Pure Heart Pt. 02

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Chapter 9

The alarm buzzed incessantly in my ear, scolding me as though I should be awake already. I silenced it with a solid slap to the snooze bar and groggily rolled over.

The sun was shining in through the slats of my not-quite-closed blinds. It took a few minutes before my eyes stopped watering from the effect of the light and started to focus on my room. I stirred again, stretching with a yawn, and realized I had a comfortable erection – the kind that doesn’t need much attention but just reminding you why it’s nice to be a guy. I gently stretched again, enjoying a slow thrust under the warm covers just to wake up my body.

My mind clambered up from whatever chamber of dreams it hid in that night and I reflected on how good I was feeling right now – how at ease I felt. It was barely two weeks ago that I had ceased being so sexually frustrated. I had always been a bit too obsessed with sex. Going through lingerie ads as a kid, finding my first softcore magazine, then discovering that hardcore porn was on the web…it had all helped me nurture an addiction to constant stimulation. I thought about that first magazine – remembering the sweet revelation I felt as I saw my first fully naked girl. It had been years and years ago! I couldn’t even remember what I was learning in school but I remembered the image of her strawberry blonde hair, her raspberry colored lips, the beautiful softness of her breasts and the glorious gentle splash of her pubic hair that was too short to really hide the gentle folds between her legs.

I felt my mind growing more awake and reflected more about how frustrated I used to be. All the pictures and stuff I had been pouring into myself had, in a way, conditioned my body and mind. I had taught myself to thrive on a diet of porn and masturbation until my body reminded me when it had been too long. The thing was, at some point I had lost myself in it all. I was tantalizing and pleasing myself, but…it wasn’t how I wanted to be. I felt alone. I felt ashamed because I was alone. I knew I was hiding part of myself from everyone. I dealt with it, learned to live with it, but constantly regretted it.

Until two weeks ago, that is. I smiled to myself in embarrassment as I remembered my sister’s face when she walked in on me looking at porn online. What a terrible moment! It was humiliating to suddenly have my private issue discovered by my little sister who had always thought of me as an example. It was so uncomfortable but in retrospect it was the start of healing me, like setting a broken bone. Sara, my beautiful sister, had forgiven me and stepped into my hidden world, grasped my hand and pulled me into her world of admiration and love for me.

Granted, the way she was willing to wean me off of porn was as shocking to me as she had felt when she discovered my secret. Encouraging me to masturbate by turning me on herself was not normal by anyone’s book – far from it. It was a huge change in our relationship as brother and sister. We were still adjusting to the feeling of intimacy this whole thing was creating; intimacy that felt strange as siblings.

I looked over at a picture I had on the wall of Sara and I, taken during a family vacation to the beach. The memory of that fun day interrupted my thoughts for a moment. I chuckled quietly as I recalled her face when I had splashed her with water when she was trying to get into the waves slowly.

I yawned, and then got out of bed. I started to think through what I had to do today…then stopped as a doubt crossed my mind. I looked at my cell phone and sighed in mild frustration. It was Saturday and I had set my alarm by mistake. There was no reason I needed to be up yet. I groaned and lay down on my bed again.

A few minutes later there was a gentle, quiet knock on my door which I answered with a “Yeah?” The door cracked open and Sara peeked her head in, grinning.

“Good morning!” She cheerily whispered. “I heard your alarm – forget to turn it off?” She smiled and I grumbled affirmatively. She came into the room a little way and I saw she was still wearing her pajamas from last night – a small t-shirt and small cotton shorts. “Aw, what’s the matter? Don’t you want to get up?” She teased.

The next thing I knew, she ran into the room, giggling, and jumped on me and started tickling me under the covers. I yelped and struggled to get away, panicked because of my erection. “Sara! Hey! Get off!” I complained, but it was too late – from the frozen grin on her face I knew she’d noticed.

She laughed and covered her face, raising herself a bit from where she had straddled my waist. “I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?”

“No! I’m just…I didn’t…you…” I stopped. My mouth apparently hadn’t decided to wake up with the rest of me.

