Posting Family Pics

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Big Tits

Chapter 1

You’ve probably heard of the many picture-posting and sharing websites like Flickr, Photobucket, Twitpik, and Shutterfly, maybe even used some of them yourself.

They’re really great especially if you want to share your photos and videos with friends and relatives all over the world. I’ve used them myself, they’re cool.

But this story is about how I started posting family pictures on some lesser-known websites, some that, well, cater to those over eighteen and are rather more fun to look over.

Most also have a rating system in place and some even provide a way for viewers to leave messages and comments or to email them.

So, first, I’ll introduce myself, my name is Mark and I’m eighteen and a real camera bug, both still and video. Photography equipment is usually what I get for my birthday and Christmas and I’ve got some really good state-of-the-art stuff.

I’ve taken lots of photos and videos, thousands, and as I’ve gotten older, well, my interest in subjects has changed somewhat.

I’m kind of surrounded by women, there’s my mom, Susan, she’s divorced and forty-two on her last birthday though she looks more like thirty-two. Then I have two sisters, Michelle, twenty-one, and Sarah, nineteen. Also you should add in my two favorite aunts, Amanda, thirty-nine and Christine, thirty-five.

All five are very good looking. When you get them together, they’re really worth looking at.

So, this started with my mom who had bought a new two-piece swimsuit at the beginning of summer and wanted to show my two sisters how it looked.

“Hey, what about me, I might enjoy this,” I called after them was they were all going down the hall to Mom’s bedroom.

“You stay outside while I change, Mark, then you can come in,” Mom said back to me as the door closed.

A few minutes later, it opened and I went in.

Wow. My over-forty mom stood there, hands on hips, looking very good. Her new two-piece was a bikini and a pretty brief one at that.

“Be right back,” I said over my shoulder as I ran down to my room to grab my latest digital SLR camera.

I walked into the room snapping pictures as I went around her getting her from all angles.

“What’s this, Mark? I’m your mother, you know. I hope you don’t take a fancy to your own mother,” she said as my two sisters stared at me. I didn’t care, I got some pretty good pics and that was all I wanted.

I took them back to my room and loaded them onto my computer for a better look.

What surprised me about a couple of the pics was that you could see my mom’s nipples raising the fabric of her top, there was just enough shadow to highlight them.

I went and closed my door and had a nice jack-off as I looked at the best ones, then, wiped-up and went to a website I’d been looking at and uploaded the photos.

Checking before I went to bed that night, I had an email from the website thanking me for my submission. I went online and there she was. Mom. My mom and looking good.

I jacked-off again and went to bed.

After breakfast I checked the website and there had been a lot of voting on my mom’s pictures. And my inbox had quite a few emails.

I read them, there were twelve in all, and most were very complimentary with a few that were rather more upfront, asking her to provide more explicit shots.

I went back downstairs and mom was loading the washing machine.

“I put your bikini photos on a website, Mom, turns out you’re pretty popular.”

“You what? You did what?”

“I put the pictures I took of you in your new bikini on a website that lets people vote on the pictures. You have some fans, Mom, wanna see?”

“You little brat you. I guess they’re innocent enough. Some fans, huh? Really?”

“Yeah and some emails from admirers.”

“You’re kidding…have you read them?”

“Um, I have and there are some guys out there who think you should post some more pictures.”

“Oh, I’ll bet, I can just imagine.”

“Come on, I’ll show you if you want to look at the comments and votes and read the emails,” I told her and she followed me to my room.

I had left the pictures open on my laptop and she sat down and flipped through them.

“Hmm, you make me look pretty good, Mark. I like the way you photographed me, I actually look younger.”

“Mom, you do anyway, you just don’t see it. Anyway, here’s the comments,” I told her as I scrolled down.

She sat there totally silent, reading each one. Most were pretty straightforward, a number asked for more skin, a few said they’d love to see her naked.

“Um, well, they don’t hold much back, do they?” Mom said as I got the emails opened for her.

She read them all, then said, rather softly, “I don’t think I’ve had that many offers in my whole life. And that’s just me in a bikini.”

Then I had an idea.

“Why not let me take a set of pics that take it a little further, nothing too wild, just a little hotter?”

“Mark, what are you trying to do? This is a bit weird, you know.”

