Plain Jane

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My mother’s name is Janine and I think she’s pretty; she doesn’t. I think everything about her is terrific but she always thought that I said those things just to make her feel better. She even started talking about doing things to her face and having her boobs done. She thought they were too big. I thought they were perfect.

I got mom’s story slowly over the years and I think the main problem was that in high school, mom ran with the ‘pretty’ girls; too pretty girls. In any group there’s going to be those that are hot and those that are not-comparatively speaking. I’m sure that if my mother had been in a group of average girls she would have shone.

It wasn’t the girl’s fault. They hung out with her because she was smart and funny but she still felt like she was always being picked last for a team. She told me how once some boys came over to her group at lunch and were hitting on the girls. One actually said to another of the guys, “You get Janine because you’re the ugliest guy.” It hurt me to hear it…I could just imagine the pain my mother felt.

Enough incidents like that and my mother believed it. That’s why on many occasions I heard her refer to herself as a ‘plain Jane’. It didn’t help that the first older guy that showed interest in her got her pregnant and left her for another woman a couple of years later, never having married her.

The summer between high school and college was the most important one for me. I spent almost all of it with my best friend Rob. We’d been close for four years and since he was going to an out of state college in the fall, we wanted to hang out as much as we could.

What happened between my mother and me that summer just happened. There was no planning on my part and I’m sure none on my mother’s. The match that lit us off was a conversation, one that we’d had often but none ever ignited things the way that one did.

She was feeling down and she had started taking pills and I was beginning to worry. She was going on about how it was impossible to find a good man and how if she was better looking maybe this and maybe that. That’s when she told me she was saving to have some cosmetic surgery and breast reduction.

I was serious when I told her she was crazy. Then I just started running off at the mouth…I said everything that came into my head – most of it without thinking. I said, “First of all mom, men love tits…and yours are great.”

She laughed and said, “No, these are too big for my body.”

It wasn’t the first time I’d looked at the rounded forms but somehow they seemed so full and so beautifully shaped I felt stiffening between my legs. I said, “Take my word for it, they’re great…even I get a charge out of them.”

She laughed again and said, “Go on…you’re so full of bull.”

I said, “Believe me I’ve heard enough guys make remarks about them and…do you remember the first time Rob came over here and you came up to see what all the yelling was about?” My mother didn’t remember the incident but I told her, “We were talking about girls and who was hot and Rob said that you had a great pair of tits. I got mad and stated screaming at him and I was about to start swinging when he said, ‘what are you getting so mad about…I’m not saying anything bad about your mother am I?’ I stopped and realized he was right and then I agreed with him. We laughed about that for years. Anyway, believe me you look good and besides if a guy is only interested in you for the way you look what the hell do you have? You’re great to be around and I think you’re a terrific person too. Mom, you’re more than enough for any man and any man would be proud to have you…I know I would.”

She was touched and got serious. She got up and kissed me.

“Thank you baby…you make me feel better…but men want to go to bed with…better looking women.”

I was looking directly into the warmth of her chocolate brown eyes and I tell you I didn’t know that I was going to say, “Mom I’m a man and I want to go to bed with you.”

“What are you saying baby…you shouldn’t say things like…event to make me feel good…how could you…?”

I was stimulated and just ran on, “I don’t know how I could but I’m looking at your pretty mouth and I want to kiss it and I’m looking at your beautiful breasts and I want to hold them and I’m thinking about what you would look like lying in bed…and I want to be there with you…inside you…”

There couldn’t be much doubt about what I was saying and my mother’s jaw dropped and she said so slowly, “Oh…my…God…”

My initial urges were to make her feel good and now my urges included wanting to make me feel good. She was still in shock when I began kissing her and I thought I would explode when she kissed me back. I took her to the bedroom and she was almost sleepwalking. I ran my hands across her full breasts and unbuttoned the top of her dress. I reached into the bra and touched her nipples, which felt quite large.

My mother knew what was coming because she said almost ataşehir escort drunkenly, “Maybe I should take a shower or put some makeup on.”

I laughed and said, “Mom you look perfect and you smell perfect…what we’re going to do is going to make us both a lot messier.” She looked at me blankly and I whispered in her ear, “We’re going to fuck mom…right now.”

