Pool Day Ch. 03

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Annie felt the warm sun beating down on her almost naked body. She lay on the blanket where the stranger and another man had just finished fucking her ass and cunt. She lay there in a pool of their cum hoping the sun would dry out her cum stained thong. As she glanced toward the pool area, she could see men staring at her and some pointing to where she lay.

She looked over to the picnic table where the family had been and saw the man’s wife hurriedly packing their things. The husband had awakened the sleeping children and was walking with them to the parking lot.

As the wife finished packing, she angrily strode over to Annie. Looking down at her, the wife yelled, “You whore. How can you dress like that when there are families around? I wouldn’t want my children to see someone like you. If you were a mother, you wouldn’t want your children to see you dressed like that.”

A tear came to Annie’s eye, as the woman stormed off. Annie couldn’t stand the looks and comments any more. She had to leave. Annie stood up and ran as fast as she could to the locker room where she had left her clothes. The men around the pool watched as her tits swung like pendulums with each step. As she passed the men, they leered at her round ass cheeks as they swayed from side to side.

Annie reached the locker room, opened her locker and grabbed her clothes. She ran out of the locker room to her car, clutching her clothes to her breasts. Driving to a secluded section of the parking lot, Annie pulled on her skirt and blouse while still sitting in the car. She drove home feeling totally humiliated, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Although her sons had told her that they were going over a friend’s house for the afternoon, they stayed at home, preparing their plot to get at Annie. They knew that their father was fucking his secretary at work, behind their mother’s back. They felt sorry for their mother but also having seen her naked body, they wanted more. Darren was 18, a slight boy, with no athletic ability. He was almost 5’10” and weighed only 145 pounds. He had shown very little interest in girls and they showed absolutely none in him. He thought back to yesterday when he had almost drowned at the pool. Luckily, his mother had jumped in and saved his life. At school, they commonly referred to him as the “nerd”. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his looks or his perfect 100 average in school. Darren went to his parents’ bedroom and with just a little ingenuity he fixed it so that the lock on the bedroom door would not work. Next, he did the same to the bathroom door.

John was like his brother in many ways. He was like Darren’s older twin brother. They were about the same height and weight and the only difference was that John wore glasses or contacts now. He also had shown little interest in girls in high school. Some of the girls even started a rumor that he was gay. His only friends were a couple of guys in the Electronics Club. He had just finished his first year of college and the only difference he saw between high school and college was that there were more girls around to ignore him.

John knew that when their mother came home from the pool that she always drank a large glass of iced tea. So, he went to the medicine cabinet and took out three of her sleeping tablets. John poured a glass of iced tea and stirred in the contents of the three tablets. As he placed the glass in the refrigerator, the phone rang. It was his friend, Nick.

“John, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I was at the pool this afternoon.”

“Yeah, good for you. See any good pussy there?”

“Well, yeah. Actually that’s why I called you.”

“You mean you called to tell me that you got lucky or that I should have been there. Well thanks pal.”

“Not exactly. Is your mom home yet?”

“No, not yet. Why? Is she going to tell me a story about you and some babe at the pool?”

“No. I don’t think she’s gonna tell you any story. I saw your mom at the pool. She was wearing the smallest bikini I ever saw. Man, she had on a thong and her ass was hanging ataşehir escort bayan out. Her tits were in the smallest bikini top I’ve ever seen. I mean she had every cock at the pool hard.”

John couldn’t believe what Nick was saying. His mother didn’t own a bikini like that.

“You’re full of shit. My mom would never dress like that.”

“Yeah, well not only is she dressed like that, but she went with this guy over by the picnic tables and she lay down on his blanket with him. Then this other guy came along and your mom was like a Chinese Oreo. I mean they had their cocks buried in your mom’s cunt and ass and she was lovin’ it.”

“Nick, if you’re lying to me I’m gonna find you and kick your ass.”

“Not that you could possibly do that but what if I’m not?”

“Well, then my mom is going to have to pay for her play – and pay dearly.”

“If she pays dearly, I’d like to collect. Man, my cock never got this hard even when we looked through that porno magazine last night.”, Nick said laughing into the phone.

“You got it. Now, I’d better go because I hear her car in the driveway.”

John hung up the phone and ran into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator door and took out the glass of iced tea, as his mother entered the kitchen. He looked at her blouse and her skirt but couldn’t tell if she was wearing the bikini that Nick had told him about. John’s cock started to get hard just thinking about it.

“You look hot, mom. I poured you a glass of iced tea. I figured that you would want to cool off before your shower.”

“Thank you, John. I take to my bedroom and drink before I take shower.”

