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Group Sex

Tom Rhodes couldn’t believe his eyes. He had been getting ready for the visit of his brother Andrew, sister-in-law Selina, and their daughter and his niece Renee all morning, but nothing could have prepared him for this. Renee was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. She had only just turned 18 a week ago, the reason for their visit, and this was the first time he had seen her in almost 7 years. When he had last met her she was an 11-year-old tomboy, but now she had matured into a young woman he couldn’t take his eyes off.

Renee wasn’t the tallest, standing almost 7 inches shorter than his 6-foot frame. Her breasts, he guessed, were a 32B, but he could see through the tight tank top she was wearing that they were pert and firm, with bullet-like nipples that poked through the thin material. She had inherited her smooth, light brown skin from her mother, a Mexican who Andrew had met whilst travelling, and her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders down to her the level of her breasts. The mid-thigh length skirt she was wearing showed off her luscious, slim legs, and Tom could see the top of her frilly pink panties.

He cleared a lump in his throat and greeted his brother, a man almost the spitting image of himself, with a handshake and hug. They hadn’t seen each other in years, as a result of Tom moving to the other side of the country seven long years ago.

“Unbelievable, isn’t it?” Andrew asked; a big grin on his face.

“What is?” Tom’s eyes darted between his brother and Renee, who was currently talking to his wife Emily. It was the first time they had met.

“How much they change, right? When was the last time you saw Renee?”

Tom took the opportunity to steal another lengthy glance at the gorgeous girl standing in his living room.

“Must be, what, seven years?”

“At least seven!” His brother turned to Renee. “Hey, Ren, come and say hello to your Uncle Tom!”

Renee bounded over, her skirt riding up to reveal even more thigh. Tom braced himself expecting nothing more than a gentle hug. Instead she threw herself into him, wrapping her arms around his waist and forcing him to take her weight. He could see Andrew had turned back to talk to Emily with his wife, handing Tom a lucky break — his brother wouldn’t see how awkward this was.

“I remember you!” Renee cried, her voice full of excitement. “You were my favourite Uncle!”

Relief flooded over Tom when his niece pulled away from him, just as he’d felt his cock begin to stiffen. She was still looking up at him with her big brown eyes, a smile on her face, waiting for a response. Tom gulped.

“I can’t believe how much you’ve changed, you’ve inherited your mother’s good looks.”

Selina turned and smiled, Renee blushed and looked at the floor. Tom had lied, the eighteen year-old was much better looking than her mother. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, and Tom felt his heart skip a beat. He hadn’t been so aroused in years.

“Tom, you go and get the luggage in from the car, I’ll show them their room.”

Emily, as she always had, took control. Andrew and Selina eagerly followed her, but Renee remained stood just in front of Tom.

“I’m going to help Uncle Tom bring the bags in,” she stated matter-of-factly, which was OK’d by her father’s voice that drifted down from the stairs. “We’ve got quite a lot” she added, before grabbing Tom by the hand and leading him out to the car.

Renee wasn’t lying — you would have been forgiven for thinking they were moving house. It was easy to guess which cases were Renee’s, they were bright pink and, unless there were more buried under everything else, three of them, all of a good size.

“It’s a good job your Dad’s got such a big car.” Tom said with a slight chuckle in his voice, trying to sound relaxed. Renee responded with a laugh that was, in truth, far more than the comment deserved.

“Uncle Tom, can you get my bags out for me? They’re so heavy.”

“Sure, but only if you call me Tom, ok? Uncle makes me feel old.”

Renee laughed again and touched him on the arm as he walked passed her, once again sending a bolt of electricity through his body. He grabbed the first bag and placed it on the floor in front of her. She struggled to lift it and instead chose to drag it towards the front door, as Tom lifted the remaining two bags from the car. Carrying one in either hand — despite hitting 40 last month he was still in good shape — he walked past Renee, who had given up with her solitary bag. She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Seeing as you’re so strong, could you come back for this one as well?”

Tom nodded, and after taking the bags to the bottom of the stairs headed back outside, where Renee was now sat on her remaining suitcase. She was eyeing him mischievously.

“You’re going to have to get off that if you want me to carry it.”

She didn’t move.

“You’ll have to lift me off.”

Tom tilted his head sideways, giving his niece the ‘you can’t be serious’ look.

“What? My legs are killing me… honest.”

Renee was still grinning from ear to ear. Tom was enjoying the attention he was receiving, not the mention the view of her smooth, bare legs.