It was as if I were speaking a foreign language. She said, “You’re going to fuck me…you’re going to fuck me.”

I said, “Yes mom…I’m going to fuck you…everywhere.” I touched her mouth and then I touched her pussy over the dress. She flinched a bit and then I reached back and took a handful of my mother’s thick ass. “Everywhere.” I repeated.

I kissed her as I removed her bra and saw the big nipples for the first time; they fit her large breasts perfectly. I took one heavy breast in my hand and sucked on the end of it. I took off her dress and just took in the sight of my almost nude mother. She may not be asked to pose for playboy but without her clothes on, she looked good enough to make my cock hard as a pole. I could see her dark bush through the panties and her ass looked sexy enough to make me reach in to stroke it…and fondle it…and then finger it.

My mother responded with her eyes closed, either moaning or mumbling; I couldn’t tell which. I left her in her stockings and heels because she looked so good. She seemed to need direction so I took out my cock and told her, “Mom I want you to suck my cock.” She hesitated uncomprehendingly and I stroked her breasts and gently said, “Momma, your son needs his beautiful mother to suck him.”

She said, “Yes honey, I will…I will.” She went down on her knees before me and took my cock into her mouth. No one could convince me that I didn’t have the most beautiful mother in the word at that moment. I told her so and she sucked me harder and with more emotion.

I wanted her pussy before I came so I told her stop and get on the bed. She did and as she spread her legs awaiting my first insertion she said, “Tommy honey, do you really find me pretty…and desirable…you could tell me…I won’t stop.”

I said, “Mom, do you see this?” I held my hard cock for her to see. “You’re an exciting woman…your body is all a man could want…and yes I really think you’re pretty.” I kissed her as my cock approached the one pussy I never expected to be in. My mother took my cock in hand and guided it to her wet hole. The first entry caused us both to catch our breath.

My mother said, “God, you’re inside me aren’t you baby…you’re…in me.”

“Yes mom, I am…I’m fucking my pretty mother…and it feels better than anything; does it feel good to you mom?”

“Oh yes sweetheart…it feels wonderful…wonderful to have my son in my pussy…being a man for me…yes baby…you’re my man…hard for me…fucking me…oh…oh…oh…”

I felt like her man and I was proud of it; and I felt like I had a woman instead of a girl for the first time. I continued stroking into my mother’s pussy and she responded with gyrating hips and moaning that gave me almost as much pleasure as the fact that my cock was riding along the wet walls of her vagina, and that she wanted me there.

I scooped the big tits like cones and sucked their swollen tips. I had been with four girls in high school and I told my mother that she was the best I ever had…and I meant it. She seemed to respond to my loving words almost as much as to the insertions that spread the lips of her pussy and filled the channel that held my pulsing cock in it’s grip.

When I thought that my mother was about to come, I lifted her legs by the ankles and started pumping in short hard bursts and she let out a long high pitched, “OHHhhhhh yes…God yes…make me…come…oh…come…” I released the first volley into her pussy and as she felt my cum filling her, I could feel her pussy clench at my cock. I thought I was finishing but her clasping pussy made me shoot another intense spurt that felt like the initial orgasmic release. I never expected to have any kind of sex with my mother let alone great sex. When she finished she put her head on my chest and she covered my cock with her hand and said, “It was so good Tommy…so good.”

We slept in the same bed and in the middle of night I was awakened by her kisses, She apologized for waking me but she said, “I felt so good feeling you naked against me that I had to kiss you. Oh honey let me make you feel good…like you made me feel.”

As she went under the sheet I told her, “Mom believe me, I felt every bit as good as you did.” She didn’t respond because by then she had my cock in her mouth. I don’t know if I had a hard-on before she started but she had a mouthful of it by then.

I took the sheet off to watch as she held my cock with a few fingers on my balls and the others on the base of my cock. She was bobbing on the knob and the top of the shaft when she stopped to ask me, “Does that feel good honey?” I assured her that nothing could feel better kadıköy escort bayan than my lovely mother’s mouth on me and she went back to my cock with a smile.

