Problem Solver Ch. 01: Penthouse Heist

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She studied her targets. It was one of the keys to her success as the best clandestine problem solver in the world. Individuals and corporations hired her take care of problems in a discreet manner. She could have been a surgeon or a victoria secret model given her intellect and beauty. She is a classic beauty with light brown hair, hazel eyes, D cups that pushed up nicely against her tight white blouse. On the dark web, she was known as Asia 7, she picked that name because of her half-Asian background and the seven deadly sins. But she chose this field of work because of the excitement and being paid six-figures per job without needing to kill anyone was not bad either.

Currently, she was sitting at a cafe carefully observing a CEO of one of the hottest biotech startups – Vertex industries. His name was Paul Rhee. She noted that he had no wedding ring on, good-looking Asian-American, wore a crisp 3-piece suit, probably an Ivy league graduate like herself. He was sipping a cappuccino and reading a men’s magazine, from her angle, she could see that he lingered on the pages with more leggy pin-ups. He paused to look up and ogle a tall blonde dog walker in jean cutoffs as she walked by.

“Got ya” Asia muttered to herself.

At home, she confirmed that the agreed upon 200 thousand dollars was wired to her off shore account through a series of intermediaries she had set up. Half before, half after. Always. She never met her clients, she only communicates through the dark web. She knew that her client was in close race competing to get their product to market before Vertex, but one piece of their technology was just not working. Her job was to steal the technology and delay Vertex getting to market first, a tall order. But that was why she was the problem solver. First, she had to visit a certain hacker.

Jimmy was your stereotypical hacker, late 30’s but lived like he was a teenager in his parent’s basement. She had a special arrangement with Jimmy. Though Jimmy could probably hack and steal any money he ever needed, some of his more carnal needs did not get met. He could only jerk off to pornhub so many times. Asia paid him with sexual favors for his expertise and discretion. And to be honest, she kind of had a soft spot for the pudgy bespeckled guy.

Asia gently knocked on the door of the undisclosed apartment door. A dog was barking in the distance. A door cam was focusing in on her and lingering at the top of her cleavage with her trench coat barely hiding her bosom. Asia adjusted her top pushing her breasts together to further deepen her cleavage and pouted at the camera. Buzz. The door opened and she stepped in. Empty cartons of chinese food lay strewn across the coffee table. Jimmy’s six monitor setup with global feeds, data streams and dark web chats were strewn across his screens casting a glow across the large studio apartment. Jimmy got up from his chair and came to hug his favorite secret agent. He thought she worked for the CIA, but she did not confirm or deny that. She was independent and she liked keeping it that way.

“I did just as you requested, one cherry bomb” Jimmy mused as he dangled an inconspicous flash drive in the air.

“You sure it will work?” Asia said.

“I am offended. Has my stuff, ever NOT worked? Now do not mention Romania, I do the software. I am not responsible for bodily fluids damaging the hardware. That was you.”

“Fine… Our usual deal?”

“Of course. But…” Jimmy was hopeful.

“No. You don’t get to fuck me. My pussy is off limits to you. Your choice to take it or leave it,” Asia said as she crossed her arms under her heaving breasts. Jimmy licked his lips and pondered it for all of a second.

“Okay, but no tricks. No making me blow my load under a minute.”

“I make no guarantees about how long you can last, but you will definitely be satisfied,” she beamed at him, with a sultry look that made blood rush to Jimmy’s cock.

Soon enough Jimmy was fully reclined in his computer chair, naked, his 250 lbs suspended in the middle of his large studio. He had his VR headset on so he could see his session from any of seven angles. Asia put some lounge music on and started undoing the belt holding her trench coat together. She swayed to the music as she peeled it off her shoulders and let it drop pooling at her feet. “Little Jimmy” was stirring as he took in the sight through his lens. Asia was in a black lace lingerie set with garters, thigh highs and black pumps.

“Is this what you want big boy?” She whispered as she sauntered over to him cupping kızılay escort her breasts.

