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I haven’t always agreed with my wife on some of the decisions she’s made in our twenty years of marriage. But I’ll be forever in her debt for the promise she made to our twin nieces when they were in grade school. She told them, “When you guys turn eighteen, we’ll take you on a cruise.” At the time it sounded like an expensive, boring proposition. But back then our nieces were still little girls. They are young women now, as I found out on the ‘birthday’ cruise.

There’s no doubt that Britney and Bev are twins. They have matching long, dark hair and matching tall, shapely figures that first got my attention about three years before the cruise. Although the girls are similar in appearance, their personalities are quite different. Britney is a bookworm—Bev is a party animal. She was the one we expected to have trouble controlling once she was set loose on the ship.

The cruise line we have used for ten previous cruises has a drinking age limit of twenty one. This was good news to us, distressing news to the girls. It wasn’t until the second day of the week-long trip that I realized just how good the news was for me.

We flew to Miami and boarded the ship in mid-afternoon. The first job was finding our cabins. My wife and I reserved a balcony cabin and we put the girls in an inside cabin across the hall from us. They complained, of course, about the size of the room, the size of the closet, the size of the bathroom…ad nauseum. We asked if they wanted to go home. The room suddenly became acceptable to them.

Long before dinner on that first day, the girls were in their bikinis. I had seen them many times back home in t-shirts and little shorts that barely covered their sweet asses. But to see them for the first time in their new swimwear was a little bit of a shock. They were gorgeous and my forty-something cock reacted accordingly. It was going to be a long week, I decided.

Britney has always been my favorite. Besides her laid-back personality, which more closely resembles my own, she has always had a slightly better body than Bev, particularly up top. She likes to wear t-shirts that accentuate her breasts. They are perfectly full with flawless skin. They seem to beg you to touch them and squeeze them and the nipples are constantly pressing out against the material of her shirts.

And then there’s her ass. God. It is so tight and rounded in just the right places. Her bikini showed just enough to entice any man of any age.

This is not to say that Bev isn’t cute. They’re twins, after all. And twins in bikinis are pretty much at the top of my list of favorite things.

The first evening went fairly smoothly. At dinner, my wife took it upon herself to remind the girls that their mother—her sister—would not appreciate it if we sent them home pregnant. They both assured her they were ‘safe’, so my wife could sleep better knowing she had done her job.

After dinner, the girls took off for the various lounges on the ship. We only heard from them one time before we went to bed, but that was fine. We trusted them…kind of.

It was the next morning, at breakfast, that I heard the first complaint about the drinking age limit. Bev, in particular, was outspoken in her grief. I found it kind of humorous myself, but tried not to show my delight in their angst. My wife and I tried to assure them there would be plenty to do on and off the ship to keep them occupied. It didn’t seem to appease them much.

We had an island beach excursion that day that took most of the late morning and early afternoon. It was a beautiful day and I had a good time watching the girls…my wife…and every other babe I could get my eyes on. It was even fun watching all the guys stare at my nieces as they sunbathed and floated in the calm water on their rafts.

We got back on the ship around three in the afternoon. My wife was the first to use the shower so I decided to head down to the onboard computers to check my e-mail. As I was walking out of my cabin, I noticed that the girls’ door was open.

“Hey! Uncle Steve. Do you have a minute?” I heard Bev ask.

“Sure,” I replied, stopping at their room.

“C’mon in, we’re dressed,” she said.

“Darn,” I said, pushing the door open and entering their tiny cabin.

Britney gave me a disgusted look.

“Close the door,” Bev ordered. When I turned back around, she said, “We need to ask you to do us a favor. But if you don’t want to, we get it.”

I stared at her blankly when she hesitated. “Well?”

“Well…we’re kind of bummed we can’t get a drink. We tried everything with the bartenders last night, but nothing worked,” she whined. “We’re going to go nuts all week if we can’t get just one drink, you know?”

I smiled. “Oh, sure. You guys would be a lot of fun to be around if you were hung over all day. They put that age limit there for a reason—to save the adults.”

“We wouldn’t get drunk,” Britney chimed in. “We’ve gone to parties at home with alcohol around and we survived.”

“I’m pendik escort sure you have.” I was looking more at Bev and the sheepish look on her face.

