Rx for Sex Ch. 02 – No Prescription Required

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It had been only two days since Stephen finally left his grandmother’s house to enjoy his summer vacation from school at Arizona State with his friends. What was supposed to be a three-day visit turned into a ten-day exploration of sex and a redefining of the love shared between grandmother and grandson. Mildred Withersbee was a bit sad to see her grandson go, but he did plan to cut his time short at the beach to return to her early so they could continue with their new-found sexual relationship. In the meantime, all Mildred could do was wait. Then, the unexpected happened.

Mildred was not necessarily watching TV but looking through it as her thoughts were centered on Stephen. Her phone rang, pulling her back to the here and now. She looked at the caller ID before answering and was surprised to see that it was a call from her granddaughter, Stephen’s sister, Bethany. Mildred gave an apprehensive, “Hello?”

“Hi, Grandma. It’s Bethany. How are you?”

It had been almost six months since Mildred last heard from her granddaughter. The reason for that was that Bethany was a bodybuilder who spent the majority of her days in the gym when not engaged in contests. She had gotten into competitive bodybuilding a little over three years ago, and the deeper she got involved, the more her family was orphaned from her. This is why it was such a treat when she did call. Then again, one couldn’t help but wonder if the call was to deliver some less than favorable news, either. Mildred hoped for the best as she said, “Hello, dear. It’s been a while. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”

“Can’t a granddaughter call her grandmother just for the joy of speaking with her?”

“She could,” Mildred answered. “Are you?”

Bethany laughed. “Actually, I’m calling for a couple of reasons. First, I will be competing in a contest next week in Tampa, and since Venice is not too far, I figured I could stay with you afterwards, if you’re okay with that. Second, Stephen told me he stayed almost two weeks with you and you two had a great time together, so yeah, I’m a bit jealous and I want some ‘Grandma Time’ of my own.”

“Oh, I’d love to have you stay,” Mildred told Bethany. “It’s been almost four years since I last saw you, dear. I hope you can stay for more than a few days.”

“How about an entire week?” Bethany proposed.

“That would be fine,” Mildred answered, “and don’t you worry one bit about your dietary needs. I’m going to go high protein, low carbs, and lots of veggies. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great, Grandma. I’ll give you a more comprehensive list once I arrive. And don’t worry. I’ll pay for my own food. It can get pretty expensive.”

“Oh, fiddlesticks!” Mildred exclaimed. “You just leave everything to me.”

They chatted a bit more, then Bethany closed the conversation. Mildred immediately called Stephen. “Hey, sexy,” he answered when his phone rang.

Mildred blushed. “You know I can’t say what I want to, but that’s not why I’m calling. Did you put your sister up to visiting me?”

“I figured it had been just as long since you had last seen her as it had been for you seeing me, Grandma, so yeah, I did. Should I not have?”

“No-no, it’s quite alright,” Mildred answered. Then, a bit hesitantly, “You … uh … didn’t tell her anything, did you?”

“Of course not,” Stephen assured her. “It’s our secret.”

“Good, because—”

“Look, Grandma: I hate to cut this short, but everyone’s waiting on me for water polo. Call you later tonight?”

“Okay,” Mildred responded, and ended the call. She wondered if Stephen was with some sweet, young girl, then decided that it didn’t matter. She slid a hand between her legs and began to masturbate. Thirty seconds later and she didn’t have a care in the world.

Almost a week later, Mildred received another call bursa escort from her granddaughter. “Good news,” Bethany told her. “I was able to fly in a day early, so I’d really like to stop by and see you if you’re not busy.”

“Oh, Bethany. That would be wonderful, dear. Shall I pick you up?”

“No. No need. I already have a car reserved,” Bethany told her. “I should touch down in Tampa around noon, and it being just seventy-five miles to Venice, I should be there by one-thirty.”

“Shall I fix you dinner?” Mildred asked. “I have been practicing my recipes for you.”

“Tonight, let me treat you,” Bethany suggested. “When I stay after the competition, I promise to let you cook to your heart’s content.”

“That will be fine, dear,” Mildred responded. Bethany stated that she was about to board her plane, so Mildred ended the conversation with, “I can’t wait to see you, Bethany. Bye.”

It was 1:35 when Bethany arrived, and Mildred wouldn’t have recognized her if she hadn’t been expecting her. She opened the door after a series of knocks, then said, “Oh, goodness me!” when she stood in the shadow of her gargantuan granddaughter. Bethany scooped Mildred up and gave her a big hug, causing an unexpected, “Whoo-hoo,” to escape her lips.

“How are you, Grandma?”

