Rose’s Awakening Ch. 06

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I gasped, “How long have you been standing there?” My mind was racing, damn this was not part of the plan. I had been so careful, I had laid out and gone through step by step procedures to ensure that there would be no mishaps. I glanced from one person back to the other. “I thought I told you,” I was pissed and yelling now, “to wait until I summoned you!” My estranged wife Julia stood there, a wicked smile spreading across her sweet lips. “Well, now I see why,” she teased, “you have been creating a slut to take my place.” Julia shook her head slowly her tone of voice betraying her excitement, “And with our daughter no less.” Julia walked closer to the bed leading her companion with her, Julia was still exquisite in her beauty but she knew she had the upper hand momentarily and it shone in her eyes. She looked to her friend and asked if she had enjoyed the show as well. “Oh Julia,” her friend breathlessly replied, “I have had the pleasure of being fucked by that cock and watching it and now and I can’t decide which is better.”

I looked at Annie, wondering how she fit into all of this, what the hell was she doing with my wife at this exact moment. I had expected her but not so soon after leaving her shop. I had planned on enjoying her once again tonight along with my daughter. The whole time Rose, just lay there with a content smile upon her face. I had pulled out of her when I turned towards the voices before, but she had managed to slip her hand back around my cock and was now stroking it and preparing it for another bout of sex. Julia just stood there with a look of awe on her face as her daughter slid down head first beneath the sheet and wrapped her lips around my cock. “Rose,” I commanded, “STOP THAT NOW!” Oh but she wouldn’t pull away in fact she did quite the opposite, she slid her legs open and lifted one over my head and pushed her pussy now drenched in our mixed juices back towards my mouth. I raised my hand to spank her ass and that’s when things went awry. My hand was caught in midspank, Julia’s slender hands locked around my wrist and she pulled my hand up to the head board and lock it in the restraint there. I reached to undo it with my free hand when another pair of hands grabbed that wrist and pulled it up into a separate restraint. Just then Rose pulled away and spun around popping her head from beneath the covers, the playful grin on her face told me I was fucked.

“Well, Master” she giggled, “It appears you are on the opposite end of the spectrum for once.” She looked from her mother to Annie and back to me. “I see three very horny submissive women that have at one time or another felt the sting of your hand bare or wielding a whip,paddle or device of your choosing.” She paused before excitedly continuing, “I know all three have felt your glorious cock, and you are about to find out just what creative sluts we can be.” This is when Julia chimed in, “You see Tyler….I mean um Sir, we know exactly how well you plan things, Rose came to me about three months prior to her birthday and told me of her feelings for you.” Julia took another breath before revealing more, “We worked out details carefully to entrap you, I want you to know now that there is no anger about this from me. I have loved you for so long Tyler Sir, and Rose wanted to find a Master, and lose her virginity to Him.” I lay there listening as my arms pulled at the restraints as I tried to free my wrists. My mind refusing to believe I had been tricked into all of this, I felt a sharp slap across my thigh bring my attention right back to Julia as she spoke. “Honey,” her honey voice trembled slightly, “I wanted her to have the man she loved, the Master who would not just rush into taking her sweet little virgin pussy until she was ready.” Just then Annie chose to speak up, she had remained relatively silent to this point. “Sir, we all knew it would be a matter of time until you were tempted to cross that fine line of morality.” Her little sultry voice squeaked as she spoke,”So Julia called my shop and inquired if I would help, figuring once Rose had found a way to make you give in you would come looking for new toys and a collar and I would be able to alert her that the process had started.”

Rose slid her nails up and down my thighs never scratching roughly just teasing enough to keep my cock rigid. I could feel her warm pussy, slick with our cum rubbing against my leg as she rocked slowly back and forth on her heels. Rose spoke up again using that sexy little girl voice again, “Master, don’t look so shocked, I am after all a product of you and mommy. So the scheming came natural,” she giggled. I was feeling a whirlwind of emotions at this point, rage at being tied up, the thrill at the influx of thoughts that were generating quickly in my mind. “Daddy, for the rest of today it is a little payback.” My eyes bugged out and I felt My breath catch on the lump in my throat. “Until midnight tonight, we are going to spank, whip, tease, torture and abuse your body,” she was speaking with such confidence that I was shocked. “Yes, if your wondering,” Julia quipped, “we three are going to use a dildo on your fine muscular Master ass. We are going to do all the nasty things you’ve done to us.” It was Annie’s turn to speak now, “When the clock strikes midnight tonight, you will be released Sir. Then you will have bursa escort three submissive whores at your every beck and call from now until you tire of us.” Annie reached into the backpack she had brought with her that had escaped my notice until then, she withdrew three long sheets of paper, handing one to Julia and one to the naked Rose who was still sliding her naked puss against my leg. “These Sir,” she started once more, “Are binding contracts, our commitment to you, they state that we shall never leave you unless so commanded. That we are here for your pleasure and no one else’s unless you so instruct. We also added in that all three of us will live here with our Master, collared loved and content. I will keep my shop and still work as well as your wife but Rose is free to attend college via the Internet or she may go to the nearest university.”