“Oh, okay, as long as I didn’t hurt you.” She teased, and sat back down on me.

Panicking as she sat again on my erection I said, “Sara!”

“Yes?” was all she said. I looked up at her and she was smiling down pendik escort at me. Something in her smile made me relax.

“Where are Mom and Dad?”

She shrugged. “They left this morning to go shopping. Dad saw that mower he’s been looking at was on sale.”

My erection had firmed completely. Though she was sitting on the covers over me she could obviously feel it. However she made no move to get up, so I stayed put and let her stay right where she was.

“It’s a nice morning outside.” she said. “The sky’s all blue and everything’s beautiful.” She leaned over a little and turned the rod to rotate the blinds so we could see out.

“Hey! We…!” I stammered, concerned about people seeing us.

She just looked back down at me and smiled. “Cat got your tongue?”

I sighed and laughed. “Yeah. I wasn’t quite up yet.”

I could have sworn I felt her press a little more against me. “Are you more awake now?” She asked.

“Um, yeah.”

“I can tell.” She said with an impish grin. “Are you enjoying this?”

Raising an eyebrow, I said, “Like you don’t know. You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

She bit her lip. “Want me to wake you up some more?” she said and I felt her press more firmly against me.

I stammered but was able to get out, “I don’t think I could turn you down.”

She smiled. Still looking me in the eye with a little half-smile, she slowly started to move herself around on my groin. The feelings she aroused were immediate and strong. The warmth of the bed, the smell of her fresh from bed, the sun beaming in…

“Oh gosh.” I said.

She just grinned and kept pressing herself against me, lightly thrusting over the lump under the covers. Then she paused and I saw hesitation on her face.

“I’m sorry, are you okay with this?” She asked. “I really should make sure to ask.”

I gasped aloud and looked at the ceiling. “Jeez…I don’t know. Probably. But I’m about three seconds away.”

She nodded, obviously a little unsure of herself, but then her indecision went away like a random rain shower in spring. “Well, if it’s only three seconds, I may as well help you out.” she teased again and began thrusting harder until I was grunting and groaning. Seconds later I grabbed the top of her thighs and pulled her down tighter and my orgasm gushed out between our bodies, soaking my boxers and sheets, dribbling between my legs.

She sighed happily and reached down and tenderly ran her fingers through my hair.

A minute later we both gave a start as we heard the garage door opener start to hum. Our parents were home! Sara and I looked at each other and without a word she flew out of the room and I jumped out of bed to clean myself up. No one would be coming in while I had my door closed, but it would be stupid to sit around in my wet shorts.

After a quick shower, I made my way downstairs. Sara was already there, dressed and talking to our mom and greeted me as though it were the first time we had seen each other that day.

Thus began yet another interesting day in my life!

Chapter 10

As weird as the whole thing with my sister was, it did start to improve the rest of our relationship overall. We were ending up spending a lot more time together just hanging out, taking walks together, and just talking like close friends. We had been close before all this had started and it was a surprise to find out just how much more we could learn about each other and enjoy. In fact, she pointed out to me, later the next week, that it felt like we must have been taking each other for granted for a long time. I agreed with her. When you are close to someone for a long time, you can end up assuming things about them that may or may not be true. We had shaken up our misperceptions of each other.

In fact, Sara further shook up my perception of her toward the end of the following week. As per our agreement when I felt my urge to masturbate grow strong enough to the point where I was considering porn again, I went to her instead. It was late on a Thursday night and she grinned when I asked if she wanted to stop by my room later and happily agreed. I returned to my room and got dressed down to my boxers and read through a magazine for a while. The air conditioning in my room was weak so I had already been shirtless but it was still annoyingly warm.

A while later I heard a gentle knock on the door and in came my sister, smiling, and wearing one of her white robes with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I put my magazine down and smiled at her, leaning back.

“I thought I’d surprise you tonight.” She said, closing the door.

“Oh really?” I asked, very interested.

