Rise And Shine

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As she lay naked, asleep on the bed next to him, he could not help but get turned on once again by her sensual figure and lusty words. “Wake me before you leave,” she said before they had adjourned. “I want to start your day off right.” Those words alone kept him awake for an extra hour and a half as she easily snuggled off to sleep knowing exactly what she had done to him. Now in the wee hours of the still-dark morning, he woke with an animalistic intent. She warranted retribution for the wild night she gave him the night before.

His mind raced with ideas. As he slithered out of the bed, he went to her wardrobe to get a purple handkerchief, which he placed over the lamp, careful not to make a sound or touch the lamp, as it was touch-sensitive. He then went to the kitchen quietly with kinky curiosity.

He pulled a crystal plate off the shelf and proceeded to fill it with a few of her favorite chocolates, some fresh strawberries, a banana, and a handful of raspberries. He also opened a bottle of champagne and poured two tall glasses. Out of the office, he got an assortment of tall, short, and fat white candles. He had never been so sensitive to making a sound as he went to the bedroom to put everything in its place. He also put a CD of sensual lounge music in the CD player to get it ready. His mind raced with ideas to make her dreams reality as was evident by the bulge in his green, plaid boxers. It was now time to start…

He turned the music on softly and lit the twenty-some candles that were placed about the room. She did not wake though, which was fine with him. He turned on the lamp on a low brightness to give the room a purple haze. Beside the bed were the plate and the glasses of champagne. He crawled so softly back under the sheets and embraced her from behind. The warmth of their bodies felt like heaven to them both as she slowly started to wake. A sensual humming rose from now smirking lips. Her eyes had not opened yet as she instinctually reached for his boxers, now knowing that he had a serious intent. He reached for a blindfold and gently covered her eyes as he started to kiss her neck and ear and shoulders. After a snug knot was tied, he rolled her to her back as she moaned in anticipation. He held a chocolate just beyond her nose to entice her, and she licked her lips asking if she could taste it. He placed it upon her lips as her mouth opened. She proceeded escort sincan to lick and suck the sweet still in his fingers, smearing the melted chocolate on her lips and his hand. Knowing what she had done, she slowly enjoyed her initial treat with a bit of erotic moaning. She then embraced his hand and licked every last bit of the smeared mess from his hand and fingers, sucking from the base of each and every finger slowly to the tip. She knew this would make him finish in his boxers without even pulling them off. His eyes bugged as he convulsed with that dumbfounded orgasm face as she forced him to spew his shorts.

As he regained his composure, he pulled the blankets off as her body was treated to an initial breeze of chilled air followed by the warmth of all the candles radiating. The sensation surprised her as her nipples went instantly hard and she gasped and moaned. He took the next chocolate and licked it to start it melting. He drew circles and lines across her body followed by a generous tongue cleaning from her stomach to her chest to her nipples and then slowly towards her crotch. Licking and lapping the whole way, he could hardly wait to feast on her sex.

He crawled to the bottom of the bed, grasped her knees, and opened her legs to reveal her moist, hot crotch. Placing another sweet in his mouth he proceeded to go down on her and rock her world. With his tongue, he pushed the sweet inside just far enough to hit her G-spot and then proceed to lap up every bit of chocolate as he sent her crashing into orgasm time and time again with the scent of her sex and chocolate filling the room. Her body completely tightened with each rush. Her teeth clenched followed by barrage of full-body convulsions and screams. Chocolate after chocolate was spent in the exact same manner. She, still blindfolded, could only grasp his head and the sheets that were now ripped from the death-grip of her fingernails during each previous orgasm. About a half later, with the last chocolate spent, he felt it was time to remove the blindfold. Her quivering body could not respond except for deep gasping breaths and widened eyes.

