Pimping Ch. 03

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As I passed my mother’s bedroom I noticed that the curtains were drawn and the light was on – even though it was the middle of the afternoon. My curiosity got the better of me and I slowly eased the door open to see what was going on.

I could not believe my eyes at what I now saw.

There on the bed lay my mother, absolutely stark naked. Her huge floppy tits almost hanging over the side of her body.

It was not the first time I had seen her naked but the surprise was to see who was there with her.

There with his cock right up her flabby cunt was my younger brother, lying between her outstretched legs and plunging in and out of her cunt rapidly.

Not only that but at the other end was my teenage sister Rebecca (just 18) and she was playing with mother’s huge floppy jugs whilst mother sucked on her cunt.

I knew mother was into incest as she had seduced me when I was a mere lad of 18.

She had said that she was so horny and had not had a cock inside her since dad had been killed in a car crash 18 months ago.

I was a bit of an innocent youth at that young age and so thought it was quite normal for a teenage son to fuck his mother.

What I did not know was that she was just at the end of her menstrual cycle and thought she was unlikely to conceive.

How things can go wrong! After she coerced me into cumming inside her three nights in succession she unexpectedly became pregnant.

So, my sister is also my daughter!

We continued sleeping together for a further 2 years, being very careful to avoid any further pregnancies.

I had enjoyed sucking her milk whilst she was breast feeding our daughter but after 2 years I had realised that it was not quite the right thing to do to fuck my own mother.

So I told her that it was over. She did not take it very well and from then on started to let herself go somewhat.

Now she was quite gross, with huge floppy tits reaching down almost to her pubes.

They were only prevented from reaching due to the fact that her belly was now absolutely huge, with massive rolls of fat that almost hid her cunt from view.

I was certainly not aware that she had taken in the rest of the family too, especially knowing the physical state she was now in.

My exclamation of surprise alerted them to the fact that I was there.

They must have known I was in the house because of the extremely loud screams I had emitted whilst being buggered by Chantelle’s strap-on. They obviously must have decided that I was going to remain downstairs and so they continued with their pleasures.

Only about a minute after I entered the room my brother James started fucking mother even faster and I could see him stiffen up as he obviously approached his climax and filled mother with his semen.

His loud cry of triumph matched mother’s scream of pleasure as she obviously reached her climax at the same time.

Rebecca removed herself from mother’s face and I could see that her ass was very slimy and she had cum stains on each of her thighs.

It was obvious that James had fucked her ass earlier and mother was sucking his earlier sperm out of her.

I was now in a state of indecision.

On the one hand my cock was as stiff as it had ever been, signalling to me that it needed some action.

On the other hand ataşehir escort my brain was trying to tell me not to get involved. I had renounced incest quite some time before.

After the family had recovered from the shock of being found out by me I could see they were all thinking of what they might say to me.

Would they be wanting to finish their play and hence wish me to get out of the room as quickly as possible or would they just ignore me and continue as though I were not there?

Rebecca was the first to actually say anything at all.

She said, “Well brother, are you going to join us or does what you see disgust you too much?”

I replied “No! I am not disgusted by what I have just witnessed but I am quite surprised.

I was not aware that mother had inveigled you two into her sexy incestual games. As for joining you, I had thought that I had given up playing incest but now I am at this very moment undecided.”

My brother now decided to join in the conversation.

“I have always wondered if you had ever been playing with our Rebecca.

I did know that you had fucked mother for a few years because she told me so.

You are very welcome to join us.”

Mother then added her short say.

“You are very welcome to join us. It would be so nice to feel your lovely cock back inside me.”

Whilst she was saying this Rebecca had crossed the room and moved over to my side.

She wrapped her arms around me and planted a long sloppy kiss directly onto my lips.

I instinctively kissed her back and soon our tongues were intermingling.

She pulled away and said, very sexily “Please join us. I have wanted your large cock inside me ever since I was conscious of sexy goings on. Since I was at least 14 but realised that I would have to wait till it was at least legal – incest notwithstanding.”

The sexy kiss had swung my thinking.

My cock was now rock hard and was taking precedent over all my other actions.

I grabbed Rebecca and gave her the sexiest, sloppiest French kiss that I could dream up.

By now my mother had got up off the bed and was standing staring at us wide eyed.

What a sight she was. Big floppy tits down to her navel, cum streaming down her legs from the fucking my brother had just given her.

Her hair was dishevelled, her make up all messed up.

My sisters anal secretions glistening on her face. I could see her bra at the foot of the bed where brother had thrown it after removing it from her.

Lying next to it were her discarded panties.

I took this all in as I pushed Rebecca onto the vacated bed.

I forced open her thighs and before she could even let out a squeak I had forced my cock into her slimy cunt.

I was surprised to find resistance.

I had not realised that she was a virgin and she screamed out as I broke through her hymen.

I muttered “Sorry sis, I did not know. I thought someone would have broken you in by now.”

She replied, “I was hoping it would be you that took my cherry and now my dreams have come true!”

After this conversation I got down to giving her the best fucking of her life so far.

I enjoyed playing with her tits as I pumped my cock in and out of her.

I was quite surprised at the speed at which she came kadıköy escort bayan with another loud scream.

I stopped with my cock as far inside her as it would go and waited for her to calm down before I started again.

