Room 209 – Day 04

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“So what are the odds that the boys will be fucking us today?” I asked Gail as I spoke to her on the phone while feeding my newborn.

Gail giggled. “Are you asking me because you want Ricky to fuck you today, Michelle.”

“No, I’m mean yes, if it would help him, of course.”

“Well, it is Friday and there’s been no penetration this week. I’d say the chances are pretty good.” Gail said.

“Oh God, I’m so nervous about it. What was it like the first time with Ryan?”

“It was beautiful. I mean, it wasn’t as good as the second and third time, but his first time slipping inside me was definitely magical.”

I heard Gail’s phone buzz and mine did as well. “Here we go…” I said, putting her on speaker and looking at my phone anxiously. Gail read it out loud.


12 to 12:15 – Moms on Display

12:15 to 1 – Anal Sex

What to bring: Bra and garter panty set

Stilleto heeled mules

“Oh my God, Gail, anal? I haven’t had anal sex in years. Ron hates it.” I said.

“Well teenage boys love it, so aren’t we the lucky ones.” Gail said.

Moms started responded with texts:

Yay! Our boys get to pound some ass!

Don’t forget the lube girls!

Mmm yum, just what I need today…a good buttfucking!

Don’t forget to put your asses on display this morning girls.

“Oh, that right, we better do our at home display before the boys leave for school. Wanna shop for garters this morning?” Gail asked.

“Definitely. I’ll pick you up at ten after I drop the baby off.” Michelle said.

I had just washed one of Ricky’s old football jerseys, so I slipped out of my robe and put it on. Without any bra or panties it was risky, especially since the shirt fell only a couple inches past my ass. However, I knew seeing me in it would give Ricky a thrill.

I padded down to the kitchen to fix the kids lunches. The two girls were fighting as usual. “Girls, please, enough!”

My oldest looked ar me in shock. “Mom, why are you wearing Ricky’s jersey?”

“Because I want to young lady, now finish your breakfast.”

My husband was just as surprised as he stepped up behind me. “Playing some football today?”

I giggled as he kissed me on the cheek. “Any shorter and the kids might see something they shouldn’t.” He whispered.

I threw my hubby a stern glare. “Ron, please don’t lecture me. I got breast milk on my robe and just needed to throw something on.”

“Ok ok, just sayin.” He said.


When I stepped in the kitchen my eyes were immediately drawn to mom’s naked legs. “Holy shit, she was wearing my football jersey!” I thought.

She flashed me a smile over her shoulder. “Honey, grab a quick piece of toast or something.”

“I’m ok, mom.”

“Good, cuz we gotta split kiddo. Let’s go girls!” Dad said, stepping over to mom.

“Kiss for you.” Mom said, giving dad a smack on the lips.

Dad walked out of the kitchen and Mom handed my oldest sister her brown paper bag. “Lunch for you.”

“How exciting.” My sister scowled.

“Lunch for you.” Mom said, passing off a bag to my little sister.

“Thanks.” My little sister huffed, stomping away.

The girls disappeared and mom dropped my paper bag on the floor. “Ooops.” She said, then turned around and bent down to pick it up.

My dick got even harder as the t-shirt crept up over the globes of mom’s pointed ass. Her tan naked buns were spread slightly and along with her shaved snatch I could clearly see her cute crinkled butthole winking at me. She peeked back over her shoulder. “And lunch for you…” She said seductively.

I stood there in awe as mom wagged her meaty ass teasingly. “Make sure you eat it all up today.”

I nodded. “I will.”

Mom straightened back up and sashayed over to me with my lunch. She rose up on her tip toes and planted a soft sensual kiss on my lips. I felt her fingers clasp my erection and squeeze the bulbous tip. “See you at noon.”

It was enough to make my heart skip a beat.

As I scrambled off, I couldn’t help turn and take another look. Mom was leaned up against the counter looking back at me. One of her legs was bent at the knee with her foot arched. Her tan, silky soft legs looked amazing.

“Bye, Mom.” I muttered.

She giggled. “Bye, sweetheart.”


“There’s Grandma’s baby boy.” Carry, my mother-in-law sang as I stepped inside her front entry.

“Thanks so much for watching him, Carry.” I said, passing the baby off, along with the diaper bag.

“Oh stop that. This is what we Grandmas do.”

“This lunchtime program really seems to be helping Ricky a lot.” I said.

“Well, boys Ricky’s age have so many things distracting them in class, cute girls being first and foremost. I’m sure all the mothers helping out are doing their best to satisfy that hormonal teenage curiosity.”

I giggled. “Well, we’re trying.”

“Just be careful, darling. Keep things behind locked doors so marriages don’t get crushed. I’m sure it would break Ron’s heart if he knew bursa escort what you and Ricky were doing behind the doors of room 209.”