“Come on, bursa escort I’m sure you’ll manage just a couple more steps.”

Renee feigned disappointment, getting to her feet. She seemed to walk straight past him, but then stopped and squeezed his upper right arm.

“I bet you wouldn’t have even noticed you were carrying me”

She said with a squeeze before heading inside. Tom bent down and grabbed the suitcase, lugging it inside with him. He could smell Renee’s perfume every step of the way.

Tom and his wife Emily sat in the kitchen sipping cups of coffee. Andrew, Selina and Renee had all chosen to go to bed not long after the bags had been taken to their room; they’d had a long 10-hour drive almost non-stop, having left at 8 in the morning.

“Has Renee always been a pretty girl?” Emily asked, snapping Tom out of a daze.

“Hmm, what?” he asked, having only heard Renee’s name.

“Renee — has she always been that pretty?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess. She was a bit of a tomboy when I last saw her though.” Not anymore, he thought to himself.

Emily smiled and took another sip, oblivious to Tom’s stare. He watched his wife drink her coffee and admired her beauty. She was almost completely the opposite of Renee — she was 5’10” with short strawberry blonde hair that barely reached the small of her neck, with flawless, almost porcelain white skin. She was only two years younger than Tom, and with no kids of their own was still slim with a taut stomach, large round breasts and a shapely pair of legs. Suddenly he realised she was staring back at him.

“What?” she asked, with a curious look on her face.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tom replied, incredibly cheesily in his opinion, but he got away with it.

“Smooth talker” Emily rose to her feet and reached over the table, taking Tom by the hand. “I think they’re asleep now, fancy and early night?”

The ‘come get me’ look on her face belied her true intentions. Tom didn’t need a second invitation; he’d been ready for release since Renee’s arrival and wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up. He followed Emily up to their bedroom and shut the door behind him, making sure to lock it just in case Andrew or Selina happened to wake up. He wondered what would happen if Renee happened to walk in, though, but then turned his attention back to the situation at hand as Emily let her yellow sundress fall to the floor around her feet.

In just her bra and panties Emily allowed herself to fall backwards onto their bed, and slowly dragged herself up towards the headboard. Tom walked towards her, ripping his shirt and jeans off, before sliding his boxers down to his ankles and kicking them aside. He saw Emily glance down before a look of pleasant surprise came over her face — he was already hard, his erection pointing towards her. She grinned.

“Eager today, are we?” she asked as he crawled onto the bed and moved towards her. More than you know, he thought to himself.

Emily reached around behind her and slipped her bra off, exposing her 36C breasts to him. Her puffy pink nipples were inviting him in, and he took one in his mouth. Emily groaned as he gently bit her nipple, sucked and rolled it in between his lips. As he moved onto the other one he looked up at Emily; her head was hanging back and her eyes were squeezed shut. Slowly he slid a hand down into her white panties, and slowly stroked the edge of her vagina. She shuddered lightly, and he flicked her hardening clit with his thumb. She let out an “Oh God” and grabbed his head, pulling it up to hers to she could kiss him. Her tongue darted into his mouth, and Tom found himself slipping her panties down her legs. She did the rest of the work for him, kicking them off and scraping them off the bed with her foot.

Tom could feel the tip of his cock grinding against the entrance of her glistening, shaved cunt, and he desperately wanted to push himself into her. Suddenly he found himself wondering about Renee again, and quickly came to the conclusion that she had a shaved pussy as well. He wanted to know for sure though, just like he wanted to take her tiny breasts into his mouth and suckle them until she came.

Suddenly Tom found himself being pushed off his wife and onto his back, and before he knew it he was now being straddled by his wife. She kissed him once more and moved her head down to his cock, taking its head into her mouth. She let her saliva dribble out onto his shaft, and his 8-inch member was soon sloppy from her spit. Emily lowered her head until Tom felt the back of her throat hit the tip of his cock, and even then she was barely halfway down his shaft. She gripped the rest with her left hand and began to pump, working in tandem with her mouth which began to slide up and down his thick penis, gagging every time she had gone as far as she could.

Tom felt his legs begin to spasm as orgasm approached, and Emily stopped her blowjob abruptly and moved up to squat just above his dick. She teased him, lowering her cunt so it barely touched the glistening tip, before moving back up again. He could see trails of pre-cum and probably her saliva as well in between the two, before she finally relented and impaled herself on him. She worked her clit with one hand bursa escort bayan and squeezed her breasts with the other as she rode him. His cock was well lubricated so he slid in and out of her tight cunt with ease. That was one advantage of never having had kids, he thought — Emily’s pussy was still nice and snug around his dick.

