Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 03

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She smiled when she saw me, and said, “Hello, Sabrina.”

“Hi, Denise…”

The look on my face must have given her some idea that I was confused, so she said, “It’s just us today… I hope that’s ok?”

“Sure, of course.” I swallowed hard and smiled, but felt the knot in my stomach start to grow. Yes, I had had sex now with both of my brothers. Wild, kinky, erotic sex. But they were both men. If this was going where I thought it was going, it meant I was about to go even further and have my first sexual encounter with another woman. With Denise.

“I made some tea, would you like some?”

“Um, yes… of course.” I sat down on the other end of the couch while she poured out some chamomile tea into a cup and handed it to me.

“Mmm… smells wonderful. Thanks.”

“Sure. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been here for a little while, and already took Buddy for a walk, and watered the plants.”

“Thank you, that was thoughtful of you.”

“Happy to do it. It was nice to get out of the house so early and let Jeff do the morning routine with the kids, for once. I tried to make it easy for him by leaving him frozen waffles, but I’d imagine he’s already figured out how to burn them in the toaster.”

We laughed at that for a moment, and then Denise looked me in the eyes, and asked, “Can we talk some more, about our relationship?”

I swallowed hard, and nodded, thinking to myself, I know where this is going… do I want to go there?

“I know you’re nervous… and I am too. But it also seems like you and Jeff and Doug have been able to share some enjoyable time together, so far, this week?”

I smiled, and said, “Oh yes… very enjoyable. But I’m still not sure it’s the right thing to do. I know that sounds lame, but…”

She interrupted, “You don’t have to explain it to me, Sabrina, honest. I understand.”

“Well, maybe part of it, but, for you, it’s relatively straight-forward – Jeff and Doug are your lovers. But for me, they are my brothers.”

“But you’ve taken them on as lovers, haven’t you?”

“I suppose so… yes… which is why I think it’s a little more complicated for me, than it is for you.”

“I see what you are saying. You are probably right. That does add a level of complexity to it. But it also adds a layer of intimacy that I could never have with either of them, even being married to Jeff.”


“And you seem to have been a willing lover to both of them.”

I thought a minute, and then said, “Also true. While part of me has resisted, and is still resisting… most of me… wants to be intimate. I can honestly say I’ve never had this many erotic experiences in my life.”

“If I can be totally honest with you, Sabrina, I was kind of hoping…” Her voice trailed off and she looked down at her now empty tea cup.

“You were kind of hoping that you and I could spend some time together.”

She looked up and smiled, and said, “Yes. Exactly.”

“I thought so.”

“I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’ve had some experiences with other women in the past… but that was years ago. And I have found myself wanting to share some intimacy with a woman for a while now. And my heart seems set on you.”

“I don’t know what to say. I mean… part of me really wants this, Denise… but… I’m just not sure if I can cross that line. First Jeff, then Doug, and now you… always straying further from Greg.”

“That really bothers you, doesn’t it.”

“It does… or at least, it bothers part of me… I mean… I just keep asking myself, if I was really that concerned about it, would I have fucked Jeff all over my house, in my bed… and now here at Mom and Dad’s house? Would I have fucked Doug in my old bedroom, in my cheerleader outfit, yesterday?”

“He had you put on your old cheerleader outfit?”

We both laughed at that, and that seemed to relax the atmosphere considerably.

“Oh, Denise… I know it sounds like I’m a mess… and I guess I am… but it’s just hard to reconcile all these conflicting desires. So much of me wants to let go and indulge in all of my fantasies… but that little voice in my head won’t go away.”

“I understand. Every time I’m with Doug, that little voice is right there with me, too.”


“Oh, of course! Whenever I leave Jeff with the kids so that I can go over to be with Doug, that little voice always says something like, ‘goodbye, honey, I’m off to your brothers’ house, I’m going to spread my legs wide for him and let him fuck me any way he wants, hope you don’t mind that I’m wearing the same lingerie you got me for our anniversary last year! Take care of the kids while I’m gone, don’t worry about me, hopefully he won’t get me pregnant, don’t wait up, I’ll be home in four or five hours when he’s done fucking me, and will probably be covered in come’… drives me crazy, sometimes, but I don’t let it stop me.”

“Oh wow, Denise… I thought I was the only one that had that sort of thing going through my head!”

We both laughed bursa escort again, and then she said, “Sabrina, if you want to stop this, I’m happy to keep our friendship the way it is, no regrets, no questions asked. But… I also am hoping that you’d like to take it a little further.”

I swallowed hard, and said, “I think… I think I want to, as well.” And thinking back on it, could I really deny that I was extremely curious about being with another woman? After tasting Denise in my thong and on Jeff’s cock?

We smiled at each other, and then Denise got up and sat down right next to me on the couch. My hands were shaking, and she put her hands on top of mine to calm them.

“I’m sorry… I’m just… really nervous.”

She smiled, and then leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Then she reached down and lifted up my sweater over my head, taking it off and setting it aside. She leaned over and gently began to kiss and caress my breasts through my bra, as well as my stomach. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, and tried to focus on the sensations she was bringing to my trembling body. She began to play with my nipples through my bra, and soon one of her hands was moving towards the hooks on the back of my bra. I leaned forward momentarily so she could undo them, and then leaned back when I felt them give.

