to take a long bubble bath. I fill the tub with rose scented bath oil and slip in, a glass of wine nearby. After soaking for several minutes, I slide my soapy hands over my breasts. Down between my legs, wanting desperately to get off as I have so many nights this week but this is just a prelude to the main performance.

Carefully taking my time, I finish off the bath by shaving my legs and making sure by pussy is baby smooth. When done, I finish off with a quick shower to wash my hair and body clean. The finishing touch is rubbing scented oil all over my body making the fresh skin dewy soft.

In the next hour, which crawls along at a snails pace, I make sure that I look traffic-stopping. When I pick you up, I there to be no doubt what’s on my mind and on the agenda.

11:15 pm…one last look in the mirror as I belt the waist of my black satiny trench coat. I slip my Driver’s License in my pocket not wanting to carry a purse with me. Grabbing the car keys, I exit the house we share, into the garage and unlock your BMW.

You hate it when I drive your car but I think this time you’ll understand. I slip behind the wheel and the car’s audio picks up my iPhone. My sexed up playlist starts and thoughts swirl through my mind’s eye of how I want this pick up to go.

There is that bit of nervousness at what I am about to do but desire and need overrides prudence. The engine roars to life and I love the feel of the powerful automobile. You didn’t want to spend this much on a car but the hot sex we had in the passenger seat during the test drive, sealed the deal.

I shift into gear, open the garage door and pull out on my way to the airport. My hands tremble and grip the steering wheel as my body wars between anxiety and anticipation.

It takes 30 minutes to get to the airport and at this time of night, the roads are almost empty. I pull into short term parking, knowing I can’t walk to the gate anymore but I can go in and stand right at the security exit from the terminals.

The lobby of the airport is almost deserted and my heels click across the marble floor loudly. I glance at the time…11:57. My phone vibrates in my pocket.

You text, ‘Just landed, finally. Taxiing to the gate. Can’t wait to see you.’

‘I’m here. I can’t wait to get you my hands on you.’, I text back.

‘I know baby…not soon enough. Are you waiting in the cell phone lot?’


I hate lying to you but it is with good cause. I make my way to the security exit and ignore the stares I am getting from the TSA officers. I know it is not suspicion but more appreciation. Even I think, tonight, I look hot.

I can’t wait to see the expression on your gorgeous face when you see me. I imagine feeling your eyes rake up and down my body. Seeing that deliciously naughty smile, turn up the corners of your sexy mouth, a look of pure lust dominating your gold-flecked brown eyes.

I am startled from my daydream as I notice people begin to file past me. I look straining to see you. I can’t stop the huge smile when I see the top of your head looking down at your phone.

My iPhone vibrates again. I am sure it’s you telling me where you are, thinking I’ll pull up to get you from the cell phone lot. I don’t bother to look at the message.

You tuck your iPhone in your pocket and look up to continue walking forward eryaman escort bayan when you see me. I can tell by your surprised look you didn’t expect me to come inside.

When you clear the exit and head towards me your eyes drink me in and it then registers in your brain that I am up to no good.

I feel your eyes start at my sexy black high heels, up my stocking clad legs to my knee length trench. Your eyes lock with mine and heat radiates between us. You have a feeling a fantasy we’ve discussed before is about to come true. And although tiredness pulls at your muscles, you are suddenly renewed with an insatiable vigor.

You come to stand before me. Just inches away but not touching me. Your messenger bag slung over one shoulder wearing Levi’s that hug your ass in just the right way and a three-button navy blue Henley with white t-shirt peeking out. You know, I love you in that color…and that look.

My hands are in the pockets of my coat. You reach out, toying with the belt that’s hanging from my waist.

“Mmm, baby you look amazing and intriguing.”

I have missed that sexy smile.

“Intriguing?” I ask.

“You’ve got to know that coat, makes me wonder what you are wearing underneath.”

I take your hand in mind and lean in to give you a soft, chaste kiss on the lips.