She grabbed some lube and lathered up her hands and started running her fingers all over his body. She pinched his nipples and slid her lingerie covered breasts over his shivering form. She playfully blew warm air across his quaking member, and let her hands wander south. She dragged her fingernails along his inner thigh, and she could see that he was rock hard. “Hmmm… I see you want this badly.”

Leaning in, she teased his cock against her breasts and precum oozed freely. Gently she kneaded his balls eliciting moans and whimpers as she had yet to start pumping him. After a few minutes of this, she spread more lube over his penis and got a firm grip. She jacked him off slowly in his empty apartment, the sounds of the lube and her hands slapping against his balls. She slowly built up momentum bringing him closer to orgasm before backing off to let him calm down. She did this several times until he was sweating and begging to be given release. When she knew he was teetering right on the edge, she backed off and used her secret weapon. It was a compound of her own making. Having studied chemistry at Harvard, she had a talent for novel pharmaceuticals. She pulled a small pellet out of her bra, and removed its protective coating. She nicknamed it compound O.

With practiced ease, she slid a lubed-up compound O past his anus as she jerked him faster and faster. He barely registered the intrusion but suddenly his prostate felt super sensitive. Within a minute his cock got even harder, if that was possible, and he turned rigid riding a high wave about to crest. Then she hit him from both sides mashing on his prostate like a doorbell, curling her finger while she jacked him off. “Cum for me baby. Cum for Asia like a good boy. Blow your brains out.”

And that was it. Like a geyser, he shot in the air as the wave crashed onto the rocks, dashing all senses. “Fuck. Omg, fuuuuuuck.” And he suddenly went limp, his flaccid cock lay defeated on its side. His body was covered in cum and lube. Asia checked to make sure Jimmy was still breathing. A dumb look was plastered across his face. Just as she thought, out cold.

“Should last about 12 hrs and he will wake up with a hangover, and not remember the last 24 hrs, courtesy of compound O” she thought to herself. Compound O was a potent vasodilator and neuromodulator. It intensifies orgasms 20-fold and short-circuits all short-term memory. Jimmy was her lab rat for such sexual weapons she devised. He just never remembered what happened. She typed on his screen in giant letters.

“Nice working with you as always. -A”

She let herself out with Jimmy snoring in a giant puddle of cum the flash drive dangling around her neck.


The doors to the penthouse floor glided open with a gentle chime as Asia, now a certain Ms. Jenny Carter, and disguised as a leggy blonde pharmaceutical management consultant. Her 6-inch Louboutin heels glided across the marble entrance to check in with Mr. Rhee’s secretary. “Hello, I have an appointment with Mr. Rhee at 7:30,” she stated. The secretary, eyed her up and down in the most discrete manner possible. “Hmph, he is on a call, but will be right with you. You may have a seat.”

Asia took her seat crossing her ankles, and smoothing out her micro mini-skirt that barely covered her butt. She had a blazer and a dark blouse with a necklace/USB drive hidden underneath. Based on her research and profiling, she took Mr. Rhee to be single in his late 30’s. He was a leg man, and Jimmy had monitored his porn viewing for a week and discovered some latent BDSM tendencies. He used to smoke, but has since quit and has certain ticks when nervous. Asia’s particular skill was to identify and exploit her target’s weaknesses. That is what made her so good at her job. She also had an array of sexual weapons of her own invention hidden on her person.

She had learned that Mr. Rhee was quite paranoid and all data about their R&D was kept physically detached from the internet. The only terminal that had root access was his desktop computer in his office, which had an unhackable fiberoptic connection to the servers. Furthermore, Asia needed Mr. Rhee to be logged on. That was the challenge that lay before her.

“Mr. Rhee will see you now,” his secretary chimed in.

“Ms. Carter. Thank you for making it out here so late in the day. I hope it was not too much of inconvenience, ” Mr. Rhee said politely while shaking Asia’s hand.