Each of the women signed a copy of the contract and then showed me her signature. Each one was then placed on the nightstand, beside the bed. Julia spoke first now,”Do you agree to this Tyler Sir?” I thought for a moment, well what was there really to think about, I could agree and be humiliated and used and given a lot of pain for one day. Then I would have three mouths, six tits, three pussies and asses at my disposal at all times. I looked at the clock near the bed, 1:40 P.M. Well ten hours and twenty minutes of pain for a lifetime of three hot, insatiable, submissive women. I nodded my affirmation. “No, Daddy!” Rose barked, “Yes, Mistress’ is your reply for the rest of the day!” Well, fine I thought, I will just take everything they do today and return it tenfold at midnight and everyday there after that I feel the need to.

All three of these women knew it was not in my nature to submit but they were about to switch and be in command. I wondered if they really understood the severe consequences they were going to be withstanding later when this was over. I resolved in my mind not to cry out beg or plead during any of the things they had planned for me. My own stubborn way of remaining in control, I couldn’t show weakness only contempt. I had to remain a Master in there minds as well as my own. I had never been subjected to this other side and I was not pleased but I had agreed. I pondered that as they led me to the basement, why had I agreed so easily. For they would still have willingly been my playthings, perhaps I secretly longed to spend half a day under duress. To become one with the other side of misery and pain. Not the one wielding the whip but the one whom loves and subjects themselves to endure it for his/her Master or Mistress. Truth be told the whippings with the straps and being spankings wouldn’t bother me as much as they hoped, the pain would be welcomed for I had always had a high pain threshold and had been curious as to how much pain I could suffer.

With my hands bound behind me, the three led me to the basement making sure I did not stumble and fall down the steps either time. I was led to the hooks in the soundproof room and My hands were separated from one another long enough to lift them high above my head and secure them to the hooks. I shook off the women and placed my own hand there looping the eyelets in the restraints through the hooks in the ceiling. I spread my legs wide and allowed them to bind my ankles and lock them into the chains on the floor as I dangled somewhat helplessly there. Rose took a moment to walk around to my front and look into my eyes, “Daddy,” her hands reached up to stroke my cock as she spoke, “I love you and promise that nothing will be done to you, that you cannot withstand.” Julia never one to be quiet for long added, “Oh but honey we are going to push you to that limit and love every minute of it.” Annie added her two cents as well, “I think,” she said in her sultry voice, “that you are going to enjoy this is you just relax, if not it is going to be a long day Tyler.” I noticed each had been careful not to address me as Sir or anything else that would remind them of them of the fierce reckoning that would come later. I then heard a rather unnerving sound, someone dialing a cellphone and then I heard Julia’s voice start to speak slowly. “Melissa, Hi this is Julia honey,” her voice was calm, “Yes, that issue we discussed before is underway now. Could you come over and assist in the manner we spoke about?” She paused and then giggled and said, “Oh, yes the more the merrier.” She hung up and then I heard or should say I sensed it before I felt and heard it.

