Please Daddy, Not Inside!

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Cassidy was a seriously nerdy girl. And she knew it.

She had turned 18 in early January, and was still in her senior year of high school when her family made their annual three hundred mile drive to the coast for spring break.

She had always been very shy, especially around strangers. So it was quite a surprise to her mother when she struck up a conversation with the older couple sitting next to her as the chartered fishing boat made its way out to sea. It was nice to see her talking to new people, even if they were old enough to be her grandparents. Now if she could only manage to get her to speak with some nice young men!

Cassidy was cute, in her nerdy sort of way, at least with her glasses off. She stood around five foot five, with reddish brown hair that was usually tied up on top of her head, firm round C cup breasts, and a narrow waist and hips.

Her father Jack was focused on fishing, not his daughter at the moment. But make no mistake, he had noticed those firm round tits in that bikini top, and not for the first time either.

The way Cassie would lie around the house braless in a baggy Star Trek T shirt made his dick twitch, unlike her sister Annie, who was on the wrong side of borderline ugly.

While he knew it was wrong, he had caught himself daydreaming about sticking his dick in Cassie’s pussy several times in the last few weeks, especially after hearing the sounds of her masturbating through the closed door of her room as he passed by one morning.

Little did he know that Cassidy had noticed the print of his thick seven inch prick stiffening slightly in his pants when she paraded around the house in her bikini top, and that thought was driving the low moans he had heard coming from her room.

She too knew it was wrong, but the wetness between her legs came on regardless.


Between her nerdy look and her shyness, its little wonder Cassidy was a still a virgin, at least as far as a real dick goes.

She had discovered the little six inch dildo that sat in her mother’s bottom drawer however, and used it as often as she safely could. And if she couldn’t, well, her fingers would do. Cassidy needed to have at least an orgasm a day to “Feel right.”

She was a nerdy girl, not a clumsy girl. She took to sports and outdoor activities naturally, especially fishing, which explains why Cassidy was reeling in fish when almost no one else on the boat, including Annie, was even getting bites. Sooner than Cassidy would have liked (But long after Annie was ready) the boat was heading back in.


6 hours in a boat on a sunny day will give a pale woman sunburn, no matter how much sunblock she slathers on, and Cassidy hadn’t been terribly diligent about re-applying.

When she posed on the dock with the four Red Snapper she had caught, it was hard to tell which was redder, the fish or Cassidy.

By the time they got back to the condo, she was roasted to a nice even red over every inch of skin that showed through her bikini top. Thank god she had the sense to keep her long pants on.

She should have kept her shirt on too, but she liked the look of her firm round tits and the view of her cleavage and underboob the bikini top offered to the young deck hands, even though she was way too shy to actually speak to any of them.

When she tried to get dressed for girl’s night out with her Mom and sister, the pain from the burn was too much for her to even put her bra on, much less a shirt.

“I’m just gonna stay here and watch TV with Daddy” she had told her mother, and soon Mom and Annie were headed out the door, without Cassidy.


Cassidy was leaning forward on the couch, trying not to wince when the string of her bikini top rode up into the sunburn every time she moved.

“Christ Cassy, how could you let yourself get scorched like that?” Her father asked. Cassidy just shrugged.

“Let me go see if mom packed the aloe gel” he said, walking off toward the larger bedroom of the condo they had rented for the week. A minute or two later, he had located it.

“Cassie! Come in here!” he called out. Cassidy rose from the couch and headed toward the sound of his voice.

“Hop up here and I’ll spread this on your back for you. Probably need to get those pants off too; you’re burnt to a crisp around the waist.” He said, opening the bottle and squirting a good big blob on his hand.

Cassidy unbuttoned her pants and stepped out of them, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“This has something in it to numb you up a bit” he said and began to apply the cooling gel to her angry red skin.

The aloe felt good on her back, and when Jack pulled the string on her bikini to get it out of the way Cassy thought nothing of it.