“Yeah, but be honest, how does it feel to have these pendik escort guys looking at you like this?”

She looked up at me and smiled. I knew then that I would be taking more pictures.

“Are you going to reply to any of these emails?” I asked.

My mom was single, not that I particularly wanted her to like hook-up with any of these people, but it seemed to me that she might have some online fun with a few. What the heck, right?

“Um, I might. Why don’t you leave me alone here for a while so I can read these again? Um, you also might want to make sure your camera is charged up, okay?”

I told her it was and then left her and went downstairs.

It was about an hour when Mom came back.

“Maybe a few new photographs after lunch?” she said and I nodded.

Hot damn.

So after lunch she told me to come to her bedroom. I got my camera and a portable light and went down the hall. She was just coming out of her bathroom in the new bikini as I asked her what she had planned for this shoot.

“Oh, I think something a little more spicy, showing a little more skin, maybe,” she said with a grin.

“Okay, why don’t you lean over, yeah, like that,” I said as I snapped a few. “Um, pull the top down just a little, kind of show more of the tops,” I suggested and she did just that.

After taking a few more pics, I suggested she put her hands up under them kind of like an offering.

“Oh, my little boy is growing up and full of naughty thoughts. Well, you’re eighteen, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised,” and she put her hands up under her breasts like treasured gifts. I got several good shots.

“How about making the top a little smaller?” I suggested. It was gathered in the center so she could make it smaller which she did.

“Of course, you’re getting an eyeful. You can’t fool me. And I can see the effect,” she said grinning as she looked down at my middle.

“Hey, you’re sexy, Mom, what can I say. Think of all the guys you’re gonna do that to.”

I took some more and then she said that was enough so I went off to my room to jack-off twice and upload the next batch of pics.

The next morning I looked and she got lots of comments and my inbox had seventeen new emails from the website.

I had her come read them all and some were pretty explicit. She sat there reading through them and came across one where the guy said exactly what he wanted to do to her. I’d already read it.

“Oh, my, that’s right up front now, isn’t it?” she commented on the guy who wanted her to sit on his face. I kind of pretended to not know what was in that one.

But there was no doubt that my mom had her admirers even some women as well. And they all wanted more. She spent about a half hour replying to emails and I did go back later to see what she’d written. Wow, my mom was a pretty hot lady.

Then, later in the day, she asked me if I would take some more pictures. I told her sure and she said for me to come to her room in ten minutes.

I eagerly got my things ready and went down the hall at the appointed time and knocked on the closed door. Was I excited. She said to come in and I opened the door and there she was on her bed, flat on her stomach…naked.

“Oh, um, this’ll be fun,” I was amazed to get out.

“Well, don’t get anything up needlessly, I’m not showing much. Are you ready?”

I told her I was and she raised her head and shoulders up as I began taking shots. She’d pulled herself up enough that it was a provocative pose, you could see her breasts nicely though her nipples were on the bed still out of view. But is was sexy.

“Oh, Mom, they’re gonna go crazy. This is hot. Can I go around the bed taking shots?”

“You want my bare butt don’t you? Well, I’m keeping my legs closed, sonny-boy, so don’t get your hopes up.”

So, I went around the bed taking pictures of the back of my naked mom, especially her nice, round butt. She looks good, I thought.

I posted this round of photos and my mom was eagerly reading the latest responses while I had breakfast. I’d already looked them over and I’m telling you, she had some fans.

She came down and I asked her if she was ready for some more pictures to post.

“I have to say, when you first brought this up and put the first pictures up, well, I thought it was silly. But, you know what? I haven’t felt this good about myself in…well, maybe ever. Yeah, let me think about it but, yeah, more pictures.”

I had now set up my submissions so the emails were going directly to a new email account I’d set up for my mom so she could get them directly on her computer.

She told me she wanted some outdoor shots this time, it was a bright sunny day and I went and got my camera.

A few minutes later, she came into the kitchen wearing a dress shirt and we went outside.

The shirt was buttoned almost to the top and the shirt bottom covered her though I thought I saw panties on her when we walked outside.

She went and stood in the sunlight and unbuttoned about five buttons to pull the front open enough so I could see maltepe escort that she was bare underneath. The curves of her breasts were visible as she smiled at me while I took pictures.