The whip lashed across my back. Fuck, I thought, that really hurts. Crack! “You will count you worthless,” she paused unknowing how to continue, “You will count you worthless daughter fucking sick twisted bastard.” I slowly shook my head, hell no I silently thought maintaining an inner dialogue with myself. I will in no way give into this that easily, if she wants to hear me utter the words and count then she had best step up and show me she deserved it. I could relinquish my control but not halfassed. These women were playing with fire and indecisiveness was going to get them nowhere. I couldn’t or wouldn’t give them the satisfaction to think they could just Switch to “playing” Mistress’ and get the respect they desired. CRACK! My back and the top of my ass stung in ways I had failed to imagine. The sting was bursa escort bayan equal to white hot embers being spread across my back. “FUCK YOU!” I yelled out. CRACK.THWACK. Shit, now it was the paddle following the whip. Rose still stood before me smiling up wickedly, her grin was that of a little girl with a new dolly. She had a new plaything if only for a few hours. I hung there my arms aching as the whip lashed out snapping down across my back. Every muscled in my arms begged for a bit of relief. I flexed as much as I could and pulled up in a chin up fashion relieving My forearms for a moment there was no way this was happening. THWACK! CRACK. I lurched again dropping back down to the hanging position. The women got quicker and harder in their swatting and whippings. Oh for the love of god just do it harder and faster I prayed. I can withstand all they dole out. But I refuse to utter another word. I had failed to notice that I had cried out during the last few whips. But I still would not utter a number, no counting, nothing. Suddenly the lashings stopped and the lights went out downstairs. Rose was still nearby for I could smell her scent. The others could be heard going up the steps and directly above us now. Rose took this opportunity to wrap her wet willing lips around My cock and suck hungrily. She facefucked herself hard and fast. Licking my shaft with every downward bob, her hands cupping and lifting my balls as she sucked my hard flesh. She pulled away long enough to lick the tip and swirl her tongue around the sensitive head.

“Rose, up here now!” her mother summoned. Rose broke away giggling saying, “Eventually tonight Daddy, I will taste your seed.” She ran from me and was up the stairs in a flash as I hung there in agony. My full body weight bared on my arms. They had decided to leave me to contemplate this utter disastrous situation as I swayed slightly on the hooks. My cock was left throbbing and in need of release. My back welting and burning still from the lashes. I started to formulate in my head all the actions of recourse that I would take upon them to distract myself from my discomfort.

Suddenly I heard footsteps again and turned my neck as far as I could trying to see what was about to happen next. This was an impossible task as the lights were still off and the only comfort I had was that at midnight I was to be freed and then….. “Boys, get him down off the hooks and put him on his knees before his Mistress.” “Dammit”, I swore under my breath they had contacted Melissa. Well this proved to me two very unique thoughts, the first being that these three were not confident enough in there own rite to attempt to control and use me alone. The second thought was just as simple, that if they couldn’t do it they would bring in one that they were sure could. I felt the two men lift me up and unhook my hands and was surprised to hear one of their voices whisper into my ear,”Sir, what would you have us do?” I answered in a whisper barely audible, “Do as your Mistress commands, but as it nears midnight keep her here until the others release me. I will not harm either of you, but your Mistress is going to learn the grave mistake of her participation tonight.” Just then I was turned and lowered to my knees, I fought this as much as I could. Or so I had hoped it would appear to the women, I had actually just been stretching and refused to go to my knees without some display of disobedience. The two hulking subs pushed me down to my knees and Melissa spoke once more. “How does it feel Tyler to be on your knees before a true Mistress?” she inquired. I laughed and spat at the floor in her direction, “Fuck you Melissa, your not my Mistress, you don’t have it in you to command the likes of me.”

The backhanded blow that she delivered made me wonder if perhaps she really did know what would break me. I licked my lips tasting the blood and glared up into her eyes, “Is that the best you have bitch?” She looked to the two men next to me and told them to gag me with the cock gag upon the wall. I laughed once more and spoke with rage, “Remember Melissa you will eventually be answering for every action tonight. You do know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction right?” Just then her foot came up between my spread knees and connected with my scrotum. I doubled over, my head pressed to the carpet as I fought the urge to vomit. The man to my left lifted my torso back up and held me still, the man to the right put the gag into my mouth with a bit of reluctance, a moments hesitation that only I noticed but, it let me know that these two would help later when I was the one standing before the kneeling foursome of sluts. I accepted the gag and felt the cock press deep into my mouth, the thought was nearly enough to make me retch once more but that would be a sign of weakness and I would be damned if I gave over to it. “Place him on the table face down and bind him,” Melissa’s voice had a chill to it that I somehow found fascinating. I felt the two subs grab My arms again and pull me up and lay me on the table face down. Ok I thought, if this is how she plans on doing it let her do her worst. I turned My head and glared at the four women to My right, by god they were beautiful even in this rage I was feeling. I let my body go limp and heard Melissa instruct the other escort bursa three to go and pick out a whip or paddle. Shit, four at once, this was not possible. “You two stand over there and Rose take your place beside me,” she definitely sounded like the few Mistress’ I knew, ” Julia, you stand higher and whip the lines in his back, Rose you paddle the right side of his ass, Annie you have the left side, I will whip this impudent pricks thighs and legs.” Oh for the love of god how was I going to withstand this. I knew one at a time I could handle it, but there was about to be 18 leather straps and 2 paddles striking My flesh simultaneously.

