Released Ch. 02

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Big Tits

A week is a short time and as the time passed I grew more and more frightened. I had imagined many things and they all swamped my mind as I felt my cock in my hand every moment I could spare. The butt plug had almost made a permanent home in my ass and I don’t really think I had nothing less than a half erection that entire time. Precum was constantly reminding me of that I didn’t really have any control over what was to come.

I almost decided to flee from her, my mother, but I stayed the time and waited like a wreck. And when more than a week passed everything slipped into the Twilight Zone. There I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t relate to anything. Eventually, after I had gone out shopping groceries, I found another note on the same place as the last one. Before I read it I looked around to see if she was there, ready to spring on me. In my terrified condition I almost came at once. But no one was there and I went to the table and lifted the paper to my eyes. Under it sat a small plastic zipper bag with one, single pill in it.

“Dear son, I have decided to return but probably not in the way that you first imagined it. I know what you have done, I had my ways and I appreciated your efforts even if they were crude and sad. But enough time has passed for you, if you aren’t ready now you’ll never be, my boy. So I give you a choice. The pill on the table will render you unconscious and if you want to experience it all, feel all my cruel gifts that I will grant you as your Mistress you will swallow it and when you wake up you will never get loose again. Or maybe you thought that you got out of your own might that day? Poor baby, but you would have been even worse off had you not escaped. That would have been pathetic. So now, my pet and son, choose or just obey: Swallow.”

Like I was some kind of animal I reached into my pants and started to stroke my cock when I read the letter, and I read it a few more times till I came on it, leaving it spattered and hard to read. She was right, I knew. I had no choice because she had made it so… Mother, my Mistress? Yes, she had been that all the time. I just hadn’t known it for what it was before. And thus I swallowed and soon fell into her blackness and my fate was sealed. Of course I would regret it eventually and that was constantly on my mind. But sometimes we can’t help ourselves and no one else will do it for us.

I was on my back on a soft surface, a bed probably. But I couldn’t see because of a cloth covering my eyes. I was naked and once again the taste of rubber was in my mouth when I woke up, but this time it was different. It was longer into my mouth, making it almost impossible to move my tongue. I feared that I would choke, but it never happened.

Noise came to me, the clicking of heels on a concrete floor. Had she moved my body to the same basement again? She must have done so. bursa escort I moved my hands and felt links and chains around my wrists and the same metal held my feet. My limbs were stretched tight and I couldn’t move them. The clicking feet came closer and I felt a smell I had recognized since I suckled her breasts but now meant so much more that motherly compassion and love to me.

My cock tried to get harder but already it was bursting with blood and tension. When the sound was so close that I thought that they would step on my flesh, a thought that brought strange feelings to me, they stopped and I heard flesh bend down and eventually I felt a latex clad hand rest on my chest. A strange pull came through the rubber into my mouth as if it was part of something that I couldn’t see.

“Pet… Mmmm, I have not said it aloud before now but I like how it sounds on my tongue,” she said and the hand that was on my chest started to slide down to my cock and circled the root in a firm grip.

“You are my pet and my flesh. And you are my pleasure in whatever way I decide.”

Suddenly the black vanished from my eyes and when I could see clearly I saw her kneeling by my side, naked and beautiful like a devil with buckled, black leather boots on her legs up to her knees and black latex gloves that went up to her biceps on both of her arms. Her long hair was in a simple ponytail and on her nose sat a pair of elegant glasses. Now she looked into my eyes and I couldn’t see any hesitation or weakness.

I cried when I saw her after so many years and she smiled that same red smile down at me and once again touched the thing in my mouth. It was a face dildo that stood up a long way from my face and was held securely around my head with tight leather straps.

The surface looked hard, black and had veins and artistically wrought details over its surface so that it looked almost like a real cock. The only difference was that it wouldn’t bend as much. She stroked it with her left hand and meanwhile her right one started to stroke my own, smaller cock in the same speed.

At first she just stroked the shaft on both but then she moved her right hand up to the tip and squeezed the sensitive surface and moved her hand up and down. Because of her latex glove the friction was painful for me even though the precum made it a little easier. Still I cried through the rubber in my mouth and my mother smiled down at me and continued while she increased both her pressure and her speed.

But this she only did with her right hand and the other let go of the face dildo and instead she moved her face close to it and started to lick and suck on it just as if it had been a real cock.

Her red lips were sometimes close enough that I could feel her next to my face as she concentrated on taking the thing deep into her mouth. Her eyes were closed and did bursa escort bayan not look into mine as I stared bewitched up at her. In spite of the pain I almost came from the sight and sensation but then she stopped both of her activities and stood up.