After five or six, she unbuttoned it all the way and spread it open to show her breasts right up to the edges of her nipples. Her lacy pink panties were low-cut and she looked so hot.

“Oh, Mom, do you know how sexy you look? These are great,” I said as I went around her getting her from all sides. I got one from the side where the edge of her nipple was showing but didn’t say anything in case she might have stopped me from uploading that one.

Chapter 2

After that shoot, a few days went by before she asked me to take some more.

“So, you’re getting pretty popular, huh?” I asked her grinning.

“It’s so funny. When you first did this, put those first pics up, I thought it was silly. But, well, I guess I’m kind of an exhibitionist inside and, truthfully, I get a big charge out of hearing from some of the people who send me emails. They sure want me to keep putting up pictures,” she laughed.

“Well, I’ll be glad to take them, you know that.”

She laughed, saying, “I thought you might. Especially with what some of my fans want to see.”

“Well, Mom, you know I can’t take pictures while I’m blindfolded, right?”

“I’ve been thinking about that, yes, I know. Do you have any problem with seeing a bit more of your mom than usual?”

“I’m one of your greatest admirers, Mom, I’ll love it.”

“I thought you might. I guess we could do some this afternoon out back,” she said and I went up to my room and jacked-off.

Later she told me she’d be ready out back in about five minutes so I went and got my camera and went outside to wait.

Out she came in the same long shirt she wore the day before, this time only buttoned at the bottom.

I moved her out into the sunlight and she spread the shirt open enough at the top so it still just covered her nipples. The fullness and roundness of her breasts was certainly on view as I took several pictures.

Then she bent over a bit, enough where her boobs hung down some, though her nipples were still hidden. She looked down at herself, then back up at me, saying, “Should I show a little more?”

I chuckled and began taking more shots as she pulled the left half of the shirt aside fully exposing her breast.

I decided I’d be smart and not say anything, just take pictures. Then, she pulled her other breast out, leaving them framed by her open shirt buttoned beneath.

My camera was busy as she put her hands under them and lifted them toward the lens so naughtily.

“Well, that should hold them another day, don’t you think, Mark?”

“You are one sexy mom, I hope you know that,” I replied.

“I’m sure learning that. It may sound awful but this is great fun. And, I’ve got quite a few admirers out there. Even some women,” she added snickering.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Mom, you really look hot,” I told her as she moved into the shade.

“So, for an old broad, not bad boobs, huh?”

“Oh, Mom, they sure turn me on.”

“So I see,” she giggled nodding down.

I reached down, thinking, what the hell, and rubbed the bulge in my pants.

“Um, maybe you should go take care of that, Son. Didn’t mean to turn you on, it’s more all the guys and gals who keep writing me.”

“Maybe I should write you, then. Maybe you’d help me out.”

Okay, I said it.

“I think that’s best left to your own hands, Mark,” she said as she went around me and into the house.

So I went up and jacked-off to her latest pictures, then sent her an email to her new mailbox:

Dear MILFMom,

The latest batch of photos was so hot I had to go right to my room and take it out and make it a happy boy. It was so hard and stiff in my hand as I looked at these newest pics. They were so hot and sexy, I had to make it last as long as I could and when it happened, it was huge. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much come out. Thanks, Mom.

And I hit ‘Send.’

I went down around five o-clock and Mom was in the kitchen starting supper. Now you may wonder why my mom seems to be home all the time, she is. Her dad owned a small chain of drugstores in the Midwest, six in all, and sold them to one of the big chains about two years before he died and left his three daughters, my mom and my two aunts, quite well off. Lucky them and us, it means college is already paid for.

“Well, look who’s here, perhaps my biggest admirer,” she said over her shoulder as I got a handful of cookies out of the pantry.

“I told you you were hot, Mom. Just wanted you to know how hot you make some of your biggest admirers.”

I was standing there eating the cookies as she nodded down, saying, “It looks like a certain admirer is pretty big,” as a grin spread across her face. “Maybe you need to go take care of that again?”

“It’s because of you, Mom, maybe you’d want to come watch?”

“Go away. Go do it, have fun, just go do it, I’m busy,” she said jokingly and kartal escort turned back to the stove.

