Ralph Seduces Cousin and Eyes Aunt

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WARNING: This fiction describes consensual adult incest and perhaps the behavior may disgust you. Chicken out now.

* * *

Forty-year-old Marcie Young yawned, feeling her age this morning as she shoved her boobs that appeared to be heading for her navel these days into a ridiculously sculptured dazzling colored bra that no one was likely to see. The matching briefs were already hoisted, showing the bulge of hip fat, indicating dietary over-indulgence.

Stuff going to the gym today, she yawned, but catching a look at herself in the mirror, faced with boob, belly, hip and thigh mass she sighed and decided she better go and endue the full workout until she sweated like a pig. Huh? That was being unfair to pigs.

Marcie went to her eighteen-year-old daughter’s bedroom to stir her for one of Jenni’s remaining few days at high school. Although it was Saturday Jenni would be at school to play sport.

Jenni was just out of bed, stretching.

Her mother’s mouth dropped open. Sweat was showing between her daughter’s cute breasts and signs of very recent sexual activity was oozing from Jenni’s shaved pussy and running down one thigh.


“Hi mom,” greeted the smiling blonde until her expression froze and she shrieked, “Mom what the hell are you doing here. Get out!”

Marcie glimpsed the dark head of the guy rolled over to face the wall and fled, gasping for air following her shock, only too glad to exit that den of unbelievable excess not fit for a mother’s eyes.

In the kitchen clutching her warm coffee mug for comfort, still shaking, Marcie reviewed the disgusting situation. She’d known her daughter was sexual active from Jenni’s admissions but until now that had not really figured in her mind. However, after glimpsing semen and pussy juices on her daughter, the thought of Jennie and sex was burning in her mind like a nightmare.

Nothing had prepared Marcie for this. When your daughter is still at high school you think of her as a child. At least she did. She sighed and shrugged helplessly, having no idea what to do.

Jenni came out dressed for soccer. She kissed her mom.

“Hi, big shock eh? Not many mothers see their daughters straight after sex.”

“I-I yes.”

“Oh no very coherent this morning are we, or is that jealously gripping you ovaries?”

“Jenni,” Marcie said weakly.

“Oh sorry mom. You were shocked but just think you’ll get over it. If you were getting more sex you’d understand.”

Bottom lip trembling Marcie croaked, “Understand?”

“Understand that daughters are entitled to have sex too.”

“I-I do. At least I think I do. B-but it was s-such a shock. Why didn’t he wear a condom?”

“He prefers riding bareback if the girl is protected.”

“What about the disease risk?”

“He assured me he was clean and I said so was I.”

“Oh Jenni, it takes test to provide that assurance and the test is only reliable from the time of the person’s last fuck, er, last seduction.”

“You said fuck mom. I wasn’t aware you knew that word.”

“Get your mind on this issue please darling. Who is he?”

“Cousin Ralph. He arrived after midnight and asked for a bed for a few nights. You didn’t wake up so I invited him in and when he asked could he sleep with me I automatically said yes. God mom you ought to see him bursa escort now. He’s not handsome but he has a great body.”

“Jenni,” Marcie hissed. “He’s your cousin.”

“So? I’m on the pill. Make me a cheese sandwich and I’m off. I’m running late with all this talk.”

Ralph emerged at 9:20, showered and dressed only in baggy shorts. “Hi Aunt Marcie, great to see you again.”

Marcie accused, “You had sex with my daughter.”

“Sure as hell wasn’t anyone else. She’s really quite good at it; moves her ass well.”

“She’s your cousin.”

“You know I know that.”

“Excuse me?”

“She said she was protected so what’s the beef?”

Marcie sighed and said she supposed he’d want a cooked breakfast.”

“Great Aunt Marcie. I must say you look great. Have you had a breast augmentation?”

“Excuse me?”

“Have you had a tit job? They’re bigger that what I remember.”

Marcie was horrified. “You’ve looked at my breasts in, er, that manner?”

“Yeah of course. You are the sexy sister Marcie, er Aunt Marcie.”