I nodded and smiled. “I know. Ron is a great husband and father. I love him so much, but he probably wouldn’t understand any of this. I’ll be careful.”

I met Gail and Tora at Kate’s Lovely Lingerie and Bikinis.

“We’re baaack.” Tora sang as we strutted inside.

“Gartered bra and panty sets, right?” Kate asked with a smile.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“I’ve already had a few Room 209 moms in here this morning. This way ladies.”

Kate led us back to the section we needed. “These over here are the lace sets. They come with the bra, thong panties and matching garters.”

“Oh, I love this one!” Tora said.

“That’s a sheer lace bra top with bow details and halter neckline. It comes with the strappy garter panty with adjustable straps, and matching stockings.”

“Oh, look at this black set. It has a cupless cage strap bra. I love those.” Gail said.

“The sheer garter belt on that one has satin ties at the front, leaving the mid-riff open.” Kate explained.

“Oh my God, my Ryan would love that!”

“Do you have any bridal sets?” I asked.

“Oh, shame, shame, Michelle.” Gail giggled.

“Someone’s going for super naughty.” Tora said.

“What, I’m just exploring all my options.” I said timidly.

“Right over here, dear.” Kate said.

“This one has a bridal bustier, cropped to show your tummy. The matching panty has a heart shaped cut out on the rear, removable garters and comes with sheer stockings.”

Gail gave me the wowed look. “Oh my God, Michelle…”

I nodded at Kate confidently. “That’s the one I want.”

After leaving Kate’s the three of us stopped by a shoe store to purchase sexy heels. The last stop was the salon for a trim, then it was on to Room 209.

Moms around the changing room cheerfully adorned themselves in their Gartered sets. “Fuck, this cage strap bra is so sexy!” Gail said, shaking her big naked tits as they hung out of the harness-style bra.

“Leaves nothing to the imagination, that’s for sure.” Tora giggled.

“Well your see-through mesh bra doesn’t leave much to the imagination either, Tora.” Gail said.

I rolled one of my stockings up my freshly shaved leg and attached it to the garter, then stood up and checked myself out in the mirror. The panties were Daisy Duke style and adorned in delicate lace. They were just sheer enough to see the defined V of my pubis.

We slipped on our 6 inch heels and I applied a light coat of lipstick. Tora posed, thrusting her big tits out as she looked herself over in the mirror. “Stunning, Tora.” I said.

“Good enough to harden a teenage dick?” She asked.


“Well look at you. That bridal set looks absolutely beautiful on you, Michelle.” Tora said.

“Thanks.” I said proudly gazing at myself in the mirror.

We fluffed our big manes of hair and applied a light spray of perfume.

“The bell just went off ladies.” A mom announced.

“It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve done anal. I know this is about the boys, but I am so looking forward to today.” Gail said.

“I guess that makes me selfish too, Gail. Two weeks is way too long to go without an ass-pounding.” Tora said.

“Ron hates anal. He says it feels awkward.” I said.

“Yeah, if you don’t know how to do it right.” Gail laughed, rolling her eyes.

“I hear that. I love my hubby, but he has neither the rhythm or the stamina that Stephen has.” Tora said.

“Well, I only hope Ricky likes anal sex as much as his mother does.” I said.

“Are you kidding me, girl, turn around.” Tora said.

I turned, displaying my backside in the mirror. A naked patch of meaty tanned bare buttocks was framed in heart-shaped lace. “You have the most luscious ass I’ve ever seen on a woman. Trust me, your son would crawl through broken glass to tap that ass.”


“So both our moms showed us their asses this morning. Stephen said his mom did too. That can only mean one thing, anal sex today dude!” Ryan said as we sprinted across the ball field.

Just the thought of it made my heart nearly race out of my chest with excitement. “I hope you’re right.”

We reached the house and filed down the stairs with the other boys. Once in the room, I shed my clothes and Ryan, Stephen and I stood near each other stroking our dicks.

Soon the door opened and in came the moms.

“Oh fuck yeah!!” Ryan shouted when he saw what they were wearing.

Finally, our three moms came striding in together. Goddamn! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Mom was wearing a gorgeous bridal bra and panty set, with garters, stockings and a sexy pair of white stiletto heels.

“Hi boys!” Ryan’s mom said, her big alabaster tits quaking as they hung naked from her sling bra.

“We missed those hard hunky dicks.” Stephen’s mom said, licking her lips.

Mom stopped and struck a pose in front of me, with her hands on her hips and a leg bursa escort bayan cocked out. “What do you think, darling? Did you ever think you’d see your mom in garters?”

“I bet he dreamed about it.” Gail said.