Her eyes were treated to a complete surprise as the purple hazed room overwhelmed her deliriously. She saw the champagne and fruit off to the side and made up her mind to get him back for the barrage of ecstasy he had just performed. She lifted herself up and ankara escort pushed him to his back. Her eyes were nearly angry with intent as she sipped a bit of champagne and kissed him open-mouthed for a tingling, bubbly, sensual, tonguing kiss. She was the most intense kisser he would ever know. With her body fully on top of him his powerful arms embraced her and gripped her so she would not move anywhere until he was satisfied with her oral talents. She dragged the tip of her tongue across his lips as his mouth opened tickled by her touch. She then tilted his head sideways to get her lips on his ear.

She tongued and sucked on his ear, knowing how hot this got him. His body went limp with the exception of his now-granite member. She adjusted herself to his side without letting go of his ear. Her hands stroked him through his boxers as he spasmed in his shorts once more. She loved to do this to him, though she knew that she was not nearly finished rocking his world. With one more sip of bubbly, she lowered herself and pulled his cock out of his boxers. She was careful not to spill any champagne as she engulfed his cock into her mouth. He screamed and spasmed, as the sensation was new, and was too much for him to comprehend. She simply continued with her full-length sucking and head bobbing. With the earlier spewing, he begged to finish but did not have the ability as he was drained completely from the beginning of her charade. His universe spun, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he fainted in a delirious, mind-numbing head rush. She never slowed her sucking even after he went lifeless. His cock never did go limp.

He woke some time later with her still giving him the most intense blowjob of his life. Her legs were now opened and directly in front of his face, as she spun into a sixty-nine position to wake him properly. She realized that he was awake when he wrapped around her hips and buried his face into her snatch. She hummed in a domineering sense of gratitude. “Good morning. I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

She slowly pulled herself from his mouth and crawled beside him in the bed. He saw that the plate of fruit was gone, the glasses and bottle of champagne were finished, the candles were all finished and their bodies were covered in a mess of candle wax, fruit stains, and hickeys. He also noticed that the lamp was pushed to the floor and the bed etimesgut escort bayan sheets were thrown across the room. What had happened in his stupor he would never know, but he did know that the cramping and tightness in his body was more pain than what he had ever known before. She looked at him and asked if he was ready to finish this off with style. He had no idea what she had in mind, but agreed with an awestruck expression.

She slinked on top of him with her back towards his head and rubbed her wet pussy against his still-rock dick. The smells still lingered in the room from all their previous efforts. She reached behind, grasped the base of his cock and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock into her. Then, as slowly as possible she guided the remaining length, inch by inch, until his nine-inch cock was completely inside her pussy. She held her position there overwhelmed by the sheer size that she had never felt before him. Then, she began gyrating and grinding him from above. He grasped her hips and gyrated her in the opposite direction. Both of them panting and moaning, she pulled nearly completely off of him and slammed down upon him, freezing his entire body in a stunned erotic gasp. She, herself, nearly went limp, too, but she found that she could continue and proceeded to nail him into the bed over and over. He finished inside her sopping wet pussy so much that it flooded out upon him, but she would not stop laying him as only she could.

As she lifted herself off of his exhausted body, she crawled onto her hands and knees and commanded for him to ride her doggie style. With his last bit of energy he lifted himself and crawled around behind her. With absolutely no hesitation he grasped her shoulder with one hand and his member with the other and inserted himself into her abruptly and completely. She squealed his name and ordered him to ride her until she came one last time. He did just that. She laid her head upon the bed with her ass in the air, and he grabbed her by her perfect hips and screwed her for over twenty minutes. His stamina was so much improved being that his balls were drained at least seven times before. He would take time to massage her shoulders from behind and occasionally spank her ass as he lunged into her with the force of an animal. He grunted and thrusted her into a frenzy, as she reached for a pillow to muffle her deafening screams. She tightened and spasmed into her final orgasm.

They both remained as one for the following minutes as their body juices mixed and the smell flooded their senses. They both then collapsed on the bed gasping and twitching in a sweaty mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32