“Come on, let’s get your bag.” You don’t miss the mischievous look sparkling in my eyes. We make small talk as we make our way to baggage claim. Your arm moves to around my waist as we walk and I can tell you are trying to see if you can feel under my coat. We pass a bathroom and you stop, remarking that you really need to go, “Been holding it the whole flight.”

You kiss my cheek quickly then look deeply in my eyes, yours full of wicked promise. “Be right back.”

By this time, the people deplaning are gone and the area we are in is completely empty. I stand very close to the bathroom door and un-belt my coat but hold it closed waiting for your return.

You come out of the bathroom and when you are but a few feet from me, I open my coat, wide enough to garner your immediate attention. Your gaze is riveted and scorches my entire body.

“Oh my god, baby.”

I can tell the moment the words register in your brain…USE ME written in red lipstick on the upper swells of my breasts just over the top of my pink with black lace trim corset.

You step close to me, your right hand fisting the strap of your messenger bag. The other, straining not to grab me and haul me against the nearest wall. I know that look. I love that look.

I CRAVE that look.

After what seems like minutes but is only seconds, you quickly glance around and take my hand and yank me into the men’s room just inside the walled entrance. We are hidden at least from any passersby.

You almost drop your bag to the floor, remembering just a spilt second before that your MAC is in there. When your hands are free they fly into my hair at the sides of my head. You back me, rougher than you intended, to the cold tiled wall.

The groan that escapes my lips fuels your raging fire. Hands pull and fist hard in my hair but I don’t care. You force my head the way you want it and sink your tongue into my mouth.

We fight for dominance. I flatten my back against the wall, allowing me to lean back and spread my legs so you can insinuate yourself between them. I love it when you kiss me like this…out of control. Burning us both.

You pull back nipping my full bottom lip. I catch you staring at my mouth now kiss bruised from your alpha-male aggression. “Fuck you know exactly how to undo me.”

You rest your forehead to mine and look down between our bodies. It’s then that you notice the pink satin brocade corset fully. The black trim edges the top and bottom. The black garters attached to black lacey top stockings and of course high heels…more for me than you.

Your hand slides down my cinched waist and over my hip. You pause looking into my kohl lined deep brown eyes. I see you swallow. Never looking away, your hand skims across my front and you pause a split second before fully cupping my pussy.

You already surmise, I am wearing lacy black boy shorts and am soaking wet.

The ‘USE ME’ is now smeared which makes your cock twitch knowing that you were the one to do that.

Your hand loosens in my hair and sweetly skims my cheek, down my jaw line and then firmly takes my throat.

“You make me crazy, Babydoll. Feel how hard you make me.”

I move my hand to squeeze your cock through your jeans. The tip is almost out of your waistband, you’re so long and hard for me.

“Do you want me to use you?” Your voice laced with rough-edged need.

I groan, “Yes, Sir please.” “Use me.” Your hand tightens on my throat as you fight for control.

“Use me for your pleasure.” I beg.

You release me and back away as if burned. You step back and quickly wrap my coat around me and belt it at the waist. You grab your bag and sling it on your shoulder. Grasping my hand, you pull me from the bathroom.

You etimesgut escort growl, “Where’s the fucking car.”

I smile to myself, knowing I have thoroughly, poked the dragon.

You bolt us towards the doors, pulling me behind you.

“Honey, your bag.”


You let go of my hand, turn back and walk to baggage claim. Your lone suitcase sits by the airline baggage claim office waiting to be picked up. Making your way over at a sprint, you glance back to make sure I am safe and nearby.

A low wolf whistle catches your attention and you look up to see the baggage attendant checking me out. You look to me in time to see me blush and look away.

The dragon roars, “Hey buddie, that’s my fucking wife.” He grumbles under his breath, “Sorry man.” And returns to his counter.

You would have left the fucking bag if I hadn’t made you remember you had a present for me. Grabbing the handle, you turn back and pound the ground towards me hell bent on getting me alone. And quickly.