Her tit felt good on my thigh and I reached to get my hand on her ass. I slipped a finger between the full globes and I heard her murmur on my shaft. I worked my finger in as she sucked and licked me toward satisfaction. My mother didn’t know what to do when I came because as she told me later, no one had come in her mouth before. It was a mess. She swallowed some and the rest got all over everything. She apologized and I laughed telling her it was wonderful. That night was the first of many that would make up quite an eventful and life-changing summer.

We made love as much as we could. She worked full time and Rob and I had part time jobs at the mall. On the weekends we all went to the beach together. After a few weeks Rob asked me what was going on. He said something seemed strange when we all went out. I was dying to tell him anyway and I said, “I had sex with her.”

Rob’s eyes bugged out and he stood open-mouthed, “Who…not with…?”

“That’s right,” I said. “We did it…and we do it.”

“Get the fuck out of here…” He looked at me and saw that I was serious and then he said, “Oh shit, you really did…what…when…so tell me how’d it happen…how was it?”

I told him the story and he was hungry for all the details; he wanted to know if her tits were as good as they looked. I told him they were better and he laughed uproariously. After that day I could see him looking at my mother ‘differently’ and he never passed up an opportunity to compliment her. I didn’t mind; I thought it was funny to watch him get hot whenever we were all together. I teased him about it all the time.

Over the next four or five weeks my mom and I really got to know each other sexually. We learned each other’s pleasures and we were comfortable asking each for anything. You can imagine what it was like for a guy my age to have pussy available any time of the day or night…and my mom didn’t seem to mind.

When the last two weeks of summer approached, mom had a vacation coming and Rob and I decided to quit work so we could have a ‘last blast’. We all went to beach every sunny day; we went to the movies and the mall when it wasn’t a beach day.

I remember the date, it was August 20th and it was Rob’s birthday. We made a party for ourselves and we were drinking and laughing into the night. Mom gave Rob his present and when he opened it he saw a sweater. We were all pretty stoned and I said, “I know what Rob really wants mom…is your tits…that’s all he ever talks about.”

We all laughed and mom said, “Oh stop it…”

I said, “No really mom, he’s crazy about you…them…”

Mom said, “Don’t tease him…he’s not interested in an old lady.”

Rob finally said something. “You’re not old Janine…you’re…great…”

It got quiet and I went over to mom and started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn’t stop me. When her bra came off Rob said, “Wow” and I signaled him over. He looked at me and I shook my head ‘yes’.

Rob took my mother’s tits in his hand and started sucking on her nipples. I said, “Happy birthday, buddy.”

He couldn’t get enough. He ate those tits like it was his last meal. By the sounds he made I thought he would come without being touched. When he finally slowed I said, “Come on guys let’s take this into the bedroom.” I was picturing all kinds of combinations, mom taking us both on at once and Rob and I filling all her holes in some way or another.

Mom was drunk but not stupid. She came up to me and said, “Look honey, if you want this…I’ll do it for you…we can play around, but Rob can’t be inside me…I’m serious.”

I said okay even though it didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time. I would be grateful later on that my mother was smarter than I was. Rob and I stripped my mother nude and both of us touched her all over. Rob told her she was beautiful and she kissed him. I went down and sucked on her pussy as rob played with her tits. When I thought it was time to switch, mom stopped Rob from sucking her. I didn’t think she’d draw the line there but I told Rob the rules mom had laid down. I’m sure he would have loved to fuck her but he was okay with her hands on him.

Rob and I took our clothes off and mom and Rob sat on the edge of the bed. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed his already stiffened rod into a full erection. He went back to her tits as she jerked him. I gave her mouth my cock. I heard Rob say, “Oh man…” as he watched my mother expertly sucking, licking and taking my cock down her throat. We had come a long way since the first time I was in her mouth.

That went on for a while and then I got the greatest urge for her ass. I pulled out of her mouth and got the lubrication that was always handy on the night table. I asked my mom to stand and I urged her to bend over the bed. She leaned on one elbow and escort maltepe took Rob’s cock back into her other hand.