He put another glob on his hands and worked them along her sides, following ataşehir escort the white line where her bikini string had been around to her severely burned underboob that she had allowed to show when she noticed the deck hand’s eyes glued to her tits.

The relief was so welcome a little sigh escaped her.

Jack took that as a sign, and cupped her firm round tits in his hands.

Cassidy had had no time alone to masturbate for several days now, and although she knew it was wrong to let her father feel her tits, the wave of pleasure sweeping over made the objection she was about to make come out as a soft moan.

He was glad now that he had had her remove her pants to apply the aloe to the sharp red line around her waist. His right hand drifted to the crotch of her bikini bottom, pulling it aside.

His fingers quickly located her clit. Cassidy moaned again as his finger gently traced a circle around it. She was already soaking wet.

“Lie down sweetie” he whispered.

Cassidy lay down on the bed and lifted her tight little butt for her father to pull her bikini bottoms off. She always shaved most of her pussy, leaving just a little patch of reddish brown hair an inch or two above her clit. In his pants, Jack’s prick was rock hard.

He pulled her butt to the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. She loved the feeling of his fingers sliding over the smooth bald lips of her pussy and occasionally dipping into her slick wet hole.

When he lowered his head to her crotch and gently licked her clit, she began to cum instantly.

She didn’t realize he had worked his pants off, and had been covering the head of his dick with her juices every time he pulled his fingers out until he stood up between her legs and began to slide the glossy knob of his seven inch prick up and down her shiny bald slit.

“Don’t put it in me, Daddy… I’m still a virgin” Cassidy whispered nervously.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’m just going rub it on the outside like this for a while” he whispered back, continuing to stroke the fat knob of his cock up and down between her thick pink pussy lips.

Cassidy began to groan and rock her hips up and down.

“Can I rub a little harder, Cassy?” he asked. Cassidy nodded her head and began to rock her hips a little faster.

“Hold it open for me so I can rub it on the shiny part” he whispered. She reached down with both hands and spread her puffy labia wide.

Every time the shiny bulb touched her clit a little jolt went through her, and soon she was moaning and working her hips up and down, trying to keep the head in contact with her little bud.

Jack knew how to tease though, and kept altering his rhythm just enough to keep her from achieving her goal. Her hips moved faster and faster, her movements becoming more frantic as her orgasm approached.

Jack teased her right to the edge for as long as he possibly could.

At last he gave in to his little girl’s burning desire and pushed his swollen glans hard against her clit, finally giving her the pressure she craved.

Her orgasm detonated like a bomb, crashing through her groin with an intensity she had never felt before. She rocked her hips up and down, pushing back hard, trying desperately to increase the delicious pressure on her clit.

And then it happened.

Cassidy rocked her hips up just a bit too high, and the thick bulbous glans and a couple inches of her father’s penis plunged into her vagina with a loud snap.

Cassidy was a virgin no more.

Instantly Jack’s dick began to throb and pump thick jets of sperm into his daughter’s pussy, lubricating the way for him to sink in slowly, all the way to her cervix.

He held her hips tightly against his with his hands until the delicious throbbing stopped, a thick stream of jism running out around the base of his cock and down her tight little butt.

“Daddy! Did you just cum in me?” She squealed. “What if I get pregnant?”

Jack grumbled an apology that he didn’t really mean. He had blown a huge load in his daughter’s pussy, and it felt great. He had no regret whatsoever.


Cassidy’s period started the morning of the drive home, to her great relief.


Cassidy had more than her share of the stereotypical intellect that goes with the phrase “Nerdy Girl.” By the time her last semester of high school rolled around, she only needed two classes to graduate. She didn’t even have to be at school till 11, and she was home by 1:30, which allowed her to sleep in much later than Annie, who was no dim bulb herself, but two years behind her older sister.

It also left her plenty of time alone in the room she shared with her little sister to masturbate to her heart’s content.

Her mother, Jessica, looked a lot more like Annie than she did Cassidy. kadıköy escort bayan Short, thick around the waist, with big saggy tits and a hairy pussy that she hadn’t given up to Jack more than once or twice a month in years.