As Annie grabbed the glass from John’s hand, she thought to herself what good and loving sons she had. How could she let her wanton lust for the stranger’s cock endanger the life she shared with her family? As she reached her bedroom, Annie closed her door. She locked the door and walked to her night table.

She placed her drink down on the table and unbuttoned her blouse. As she slid the blouse from her body and dropped it to the floor, she looked in her mirror. She thought, “My god, you see my nipples in top. It fit better at store and in locker room.” She reached down and picking up the iced tea, she took a long drink. It felt good, cooling off her insides, but it did have a slight after-taste to it. Putting down the drink, she placed both hands on the sides of her skirt and pushed down. The skirt slipped over her hips and feel in a crumpled pile to the floor. Annie stepped out of the skirt.

As she was about to bend over and pick up the skirt, she began to yawn. The heat of the sun at the pool and the sexual encounter with the stranger had taken its toll. She must be tired. Annie reached over and quickly downed the remainder of her iced tea. Then, she picked up her skirt and blouse. She looked at her thong and saw that the front was stained by the stranger’s cum. She would have to get rid of the suit before anyone saw it. She would not be able to explain to her husband how and why she had bought such a revealing suit.

The sleeping pills began to really take effect on Annie. She felt a little dizzy and very tired. Annie thought, “Maybe I lay down little while. I rest and get up in a ….” The last thing Annie remembered was her head hitting her pillow as someone knocked on the door.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t take very long. She never even made it to the bathroom.”

“Man, look at that bathing suit. God, she didn’t wear that to the pool, did she?”

“Yeah, Nick called and told me that she wasn’t the only one in that suit.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

”What do you think? Mom wore that suit to get fucked and she did. Here look!”

John reached out and grabbed Annie’s thong with one hand, pulling it away from her naked pussy.

“You know what this is? It’s dry cum. Our sweet, innocent little mother here, spread her legs for some guy at the pool and fucked him like some common slut.”

“Well, since you already got it in your hand, why not take escort kadıköy them off so we can see our little mother’s pussy up close. We might also need to use that thong for the future.”

John pulled the thong down her thighs, revealing her freshly shaven cunt.

“My god, Darren, look! She shaved her cunt for the bastard.”

As he pulled the thong from her long legs, he spread her legs apart and his fingers sought out the moist slit between her legs. Annie let out a soft sigh and opened her legs even further. The lips of her cunt spread like a flower opening to greet the rays of the sun. John eyes were immediately drawn to the glistening pink cunt that invited his attention. His tongue licked his dry lips and he lowered his face to Annie’s crotch. His tongue tasted her sweet pussy juices while it wormed its way to the nub at the top of her cunt.

Darren looked at his mother’s tits as her nipples hardened and strained against the material of her bikini top. He bent over Annie and reached behind her back. Finding the clasp, his fingers easily opened it and the stretched material that had covered nipples quickly popped up so that her nipples were visible through the knit cup of her top. He reached down and lifted the material from her heaving breasts. He bent toward her nipples and slowly sucked one into his hungry mouth. His hard cock strained against his shorts.

John knelt up from between Annie’s legs. “Darren, go get the digital video camera. In case she wakes up, we don’t want her telling anyone about what we did.”

“Good idea. Besides, mother or not, I want to watch me fuck her over and over again. I may even want our friends to see me fucking her.”

Darren left the room and quickly returned with his digital movie camera and a tripod. He set it up and made sure that Annie’s naked body was centered in the frame.

“Look, we shouldn’t both be in the picture at the same time. So since I’m the oldest, I should go first.”

“Bullshit, Sherlock! I don’t want your sloppy seconds.”

“Look, no matter how we look at it, we’re both getting sloppy seconds. Remember she fucked some guy at the pool.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot. It’s just that I’m so horny and she’s just laying there.”

“Well, I tell you what. We have two options. First, you work the camera and we can set it up to ensure you get to fuck her in the future or second, you join me and we don’t know what kind of pictures we get. You choose.”

Darren thought for a moment and then looked at Annie’s body.

“Fuck it. I’ll work the camera but you hurry up.”

Darren got behind the camera and focused in on his brother’s back, as John lowered his body down onto Annie.

“Mom, are you sure we should be doing this? I mean you are my mother.”

“Yes, I know that you love me but is this really right?”

Darren couldn’t understand what John was doing. Then, he suddenly realized that if anyone saw the video, they would think that Annie was seducing her son.

“But why do you want to tape us? Oh, I see. You want a keepsake of our first time.”

“But what about dad? No, I didn’t know he was fucking his secretary.”