Again we start towards the exit. We quickly cross the street you more pulling me than us walking together but I know I’ve unleashed this determination in you. “Where’s the car?” You voice is rough and edgy. My pussy pulses in response.

She knows, you are going to punish her tonight.

Looking at me impatiently, I point to a large cement pillar that blocks most of the car except the rear. As we near the car, you hold your hand out for the keys. I quickly pull them from my pocket and drop them into your hand.

You unlock the trunk and as you move to place your bag inside, I walk to the front and lean my ass against the hood. You shut the trunk and when you look up, it hits you like a freight train.

We’ve talked about this fantasy. We’ve scoped out this exact spot before, thinking how the surrounding cement would shield us from most prying eyes but allowing for that heighten fear of being caught.

You take a deep breath and walk towards the front of the car. As you make your way to stand in front of me, you notice my coat is open again and you can clearly see the tops of my thigh high stockings.

“You planned this, didn’t you?”

Now standing between my feet you thrust your hands in your pockets to keep from touching me, knowing that will be your undoing.


You laugh, “You naughty, naughty girl.”

You step closer between my legs. “What do you want?” “Tell me.”

“You know what I want. We’ve already talked about it.” I demurely answer feigning innocence.

You chuckle to yourself, “Oh, baby, I know. I want to hear you ask for it.” Your voice dropping an octave when you are turned on.

I quickly glance around making sure we are alone. Your eyes are glued to my hands as they skim up my body to the lapels of the coat. I shrug out of it and lie back so I can grab the upper edge of the hood. I wrap my legs around your hips and arch up.

“Use me for as much time as we have.”

In a flash, I feel the weight of your body arching over me. Your lips kiss my neck then alternate with quick bites and soothing licks.

You angle to one side so you can slide your hand down my body between my trembling legs. “Is this my pussy?” You palm my sex.

“Yes. YES!”

“Do you belong to me?”

“Fuck yes.” My response on a groan.

“Tell me what you need, Babydoll.”

“I need to cum.” My voice is pleading.

“I know you, baby. You’re a screamer. You sure you can keep quiet?”

“Yes, yes…yes.”

“You make one sound and I stop, do you understand?”

“Yes. YES! Please just do it…shove those fingers in my cunt. Your dirty little slut needs to cum.”

You pull the thin black lace aside and encounter smooth soft skin. There’s a sharp intake of your breath, “Fuck, you shaved.”

“I love it when that creamy pink pussy is bald for me, slut.”

“Spread you legs wide for me.”

I let my legs open releasing your waist. Two fingers sink deep inside, the intrusion rough and unexpected. Knowing my body as well as you do, you curl two fingers upward and hit my g-spot.

My body strains and arches off the hood.

“How fast do you think I can make my little slut cum?”

All I can do is gasp as you working my sensitive inner flesh.

You feel me start to throb and pulse. You know, I’m close.

“After you cum, you are going to get in the car with no coat. I am going to take my cock out and I want all of it in your mouth.”

Your fingers thrust and pump in and out of me. Deeply rubbing my g-spot pushing me ever closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.

In the distance, the sound of tires squealing and a car honking has no effect, as we are lost in each other.

“You are going to suck my cock all the way home. And when I get you inside, I am going to sink all the way inside that tight little pussy.”

You feel my body taut and poised on the verge.

“Isn’t that what you want cock tease?”

I whimper, “Yes. Yes I need it.”

“You gonna cum for me, escort elvankent baby?”

“Yes, fuck, yes please, I’m so close.” I feel your hand between my legs shift slightly as you pull back.

My hips grind up, trying to get you deeper again. “Please no, no.” One of my hands flies to your wrist trying to keep you inside me.

“Don’t worry whore, I’m gonna give you just want you need.” You know your fingers are dripping wet with my cream and have slide farther down between my legs. I feel one finger begin to circle the tight little rosebud of my ass.