“Not at etlik escort all. I am the lucky one given how busy you must be with your latest product,” Asia quipped in letting her handshake linger longer than normal.

“You have heard about our product then?”

“I do my research. But the reason I arranged this meeting was to offer some of my management consulting skills for your rollout, as this will be the largest launch for your company, and there are many hurdles to jump through.” Asia paused. “Wow, what an amazing view you have here,” she said as she walked across to the floor-to-ceiling windows. “You can see across the bay.”

“The view is one of the perks” Rhee said admiring the way her long legs displayed themselves with taut calves leading to a tight butt.

Looking at the window’s reflection, she could see that he was still logged on.

“Well, are you ready?” Asia asked, subtly leaving the innuendo hanging in the air. “… for the presentation. Is it okay if I pull it up on your computer?”

“Sorry, my computer here has to remain secure as it hooks up to Vertex internal servers. You can use this presentation all-in-one computer on the conference table,” Mr. Rhee stated.

“Of course.”

Asia leaned over the conference table providing a clear eyeful for Mr. Rhee as she loaded up the presentation. It was a pretty dull presentation that was ripped straight from a Bain powerpoint, but the idea was to get the target to take in all of Asia’s sensuality. The way her blouse bunched up with her breathing, the flashes of thigh, the way her blazer fluttered as she pointed from one part to another. It was like snake charming, slowly inducing a light suggestive trance with her melodic voice dim lights and flashes of leg and cleavage. She had secretly undone 2 extra buttons mid-presentation. Mr. Rhee’s heart rate slowed to calm resting rate.

“Paul, why don’t we continue the conversation at your desk?” Asia asked.

Slightly dazed. He agreed. “Did she just call me Paul?” he thought to himself. As he stood up, he noted his slacks were feeling tighter than usual.

Asia thought that now was the time to strike. “So, I believe that I could implement these practices to grow your business. But Paul, I have a confession to make. I noticed the way you have been looking at me, and I am getting really turned on by it, and I believe you are too.”

Paul Rhee blushed and turned bright red. “I mean, you are very beautiful.”

Now to checkmate. “I think it’s more than that. I think you have been trying to look up my skirt this whole time, because you aren’t sure if I am wearing panties. I will let you in on a secret… I am not.”

Paul was totally flustered. He had not expected such a turn of events and the direct, forceful tone was hitting so many of his buttons all at once.

“I like powerful men. That is why I am in consulting. I like the smell, the taste” as Asia licks her lips “and I am dripping wet here, dying to wrap your cock up in my cunt” as she toys with her pussy filling the room with sound of her wetness as her fingers gently slide in and out. “But I am also a take-charge kind of girl. I make the rules.” Asia eyed the tent-pole looking to tear a hole through the front of Mr. Rhee’s pants. “I promise sex with me will blow your mind.”

Paul sat in his chair speechless. Asia did not need permission. She knew she had him hook, line and sinker. He watched as her long leg snaked under his desk and pressed into his crotch. “Ungh” he croaked. She ran her six hundred dollar shoes up and down his shaft, and a dark stain started to form across the front. Asia unbuttoned her shirt fully and approached his side of the desk. She spun his chair so that he was staring out across the skyline, and away from his computer. She unzipped his fly and fished out his cock.

“Nice cock Mr. Rhee” she said as she plunged him down and into her throat in one fluid motion. He almost came right there. She swallowed a few times with him deep throated to give him a little thrill.

“Fuck, Jenny.”

“That’s Ms. Carter or I stop right here and leave you hanging.”

“No… no. Ms. Carter, please continue.”

“Good. I like to take charge of powerful men, like you Mr. Rhee,” Asia said as she stripped Paul completely naked. And then stood back against the backdrop of the bay, and peeled off her blouse and pushed down her skirt. With her hands on her bare hips, heels, trimmed bush and bra, she looked like a goddess. “How do you like the view now?”

“Please… let’s fuck.”

“Of course, demetevler escort but my way. First, I need to tie you up.”