“Okay, mom, but please be gentle. It’s my first time.”

John lowered his mouth, sucking in Annie’s nipples. He alternated from one breast to the next. Annie moaned and her head swung from side to side. His hands cupped each of her breasts as his fingers manipulated the nipple that his mouth was momentarily neglecting. Annie’s hips began to buck, rising from her mattress anticipating a hard cock entering her hungry, wet cunt. As John’s hands and mouth worked on Annie’s nipples, arousing her body to where she could no longer stand it, an orgasm ripped through her body, further lubricating her vaginal opening.

John reached down and grabbing one of Annie’s hands, placed it on his erect cock. Using her hand, he guided his cock to Annie’s waiting cunt. He felt the wet opening and shoved. The head of his cock slipped between her pliant lips. “Mom, are you sure? I’m not sure we should be doing this. I want maltepe escort to stop. Oh, god ….. mom, what are you doing? It feels so good. Oh, I can’t help myself.”

John shoved his cock deeper and deeper into his mother’s hungry cunt. He continually withdrew it and slammed his cock back into her waiting pussy. He let out a loud moan as he felt his seed start to flow from his balls and erupt deep in Annie’s womb. He felt Annie’s body respond to his strokes as her cunt muscles gripped his cock and squeezed out the last drop of his cum.

“Oh, mom, why did you make me do this? I feel so dirty.”

John jumped off the bed, his cock slipping out of her dripping cunt. He ran behind the camera as Darren pressed the Pause button.

“Now if she ever says anything, the tape makes it look like she raped me. What better evidence to force her to do what we want? Now, it’s your turn. I hope you’re as good an actor. But, make sure you enjoy yourself.”

Darren walked toward the bed as John pressed the record button again.

“Mom, why are you naked? I saw John and he said that you raped him. Is that true or did he do this to you? What?” Darren leaned down as if trying to hear Annie speak. He dropped down on her body, making it seem as if Annie had pulled him down on the bed.

“Mom, what are you doing? Why are you reaching between my legs?”

“What? You want me to fuck you?”

“But, what about dad? He loves you.”

“No. I didn’t know about his secretary.”

“I know that you have needs. But, did you really fuck John.”

“I don’t think we should.”

“But, you fucked John already.”

“Okay … but if I say stop, you have to stop. I’m confused and I don’t know what to do.”

Darren freed his cock from his shorts and then reached down and lifted Annie’s legs over his shoulders. He guided his cock between her slick cunt lips and shoved forward. His cock slid into Annie’s still dripping cunt, as Darren’s mouth sought out her erect nipples. He pumped her pussy until he felt Annie’s body bathe his cock with her juices as another orgasm rocked her world.

“No, mom, I can’t do this. Please don’t make me. Please don’t tell dad. I want to stop.”

“No, you can’t tell him I raped you. I want to stop. Please don’t make me.”

“Okay, if I don’t have any other choice, I’ll do it. But, please never again, mom, please.”

Darren continued to stroke his cock into Annie’s slippery cunt. He could no longer hold back. He felt his cock shoot load after load of his hot cum into Annie’s hungry cunt. John was amazed at how good Darren was as an actor. He almost believed that Annie was raping her younger son. As John saw Darren slump down between Annie’s wide-stretched legs, he paused the tape. He walked over to where his little brother lay and pulled Annie’s leg off his brother’s shoulder. As Darren lifted his body from between Annie’s legs, John saw their cum dripping from Annie’s cunt, down between her ass cheeks and forming a small pool on the sheet under her ass.

“Good job, little brother. Now we got something we can use for years to come. Everyone will believe that she raped us and that we raped her.”

“No boys, now I have something I can use for years to come.” The boys turned toward the camera with their limp dicks hanging between their legs. Standing next to the camera was a man who neither of them had ever seen before. He held a silver plated gun in one hand, while the fingers of his other hand were on the record button.

“Now, you boys don’t do anything stupid and you’ll live to maybe fuck that cunt again. Just to let you know, I’m gonna keep this video. Your mom and I will work out how she can get it back – edited, of course, unless you two cause me any trouble.”

“Get out of here and leave your mom and me alone. I’ve got some unfinished business with that tight little ass of hers from the pool this afternoon.”

The man removed the disc from the camera and dropped it into his pocket. As the boys started to walk to the door, he shouted to them, “Close the door behind you. You can come back in when I’m done.”

The boys looked at each other and closed the door behind them. They silently wished that he would hurry so that they could fuck their mother again. They also realized that the flaw in their plan was that they forgot to lock the front door of the house.

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