Tom soon felt himself ready to cum once again, but this time knew his wife wouldn’t stop. He began to moan as his eyes closed, and he suddenly found himself staring at Renee’s angel-like face. Her big brown eyes looked down at him, and he realised that she was riding him, just like his wife. He came, hard, and took a sharp intake of breath before letting out a cry. Luckily his wife silenced him with a deep kiss before he could wake anyone up, but he continued to visualise Renee’s tight young body on top of him. Finally Emily removed his cock from inside her, and lay down next to him on the bed. She laid her head on his chest and draped a leg across his body; he wrapped his arms around her. He found himself wishing it was Renee.

Tom shielded his eyes from the sunlight piercing the gaps in his bedroom curtains and glanced over at the clock. It was only half seven, but after his unexpected early night yesterday he sat up and spun his legs over the edge of the bed in one fluid motion. He looked back at his wife, Emily, whose naked form was cuddled up to the duvet. Slowly he reached over and ran a finger down her back, stopping just before her ass. She stirred, groaning softly, and rolled onto her back.

“Hi,” she said in a whisper. “Two sugars, please,” she added with a grin on her face. Tom laughed, getting to his feet.

“Fine. I’ll make the tea but you’re doing breakfast.”

“Deal” she agreed, before rolling back onto her side.

Tom grabbed his dressing gown from the hook and the door and wrapped himself in it, opting not to put any boxers on. It wasn’t worth it for a quick trip to make some tea, and besides, nobody else would be up this early. Slowly and quietly he made his way downstairs, making sure not to make any noise. He didn’t want to disturb his brother, sister-in-law and niece, so tiptoed across the carpeted floor.

Yawning as he entered the kitchen, Tom initially missed his niece Renee bent over rifling through the fridge. Suddenly his eyes focused however and he found himself staring straight at her arse, which was barely covered by the white panties she was wearing. He felt his cock stir, and immediately regretted not wearing any underwear. He contemplated turning back and going back to his room, but Renee pulled her upper body out of the fridge. In addition to the white panties she was wearing an old blue t-shirt that was at least two sizes too small for her, and her belly button and the tops of her breasts were clearly visible. Renee nearly dropped the carton of orange juice she was clutching when she turned and saw Tom, having clearly not expected to see anyone else this early in the morning.

“Shit, Uncle Tom!” she gasped, “You scared me!”

She placed the carton on the side and reached up into one of the cupboards to get a glass. Her top rode up even higher, and Tom could see most of her tummy. It was flat and smooth, and he desperately wanted to run his hands across it.

“Why are you up so early?” she asked as she poured herself a glass of orange. She emptied the carton, then took a mouthful as she waited for his answer.

“Had an early night.” Tom was struggling to keep his eyes focused on hers. “Came down to make a drink.”

Renee, having necked half her glass, lowered it from her now glistening lips and looked at him apologetically.

“Sorry, I finished the orange.” She held the glass out to him. “You want the rest of this?”

Tom shook his head, despite the overwhelming temptation he felt to take and savour the taste of lips on the glass. Renee shrugged and finished her drink.

“It’s tea this early in the morning for me” remarked Tom as he turned the kettle on, and grabbed the teabags from the side. “Sleep well?” he asked, without looking at his niece.

“Like a baby” she answered, rinsing her glass out in the sink. “Mom and Dad are still sleeping.”

Tom chuckled, his brother had spent half his teenage years in bed and it looked like that had continued well into adulthood. Relief washed over him when he remembered what he and his wife had done last night, thanking whoever’s up there that they hadn’t been heard.

“Can I have some tea?” Renee asked, as she watched him prepare two cups as the kettle boiled.

“Sure, how do you like it?” Tom reached into the cupboard for a third cup.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll make my own.”

Before Tom could react Renee was practically on top of him, leaning across to reach into the cupboard and pressing herself into him for support. She stood next to him as she grabbed a teabag and dropped two tablespoons of sugar along with it into her cup. He could feel her arm rubbing against his every time she moved, and he diverted all his attention into preventing his semi-erect cock from becoming any harder. If it did, he’d begin to poke through his dressing gown and then things would get awkward.

Finally the kettle ‘clicked’ as it finished escort bursa boiling, but Renee was quicker to react than Tom and she got there first.

“Say when” she said, looking down as she poured into first his cup and then Emily’s. She must have noticed the bulge in his gown, it was impossible to miss. She didn’t say anything though.

