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The only notice that anything was in the room…the simple clicking of his shoes. Then…silence.

Slowly, out of nowhere, a soft glow begins to fill the room…there…a figure…only the white is accentuated. She looks almost like an angel A sheer white gown, white opaque stockings, white heels, long white gloves, white wings and for the shock factor, a white wig. Perhaps she is truly an angel. The black lights slowly becoming full strength. He can’t see her face, but, her body stands out. Every curve is perfect, in the right places, just like an angel.

The angel slowly extends her arm, stretches out her hand, then finger, beckoning him over to her. He slowly comes over, remembering his religion, how temptation is disguised. This temptation is proving to be too strong though, he leans over, and they begin to kiss. Tongues wrestling with each other, nibbling on each other lips. He sucks the air out of her, then sucks her lip into his mouth. She bites down…pulls back and stretches his lip out. He whimpers, she giggles, perhaps she is not an angel after all.

It seemed like he missed a portion of time…his clothes are off. She giggles, not an innocent giggle…more maniacal. He’s thinking she’s a different kind of angel. She reaches her gloved hand out and slowly begins to run a finger around ankara escort bayan the head of his cock as she slowly kisses and sucks on his neck. He reaches a hand out to touch her. She stops moving and simply shakes her head no. He lets out a deep sigh of surrender, she is no longer an angel.

She begins to run her hand around his cock again, resuming kissing his neck, his chest. She slowly begins to run her other hand down her gown, slowly pulling the hem up. Exposing at first the stockings, then the metal clasp of the garter belt…finally, her sex. She’s very clean shaven. He follows her hands motions as she does this. He becomes harder, throbbing at the action. She slowly begins to run her tongue along the head, occasionally penetrating him as she slowly enjoys the precum. She slowly uses her other hand to fondle his balls. Slowly squeezing and releasing them. Moving her hand down below his balls and above his ass. He moans . She’s becoming the devil.

She takes him all the way into her mouth, sucking and nibbling. His head tilts back, staring into the lights, moaning, panting. Thinking that the gods or the demons should take him away. He begins to fill up…grunting, whimpering…the throbbing then…..she stops. She is the devil…

Taking his hand, she guides it to her thigh. Slowly elvankent escort letting him feel the nylon of her stocking. She guides his finger up and down her leg. Always bringing it a little higher, teasing him…teasing herself. Her hand lets go of his…she reaches for his shoulders and pulls him down. They kiss again. He tastes himself on her tongue. He moves his hands up and slowly pulls her gown down. Just far enough to expose her breasts. He slowly runs his tongue down her neck. Nibbles on her ear lobes…sucks at the nape of her neck. Moving further down, he runs his tongue around her nipple, then bringing into his mouth, he sucks on it…nips at it, flicks his tongue across the top. A little squeal erupts from her throat. He begins to do the same thing to the other nipple. It still has the desired effect. Now, he is becoming the devil…

With no warning, he grabs her legs and spreads them wide. He runs his tongue up her thigh, slowly circling it around the skin, down the other leg and back up. The shock took the breath away from her, she regains it in time to begin to moan and gasp. Finally, he very deliberately, slowly, begins to part her lips. Tasting how turned on this…creature…is. He runs his tongue over her clit, making it rise…sucking, nips, tickling it with etlik escort bayan his goatee. She begins to breath heavy, little squeaks of distress coming from her lungs. He plunges his tongue deep inside her, running it in and out of her. Her restraint becomes obvious as he sucks on her lips, bring her whole flower inside his mouth as she digs her heels into his shoulders as she begins to shake and convulse. This will get the devil out of her.

He stops…licking his lips. He bends down to kiss her again. This time, sharing her pleasure with her. He gently picks her up, and he sits down on the dais. He spreads her legs apart again as he sits her on his lap. Looking into her eyes, through them to her soul, he slides her up his lap, and down onto him. They both gasp at the same time as they begin to slowly grind against each other. Slowly rocking as if they were adrift at sea. For effect, she wraps her legs around him, digging her heels into his hips, intensifying things as he begins to move harder and faster. Breathing together, looking into each other’s eyes….bonding, feeling each others souls. She feels him throbbing again…hardening up…she pulls her legs all the way behind him…arms holding on tight…holding on for the explosion, the rapture that binds the fallen angel and risen demon into one. She screams…body tensing…squeezing him. This pushes him over the edge as he also joins her…filling her up, spasms…contortions. Both beings seeing demons and angels joined in orgy as they are.

The lights dim, turning into darkness, with them in each other’s arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32