She sighed and said calling her Marcie was okay. He was now twenty-five, a man.

To Marcie’s astonishment, after cleaning his SUV after breakfast Ralph backed her car out of the garage and washed it and then grabbed the hedge clippers and trimmed the hedge along the west boundary and then vacuumed the pool.

“It’s great having a man around the house,” Marcie beamed, as he entered the kitchen. “A beer?”

“Thanks but I better shower first.”

“No just wash you hands and face over here in the basin. I don’t mind sweat on a guy.”

“What about on women?”


“Answer please.”

“Well in certain situations I guess, like at the gym or sprint cycling.”

“What about sex.”

“Yes that could be one of those situations. Women are not doing enough if they don’t sweat when having sex.”

“God is that the reason. I never knew that.”

“Well there you go. Here’s your beer young man. It was lovely of you doing those chores for me. I’ll reward you with some freshly baked cookies.”

“Yes cookies and show me your tits.”

“Ralph don’t be so disgusting.”

“Sorry Aunt Marcie. I was just testing to see how far you’d go. Mom says you were a raver when young, a real worry to the family.”

“I hope you like these brownies,” Marcie said, unable to hide her embarrassment.

“Does that blush go down to your tits?”

“Yes Ralph and now shut up unless you change the subject.”

Ohmigod, Marcie thought. He’s acting like he’ll jump anything that moves.

Jenni arrived home rather elated because the team she was in had defeated the competition team leaders and she thought she’s played well, one of her weaving runs ending with a pass to their main striker being headed in for one of the team’s two goals.

She and Ralph played around in the pool, both ending up divesting their swimsuits as Marcie could see from the kitchen window but when she arrived with lunch on a trolley they were both respectable again and not touching. Marcie was trussed up in her black one-piece.

Two girlfriends arrived to go shopping with Jenni and they eyed Ralph speculatively.

“Come with us Ralph?”

“Yes,” cried Joy and Sandy.

“Nah, shopping’s such a bore,” he smiled.

As they were leaving bursa escort bayan Jenni called, “Keep Ralph entertained mom.”

She just waved and ignored the giggling.

Ralph yawned.

After cleaning about and bringing out beer and wine in coolers Marcie slipped down the top of her swimsuit and entered the pool. Ralph appeared to be asleep but when she completed the second length she looked up straight at his crotch. The bulge appeared substantial.

“Mom said you were a great swimmer. Your style still looks fairly good.”

“For a woman turning to fat?”

“For a forty-year-old.”


He grinned. “Let’s race, ten lengths.”

“I’ll get my hair wet.”

“Fuck your hair.”

“Okay then a dive start.”

She creamed him and obviously he had difficulty accepting that until he finally said, “Jesus, beaten by a female.”

Marcie was leaning back to the edge of the pool, breathing heavily but not quite as heavily as Ralph. He came up to her and said, “It’s time to take a look and grabbed the straps of her swimsuit, looking at her carefully, and pulled them right down, leaving her swimsuit around her ankles. He met no resistance and Marcie’s green eyes raked his face.

“God Marcie, great heavy hangers. Superb in fact.”

Marcie knew men liked her boobs; that is men who enjoyed playing with breasts.

“Play with them.”

Ralph grinned as if being gifted the key to the kingdom and dropped his face on to them. At that Marcie knew he could fuck her if that’s what he wanted. She anticipated in thirty seconds he’d reach to finger her but he surprised by taking almost two minutes before he did that. He murmured she didn’t shave. She said no, she clipped and he asked would she be more comfortable inside and she said yes and cupped his cock and balls to leave him in no doubt about her interest in cooperating.

On the lounge sofa Marcie sucked down on his purple-headed pink and white shaft feeling elated because she hadn’t had one for suck for quite a while. She really liked giving a cock a good workout. The way in which Ralph was groaning, “Jesus, Jesus” suggested her efforts were appreciated.

Eventually Ralph worked it up her and began pumping. He squeezed both breasts and she squealed into release.