Her mom worked in an office downtown, while her father worked from home most days, only going in to the office a few times a month for meetings.

Jack was a handsome man, just starting to go gray at the temples in his 43rd year. He kept himself in good shape, being well aware that his work from home lifestyle required regular exercise if he were to not bloat up like his brothers had.

He was just getting ready to take his lunch break when Cassidy got home from school, carrying a small bag from the drugstore.

She was incredibly horny, as she always was the day after her period ended, and within minutes, she was sprawled on her bed, fingering her puffy little slit and moaning softly, her mind drifting back a few days to that moment when her father’s penis pressed hard against her clit.

The accidental creampie that quickly ensued was also on her mind as her fingers flew across her clit, pushing her right to the brink of orgasm.

She barely noticed the door to her room opening.

Jack watched his nerdy little girl fingering herself for a minute before he pulled his dick out of his pants, the sound of his zipper opening prompting Cassidy to look over with a glazed eye.

He let his pants fall to the floor and stroked his rapidly stiffening rod.

“Let me help you with that sweetie” he rasped, climbing up on to the bed.

“We have to use a rubber, Daddy” she whispered harshly.

“I don’t have any” Jack said, starting to move up between her legs, his prick swollen to its full seven inches.

“I mean it Daddy! You’re not putting it in me without a rubber” she said, rolling quickly away.

“I got some today. If you wanna put your dick in me, you gotta wear one.”

She pulled open a drawer on her bedside table and reached in, pulling out a box of condoms and handing one to her father.

“Put it on.” She said in a tone that made it clear to Jack there was no other option.

Although he felt a little defeated, his prick remained rock hard while he rolled the condom on and lined the knob up on Cassy’s tender slit, beginning to sink into her slowly.

Jack hated condoms. They were only marginally better then jerking off in his mind, although the feeling of his rubber coated dick sinking into his little girl’s pussy was much better than he expected. Soon he was sawing his prick in and out of her with abandon.

The decreased sensation from the condom had the effect of making him last longer, and Cassidy was probably on her tenth orgasm by the time the knob of his cock began to swell.

Jack grunted and buried his cock in Cassy’s belly all the way. She could feel her father’s penis begin to bulge rhythmically inside her. He relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of ejaculating into his daughter’s pussy, only slightly less than he would have enjoyed it without the condom.

Only slightly, but that small amount was a big deal to Jack. He REALLY hated rubbers.

He pulled his softening prick out of her and peeled the condom off. “What’s the big deal, there’s maybe a couple of teaspoons in here” he thought to himself, not realizing that the average guy is lucky to make half that much. No big deal in Jack’s mind, but there was way more than enough sperm in that rubber bag to get his daughter pregnant. Jessica had her tubes tied after Annie was born, so he hadn’t worried about birth control in a long time. And he wasn’t about to start now.

Cassidy, however, being nobody’s fool, had no intention of letting her father, or anyone else for that matter, get her pregnant.

He gave her more orgasms than she ever imagined she could have, and every one of them was better than any she had ever given herself, but until she got herself on birth control, it was not happening without a condom.

No matter how many orgasms he gave her.


The box had held 12 condoms. 12 days and countless orgasms for Cassidy later, they were all gone.

She was definitely going out for another box today, she thought as she stirred in the bed. In the distance she heard the front door close, and knew that her mother had just left for work.

She had almost drifted back to sleep when she heard her bedroom door swing open gently.

Her father climbed up on the bed, already naked, and snuggled close to her, his hands reaching around to cup her firm round tits.

Cassidy moaned softly and turned to face him. He gently kissed her lips, his hand working its way down to her slick wet pussy.

Cassidy moaned a little louder as his fingers found her clit, arching her back and spreading her legs wide. escort maltepe Jack’s rock hard prick slid across her thigh as he began to move over between her legs.

“Daddy! We can’t! We’re out of rubbers!” she hissed as he began to work the glossy knob up and down her shiny wet slit.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t get you pregnant” he whispered and began to push against her opening.