“Wait, what?”

“My rules remember. Trust me you will love it. Have you ever gotten your brains fucked out in your office Mr. Rhee?”


“But you are intrigued by the idea. But first, send your secretary home.”

As Paul picked up the phone, Asia slid to her knees and blew him, while kneading his balls as he wished his secretary a good evening and that he had everything he needed. Ms. Carter would leave with him. “Are you sure?” his secretary asked.

At that moment he felt her tongue swirl around his balls as she fisted him rapidly. “Gosh… yes. I will see you tomorrow.” Puzzled his secretary left. After he hung up the phone, Asia swung the chair around again and backed her ass into his lap trapping his cock against his abdomen. She swiveled her ass to a silent rhythm in a sensual lapdance. As she was doing so, she was tying his hands with his discarded clothes. His cock was painfully hard and precum oozed steadily. She then blindfolded him with his own tie. He was too turned on to care as this was like all his sexual fantasies rolled into one.

She leaned from behind him and whispered in his ear. “Are you ready?”

She took the flash drive and slipped it into his still logged on computer. It was a worm program that scanned all directories and copied them to the drive, and then encrypted the folders with pentagon-level security. It was essentially very strong ransomware. As the status bar started moving across, she refocused her attention to the task at hand. She hugged him from behind and nuzzled his head between her breasts. Her hands snaked down his chest and found his cock and started stroking him slow and steady.

Here was a powerful CEO turned to putty in her hands as she destroyed years of work of his company. Men think with their dicks too much. “You like that?” she whispered in his ear as she stroked him more firmly.


“You like giving me all your power.”


“Good boy. Almost done draining you.”

She walked around to the front of his chair, pulled off her bra and got some compound O. She dropped to her knees and spit on her finger. As she licked the head of his cock, she glided her finger past his anus. He squirmed in his chair, but clearly got harder at the intrusion. She pistoned her finger back and forth as she sucked on the head of his penis. With practiced ease, she slipped a condom on his glistening shaft. She then slipped the compound O deep into his bowels and stood up to straddle him. The drug hit him like a freight train just as she lowered her pussy on him. She humped him steadily watching the progress bar go to 90%. Slowly she rolled her pelvis and fucked him in his chair. He sucked on her nipples as he was perspiring and dripping with sweat. “Fuck, I am going to cum,” he hissed between clenched teeth.

Asia saw the error bar hit 100% and then… an alarm went off.

“Shit,” Asia swore.

“What’s happening? You’re on my computer?!!” Paul screeched.

“Too late now.” Asia hissed as she pile drived his cock in her clenching pussy in rapid succession bouncing on his cock and riding him like a bucking bronco, her tits bouncing wildly. A few seconds of that on his ultrasensitive cock threw him over the edge.

“Get off… Fuuuuucckkk” was all he was able to get out before he came, and his orgasm scrambled his brain and senses. The condom blew up to the size of a grapefruit as Asia slid off him.

The alarm was still blaring, but Mr. Rhee was off in lala land slumped in his chair. Asia removed the flash drive and with it stowed securely waltzed out of his office. It would take them months to unscramble the server hard drives, and in the meantime, the competitor would have all the information they need to get their product to market first.

As she exited the lobby elevators, she had to exit through security. It pays to have a distraction in mind, so when the guard asked her to walk through the metal detector. She slipped and fell against the guard, her breasts pressing into his crisp shirt. Distracted by the beautiful blonde, the guard didn’t register as she slipped the flash drive into his shirt pocket. After passing through security, she stopped and turned around. “Excuse me Mr. Guard? I wanted to give you my card. It has my um… personal number on it. Call me some time,” Asia said. The guard walked around to security to get the business card of the gorgeous blonde. As she went to put in his shirt pocket, she cupped his crotch, distracting him enough to palm the flash drive. “I thought you were packing.” she winked and walked into the crisp night.

The guard blushed and read the card. Ms. Jenny Carter.

—– Mission accomplished

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32