So, I went up and opened the shades on my window letting in the late afternoon light across my bed, took my clothes off and jacked-off. I did it different this time. I set up my video cam to take it from start to finish. I did make comments as I went along, even announcing when it got to feel really close.

I had the frame set just right to get how high my cum spurted up out of my dick, then I put it on my laptop and captioned the opening with: For MILFMom, from her biggest admirer.

Then I attached the video file to an email and sent it to her. The worst, I thought, that might happen would be that she’d get pissed off. And the best that might happen, I didn’t even know.

After supper that night, my sisters and I were watching television when our mom came in and sat down. I looked over at her and her eyes were glued to the program we were watching.

Around ten-fifteen, my two sisters decided to go to bed and left me there in the den with Mom.

She just sat there watching the program so I assumed she hadn’t looked at her emails yet.

Then I got up, telling her that I was off to bed as well and handed her the remote which she used to turn off the set.

“Have a seat, Mark,” she said as I now wondered just what I was going to hear.

“If you’re wondering, I got your email. The one with the attachment.”

Her facial expression was neutral, I couldn’t tell what direction this was going, so I sat there nervously.

“I must say that you’ve changed since you were a little boy, what was so cute then, well, you’re pretty hot yourself. And certainly virile, that was quite an ejaculation.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be mad but I wanted you to see what effect you have on a guy, even if it’s me.”

“Well, it was impressive, I must say. And from the look of things, you might need to do that again,” she said nodding to my crotch.

“You have that effect, Mom.”

“Well, go and do it. I might just go watch your video again.”

“Why don’t I go up and show you in person?” I asked rather cheekily.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Mom, I would, more than anything. I mean you’ve already seen me do it on video. Why not a live performance?”

“I had no idea you were such a bad boy, Mark. But I’m really tempted to let you do it. Maybe it would fit in with this new person I’ve become on the internet,” she said laughing. “See what you’ve started?”

“Yeah, I sure do and I couldn’t be happier. Now the whole world can see what my beautiful mom looks like. Think of all the guys who’ve been doing it to your photos, I know some of them have told you all about it.”

“Oh, they have, some even sent me photos of them and, as you well know, my biggest admirer even sent me a video. Now he wants to give me a personal show.”

“I think you should let him. See it happen right in front of your eyes. I’ll bet he’d love to do it.”

“I’ll bet he would. This whole thing has got me to where I might just let him do it.”

“We can go up to your room right now, I’m pretty ready as you can see,” I told her as I pushed up my hips some. I had a boner like never before.

“Do you think you can make it all the way upstairs with that?” she asked laughing.

“All I can do is try,” I said as we both stood up and she put down the remote.

I followed my mom’s nice butt upstairs, ever since I first started taking photos of her I’ve become fascinated by her, it’s almost a fetish, I guess.

We went in her room and she closed the door and turned the lock, then she went over and sat on her bed.

“Where do you want to do it, in the chair, here on the bed?”

“Um, on the bed I guess,” I said and she patted the mattress next to her.

“I guess I should get comfy, huh?” I asked and she nodded as she pulled out a bottle of lube from her bedside table and swept the covers back.

I pulled off my teeshirt and then began unbuckling my belt as she watched me, smiling. She might have been wondering if I’d really go through with it even though I’d sent her the video. I knew, though, that in a minute or less I would be dribbling the lube stuff on my dick.

I got my shorts open and pulled them down standing there with my white briefs all poked out.

I looked her right in the eye and pulled them to the floor and got on the bed next to her, flopping onto my back. My dick was hard as a rock, standing straight up as I let a small stream of the liquid fall on the head and begin to run down my shaft.

As my fingers closed around, I looked over at her smiling and I began stroking slowly up and down.

“You have grown up, Mark, you’re rather a big boy these days. The video didn’t quite do you justice,” she said grinning. “Should I take my top off for you?”

“That would be lovely,” I said eagerly as she pulled her top off and undid her bra turning to show me her boobs.

She leaned toward me, letting them hang free swinging so gently as I masturbated for her.

“You’ve got a little cum already, see, right there,” she said as her finger touched the small drip oozing up from my cock. Her fingertip smeared it around as I stopped stroking. She continued running her finger around the wet crown as I watched her softly caressing it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32