A small moan came through from my side, both from the sudden stop and from a fear that she would leave just as she had done before. A string of saliva from the dildo moved down its length and landed on my face. The wet warmth of it almost burned me.

“Don’t worry, dear,” she said, “I won’t leave you like last time.”

She moved so that her boot clad legs were on both sides of me, her face looking down at me with a mocking smile. The way she stared made it easy to believe that she looked upon an object with no real importance.

She stood right above my cock and I thought that she would lower herself onto it but then she moved forward and slowly, so that I could see the entire process, she lowered herself onto the prepared face dildo and gradually sank down its length until I could feel her flesh on my face and her smell in my nose.

With her hands she gripped my hair in a hard grip and started to fuck herself on the cock sticking up from my face with long, even strokes. Every time she sat fully down on the length I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and she stayed down long enough for me to panic a little bit each time.

Juice from her pussy flowed down into my face and her rich moans flowed into my ears. She didn’t make it quick but after a long time she climaxed and fell down over my face letting go of my hair to stabilize her on the floor.

As she did so she covered my nose completely and her musky smell flowed into my nose so I couldn’t get any air into my lungs and I started to move as I tried to breathe but it was useless and I screamed in desperation from under her. But this only brought more pleased sounds from her throat.

“You should know how good your vibrations feel inside me, pet,” she hummed. “It’s like nothing I’ve never felt. The closest thing would be a vibrating dildo but that doesn’t even come close…”

She tried to say this with a calm voice but in the end she only let out a sound like an animal.

“A small reward may be in place,” she said and straightened herself again, letting me get a lung full with desperate sounds.

I looked up the entire length of my Mistress to see her face but she wasn’t looking down at me and I only saw her perfect, round breasts and I hoped that she would want me to suck on them for her pleasure eventually.

She turned around, without rising from my face, and I could see her ass just centimetres from my eyes and nose and even that smell turned me on.

Like a panther she moved her latex clad hands slowly down my body, gripping it almost painfully with each step, before they reached my thighs escort bursa and dug themselves in hard to keep them steady.

She kept moving her pussy on the face dildo in small motions as she did this with small moans from her mouth. But they stopped as I felt her humming lips reach my desperate cock and give the tip a single wet kiss.

I feared that was it but she was so good for me and soon I felt her tongue go up from the root to the tip in long, slow motions as if she were a cat licking cream from it. Small sounds of satisfaction came from her mouth and I moaned loudly and she answered me and it seemed to me like my noises moved like only so much vibration through her.

Once again she stopped and moved her pussy a few pounding times on my face, positioning herself a little straighter in the back so that her ass cheeks enveloped me every time she sat down again. She made herself come a little faster this time.

But she was not done with my cock yet and when she bend down to it again I felt her warm mouth swallow it whole and she settled on a rhythm were one of her hands massaged the base while her mouth and tongue enjoyed the tip. She was so good and I was just about to come again when she stopped yet again.

This time she stood up from my face, leaving the wet surface of the dildo before my eyes. She walked slowly away from my sight and rummaged around in something until I heard a metallic sound.

When she came back she held a tube made of two rings with parallel lines of thin bars of steel from one ring to the other. As she came closer to me she opened it along its length by releasing and removing one of the bars, and I saw it swing open on hinges in her hands. One of her boot clad feet pressed roughly into my cock and balls as she did this and I cried in pleasure and pain.

“I had this made for you, slave,” she said eventually and kneeled down between my legs.

She put the metal tube around my cock so that it went from the base of it to beneath the tip, leaving it free. It wasn’t tight enough to make me smaller but instead I felt myself get harder as the thing prevented blood to flow back from my cock. Because of this I grew a little bit more and my flesh went between the small bars so that it was interlaced metal and flesh all the way round.

It hurt and I stared at her with begging eyes but she ignored everything about me except my cock and didn’t leave me to think on that particularly pain for very long. Instead started to suck hard on my bursting cock again, taking deep breaths once and again only to continue once more.

Between the sucking she stroked my cock forcefully with both of her latex clad hands and so between intense pain and pleasure I came so fast for her and she swallowed everything that my cock released.

Exhausted I closed my eyes, ready for a rest from this hellish form of paradise. But my mother, my Mistress, never stopped sucking and I realized that the thing on my cock didn’t let me get soft.

“I have not seen you come nearly enough yet, pet,” she said in one of her pauses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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