Mom cocked an eyebrow as she looked at me questioningly. “Did you dream about it, sweetheart? Did you dream about seeing mommy in her naughty negligee?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Mmm, show him your ass, Michelle.” Gail said, spinning my mom around slowly.

“Holy shit, dude!!” Ryan shouted, making all the moms giggle as we stared at my mom’s ass through a heart-shaped cutout in her panties.

“Wow!” I muttered, jacking my hard cock to the site of it.

The other mom’s turned around too, displaying their thonged asses.


I peeked back as I bent forward, sticking my butt out for my son’s ogling eyes. His long hard dick looked so beautiful slipping through his fist, the big barbed head naked and shiny with precum. My butthole let out a throb and my bowels quivered with anticipation.

“Mmm, those big fucking teenage dicks.” Gail said, wagging her thonged ass.

“Wow, their shafts are so fucking hard. Look at how long and thick they are.” Tora added.

Gail looked over at me with the horniest look I’d ever seen on her. “God, that dick is gonna feel so good in my ass.”

“Ricky’s is too.” I admitted. Yes I was a mother without shame and I was loving every second of it.

“Look at their asses dude, look at how they’re jiggling.” I heard Gail’s son say.

I knew my asshole was throbbing almost uncontrollably, eager to be stuffed by Ricky’s stiff prick. I looked back over my wagging buns into the eyes of my boy. “I love you.” I mouthed.

“I love you.” He mouthed back.

My eyes moved down to his erection, staring hungrily. Then, back up to his eyes with a look of un-motherly intentions.

We turned and danced for our teens, throwing our gartered clad bodies around to the beat of the music.

The boys just stood there staring, mouths agape as they jacked their dicks to the site of us.

“Time to smother those dicks ladies!” A mom shouted.

“Yay!” Tora shouted.


The moms grasped us by our dicks and led us into the bunk room.

“Have a seat boys.” Ryan’s mom said.

Once we were seated at the edge of the bunk, the three moms slipped out of their heels, turned with their backs to us and began taking their panties off. Mom slowly unhooked her garters. She peeled her lace panties over the smooth tan globes of her ass, exposing all her naked buns. They took their time, watching us stroke our pricks while they undressed.

Mom slowly slid her panties down her stockinged legs and stepped out of them. She then reached around, unclasped her bra and slipped it off, as did the other moms. Their big naked tits bobbled heavily on their chests. Now nearly nude, our moms sat down across from us and unrolled their stockings down their sexy legs.

“Holy shit, they’re getting naked dude.” Ryan said as we stroked our cocks.

“Are you guys gonna fuck us?” Stephen asked.

His mom smiled salaciously, sliding a stocking down her silky leg. “We are gonna fuck you, baby boy. We’re gonna fuck you with our asses today.”

“Yes! I knew it dude!” Ryan said excitedly.

“Does that sound good to you, sweetheart?” Mom asked, extending her leg and peeling the stocking from her flexed bare foot.

“Hell yeah!” I muttered, my heart pounding a mile a minute.

She smiled and winked. “Good. I hoped it would.”.

Mom stood up and removed her garter belt.

Now completely naked, the three moms slid past us, crawling onto the bunk. Their big hanging tits swung on their chests. The three of them paused on all fours and peeked back at us. “Well, now that we’re all naked, let’s get it on boys.” Ryan’s mom said.

Mom looked back at me and winked, giving her smooth half-globes an inviting wag.

Stephen’s mom passed a bottle back. “Lube those dicks up and come mount our asses boys.”

We didn’t have to be asked twice. After coating my hardon with lube, I crawled up behind mom. This was it! I was gonna fuck mom’s ass, I couldn’t believe it. I looked mom in the face. She seemed as anxious as I was.

I pressed the tip of my lance against the lips of her butthole and thrust a little. I felt her butt socket slip around my knob and fit around the ridge of my corona. Mom gazed back at me lovingly through fluttering lashes. “That’s it, sweetie, give me your dick.”

I thrust forward and felt my meaty muscle sink into the hot slippery grip of her ass. “Oh damn, mom!” I muttered.

“Fuckn-a!!” Ryan shouted and I glanced over to see him already balls-deep in his mom’s ass.

“That’s it boys, come on, fuck our asses!” Stephen’s mom said, thrusting her sexy ass back around Stephen’s dick.

The three of us boys thrust our hips and fell into a ball-bumping rhythm. I watched mom’s ass cheeks ripple as they struck my midsection on each thrust. Her asshole squeezed on my dick as it slipped in and escort bursa out of her gripping rectum.

Mom gazed back at my in ecstacy. “That’s it, Ricky, fuck my ass harder honey!”

She threw her buns back at me, meeting me thrust for thrust.


It all seemed so surreal. My own son fucked his cock full length up my ass, slamming his groin to my ass-cheeks. His prick felt so thick and hot slipping up and down my ass channel.