It began without a word, THWACK! CRACK! CRACK! THWACK! , “OOHH FUCK,” I cried although muffled by the phallus gag in my mouth. I couldn’t imagine enduring this for long but I also had no other choice, I had sealed my fate this afternoon. My back, ass and legs all tensed under the pain. I bit the cock in my mouth clamping my teeth down, my mouth was getting dry quickly and I was gagging on the gag. The whips came less than a second apart and both paddles crashed down on my ass hard. The welts already tingled and itched and I knew that I would never be the same again. I would loathe these two whip wielding bitches greatly. Perhaps after I returned the favor later tonight I would feel somewhat better but I could neither fathom nor entertain that thought now as I braced myself for the next round. The pace would quicken and then each would bring down her whip or paddle five and then ten seconds apart. They were toying with me, and I knew the two men before me watching were in awe and surprise at the level of pain that was being inflicted. I also didn’t last too long before I started to sob and felt the first tears streak down my face. How I had managed to last that long was out of sheer willpower. I managed to sob as quietly as possible, it was still loud enough though to draw the attention of one of the subs. He tentatively reached forward and went to make as if he were adjusting the gag on My chaffed neck and he let his other hand sneak beneath and wipe the tears from My face.

Suddenly the whippings stopped and I thanked the gods that they had but I also was torn between craving more and fearing what may come next. Jake the larger of the two subs leaned down and whispered, “It’s already ten o’clock Sir.” I must have passed out at some point, so the whippings hadn’t stopped they had continued well after I had passed out. I felt the hot sticky places upon my back and thighs. These weren’t welts this was dried and in some places still flowing blood. I had never broken the skin on one of these four women and yet they had broken a cardinal rule amongst us all. I wouldn’t retaliate in the same manner and draw blood but they shall wish I do. I jerked as I felt a hand spread each asscheek and then felt the cold lube being generously applied there. Fingers harshly invaded my anus pushing past the little ring no matter how hard I clenched. I was then just growing accustomed when the twelve inch dildo was thrust in My face and shown to Me. “Oh My god,” I tried to scream around the gag, “You cannot fuck me with that!” My pleas fell on deaf ears though for none of the women could understand at this point the begging I was doing. They only could see the panic as I struggled against the bindings and restraints. Then it happened, it wasn’t slow and easy it was the raping of My ass. Hard and brutal, she (Oh if I find out which she it was I thought) just shoved it deep and start working it inside my now unvirginal ass. IT was twisted and driven deeper and deeper, how deep I had no idea until I felt her pull it out and then shove it all the way down until her fingertips touched the sides of my asscrack. My lord they shoved twelve inches of rubber cock inside my ass, how could they I wondered even try to do this. But as I was fighting the feeling it took a turn for the worse.

I found myself enjoying this, and then the panel to the table slipped away and I felt a mouth cover one of my nipples and then another mouth upon the other. Teeth grazed my nipples as tongues flicked and lapped away at them, I found my hips rising against the dildo and I cursed myself. I couldn’t possibly be enjoying this, but then another sensation was added, a mouth clamped around my cock and I knew at once it was Melissa, for the other three women each had their own specific technique but this was a learned method that I had experienced before. It felt different than the way Rose would attack and wrap her full pouty lips around me teasingly. I had yet to feel Annie’s oral talents, and Julia well after 18 years if you don’t know how your wife sucks your cock something is wrong. I thought back to when Charlie and I had swapped partners a few nights and practiced what we had each learned as we gained knowledge in the lifestyle. Yes, this had to be Melissa’s mouth surging forward on my cock. The way she twisted her mouth as she came away. I knew that it would only take a few more strokes for the jism to come spurting forth from My cock but she stopped. The women knew I hadn’t cum since earlier today when I had plowed deep inside Rose’s freshly deflowered cunt and released a mammoth load inside her. I figured it to be nearing eleven PM now, they had kept me hard for nearly nine hours and I couldn’t even beg for release. The dildo still ramming in and out of my now stretched ass was starting to increasingly feel good. No longer did I loathe it for the pain in my ass had taken my mind off of the pain spread across my backside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32