I was now aware that mother was moving towards us.

Before I had finished wondering where she was going she planted herself above Rebecca’s face and slowly lowered her dripping cunt.

So now Rebecca could eat out mother whilst being fucked by her brother/father!

After Rebecca had had about four climaxes I decided it was time to speed up and soon after I felt myself getting that cumming feeling.

I gave a loud moan, pushed as far into her as possible and let fly into Rebecca’s unprotected cunt.

As I was in the throes of orgasm mother leaned over and plonked her great fleshy lips against mine, giving me a long sloppy tongue kiss.

As she withdrew I felt my cock slowly deflating and oozing out of Rebecca’s filled cunt.

At the same time mother stood up and as I attempted to stand she pushed me back onto the bed and threw herself over me, head to feet.

I was now underneath her great floppy weight and could hardly breathe.

She had knocked all the wind out of me and before I could recover she took my cock into her mouth.

She was about to clean up all Rebecca’s blood, cum and the remains of my own cum from my deflated cock.

I was also faced with her sloppy cum dripping cunt in my mouth.

James must have fucked her more than once or someone else had also fucked her judging by the amount of cum still left after Rebecca had also had her fill from the oversized mother’s cunt.

The great noise we had made during all this sexual activity had attracted the attention of the recovering sisters from downstairs.

Peering out from under my mother’s gross body I saw Chantelle and Chloe at the door.

They hesitated for a few seconds before they decided to enter the room and get a closer view of the action.

Chloe immediately latched onto James and planted a long sexy sensual kiss on his surprised lips. Both newcomers had donned sweaters before venturing upstairs, leaving themselves nude from the tops of their legs downwards.

When they finally decided that the scenario was to their liking they immediately made the decision to become as naked as the rest of us. Chloe completed her kiss with James and then asked him to remove her sweater.

Chantelle had already removed hers by the time James had finished his pleasant task.

Chantelle was still wearing her strap-on that she had fucked me with and she latched on to Rebecca, getting her to bend over so she could be fucked.

Whilst Rebecca was complying with Chantelle’s command, James had begun exploring the glorious naked flesh now exhibited by Chloe.

He started with her outstanding breasts and nipples, spending quite a time on them much to Chloe’s great delight.

After fulfilling his senses with her mammaries his hands moved slowly downwards and before long was caressing the tops of her thighs.

Chloe slowly opened her legs to allow the full availability of her thighs and to enable him to move easily from there to her moist sticky clit and cunt.

He spent very little time on the thighs and quickly moved onto her clit escort maltepe and cunt.

With one hand he began to stimulate her clit and with the other he stuffed his index finger straight into her receptive hole.

Several in and out motions with the finger before he added a second.

Soon the third and fourth were added to give her maximum stimulation.

Chloe screamed out in delight at this turn of events and she yelled to James, “Don’t forget I have another hole for your pleasuring!”

James removed his fingers and ceased stimulating her clit.

He got her to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open.

He knelt down before her and moved between her legs so he could give her the full benefit of his tongue, which he alternated between her cunt and her clit.

At the same time he carefully inserted his little finger into her asshole.

“You do not have to be too careful with my ass.” she said.

“It is well prepared and can take much much more than just your little finger!”

On hearing this he removed his little finger and replaced it first with his index finger and then when that was completely inside her rectum he slowly added the rest.

“You could try fisting my ass,” she said.

So with a little more care he bent his fingers inwards and gently added the thumb.

It didn’t take long before he was into her asshole right up to his wrist.

He continued plunging his fist into and out of her asshole and before long was rewarded with her screams of ecstasy.

Meanwhile Chantelle had decided that it was time to fuck Rebecca with her strap-on.

Before she started Rebecca told her that I had just taken her virginity and she was a little sore.

Chantelle then asked her if she was still a virgin at the back door, to which Rebecca lied by replying in the affirmative.

So Chantelle said. “In that case I think it would be a good thing for you to have your final virginity taken by me!”

Chantelle stuffed a few fingers into Rebecca’s slimy cunt and used the moisture obtained to prime Rebecca’s ass.

Having spent some time lubricating Rebecca’s ass and her own strap on she asked Rebecca to bend over on all fours. Taking up her position, Chantelle moved in behind her and started rubbing her strap-on against the prepared asshole.

When she deemed enough preparation had been done she slowly moved the tip into what she thought was a virgin hole.

She pushed gently and the tip slid in a few millimeters but even this was enough to cause Rebecca to yell out in pain.

She left the tip in position until the pain had receded a little and then made her decision.

She decided that the best way to proceed was a quick and powerful sudden thrust.

This she did, burying the strap-on to the hilt in Rebecca.

Another unearthly scream was the immediate result.

Chantelle knew that the worst was now over so she left it fully inserted without making any further movement.

Slowly the pain subsided and after several minutes Rebecca had recovered enough to say.

“I think I am OK now. Please continue.” Chantelle now proceeded to give Rebecca the fucking of her life.

She thrust in and out, getting faster and faster all the time. Pulling almost the whole way out before thrusting in fully.

The time rapidly approached when both parties neared their respective climaxes and it was no surprise that both gave out huge sighs almost simultaneously.

Rebecca was now a fully-fledged woman.

No longer a virgin in either of her nether holes. To be continued.

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