Reunion Pt. 01

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Normally I hate multi-part stories but here I am writing one. This is part 1 of a planned 3-part story about old flames reuniting at their 20-year high school reunion. This first part is mostly back story that ends with a blow job and a hint of what’s to come next.


I have to admit when I got the invitation in the mail for my 20-year high school reunion I wasn’t that excited. I’ve only stayed in touch with a hand full of my classmates from back then, and, well, I speak to them enough that I don’t need to go to some expensive cocktail party just to see them.

I looked at the invitation anyway, and when I saw that it was going to be in my old home town and only cost $65 I figured “what the hell.” I live about thirty minutes away, and, now that I’m divorced and my two kids would rather hang out with their friends than their old man, what else would I do on a Saturday night?

Since the drive wasn’t too bad I wouldn’t have to rent a hotel and I’d probably blow $65 at the local bar on a good night and this included a meal! And hey, you never know who I’d run into.

When the fateful Saturday night arrived I debated blowing off the reunion. But the weather was nice and I didn’t have any other plans so I put on a shirt and a tie and headed out the door.

It took me about 35 minutes to get from my house back to my old stomping grounds. I hadn’t been back here since my parents retired to Florida, and since I was early I had a chance to drive around the old town. I drove by the high school itself and laughed as I saw the sign out front which read “Welcome Back Alumni!” I wondered if they kept that sign up all the time, figuring every year was some class’ 20th reunion.

I drove through the small town and remembered fondly all the places I used to hang out with my friends.

Finally, I made a loop around the old park. When I was in high school this is where we used to have parties. Back then there wasn’t much lighting in the parking area and the park itself was just a big open space. We’d bring down a keg and hang out in the dark getting drunk and if we were lucky, hooking up with some drunk girl.

I looked at the clock on my dashboard and saw it was almost 6pm – time to head to the restaurant.

I escort sincan walked in and immediately saw a friendly face – Diana – how could I forget her. I lost my virginity to Diana during our junior year of high school. She looked great. Her hair was colored a redish brown – much redder than it had been back in high school. But I couldn’t believe how young she looked – the years had been nice to her.

“Hi!” she exclaimed as I walked up to the registration table.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I wanted to make sure I got to say hello to everyone so I volunteered.”

“Wow. Great! Well, hello” I said back, not sure what else to say.

“Hello!” She replied. “Here’s your name tag, and your year book photo. Wear them so everyone remembers you.”

I laughed as I took them from her.

“I’ll see you later, ok? I’ll be at the bar I’m sure.”

“Great!” she said. “See you later.”

I entered the main room and saw some familiar and not so familiar faces. Most of the “not sot” familiar faces were people I hadn’t been that close too and whom the 20 years had changed. Weight gained or lost (mostly gained) and the wear and tear of life, kids, marriage, etc.

I wandered to the bar to get myself a drink – no way I wanted to be sober as I took a trip down memory lane. I order my favorite – a Manhattan – and then worked my way through the ever growing crowd of people.

As the small talk inevitably moved to talking about days gone by an old friend – or perhaps more appropriately, a “former” friend, told me that a bunch of people were planning to head to the park after the reunion to drink some beer, smoke some pot and just hang out like back in the day. It wasn’t that late and I hadn’t had that much to drink so I figured, what the hell, I’ll check it out.

I couldn’t believe it – here I was, back at the park, drinking warm beer and hanging out with my high school friends. The only problem was, I was almost 40 and so were they. What the fuck?

“It’s not like the old days” Diana said, as my mind came back to reality.

Looking at her almost made me feel 17 again. Diana and I met in home room of our freshman year. I thought she was beautiful the day I met her but I was way too shy and ankara escort awkward back in 9th grade to have any idea how to speak to her. Over time we became friends because we had a lot of classes together and I was blessed to have a locker next to hers our junior year. That’s when I finally got up the balls to ask her out. We had, for high school, a whirlwind romance which peaked with me losing my virginity.

We both knew that college offered lots of opportunities for new experiences and new relationships so we dated for a little over a year and sort of mutually agreed to see other people when we went away to college. We had stayed in touch off and on but eventually lost contact.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, back then, we had no kids, no mortgages, no jobs, no responsibility.”

“You still look as hot as you did back then”

She laughed. I guess in some ways I was still that awkward kid from 9th grade.

“Thanks. You look good too.”

I laughed this time. I guess I was never a “hot” guy. Oh well.

“I think some people are heading to the beach after this. Are you going too?”

“I don’t know where my ride is.” she said. “I took the train and Sandy picked me up. But she seems to have disappeared.”

“I’ll give you a ride”

“Okay cool. Thanks.”

The ride felt strange at first – we made meaningless polite conversation to start but slowly relaxed. Even though so much time had passed we quickly slipped back into the chit chat of our youth, catching up and looking back.

We arrived at the beach and saw most of our old class on the beach. Now that we were hear many people had taken off their shoes and nice clothes and were relaxing around a fire in the sand.

I had a chance to catch up with some more people I hadn’t seen at the reunion but happily Diana and I kept returning to each other. Eventually we sat on the sand and sipped our beers.

We talked about relationships – I told her about my failed marriage and she told me about her career. She had never walked down the aisle.

“I always thought I’d marry you” I said.

“You did?” She looked surprised.

“I always felt my best when I was with you. I just never had the courage to tell you that.”

She smiled and etimesgut escort bayan then said “Do you want to get out of here?”


We headed towards my car. When she got in I leaned toward her and kissed her. At first she didn’t respond but then she opened her mouth a little and we began to kiss deeply.

I ran my hands over her legs and she brought her hand to my leg and then to my crotch.

“Remember the last time we did this?” she whispered.

Twenty years ago she gave me a blow job – another first – in the cab of my beat up pick-up truck. I was in heaven. I didn’t know it could get any better than that back then.

“Of course” I smirked back. “Want to try it again?”

Without answering she lowered her head to my groin. I couldn’t believe it.

Here we were, twenty years after graduating high school and yet it was like we were in our teens again. She was as beautiful now as she was back then, and I was still as awkward. But now she had her head between my legs and was giving me a great hummer.

I stroked her hair and relaxed, enjoying the amazing feeling of her mouth around my cock. She was just as good at this as I remembered.

She licked my shaft up and down and stroked it with her hand – just the right amount of tension in her grip.

At one point she looked up at me – her brown eyes piercing me. God she was beautiful. Diana had been my first love, but I had never told her so.

She continued to work my cock like a pro and I could feel the orgasm building up inside of me.

“I’m gonna cum..” I breathed.

“That’s the idea” she replied.

She gripped my cock harder and stroked me faster.

I felt the orgasm begin to build and felt like I lost control of my body. At the last second she dropped her mouth back on my cock as she stroked it one last time and I shot a load of hot seamen into her mouth.

She swallowed my load and licked my dick clean. Watching her blow me again all these years later was amazing. I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her, right here in my car.

Diana looked up at me and smiled. “That was nice.”

“Yeah” was all I could mutter back.

“Can you give me a ride to the hotel?”

“Of course” I said.

We got back to her hotel and I left the car on as I got out.

“What are you doing?” she asked

“I was going to walk you to the door.”

“Turn the car off. You didn’t think I’d let you get me all hot and bothered and not fuck me did you?”

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