She nodded, giving me a mysterious grin. She reached down and untied her robe, then began to spread it apart at her shoulders and let it fall right off to show that she was wearing just a white pair of panties and bra. I gasped inside, then audibly. Her body was amazing – so well toned, so shapely, maltepe escort so flawless and smooth! My eyes were filled with her skin: her long legs, her thighs, her navel, her chest and shoulders and neck. All of her was incredible.

She struck a pose and said, “How’s this?” grinning proudly.

I was speechless, just shaking my head in amazement. She lifted her hands and slid them from under her chest, across her shoulders and over her hips, then back the whole way up. Then she hooked her thumbs under her bra straps.

“And I’ll tell you what, I’ll take this off too if you put your hand under your boxers this time.” Then quickly added, “But I’m not going to let you see everything, okay?”

I raised an eyebrow and said, “Uh, deal. Yeah.” and immediately slid my hand into my boxers and began to stroke my dick. Sara giggled and reached around behind her back and I saw her bra relax as she unhooked it. She put one arm against her chest and used her other hand to slide the straps off her shoulders and slid it off and threw it at me. I chuckled, letting it stay where it landed on my leg and looked at her standing in front of me in nothing but her panties, holding her naked breasts with her arm so I couldn’t see everything.

She was obviously really giddy, probably some of it nervousness but it really didn’t show tonight as she started to dance around, swaying her hips and shoulders happily. I continued rubbing myself under my boxers, watching her nearly nude body in front of me. She looked so beautiful; her hair in a ponytail, her breasts bulging above her arm, her lovely curved hips and tanned legs. She even sauntered up closer to me and leaned forward, teasing me with her cleavage. She stepped back a bit for a moment but then moved forward again almost as close. She raised her other hand to her chest and slid her arm across to cup both breasts in her hands. Her smile was small and more concentrated now as she slowly rotated her hips and swayed in a very sexy dance.

She turned around so her back was facing me and let go of her breasts, running her hands through her hair and then looking back at me over her shoulder to smile. To my immense pleasure she even dared to turn slightly so I could see the side of one milky white, smooth breast.

“How’s it going back there?” She asked, feigning innocence.

I looked at her happy face and just shook my head in disbelief. “You’re amazing.” I confessed.

She really seemed to like my response and giggled. She looked away again and made a show of pulling her hair back to fix it, “carelessly” turning her body a little to one side and then a little to the other to give me glimpses of the curves of her amazing chest.

I desperately wanted to see more, but was already so turned on that my dick felt like it could blow at any moment. I rubbed myself firmly and, since she was turned around, I used my free hand to pull the edge of my boxers away to give myself more room to work my erection. I drank in the sight of Sara’s body and used my precum to swirl my fingers over the head of my throbbing cock.

When she reached around to cup her breasts again, the sight and thought of it was too much more to take and I grunted and ejaculated fiercely. Semen erupted from my dick, splashing me in the stomach and my heaving chest.

When she turned back around, smiling sweetly, I had already put my boxers back in place. She gawked and grinned, blushing when she saw cum splattered over my chest, letting out an “Oh my gosh!!!” but I was too relaxed and mellow to care much about it.

Pulling her eyes away from my mess and grinning, she reached out, asking for her bra. I reached down and grabbed it and she reached for it just as I gave her a mischievous smile and held it away from her. She pursed her lips and stepped forwards to try to grab it, but I tucked it under my covers.

In a careful whisper she said, “Alex! Give me my bra!”

I grinned back but didn’t offer it. She tried to reach over me and got her hand under the covers but I held onto it. As we playfully struggled over it I gave a quick tug and caused her to fall against me so I could tickle her. She squealed and flailed.

She quickly righted herself and pushed me, laughing, and completely forgetting that she was topless. For just a second when her arm moved free of her breasts I saw the entire side of her breast before she realized her exposure and covered herself, quickly blushing.

Seeing me chuckling, and with a determined grin she launched herself at me and tickled me back with her free hand and I flailed, then grabbed her by the waist and tackled her, rolling onto her to pin her. We were one big, sweaty, fleshy, writing mess for a moment as we playfully struggled with and fought each other until I finally had her pinned, holding her arms out on either side. We both stopped struggling and smiled and laughed, panting, but the game quickly faded as we realized how near to naked she was under me, kartal escort with my bare chest on hers and my boxers against her panties.

