Poison Ivy

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My buddy and I had always loved Halloween. It was probably the best night of the year, and we always worked hard to come up with the most unique costumes. This year, for the first time in a long time I had a girlfriend. It was a new relationship, but it was fun, and was a wonderful departure from my daily life. When the sinful night came, first I went to my buddy’s place and we put on our costumes.

Our costumes were perfect, but as usual, my buddy was running late. I called my girlfriend and told her we were delayed, and she gave me directions to her friend’s apartment. There was a pre-party and then everyone was going to go bar hopping. When my buddy and I finally got there, the pre-party was already rolling.

My date was there, and was in a great Disney princess costume. You know, one of those sexy adult versions. She introduced me to her friend, and I knew that was going to be in trouble. Her friend was poured into a slutty superhero costume. She was Poison Ivy.

Trying not to be obvious, My eyes traced the path of the vines wrapping around her body in all the right places. The costume was skin tight with a diving neckline and a miniskirt. I said “hello,” but could barely keep my composure. Don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend at the time was great, but not exactly my type. If I had described my perfect type, a police sketch artist would have drawn her friend.

When Poison Ivy looked at me, she had the most devious, knowing eyes. Was her look natural, or or did it represent a true impish mischief. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but this girl was an erotic novel, and I could read it cover to cover. She knew it too, and she was insatiable. One look and I knew she was hungry.

The party was rolling, and I needed a drink. I made my way to the kitchen and found a red solo cup. I was getting ice out of the freezer when I heard a voice behind me. She said, “Tabby has been telling me all about you, and I see she has not been exaggerating.” Her body language was intoxicating. Her eyes were pure dangerous temptation.

I replied, “I’ve heard plenty about you as well. For one thing, I’ve learned that you should never ignore a carbon monoxide alarm.”

She laughed, and said, “I can’t believe you’ve heard that story. Well, sometimes things in this apartment get hot.”

Drinks flowed, and the party went on. Predictably, at some point I needed to go to the bathroom to break the seal. I hadn’t gotten the apartment tour, so I was fumbling around, opening doors. I walked into a room, to discover it wasn’t a bathroom but a bedroom. It was a girl’s room, a private place. I knew I shouldn’t be here. It was neat, and definitely feminine, unlike my apartment. There were a few scattered clothes and text books. A bra was hanging halfway way off the bed. The bra was functional, but lacy. It would obviously look great being worn. My mind quickly went to the gutter, and I was wondering whose room I was in. Before I could shut down the fantasy, I heard something in the hall.

“… I’ll be right back.” A voice that I recognized was heading this direction.

The room was dark, with a little light spilling in from the hallway. I panicked and backed a dark corner. I didn’t have time for anything else. Then she was there. She walked by me and eryaman gerçek escort numaları went her bedside table, and turned on the lamp. I didn’t want to trust myself, but part of me thought that she knew I was there. I could swear I saw her eyes take in the whole room as she entered, and in spite of the darkness, note my presence.

“That’s ridiculous,” I told myself. “This is definitely the alcohol and your dick talking.”

Nevertheless, While she was leaning over looking in her bedside drawer, her body was in an impossibly inviting pose. The lamp put her spandex clad body in perfect profile. She bent from the waist, with a slight arch to her back. She was shifting her weight ever so slightly from foot to foot. Her ass was perfect, and the skimpy costume made it even better. I was hypnotized. While she continued to rummage, looking for who knows what, I found myself moving halfway across the room. As I passed the door, I nudged it nearly it closed with two fingers. She had to have seen the light change, and must have seen my shadow. Her rummaging stopped, but the motion of her hips continued.

Then her gyrating hips slowed, accentuating every seductive move. I kept walking. Did she slightly part her legs? What the fuck was I thinking? Shit, I wasn’t thinking. My eyes were locked on that perfect ass. When I was inches away, she stood up.

She didn’t turn around. Time seemed to stand still. Neither of us made a sound. The muffled sounds of the party, and the driving bass beat of the music came through the door. I could hear my breathing. Fuck, I could hear her breathing. It was definitely getting faster. I inched forward, and her body stiffened. Still, we said nothing.

She moved slightly, and then I heard a click. The bedside lamp went dark.

Now, like an out of body experience my right hand extended, and hovered just out over her right hip. I heard her gasp. Again, we were frozen. The quiet sound of shallow breathing was all I could hear. The sounds of the party were gone. All that was audible was the shallow, adrenaline-fueled breaths of two people in the dark. I knew she could feel my breath on her neck. Although it was dark, my brain still saw her as a photo negative, frozen in place.

Seconds ticked by. I could feel myself break into a sweat. Then I made contact. First my palm, then my fingers. I could feel the rough costume material. My fingers wrapped around her hip and touched that wonderful depression between hip and stomach. I knew all I had to do was follow that valley down to find what I wanted.

My index finger could feel the waistband of her panties under her costume, and was just barely going back-and-forth over it. This is my favorite part of the female body. Just over the iliac crest; the end of the abdomen, the beginning of the leg. There is no way to touch this location and resist the urge to slide your finger down the valley to that wonderful mound.

I was ROCK HARD. With a half step, I closed the gap between us, And pressed against her backside.

Like a key sliding home in a lock, her body pressed against mine and her head rolled back into the crook of my shoulder.

I couldn’t resist. My hand traced that path from valley to mound once, and then returned to her hip. For the sincan escort second time, I heard her gasp, and she pushed her ass against my erection. The hypnotic to and fro as she shifted her weight deftly repositioned my dick until it was pressed between us, straight up, between my stomach and the cleft of her ass.