My hand squeezes your wrist. “Yes, yes, YES! Fucking, yes, do it. Play with my ass. Please, fuck!”

You push one finger in my cunt and the other in my ass. You love the sound of me gasping for control and losing it completely. I am pulling your wrist trying to get you deeper and to fuck my holes.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck yes! YES!”

You can hear my words loud and clear, echoing off the surrounding cement walls, you pull from my tight holes. “Uuuugh, fuck no please.” I plead.

“You promised to be quiet and now you’ve compromised us. Someone may have heard my slut about to cum for me.”

“We better go before we are caught.”

You step back from me. Drinking in the view of me draped over the hood of your car. Your eyes caught on the glistening wetness between my legs.

The sex fog clears from my brain. I feel as if I came but there was more…I am left dangling on this strange precipice.


I turn to see you holding the car door open for me. I slide off the hood and walk over to the passenger side. Just before I slide into the car, you stop me.

“Well, you won’t need this.” As you slide my coat off my shoulders and down my arms. You drape it over yours.

“Hurry up baby, before we get caught.”

I slide into the seat and you spank my ass just before I turn to sit.

I watch you open the trunk again and toss my coat in. As soon as you slide into the passenger seat and start the car, you turn towards me and snake your hand into my hair. You grip the hair tightly and pull me towards you for a long, slow, sensuous kiss.

After a few seconds, you break the kiss. Our labored breathing fills the car’s interior. You drink in this image of my half dressed body in the passenger seat of your car. Your hand tightens in my hair. “Open your fucking mouth.”

You lift your fingers to my mouth and I eagerly suck my taste from your fingers. The suck and pull of my mouth goes straight to your cock…making you groan.

Kissing me hard again, I can feel the tightly drawn bow of the heat between us. It’s about to get scandalous. You lean back in your seat looking expectant. Waiting…

“You want my cock, Babydoll?”

“Yes.” My answer is breathless. Labored. I want it so badly, I can’t breath.

“We won’t move until my cock is in that hot, sweet mouth, cunt.”

I release my shoulder from the seatbelt so I can lie across the center console. Your right hand immediately grips the hair at the back of my head. As I open my mouth and use my hand to hold that cock up, you push down.

The choking sound that escapes from my throat makes you involuntarily grind your hips up.

You shift into gear. “That’s it baby.”

I feel the car reverse and then lurch forward. Your impatience evident.

All I can see are passing shadows if light and dark. I feel the car stop and can only guess you are paying the self-serve parking attendant.

Eventually you make the turn on to the ramp to the highway to get us home. It’s late so not much traffic will be on the road.

You’re driving a very powerful car and have a beautiful woman sucking your cock. Something tells you this is going to be a very, very memorable night.

The music playing finally registers and you smile to yourself recognizing the mix. It’s the music that gets me all sexed up…the songs change and Control by Puddle of Mudd fills the car.

My mouth slides up and down your cock. Alternately taking it deep and then pulling back to lick and kiss the tip. I can’t stand it anymore and release my seatbelt completely.

I position myself with one knee bent on the seat and the other on the floorboard so I can leverage myself and control how deep I take you in my mouth. But I also know, it forces my back to arch so my ass is in the air.

I feel your hand slide down my spine to caress and squeeze my ass.

“I want that ass.”

I reach back with one hand and push down my boy shorts down as far as I can. Not satisfied, my mouth releases your cock for one second, enough for me to order you to rip them off me.

I feel your groan and then your hand grabs a side of the panties and you yank hard knowing it may have hurt me but neither of us care right now.

I reach under me and rip them the rest of the way…I just want them off so you have total access.

Your hand pulls back and you spank my ass hard. The vibrations from the groan in my throat urge you to do it again and again.

“FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. You’re so fucking wet baby.”

I can feel my wetness dripping down my inner thighs.

“Arch that back more…get that sweet ass in the air. I want to play with my holes.”

I fist my hand in your thigh. And do as I am told. I feel two fingers slide deep in my tight wet cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32