Principal , Daddy Get Naughty With Lisa

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“Lisa, come to my office now!” the principal called out across the hallway in school.

Well, I didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to roll our skirts a bit higher and unbutton our shirts a bit lower. Well, it is not my fault that I feel uncomfortable wearing undies, and wearing a bra. I do not understand why we do have to wear undies and bras. I think that it is a lot better not to wear them, therefore, that was the reason why I didn’t!

“Lisa, I know that you are a good girl, but it is not appropriate of you to…” the principal said, as he stared at my slimy looking cunt. I knew that anyone who saw my cunt would be attracted. Mostly, I know he likes the way it is cleanly shaved, tanned, and mostly, slimy looking from the baby oil I had applied on and around my body before I left home.

The next second, he was rubbing my butt slit with his right hand, and cunt slit with his left. He then slowly moved his right hand inside of my shirt and began rubbing and caressing my 36C breasts. ” Lisa, you must give me an explanation on why you have not followed pendik escort the school rules.” the principal said as his hands were exploring my body. Well, as a pupil, I acted the dumb and acted as though I did not understand what he was doing.

Then, I sat on his desk and spread my legs wide open. Then he began licking and eating my cunt hungrily.

Suddenly, someone knocks the door “Mr. Smyth, a parent has been waiting for you for half an hour, may you please see him now?” It was the secretary urging him to meet a parent.

“Yes, ask the parent to come in.” the headmaster quickly put me back on the floor, and pushed me towards the door.

“Lisa, this is your last warning.” The headmaster called out to me as I walked out the door. I gave him a wink in the eye and a rub at my cunt above the skirt, and sucked my lips in, in return.

After a long boring school day, the bell finally rung! Yes, and Daddy was going to pick me up today, because it was a rainy day.

“Oh, Daddy, I missed you the whole day!” I called out as I walked maltepe escort towards his BMW car.

I love doing things out of the ‘expectations’. Therefore, as Daddy was driving, I put my seat backwards, unbuttoned my shirt, took my shirt off, unzipped the side of my skirt, and took my skirt off. Therefore, I ended up being naked. Then, I spread my legs wide open and began rubbing my cunt with my middle finger and then licking it.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm…Daddy, want some?” I moaned.

“Oh, Lisa! You can’t be doing this to Daddy now?” Daddy said as he had his right hand feeling and rubbing my cunt.

As he was rubbing my hungry cunt, I moaned dearly, and then moved towards him. I unzipped his pants, and took his cock out. I teased it, in which was driving him nuts as he was driving.

Then, all of a sudden, Daddy parked his car in the corner. The rain was pouring down stronger and stronger, hitting the windows hardly, and the thunder roared. On the other hand, it was very exciting!

Now that the car was parked at the kartal escort corner, Daddy put his seat backwards too, and said “Come Lisa, Daddy needs your little mouth!”

I took his massive cock, rubbed them, and then hummed as much of his meat into my mouth. Mmmmm…how great it was to feel daddy’s cock getting erected as the rain poured down. Then, I sat on top of Daddy, slid his massive cock into my little tight hole, and began riding on him.

“Oh, Lisa, YES! YES! mmmmmmmm…good girl, more!”

Daddy moaned and said as I moved up and down up and down of him.

“UHH UHH MMMHUHHH OOHUHH! DADDY!” I screamed and moaned as I moved up and down of him. I pumped up and down faster faster and faster! Up and down up and down up and DOWN!! AHHHHH!! AHHH AHHHH UHHHHH!! DADDY!!

“Oh, yes, Lisa~Daddy is cumming now!! ” he screamed. MMMMMMMMM…yes, Daddy cummed all of his load in me, in which the best orgasm hit me. The heat rushed in me as he rushed his load in me.

Now, I stayed in the same position, and rested there and fell asleep.

“Lisa, Lisa, wake up baby! The rain has stopped, we must go home now.” Daddy whispered as he gave me little smacks on the butt.

Then, Daddy put me back on my seat, and drove home. When we reached home, we did a lot more to fulfill our desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32