Roadside Assistance

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I arrive at your flat at five o’clock sharp. I get out of the Town Car and come around to the rear door to greet you, but you breeze past me leaving me standing there, alone with the bags. Cell phone glued to your ear, you barely notice me as you climb in. I store your luggage in the boot and we drive off into the evening traffic. I glance over at the pickup order on my clipboard: Airport, International Terminal.

“No……..NO!” you yell, to the unfortunate soul on the other end of the phone. The car winds through the tree-lined streets of this affluent neighborhood as I head for the expressway. “DAMMIT, you’re just fucking useless, aren’t you? We’ll have to talk about your future with me when I return.”

I feel a sharp *THUMP* against the back of my seat, and can only assume that it was your cellular phone, hurled away in disgust. Thank God it’s a short drive, I think, eyes carefully avoiding the rearview, for fear of incurring some of your wrath.

“You there, what’s your name? You’re not my regular driver.”

Shit, almost made it. I look at you in the mirror, “No ma’am, I’m Michael. Your regular driver was called away on a family emergency.”

“Well, at least you’re better looking than that old fossil….I think they kept sending me him because he was deaf; he didn’t have to deal with me”

The car rolls on along the highway and then off onto the access road that skirts the Airport flight sincan escort bayan lines. “Michael, is it? Can you pull over in that clearing there? There seems to be something wrong with the Air Conditioning back here.”

I pull the sedan over into a clearing designed for aviation enthusiasts to watch planes arrive and depart and walk around to the back door. As I open it, I am shocked to see you, leaning back in the corner of the seat, blouse unbuttoned to your waist and skirt hiked, showing your gauzy red lingerie.

“Just look at me, Michael. I’m roasting back here…..I need you to fix it for me.”

Shit! Is this the same woman that got in my car twenty minutes ago? Is this really something that I would consider…?

You lean forward quickly and grab me by my necktie, pulling me into the backseat, on top of you. “My idiot assistant booked me on the wrong flight and now I have two hours to kill before takeoff. You can think of a better way for me to spend that time than sitting in the airport lounge, can’t you?”

Fuck it! Opportunities like this don’t happen every day, I think, pulling you into my lap and kissing you long and hard.

My hands run down your neck and across your shoulders, sliding your silk blouse off onto the seat behind you. I work my lips slowly down your neck and into the valley of your breasts.

I unfasten your strapless brassiere, and begin to nibble at your breasts. eryaman escort I slowly rub one nipple between my fingertips while I kiss the other. With my saliva still glistening on your areola, I blow lightly across your nipple and hear you groan softly as goose bumps form across your breast. Your nipple jumps erect and I can almost hear your heartbeat rise.

I raise you up and slide both hands up your thighs. Hooking both thumbs under your thong, I peel the flimsy cloth from your already moist pussy. Reaching around your legs, I pull you to me as I spread your pussy lips from behind. Your scent is almost intoxicating as I begin to trace the almost invisible line from your navel to the small patch of hair left around your slit.

Raising your left leg over my shoulder, I get my first clear look at your pussy. Smooth and shimmering from your juices, I take your clit into my mouth as I press my fingers up into your waiting cunt. Your moans increase in volume and frequency as I continue to work your nub from both ends; my lips outside and my fingers inside. After only one more minute of this, your body spasms uncontrollably as your juices gush down your inner thighs and onto my chest.

When you gain control of your self again, you shove me back onto the other seat, your mouth hungrily sucking in my cock. You work quickly, alternately sucking and stroking the shaft. When my organ reaches the erection you desire, etimesgut bayan escort you straddle my hips, pinning me down.

Slowly, you lower yourself onto me: in, then out, deeper, then out, until you finally impale yourself fully on my cock. You gyrate, slowly at first, then with increasing abandon, slamming your gushing kitty down upon the length of my shaft. I feel it growing even more under this assault, larger than I had ever felt it. Gutturally you growl, “Deeper, Harder!”

I grasp your slim waist and pull you off me, turning you around. As you lean back into my chest, I guide your cunny back onto my cock.

Feeling the head of my prick on your pussy, you slam back down onto my organ, deeper than before. You gasp as the tip of my member bumps against your womb, but persist in your onslaught against my groin. My ass is driven into the seat with your every ferocious thrust.

Your screams intensify, and I sense that you are nearing climax once more. Grabbing your hips, I begin to thrust in time with you; faster, grinding, animal thrusts. You scream in ecstasy just as my cock begins to explode. It pumps for what seems like hours, and then you collapse back onto my chest, both of us heaving from the sheer exertion.

I kiss you tenderly, and get dressed. Returning to the driver’s seat, through the rearview mirror I watch you reassemble the cold-hearted bitch that got into my car, one piece at a time. The car stops in front of the terminal with thirty minutes to spare. I help you out of the back door, but there is no trace of my lover left. I hand the bags to the skycap, and watch your graceful hips swish away from me and disappear into the crowd.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32