Mildred stared in disbelief. “Bethany, you look like that ‘Her-Hulk.'”

Bethany laughed. “That’s ‘She-Hulk,’ but yeah. That’s a compliment. Thanks.”

Mildred allowed her granddaughter ingress as she said, “Well, you certainly look healthy, dear, although …”

“What?” Bethany asked, concerned over some flaw she may not have noticed.

“Just call me old-fashioned, but women are supposed to be soft and feminine, not hard and masculine,” Mildred responded.

“Women can be anything they choose to be, Grandma,” Bethany retorted without cynicism. “You are a product of the patriarchal mindset that has plagued women for millennia, but if you just open your mind to—”

“I am a product of nothing, young lady,” Mildred snapped. “Women can be doctors and lawyers, hold positions in Congress and the Senate, can be astronauts or even President of Fortune Five Hundred companies or the United States of America. I’ll have you know that I was with Anita Bryant in the seventies, burning my bra and advocating women’s rights.”

“I’m sorry-I’m sorry,” Bethany said as she defensively held her hands in front of her. “I didn’t know you did all that stuff, Grandma, and you’re right, for me to equate bodybuilding to the real accomplishments women have made was wrong.”

“Well then,” Mildred said with a smile, “let’s just put this misunderstanding behind us, shall we? What would you like to do?”

“Stephen said you had a nice pool” Bethany said a bit cautiously. “I wouldn’t mind getting some sun before tomorrow’s competition, but only if you join me and you make me a glass of that wonderful lemonade of yours.”

“Done, and done,” Mildred said. “You go on out and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be along directly. Oh, and towels are in the closet in the hallway.” Mildred disappeared into the kitchen to get the lemonade. She filled a glass with ice, then with the sweetly sour concoction that her children and grandchildren had come to love over the years. The thought of mixing in one of her panaceas never crossed her mind, and why should it? She found nothing even remotely attractive about some muscle-bound woman, granddaughter or not.

“Here you go, dear,” Mildred said as she stepped onto the back deck. “Just the way you rememb —Bethany?” She looked at her granddaughter, who was topless and wearing a thong that she had just begun to remove.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I can leave them on, if you prefer, though it may mean an uneven tan.”

“Nonsense,” Mildred said. “Just do as you normally would.”

“Are you bursa escort bayan sure? You seemed taken aback by my nudity.”

“Actually, Bethany, I was in awe of your body,” Mildred said in correcting her granddaughter. “I can see you have put in a lot of effort to be as you are.”

“Look at this,” Bethany said, then began going through her routine of poses. After a few minutes, she stopped and asked, “What do you think of that?”

“I think I owe you an apology,” Mildred said. “You are a very beautiful woman; feminine, even, regardless of how muscular you are.”

“Thank you, Grandma,” Bethany said as she finally took a few gulps of the lemonade. “Wow, just like I remember.” She wiped at her mouth, then said, “I doubt I’d look so feminine without these.” She clasped her naked breasts in her hands. “Cost me about four thousand dollars.”

“You got a boob job?”

“I had to,” Bethany answered. “Breasts are almost all fatty tissue, so the more one works out, the more the fat goes away.”

“Do they feel real?” Mildred asked.

“See for yourself,” Bethany invited, and Mildred did. She took one in each of her hands, lightly squeezing them. They felt natural enough. The nipples even stiffened as she caressed them. Unashamed, Bethany allowed her grandmother to continue for as long as she wished.

“I must admit, they’re really nice,” Mildred said as she removed her hands. “Now go on, strip down and get yourself some sun.” When Bethany removed her thong, Mildred noticed the size of her clit. “Oh, I see you inherited the family jewel.”

“The family jewel?” Bethany asked, then followed her grandmother’s stare to between her legs. “Oh, that. It grew the more I worked out. Increased blood flow to the area, and what not.”

“Oh,” Mildred said, a bit puzzled. “Well, mine came naturally to me. It’s about as big as yours, if not a little longer.”

“You’re lying,” Bethany said with a light laugh, but immediately stopped when her grandmother removed her own clothes and showed off her own clit. She looked on, wide-eyed.

“See?” Mildred said as she manipulated it through her fingers. It even stiffened, becoming fully erect. “Oh, dear. I didn’t mean for that to happen.” She completely ignored the fact that she was wet between her legs.

Bethany noticed not just her grandmother’s enormous clit, but her shaved labia as they glistened in the sun. Bethany was no stranger to the female form as she was as bi as the day was long. She felt her own clit begin to stiffen and a moistness between her own legs as she continued to stare. She never would have imagined that looking at her grandmother’s naked body could turn her on so, and a quick look into Mildred’s eyes told her the same to be true with her. She really didn’t know what to say or do, which is why the “Um …” that sprang forth from her lips was not immediately followed by anything else.