“Uncle Steve, we’re begging you,” Bev said. “Can you get the drinks for us? Maybe bring them here so we…or you…won’t get in trouble?”

“Please,” Britney pleaded.

As soon as I saw the precious looks on their gorgeous faces I knew I would do it. But my mind instantly started to plot HOW to do it. What were the consequences? What were the opportunities?

They seemed a little worried at my delay in answering. Then I said, “IF I do this, you have to understand that I’ll be the one determining how many drinks you get, and when.”

Their eyes were already wider, anticipating that I might actually give in to their pleas.

“OK,” they said in unison.

“I’ll need assurances from both of you that you’ll handle this like adults and not get any of us in trouble,” I said.

“Of course,” Bev said excitedly. “You can count on us.”

Britney was nodding as she sat Indian style on her bed. God, she was beautiful. Was it too obvious that I was looking down on the breasts trying to burst out of her tiny bikini top?

“Alright. I’ll think about what kind of deal we can strike. I need guarantees from both of you,” I said sternly.

“Anything,” Bev said. “You name it.”

“When do you want to start?” I asked.

They looked at each other and shrugged. “Tonight? After dinner?” Britney suggested.

I nodded. “It’s a deal. I’ll talk to you after dinner. I’d like to keep Jan out of this as much as possible.”

They agreed, looking like they were about to explode with excitement.

“OK. See you later,” I said, leaving the room.

As soon as the door was closed, I heard the yelps of joy inside. I smiled.


The girls were exceptionally cheerful at dinner, which I’m sure surprised my wife Jan. She certainly wasn’t going to find out from any of us what prompted the good moods. But if things turned out the way I was beginning to plan it, everybody would benefit from this in some way.

When dinner was over I told Jan I was going to make a stop in the casino before coming up to the room. I caught the eyes of the girls and signaled them to stay close-by. After Jan left, my nieces and I found a quiet corner.

“OK. What do you guys want?” I asked.

“One of those tall, fruity things that they sell by the pool,” Bev said right away.

“With lots of alcohol,” Britney added.

I frowned at her. “Don’t push your luck. Where are you gonna be?”

“In our room,” Bev said.

“OK. Give me a few minutes.”

They simultaneously kissed me on both cheeks and sped off. My next chore was making sure Jan went to the evening show. That was easy, as she never failed to go…with or without me. Tonight it would be without me. A note on the dresser inside our cabin confirmed that she was gone. Time to put the plan in motion.

I went up one deck to the closest lounge, ordered two of the daily ‘specials’, and headed for the girls’ cabin. My cock ached at just the thought of making my delivery.

I managed to knock on their cabin door without spilling either drink, not an easy feat. The door opened quickly and a beaming Bev let me in. Both girls cheered at their apparent success in obtaining the much sought-after refreshments.

I immediately noticed that the girls had changed from more formal dinner attire to t-shirts and shorts. It still amazed me that they couldn’t find a bartender to serve them when they went around dressed like that. Maybe it was just me that found them irresistible.

When I got inside the room and didn’t hand over the drinks, I received questioning looks from Britney and Bev.

“Now, the deal was you are going to handle this like adults,” I reminded them. “Right?”

“Right,” they both said.

“You realize, of course, that I’m risking quite a bit in doing this. Jan would be mad. Your mother would be mad. We would all be in trouble with the cruise line,” I said. “There’s actually very little in this for me, other than making you guys happy and risking a marriage.”

“Uncle Steve, how much do you want?” Britney finally inquired in a totally frustrated voice.

“Oh, it’s not a matter of money. It’s a commitment on your part that you appreciate what I’m doing.”

More blank stares from my nieces.

“Alright, here’s my offer,” I said before taking a deep breath. “I’ll buy you the drinks and deliver them whenever you want. The cost: one piece of clothing per drink.”

The worst case scenario would have been two complete and total refusals. I didn’t get that. I got surprised looks, followed by an exchange of glances by the girls. Then Bev asked, “Does that mean one piece tonight and two pieces tomorrow and three the next day?”

“Excellent question, Bev,” sounding as much like a professor as I knew how. “I think one piece of clothing per drink is sufficient. If you want a second maltepe escort drink tonight, that will cost you a second piece of clothing. Tomorrow we start over.”

The girls seemed relieved and nodded. “Who chooses the piece of clothing?” the ever-thoughtful Britney asked.