“Do you take milk?” she asked after filling her cup up, and walking to the fridge. Tom watched her arse and hips as she walked to the fridge, only looking away when she was about to catch him.

“Yes, please. In both cups.”

Emily finished off the tea, first adding the milk to each cup and then removing the teabags one by one before stirring.

“There” she said, handing one cup and then another to Tom. “Are you going back upstairs?” she asked as she took a seat at the kitchen table. Tom nodded.

“I need to take Emily’s tea up, but I’ll come back down.” He shouldn’t have said that. Renee smiled sweetly at him, and took a sip of her tea.

Tom’s head swam as he climbed back upstairs, carrying two cups of scalding hot tea that threatened to spill over the edge on numerous occasions. Finally he made it to his bedroom, placing both cups on his side of the bed. He slumped down, and placed a hand over his now throbbing cock. In an attempt to get rid of it, he began to breathe deeply.

“Everything ok?” his wife muttered into her pillow. Tom cursed his lock, having hoped she’d drifted back to sleep.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Your tea’s here.” He got to his feet and pulled his dressing gown off, before snatching a pair of boxers from the drawer. “I’m going to go downstairs and read the paper.”

“That arrived early” Emily replied, but Tom didn’t say anything as he slipped first his jeans on, then his pair of day old socks and before pulling a new t-shirt from the closet. He found himself picking his favourite, a red polo shirt, that hugged his toned body tightly. He wanted to impress his niece. He walked back through the door, and heard his wife announce that she’d be down “in an hour or so.” Great, he thought, wondering how he’d control himself for sixty minutes. It had been difficult enough doing it for five earlier, an hour would probably kill him.

Renee glanced up at him as he walked into the kitchen. He felt nervous, he could feel his cheeks burning and butterflies in his stomach. Renee smiled at him and tilted her head to one side slightly, and Tom even felt his knees go weak. Steadying himself with the door handle, he was forced to push it to in an attempt to try and make his sudden grab for it look natural.

“You didn’t have to change for me,” Renee said whilst scanning his body. Did she like what she could see, Tom wondered? Was his body having a similar effect on her as hers did on him?

“It felt a bit strange coming down in just my dressing gown” Tom said, trying to laugh, as he made his way over to the table. He took a seat opposite her as a grin flashed across her face and a snigger escaped her mouth. She licked her lips, and Tom’s heart responded by jumping.

“Why?” she asked, almost incredulously. “I’m sat here in my pyjamas, now I feel strange with you fully dressed!”

Tom hoped she would excuse herself and go and change, but Renee remained opposite him. He tried to shifty on his chair, but ended up brushing her leg with his foot.


He apologised, feeling like an awkward teenager again for the first time in years.

“Don’t worry,” Renee’s eyes looked into his, and he felt her foot brush his leg. “Now we’re even.”

She smiled. Tom smiled back. He wanted to touch her smooth, beautiful leg again but managed to control himself. She sipped her tea, and he suddenly realised he’d left his upstairs.

“Where’s your tea?” Renee asked, as if she had read his mind.

“I left it upstairs,” he realised just how stupid that made him sound. “I’ll go and get it.”

He went to get to his feet but Renee reached out and placed her hand on his.

“No, don’t. I’ll make you another one.”

She got to her feet and made him another cup. He stared at her, studying the outline of her slim 18-year-old body from behind. He wanted to jump over the table and grab her buttocks; squeeze them and rub them and then remove her panties. She turned back to him far too quickly, clutching a fresh cup of tea that she passed to him.

“Thanks,” he said, taking a sip. It was exactly as he liked it.

“No problem” she replied as she sat back down opposite him.

Silence. Horrible, awkward silence. They kept on catching each other’s eye, laughing awkwardly and then looking around the room before repeating the process. Normally Tom had no problem making conversation, but this girl – his niece, he reminded himself – had turned him into a mess, incapable of thinking straight in her presence. She finished her tea, but instead of getting up she moved it to one side and rested her chin on her hand, propping her elbow up on the table. She twirled her hair idly around her middle finger, and it was only then that Tom realised she was staring straight at his chest. He felt her foot brush his leg once more, and it was shock more than anything that caused him to straighten up sharply and cough, loudly. Renee’s eyes snapped away from him, and she was on her feet like a shot. Before Tom knew it she had made her excuses and gone back upstairs, leaving Tom sat in his kitchen with one question on his mind – what had just happened?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32