We looked into each other’s eyes, smiling for a few moments and I gently released her arms and started to get up. She stopped me quickly, saying, “Oh no you don’t, not yet.” and wrapped her arms around my back to hug me against her. I happily complied, pushing my arms beneath her and hugging her against me, thrilled at the feeling of having her so close to me.

We finally let each other go and I moved off of her and looked away so she could get her bra back on. As she was doing this, I heard her stifle a laugh.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“You got your stuff all over me. I’m all wet.” She said, letting me look now that she was covered. She was right, her chest and stomach glistened where my cum had smeared on her. Her panties also had a damp spot on the elastic. She was smiling, amused. “Remind me to return the favor sometime!” She quipped, and then threw her robe on. We exchanged happy glances and she left to go get cleaned up. I flopped back into my bed and replayed the night over in my head.

Chapter 11

The following morning I woke up feeling entirely the opposite as I had felt on Saturday. All I could think about was how wrong it was that Sara and I were getting physical. I guess I was panicking, and having spent most of my sexual drive the prior night I was having a hard time justifying what we were doing.

I resolved in my mind that I wasn’t going to let Sara keep doing this with me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the nerve to tell her, so I wrote a quick and awkward note telling her I was sorry about last night, that we should probably stop and we could talk about it later.

I made it a few days through the week barely seeing Sara and when I did I wouldn’t say much. She was obviously confused and wanted to talk but I kept going out, just so I didn’t have to deal with it.

By that Thursday though, I was starting to remember how strong my urge for sexuality was. It didn’t hurt that one of the hottest girls in the technical school I was attending was in one of my main courses and we’d been working really closely lately.

Her name was Tanya. She was the same age as me and really into mechanic work. She wasn’t sure she’d ever actually work in a garage but she was determined to try. She had long, brown hair and green eyes, a very shapely figure and a really pretty smile. The tough thing about working closely with her was that she was a flirt, and when the guys were making dirty jokes she’d jump in and end up showing the guys up with her wit and knack for vivid descriptions.

She’d begun to show some interest in me the last two weeks and the glances and smiles she’d give me, the jokes she’d tell, how close she would stand or how she’d touch my shoulder when she laughed, it was all driving me a bit wild. It was frustrating though because every time I found myself thinking about Tanya, I’d start thinking about Sara. Here I was with a really hot girl beside me and all I really wanted was to be with my own sister.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was exhausted. When I got home that evening after spending time out with my friends our parents were still up and I was bored by the show they had on, so I went back to my room. I read for a while, and then checked my email. As more time went on, I could feel myself wanting to type in one of the porn site addresses I used to visit so often. I didn’t really want to, but sitting right there, alone, in front of my computer, I couldn’t think of many strong arguments against it.

I reflected on the previous Saturday’s bliss which had seemed so good and right. But if I was going to treat Sara right I had to control my urges…so wouldn’t going back to porn be the easy way to do it? I started to type in the address…then stopped. I realized how hard my heart was beating and that my hands were shaking.

I could just try to find something to get me excited – lingerie or swimwear. I looked up a few sites and scanned over some beautiful models. Then I started feeling nauseous.

It didn’t feel right. The girls were wearing more clothing, but I was doing what I had always done. Not that it ever felt right, but until now it had never bothered me this much. I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. I looked at the screen again and could almost imagine myself looking at one of my favorite porn sites. I felt my heart racing again. I shook my head to clear it and before I knew it I had yanked the plug of the power strip from the outlet. My computer, monitor, printer and everything else shut off.

I breathed deeply, trying to calm down. This was such a weird feeling. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t disappoint my sister like this. Not with all she had done for me. I couldn’t let her down.

Dejected, frustrated and confused, I put my head down on my desk.

Fifteen minutes later I was still in the same spot when I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Sara. And I knew I couldn’t stay like this without her. I asked her to come in and she did so, quietly, but with a look of determination.

“Hey.” she quietly whispered and she looked at the computer, then at me.

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