My left hand boldly wrapped around and groped her stomach, then slid up, tracing the ivy of her costume up to her breast. I traced its firm contour, then drove my hand down inside her costume. I pushed aside her bra roughly, and cupped her entire breast in my hand. Then, bringing my index finger and thumb together, sliding over impossibly soft skin, I lightly pinched her nipple. Now we were both taking desperate ragged breaths, bodies grinding together.

As her head moved against my shoulder, our skin became moist with that fine sheen of fresh perspiration. She turned her head, and I felt her breath on my neck and ear. Then I felt her tongue on my ear and her lips closed and sucked lightly. Then she moved again and I felt her teeth scrape down my neck and I felt her breath like a blast furnace. Chills went up and down my body and I ground my hips against her.

My right hand left its position and explored down her leg until I found the hem of her dress. I grabbed it, slid my hand back and lifted it up, dragging it up the back of her thigh. I felt the material first resist then stretch as it passed her ass. Then my hand came down and grabbed her butt. The skin was cool and hot at the same time. Velvety smooth yet studded with goosebumps.

Her hands reached up and desperately ran through my hair. My left hand moved to her other breast. I dragged down her costume, stretching it until her breast was fully exposed.

If the light was on, she would’ve been quite a sight. Skirt pulled up, panties exposed, blouse and bra pulled down to the side, straining against one underboob. A sheen of sweat making her body glisten.

If you see a girl like that, you know you can do anything.

In the dark, with that image in my mind, my hand found my belt. I attacked it, ripping the buckle loose, and fumbling my button and zipper. I slipped my finger inside the waistband of my pants and boxers and shoved them down to mid thigh.

Now, I remembered the hand that was cupping her ass. I slid my fingers down the back of her leg, then raked my fingernails back up her thigh and found the edge of her panties. My fingers slid under the elastic from below and I gathered the material into my fist.

I pulled it aside. Now I ground my hips back into her. Again, my dick was straight up between my stomach and the her ass but now the I felt the warm ecstasy of skin on skin contact. I let go of her panties, and they snapped almost back into position, but now my dick was under them. My right hand slid back around her hip, down the valley and cupped her mound. The fabric was damp. Soaking, really. I move my fingers and felt that wonderful depression that was the entrance that I needed. The tips of my fingers pushed the material into her, and she moaned. As I cupped her, I could feel her hard clitoris at the base of my fingers, nearly at the palm of my hand. My fingers were wet. Her body was shaking. I was grinding my dick desperately batıkent escort against her, but it was not satisfied. It wanted more.

My other hand left her breast and found her neck. I cupped her chin, ran my fingers as far up into her hair as I could reach, then came back down and wrapped around her neck. Without thinking, I realized I was squeezing. I could feel the pulse of her carotid arteries. I knew what she must be feeling. Everyone knows what it feels like to be choked. All of a sudden, your head feels huge, you start to get tunnel vision and there is a ringing in your ears. I let go, and she gasped and leaned forward yet pressed against me at the same time.

I pushed her panties to the side and my fingers slid front to back in amazing wetness. I slipped one finger in, then two. I used that grip to push her back against me, grinding my dick into her back. I moved the palm of my hand against her clit. Then her body was shaking uncontrollably, and her breathing stopped for a second and then she let out a long desperate breath. My hand was suddenly soaked. I could feel wetness running down her leg. Her body went limp for a moment.

I reached down with my free hand and repositioned my dick so now it was sliding between her legs. The warmth and wetness was amazing. I moved my hips against her, and I could feel the head of my dick sliding in between her folds. I moved my hips back, and it slid against her opening demanding entrance. As I moved forward again without entering, I felt her hard clit against the head of my dick. I slid back and forth several times, losing myself in the that feeling.

I had to fuck her. I put my hand in the small of her back and pushed her forward, leaning her over her bedside table. She fell forward, and her hands slapped against the top of the table knocking several unseen items to the floor. She let out a noise like, “unngghhh.”

I knew what I needed. I placed both hands on her hips, gripping hard. Slowly I moved my hips back. The head of my dick felt her clit one last time and then I was at her opening. I thrust into her. Hard.

One stroke, two strokes, three. Hard strokes, making the furniture rattle. With every thrust, I heard her grunt. I was grunting too. Within a matter of seconds, I felt my climax build. It started at the base of my neck and ran down my spine, then turned into a hot fury that engulfed from my dick as I exploded into her. I made a guttural sound, grunted and made a few more thrusts. Then we were done. I pulled out, feeling fluid dripping down our legs. The air was cool against my wet, sensitive skin.

I stepped away from her. I pulled my pants up, redid my belt and walked to the door, feeling our cum soak into my clothes.

As I opened her door, the light spilled across the room, showing her to me. She was disheveled, clothes askew. She was still bent over and our cum glistened in the light from the hall as it ran down her legs. She was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, but what I will always remember was her eyes. She still had that impish grin, but her eyes…they amplified that grin. They knew what we had done. Those eyes knew and wanted more. I turned and walked out the door.

I made my way back to the party. There was my girlfriend in the living room, smiling at me. She said, “I was just looking for you. Are you ready to go downtown?” She winked at me and slid her hands down my stomach and gave my dick a quick squeeze through my jeans. My dick started to harden again and I felt it slide against my soaked boxers.

I said, “yes.”

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