“Well, I think it’s only fair that that would be me.”

The girls attempted to look scornful, but when Bev giggled, so did Britney.

“And another thing,” I continued. “When I’m making deliveries, no bras or panties allowed.”

Both girls shrugged, then nodded. The bras were no big deal—neither one seemed to wear one under t-shirts. I didn’t know about panties.

“Are you thirsty?” I asked.

“Yes,” they said.

“T-shirts, please.”

The silence in the room was deafening. I saw their eyes go from the drinks, to me, to each other. Bev, naturally, was the first to reach for the bottom of her tank top. Britney and I both watched as she deliberately lifted the top, pulled it over her head and tossed it at my feet.

I just stared. Her breasts—seemingly at a stage somewhere between teen and woman—were magnificent. They were firm with beautiful, pink nipples and faint tan lines from her bikini. While certainly not made for Playboy, they were just full enough to make my mouth water.

“Well? Give me my drink,” she said, reaching toward me. I gladly handed over the glass, all the while watching her breasts hang down from her youthful chest.

Bev took a long sip of the drink and smiled at her sister. I would have been perfectly happy if nothing else happened. Just sitting there with Bev topless was sufficient. But then I looked over and Britney was taking off her top, too.

As I had suspected, Britney’s breasts were slightly larger than Bev’s. If there was a word to describe them, I couldn’t think of it. I really didn’t want to act like a total idiot, but I felt like a kid in high school who just walked into the girls locker room.

Britney reached for her drink and I mechanically gave it to her. We might have exchanged looks, but I don’t remember. I was lost in her body.

“It tastes good, doesn’t it?” Bev asked her sister after they both took a couple drinks.

“Just right. Well worth the price, I think,” Britney answered.

My cock was beginning to feel the pressure of being confined by my shorts. I didn’t want to look, but I suspected the budding erection was noticeable. I would have paid any price for the opportunity to move my cock to a more comfortable position.

“Are you just going to sit there and stare?” Bev asked me. “Can’t you at least say ‘You girls look awesome’ or something?”

“You girls look awesome,” I deadpanned. “Ready for another one, yet?”

“Pervert,” Britney said quickly, causing Bev to almost spit out her drink.

“Just trying to be helpful. If I’m going to get in trouble for buying these for you I might as well get full benefit.”

“I wouldn’t want to be the cause of that erection popping right out of your shorts,” Bev said, staring directly at my crotch.

“Beverly!” Britney shouted.

I laughed. “It’s not MY fault. You’re the ones half naked.”

“Sometimes when I drink I can’t stop,” Bev said. “I might want three or four.”

I looked at her. “And if you’re wearing a bikini?”

“You still get to choose. Right?”

“Always,” I confirmed.

Bev got off the edge of her bed and moved over to me. She put her drink on the table next to me. Bev used both hands to gently push my legs together. Then she straddled them and sat on my knees. I watched her hand move toward my swollen cock, eventually touching it through the material of my shorts. She skillfully found the outline of it, then used her hand to reposition it so it pointed toward my stomach, causing great relief—and increased hardening.

She gently placed her palm on the length of the shaft. “Better?” she asked quietly.

“Much,” I said.

Bev rubbed me for a few seconds. I caught a glimpse of Britney looking on silently, sipping her drink. Then I gazed at Bev’s beautiful, young breasts…easily within reach now. I was tempted to touch them, but Bev eliminated any reservations I had. She took my right hand and placed it on her left breast before rubbing my cock some more.

I’ll never forget that feeling: the soft, supple skin that I could mold to any shape; the warmth of her body; the rigidness of her nipple. I wanted to be gentle, but Bev kept massaging my cock and I found myself kneading her breast harder and harder. Neither of us begged the other to stop.

Bev stopped to take a long drink. As she tilted the glass back down, she let her tongue linger on the rim, licking it erotically.

“Mmmmm,” she mewed. “That’s good.”

“Don’t spill any on you,” I said.

“Would you lick it off?”

“Like this,” I said. I leaned forward, pulled Bev closer to me, and got my first quick taste of her breast. After a couple licks, I opened my mouth and took in a larger kartal escort portion of the luscious tit. Bev leaned into me and tilted her head back. I held her bare back while sucking harder on her nipple and taking nearly her entire breast into my mouth.