I glanced over at my best friend Gail as she let out moans of delight. Her long silky brown hair swirled like a soft cloud around her head. Totally abandoned, she buffeted back harder and harder against her son’s heavily pistoning shaft, her big tits swinging on her chest.

“Oh shit man, this feels so good!” Her son sighed.

Our motherly hips were a veritable blur of motion, twisting, bucking like proud mares being ridden for the first time bareback. “Oooohh yes, Stephen, fuck meee!” Tora whimpered.

The slapping of flesh against flesh was seemingly as loud as a sonic boom in the tiny bunk room. I could feel Ricky’s eyes glued to the trembling half- moons of my ass as we moved in sync. Moms throughout Room 209 moaned in delight. I joined the chorus, letting out a high-pitched squeal of pleasure. “Aaaaaggghhh!”

I worked my hips and mommy-ass like a spring, banging it back against my son’s hard abdomen. My heavy tits flapped. I grunted, panted, tossing my head. Fuck my husband! Fuck everyone! I felt no self-consciousness about giving my ass to my son. I knew my uninhibited display of fuck-lust was only turning him on more and more.

Ricky suddenly pulled out and I felt the air licking the edges of my open asshole. “You ok, sweetheart?” I asked, gazing back.

“I almost shot,” he said, his shiny barbed tip twitching.

“Better now?”

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“Ok, put it back in and fuck my ass some more.”

His hardened muscle slipped back through my asshole and we continued fucking.


“Oh damn, this is where it’s at dude!” Ryan said, looking over at my mom’s ass as it pounded against my midsection.

I took a good look at the upturned asses of the other two moms, sweat-sheened globes of jiggling ass-flesh beating back against Ryan and Stephen’s dicks. “You got that right.”

“Mm, you liking that boys? Do these asses feel good on those dicks?” Stephen’s mom asked, as all three moms peeked back at us.

“Ohhh, hell yeah!” Stephen responded.

“Those young bitches across the street can’t work their sweet asses like we moms can.” Ryan’s mom said.

“Bet you never knew mom’s ass could give you pleasure like this, did you sweetie?” Mom asked, smiling back at me as she swung her sweaty buttocks up and down the length of my erection.

“Mmm grab our soft hips boys, really lay into our asses.” Stephen’s mom said.

The three of us complied, using our grips as leverage and really driving our dicks deep in their asses. Whack, whack, whack! Our firm bellies clapped against their upturned buns as we fucked.

“Oh yesss!!” Mom cried.

“Aaaaaggghhh!!” Ryan’s mom screeched.

“Oh damn, look at their tits guys!” Stephen panted.

I looked down to see mom’s big boobs swinging wildly in rhythm to our butt-fuck. The other moms tits were doing the same thing, huge hanging melons flapping all around.. “That is so cool.” I said.

“Why don’t you try laying up against us while you fuck, boys, that way you can reach around and hold on to our big breasts..” Stephen’s mom suggested.

I bent down, laying against mom’s back, then reached around and took big handfuls of doughy breast-meat. “Oh yeah!” I muttered, as mom continued working her ass on my dick, squeezing her asshole around the meat of my prick.

My head was now hovering over mom’s shoulder and she turned and gazed at me. “Hi.” She said sweetly, her face blushing with pleasure.

“Hi.” I smiled.

“That ass feel good?”

“Oh, mom, I love your ass.” I muttered.

Mom gave me a naughty grin. “Mmm I love your big cock.”

Mom’s eyes rolled back as she craned her neck back to get her face closer to mine. “Kiss me.” She whispered, then extended her long pink tongue from her mouth and wiggled it up and down invitingly.

I spit mine out and our tongues danced together wildly. Fucking awesome! Mom sucked my tongue into her mouth and scrapped her teeth against it.

I felt her ass tract tighten.

“Ohhhh shit, I’m gonna cum!!” Mom suddenly cried.

“Oh God, Michelle, me too!!” Stephen’s mom screamed.

“Meee three!!” Ryan’s mom shrieked.

I felt mom’s lush body tense up like a board. Her slippery ass tract squeezed and rippled on my prick. Suddenly, all three moms were screaming and shaking. It was wild!

“Mom! Oh, fuck!” I performed a jerking dance as my prick shuddered and flexed, pumping out spurt after spurt of hot thick cum.

“Oh Goddamn cumfuckingshit!!” Ryan shouted as he too spouted off.

“Ohhhnnngg, mommy!!” Stephen cried as his dick started squirting semen.

All of our naked bodies were creaming at once, like one big group orgasm. I nearly passed out from the pleasure of mom’s rubbery rectum squeezing and sucking on the glans of my dick. I continued to hump mom’s ass as the orgasm just seemed to go on and on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32