“Keep going,” she gasped. “It’s been a while since I was last fucked so am a little over-excited. I’m capable of coming multiple times.

Ralph grinned and plowed her, just the once.

“That’s enough. We have no idea when the girls will return,” she said. “Sorry.”

“That’s fine,” Ralph said, toweling between her legs. “You made me deposit a bucket load of cum.”

“You’re welcome,” she giggled, thankful she was still optimistically on the pill.

In the shower Marcie recalled in embarrassment admonishing her daughter that morning when she remembered she’d not asked Ralph to wear a condom.

“God what an irresponsible mother,” she growled aloud.

Marcie felt on top of the world. A good fuck always left her like that. So when the girls returned she invited Sandy and Joy to stay for dinner. It turned out to be real fun and Marcie knew Jenni was delighted.

Sandy and Joy left early because they both had dates later and after dinner was cleared away Marcie almost passed out when Ralph said ever so casually to Jenni, “Your escort bursa mother and I had sex this afternoon. Let’s have a threesome.”

“Oh you nailed her? Good. What about it mom?”

Head roaring as a result of disgust, embarrassment and whatever else her mind was dredging up Marcie knew she had to act the responsible adult.


“Aw come on mom. We talked about this once and you admitted never having had one but there was some appeal in the idea.”

“Jenni, don’t be so irresponsible. I’m your mother.”

“Me irresponsible? Who fucked her oldest sister’s son earlier today?”

“Oh god.”

“Consider that’s close to a yes Ralph. Help me get her onside.”

* * *

Marcie and Jenni were in Marcie’s bedroom. Ralph was in the bathroom. “Oh this is so embarrassing for me,” Marcie said.

“Mom stop it, behave. This is only a group fuck, not the end of the world.”

“But I’m your mother.”

“So you keep saying.”

Marcie was unable to believe she’d been berating her daughter that morning for unacceptable sexual behavior and now was probably only a minute away from indulging in wanton sexual behavior with her and the callously misbehaving Ralph, their close relative. She was acting insanely. She must leave the room instantly.

“Come on ladies, on to the bed, butts facing me.”

Marcie looked at him rubbing up his erection and she capitulated. She licked her lips and wondered should she finger to stimulate lubrication. Jenni was already on the bed, knees spread and working her fingers doing that very thing. Marcie dropped on to her knees and shoved two fingers up herself, followed by two more and waggled them until she felt Ralph lick very wetly over her butt hole and then heard him say, “Okay girls, that’s enough. Allow me to give you successive batches of six strokes to warm you up. Now I want to hear each of you count out aloud as you’re penetrated.

Oh god, Marcie sighed, thinking it was like being back and kindergarten.

However she corrected that later and thought they seemed to be in a whore house. She was on her back licking her daughter’s cunt while Jenna was over her licking and fingering her while Ralph, wearing a condom, was widening Jenni’s back passage with them both groaning passionately.

Unable to bear it any longer, Marcie exploded into her daughter’s face without warning. No complaint was voiced.

Soon after Marcie had her own ass reamed, the first time for years. She finished up red faced and sweating and with Jenni under her licking, exploded into her daughter’s face again.

It was so wickedly depraved but unfortunately Marcie knew she’d loved every minute of it.

From nowhere Jenni produced a strap-on and with Marcie under him performing fellatio Jenni gave Ralph such a long anal session, with Marcie bringing him off three times, the poor guy finally groaned into a heap of jelly and fell asleep.

“Suck my tits mom,” urged Jenni. “I’ll get myself off.”

She hauled a monster dildo from under the pillow that scared her mom half to death.

“Shall we keep Ralph here for a few weeks?” Jenni asked. “He’ll be interested now he has our threesome going.”

“I suppose so. I have nothing else planned,” Marcie said, dropping on to her daughter’s cute breast.”

As Marcie was sucking the breast and fingering herself Jenni said, “I would think Ralph has been using his mom and sister to refine his threesome techniques. He’s very good isn’t he?”

Marcie gurgled into another climax wondering was this a record for her.


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