Bev moaned, then blindly…frantically…grabbed for my cock and squeezed it. The tip was almost sticking out from the top of my shorts now, but only Britney was in a position to see for sure. My head was buried in Bev’s chest and her eyes were still closed. I bit her lightly and she moaned louder. This girl clearly loved having her tits played with. And I certainly didn’t mind having my raging hard-on worked over by her small hand.

“God, you’re going to make me cum, Uncle Steve,” Bev finally said, starting to pull back slightly.

“You started this,” I said, looking up at her.

Bev and Britney both took drinks. The glasses were just about empty, from what I could tell. I wondered to myself what was next. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to initiate much—it was up to them to take it further or wait until tomorrow. My cock voted to take it further.

“Uncle Steve, we appreciate the drinks and all,” Britney said from her seat on the bed, “But don’t you think it’s a little unfair that we’re the only ones undressed?”

“Yeah,” Bev agreed. “Get us half drunk and take advantage of us and then leave. Something’s not right.”

The whole time she was complaining in her mocking tone, Bev was slowly running her palm and down my shaft. When she was waiting for my reply, she even slipped her fingers inside the top of my shorts and made contact with the sensitive head of my cock.

“So you want me to take off my shirt?” I asked.

Bev didn’t bother to answer. She was opening the button, then the zipper of my shorts. “Not exactly,” she said, looking down at me with those tempting eyes of hers.

I was wearing tight fitting briefs and the outline of my hard cock was clearly in evidence. Bev only touched it once before pulling down on the top of the underwear to reveal my penis. It sprang free and pointed up like a tree trunk once she had the shorts and briefs half way down my thighs.

“Jesus,” Britney sighed.

Bev didn’t stop. She had me naked from the waist down in no time. She stood at my feet and took one last drink before looking over at her twin sister.

“Britney, I think we should thank Uncle Steve for buying our drinks this week. What do you think?”

“It’s the least we can do,” Britney said.

Bev moved to my right side and got on her knees. She motioned with her head for Britney to take the other side. A second later, my two topless teenage nieces were on either side of me, staring at my rigid erection.

“You really don’t have to…,” I began to say.

That’s when both Bev and Britney touched my cock and leaned their heads in so that they both had room to put their mouths on it. The sensation of two tongues on either side of my penis caused me to bend backwards with my eyes closed. I clung to the edge of the chair and groaned as my cock disappeared for the first time into the wet, warm mouth of one of my nieces. I didn’t even care who it was, but peeked anyway to see that it was Bev.

They alternated long, deep sucks while their hands played with the base of the cock and my balls. Britney was the first to comment on my salty precum: “Mmmmm, yummy. It’s nice and salty after my drink. I love it.”

I let them have their fun for a minute or two. I was surprised I lasted that long.

Then I said, “Uh, girls, I hate to interrupt you but I’m not sure I can last much longer. You can stop now.”

Bev unwrapped her lips from around my shaft. “Nah. I want to see you cum. You can cum on my tits.”

“Hey, what about me?” Britney complained.

Bev smiled. “Oh, OK.”

They never stopped giving me the blowjob they were intent on finishing. If one was better than the other I couldn’t tell. Soon, I was on the brink.

“Girls…this is your last chance…to stop,” I managed to say between gasps.

“Before what?” Bev asked.

I thrust my hips forward. My balls contracted within Britney’s hand. “Before…I cummmmmm.”

I let out the longest, deepest, most intense sound I could ever remember making during sex. I opened my eyes just in time to see both of my nieces stroking my cock while aiming it directly at their chests. They kneeled directly in front of me now, waiting for the first blast of cum…which I felt rising from my balls.

A long, white stream of cum exploded from my cock and splattered across both of Bev’s tits. The second shot got Britney, with the many subsequent blasts managing to add to the layers of cum on all four breasts. The girls’ giggles and squeals of delight almost made me laugh, but the intense need to continue cumming won out. I surprised even myself with the number, and intensity, of spurts that flowed from my cock.

By the time it was over, cum dripped from each nipple and Bev was wiping a string of cum from her neck. She looked at her finger, then slowly sucked it clean and pulled it out.

“That is SO good,” she murmured. “Wow, Uncle Steve. You REALLY cum a lot.”

I wasn’t sure I could talk. “You guys had something to do with that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32