Mildred was presented with the same quandary. Although she had never had sex with a woman before, she would readily invite such right now. Had Stephen left her just that horny? Had she decided that one grandchild was just as good as the other? Was it a sexual awakening, of sorts, to the point that she was comfortable becoming more adventurous, regardless of the gender of her partner? She decided it was all three, perhaps which is why she said, “You know, when Stephen was here, he really enjoyed sucking this for me.”

“What?” It was almost silent, and definitely unbelieving.

“Yes, dear. Your brother and I enjoyed many nights of making love to one another.” She said this as she rubbed at herself, covering her erect clit in a glaze of cum. “Oh, the things he did to me … The way he made me cum. He’s supposed to cut his vacation short so we can be with one another again before he heads back to college.” Bethany just stared at her grandmother, escort bursa her eyes more on her clit than her face. Mildred finally reached out an arm and said, “You can suck it if you like, Bethany.” She eased herself back on the chaise lounge and spread her legs wide.

Tentatively, Bethany reached out and accepted Mildred’s hand, then walked to the foot of the chaise. She bent down and without hesitation began to eat her grandmother’s pussy but stopped immediately as a bone-shuddering orgasm rocked her body. She could feel her clit spasm and palpitate as cum oozed from her. The moment passed, then Bethany began to once again lap at her grandmother’s pussy. Mildred’s cum had a rich, thick texture she had never before encountered, and she loved it. She would lap a little, then suck Mildred’s clit a little, then go back to lapping again, until she had helped Mildred reach that special place.

“Oh, dear heavens,” Mildred shouted as she came, then her laughter filled the neighborhood. It was a high laugh, more like a witch’s cackle, that had been the byproduct of her orgasms for the past fifty years. She held onto Bethany’s head as she thrust her pelvis forward, unloading her cum into her granddaughter’s mouth. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed as she fought to catch her breath. “You’re better at this than Stephen, that’s for sure, and that’s saying a lot.”

Bethany did not question the laugh, for she actually knew a few women who did the same, plus one who cussed like a drunken sailor, and another who spoke so loud and fast that one would swear she were speaking in tongues.

Mildred continue to lay there, eyes closed, as Bethany lightly lapped at her, then she sprang up and said, “Is it my turn now? Can I do you?”

“Sure,” Bethany said as she helped Mildred up. “Have you ever done this before?”

“Well, no dear, but I’m a quick study.” She waited for Bethany to take her place on the chaise, and then Mildred moved up and kissed her granddaughter on the mouth as her hands explored her muscular body. Mildred moved toward one of Bethany’s nipples and sucked it into her mouth as she played with the young woman’s clit. It was as stiff as a lipstick tube. In some ways, it was like a little, erect penis, and Mildred decided to approach it as such as she kissed her way down toward it.

There at the end, when Stephen was here, he said that Mildred had given him the best oral sex he’d ever had, so all she had to do was apply the techniques she had used on him and that should satisfy Bethany. That was the theory, anyway, and Mildred went with it. She began by swirling her tongue around the head of her granddaughter’s clit, then slowly took it into her mouth and went down to the hilt. Bethany moaned as her legs opened wider, and Mildred continued on in her slow, up and down motions. Soon, Bethany began lifting her pelvis, feeding her clit to her grandmother, and not long after that, she was grunting loudly as she came yet again.

“Oh, shit,” Bethany exclaimed. “That was freakin’ awesome, Grandma.”

“Want me to keep going?” Mildred asked.

“No, I want you to climb up here,” Bethany answered.

“Whatever for?” Mildred asked even as she did so.

Bethany positioned her grandmother’s legs just right, then began to kiss her slowly and deeply. She then centered herself perfectly to where she was working her clit in and out of her grandmother’s cum-drenched pussy. “Oh, my Lord!” Mildred gasped. She didn’t know what she had been expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t this. It wasn’t getting fucked in her pussy by her granddaughter’s stiff clit. Mildred kissed Bethany with all the might and passion she could muster, and even began to ride Bethany’s clit hard, and in no time she was cumming all over her granddaughter’s pussy as once again her joyful exhortations echoed throughout the neighborhood. Out of breath, she said, “Oh, Bethany. I … I never knew … Oh, thank you. I never felt anything like that in all my life.”

“And to think,” Bethany said with a smile, “We have a whole week ahead of us to see just how much better it can get.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32