“No Daddy! It’s my fertile time!” She groaned. Her resistance was weakening rapidly. Her hips began to writhe under the pressure of his cock on her opening.

“C’mon Cassie, just the head, I promise” he lied and pushed the thick knob harder against her soaking wet labia.

“Please Daddy, not bare!” She whimpered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get any of my cum in you” He grumbled, rubbing the head of his dick harder on the little nub of her clit. Her resolve was gone.

“Just the head Daddy” She whined.

Jack said nothing as his weight settled down onto her, the head stretching her labia, compressing them into her crotch until they rebounded with a snap, engulfing the head and a couple of inches of his throbbing rod.

The thick shaft slid slowly, smoothly, into her silky wet pussy, until he was fully embedded in her.


The orgasm that the thick head of his dick pushing against her cervix triggered was intense. By the time she returned to her senses, Jack was pumping his full length into her with slow powerful thrusts.

“You said just the head Daddy” She whined again. He heard her but pretended he didn’t and continued stroking his rod smoothly in and out of her silky little pussy.

“Promise me you’ll pull out Daddy” she moaned, beginning to rock her hips in time with his slow smooth thrusting.

“I promise” he grunted in her ear. Cassidy began to relax and enjoy the delicious feeling of her father’s bare dick sliding in all the way to push against her cervix, and then slowly back out until just the head remained inside her before it slid back in, over and over again.

This was what he had been craving since twelve days ago, when she pulled that stupid box of rubbers out and made him put one on.

A real bare dick fuck, not the glorified form of jerking off that a rubber made for.

He plunged his cock in and out of Cassy’s slick hole, changing angles to stretch her pussy tight over the thick head of his prick, pumping into her hard and fast to take himself to the edge, then slow and smooth to make this delicious fuck with his little girl last as long as he could.

Finally he pushed himself too close to the edge and the tingling in the head of his prick rushed up on him faster than he could beat it back.

Cassidy felt the head of his dick begin to swell, the way it had swollen inside her a dozen times before. Panic swept over her as she realized what was coming next.

“Please daddy, don’t cum inside me” she sobbed as her father’s thick hard cock battered her cervix.

Jack ignored her. He was too close to think of anything other than the rich sensation bathing his glans as he sawed his bare dick in and out of his daughter’s silky tube.

“Gonna cum” He grunted as he felt his sperm begin to rush up from his balls and jammed his prick into her as deep as he could, rocking his hips from side to side.

“Nooooo Daddy! Pull out!”

The groan issuing from her father’s throat told her it was too late. He pushed in deep and froze with his rock hard prick tight against her cervix.

“Please Daddy! Not inside!” she squealed as she felt her father’s penis begin to bulge and pulse wildly, a hot torrent of sperm blasting from the bare head of his dick, through the little hole in her cervix, flooding her fertile womb.

He pulled his daughter’s hips tight against his spurting prick and held her there until he finished emptying his heavy balls into her fertile belly. Another powerful orgasm swept over her, pulling him in, milking every last drop of sperm from his balls.

At last he rolled off of her.

Her legs flopped open and a big glob of her father’s sperm flowed out of her rapidly closing vagina and down the crack of her ass to the bed below.

She wanted to be angry, wanted to tell her father off, but the orgasms had felt so good.

No one else could ever make her cum like that she thought, relaxing and savoring the sensation of her father’s fingers gently stroking her labia as he licked and sucked her nipples.

Almost before she realized it, he had stiffened again and her hand was guiding his penis back to her opening. Jack savored the bare walls of her sperm soaked vagina clinging to the head of his prick as he sank into her deep.

She didn’t have to be at school for two more hours. He planned to use every minute of them.


A month later, after she had missed her period, she sat on the toilet watching the line on the home pregnancy test turn blue.

A sick feeling welled up in the pit of her stomach.

Cassidy was pregnant!

The End

Certain acts depicted in this work of fiction are anatomically impossible. For details, read my essay

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