Her inviting ass was spread and I directed the head of my cock to the hole I had been fucking for weeks. She grunted as I entered her and I pushed half my dick up into the tight chute. It always amazed me that her asshole could stretch as far as it did around my cock. I held her meaty globes in my hands and opened and closed them over my cock as I worked my way in and out of my mother’s ass.

Rob was getting close to coming as my mother pumped him while taking me deeper and deeper into her ass. He was getting louder as he urged both my mother and me on. “Oh yeah Janine…yeah…jerk me…yeah…fuck her Tommy…fuck your mother’s ass…fuck her…fuck her.” I knew he was about to come when he started rambling, “Yeah fuck her…like I’m gonna fuck my mother…in her pussy…in her ass…in her mouth…OH fuck oh…”

I had slowed down and mom massaged his cock until he finished coming. I laughed to myself that he had as much chance of fucking his straight-laced mother as Anna Nicole had of becoming the Queen of England. He sat back exhausted and happy as I returned to giving it to my mother.

She had two hands on the bed now and could return my thrusts with the rhythm we had learned together. We alternated for a while. I would give her the full length of my cock and pull back slowly until only the head stayed in her. Then I would stand still and my mother would push back taking as much of the cock into her as she could. She’d move her ass around when I was in up to the hilt and often moan as the stretch reached its limit.

Meanwhile Rob had recovered and was jerking himself as he watched my mother and me going at it. We gave him a good show but that wasn’t our intention. We were both into it and I then held her hips and began pumping in earnest. My mother didn’t usually come without touching herself when I took her in the ass but the sounds she was making were those she always made when she approached orgasm. It was an almost crying sound that escaped her closed mouth. It was then followed by an exhortation to me, “Tommy…Tommy…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…” As I gave her all I had and starting shooting cum into her ass, that was exactly what she did and said.

When we finished she kissed me, and then sort of covered herself with her arms as she took her clothes and left the room. I could see she was a little embarrassed. I figured that having Rob join us was probably a one-time thing, and that was fine with me. Rob and I talked a bit and he said sort of sadly, “You know Tommy, you’re lucky…I know that even though my mom is single and hasn’t gone out in years, she would never let me…I think your mom really loves you.”

Later I would find it strange that the words came from Rob and not from me. When he left he went over to my mom and told her she was beautiful and special. She said, “Thank you Rob…but do something for me honey…please don’t talk about …”

Rob interrupted her and said, “Don’t worry Janine, this night was just for the three of us…I promise…nobody’s going to hear about it.” She believed him and gave him a little kiss as he left.

For days after that I thought about the sentence, ‘I think your mom really loves you.’ What began, as sex just for the thrill of it, had become something more. I knew that my mom really did love me…and I loved her. I loved her as a mother, as a person, and as a lover. The last week of that summer was the beginning of a relationship that grew into the most important thing in both of our lives.

My mom is thirty -nine today and I’m twenty-two. I couldn’t imagine the last four years without her. I’m graduating college and I’m looking forward to the summer and our life together. But that last night of summer four years ago, the last night before she went back to work and I would start school, will always be fresh in my memory.

I held her and told her I loved her, not only because of what she did for me but because of who she was. She got teary and I asked her to take her clothes off for me. I watched as my mother stripped and exposed all the loveliness I had come to adore. I kissed her skin from her belly to her breasts and licked her nipples until they stood out.

I asked her to strip me and as she did she kissed everything she exposed. I took her to bed and began to gently make love to her. I slowly pushed my cock in and out of the wetness between her legs and she whispered in reverie, “I love you so much my dear, dear Tommy…my man…I wish I was prettier for you…so you wouldn’t get tired of this ‘Plain Jane’ you have…and be with me always…”

I stopped stroking and stayed inside her. I said, “Mom I never want to hear you say that again…I’m telling you…that’s not who you are…and you are what I want. You’re my beautiful Janine and that’s what you’re going to call yourself. Say it mom, say I’m beautiful Janine…I’m Tommy’s beautiful Janine.” I kept it up until she began saying it.

The tears rolled off her face as she said, “I’m beautiful Janine…I’m Tommy’s beautiful Janine…I’m beautiful Janine…” I made her keep repeating it as I started moving back and forth into her pussy again. She said it until her first orgasm, which came quicker than usual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32