She got on her hands and knees in front of me, and I spread my legs so she could kneel between them. I watched her face as she gently removed my bra and began to caress my breasts, before leaning in to suck at them. I once again leaned back and closed my eyes, feeling her suck and drink from me. The warmth and wetness was growing between my thighs, and I was amazed at how erotic it was to have another woman doing this to me. It was so foreign, so strange… but it felt so wonderful.

Before I knew it I felt her hands moving up my legs, stopping at my knees, then moving up my thighs, pushing up my skirt. She moved her hands into my inner thighs and pushed my legs further apart, pushing the skirt out of the way. She put her hands on my hips and slowly pulled me towards the edge of the couch, allowing me to lean back further while she gently kissed and licked up my thighs. I couldn’t believe Denise was about to lick and suck on my pussy. I couldn’t believe another woman would do this, but sure enough, I felt her touch on my thong, heard her inhale deeply over and over again as she took in my scent. Then her hands were back at my hips, pulling, pulling on the thong, which slid easily off of my hips, but seemed stuck to my pussy. I finally realized that the reason it was stuck was because it was so incredibly wet with my juices.

Once the thong was off I eagerly spread my legs wide again for her, and heard her let out a soft moan of pleasure as she finally saw my pussy, spread open wide. She took forever to work her way back up to my lips, and I nearly went insane waiting to feel her tongue on my clit. But then, there it was… it almost felt cool to the touch, considering how hot I was. It felt absolutely magical the way she traced out my pussy, dipping in as far as she could, before licking and sucking up my thick juices, coating her face with my wetness as she played with my clit. While both Doug and Jeff had proven themselves to be exceptionally good at giving me oral pleasure, having Denise between my thighs was like nothing I had ever experienced. I came repeatedly, over and over, a long, extended orgasm, brought on by the licks, and prods of her tongue, until I was shaking and gasping for breath, uncontrollably moaning.

I sat there, legs spread wide, eyes closed, for several minutes, allowing the pleasure to slowly abate from my shuddering body. I felt Denise sit down next to me on the couch, and she reached out and took my hand in hers, giving me a squeeze. She sat next to me for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was more like five minutes, allowing me to savor the orgasm and recover on my own time.

My eyes finally fluttered open, and she met my gaze. She could tell that I had reached a new level in sexual exploration, and that I had no regrets about it, and in her eyes I could see that I had only temporarily satisfied her lust for me. She had also taken off her dress and slip, and was wearing a lacy white bra and the lavender thong I had worn for Jeff two days previously. I smiled and laughed when I saw that she was wearing it, and she took that as my cue that I was ready for more.

She leaned in and began to gently kiss me, first with her lips closed, and then with them open, her tongue making gentle forays into my mouth. Her face was covered with my wetness and the smell and taste of my pussy was everywhere – on her tongue, on her lips. We kissed slowly at first, but then began to kiss deeper and deeper. Her hand made its way up my thigh, pushing my legs apart. Her fingers finally found their mark as they began to play with my clit. It still felt oversensitive and I jumped and squirmed, but we continued to kiss deeply while she pushed and stroked bursa escort bayan and probed my clit and pussy, sliding a finger inside me and stroking the front of my pussy, then pulling it out to stick it into our mouths, then playing with my clit. I began to get aroused again, almost frenetic with passion.

She took my hand in hers and placed it on her thigh, and I quickly made my way up to her crotch, feeling the soft, supple skin of her inner thigh as she spread her legs for me. As soon as I touched her crotch I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy under the thong. The thought of me touching another woman’s pussy was bizarre – was I really going to touch it? Much less lick it? Was I really going to put my face between her thighs and taste her? The train of thoughts stopped me in my tracks, but Denise was passionately kissing me and doing extremely arousing things with her fingers on and in my pussy, drawing me quickly back to the pleasure I was receiving. My hand roved around, randomly, at first, then quickly centered on the wet spot. She let out a gasp and low moan, and I was surprised to hear myself respond with a similar groan.

Denise stopped kissing me and leaned back, moving her hands to her hips and lifting her ass off of the couch as she peeled off the thong. I noticed that the crotch was completely soaked with her wetness. I still couldn’t believe what I was about to do, but Denise leaned back and spread her legs wide and stared at me, silently begging me to please her, as she had just pleased me. She was absently stroking her clit with one of her well-manicured fingers. I was frozen and unsure of what to do, so she leaned forward and reached out to me. We began to kiss deeply again, slowly, and she guided my hand to her crotch once more. I immediately felt the hot wetness of her pussy, and my fingers instinctively knew how to seek out her clit. She was soaking wet with her thick juices, and I found it strangely erotic and slightly repulsive that her wetness was on my fingers. But the kissing and her gentle touches were taking me quickly past the point of no return, and I began to gently explore her pussy with my fingers, stroking her clit and tracing her lips. I swallowed hard and then slowly slid a finger inside of her. It was incredibly erotic for both of us, and she gasped in pleasure as I pushed further inside. Her hips were slowly squirming as I moved my finger in and out several times. We stopped kissing, and looked in each others’ eyes. Hers were filled with pure pleasure and desire, and she softly said, “Taste… taste…”

I pulled my finger out of her pussy, and slowly moved it up to my mouth. It was coated with her wetness, and I could smell her scent even as I opened my lips to take my finger inside. I closed my mouth and ran my tongue over my finger, tasting that sweet, salty, musky flavor that I had already been introduced to. It was incredibly erotic and I knew I wanted more. While I was doing this, she had been stroking herself and reached out and offered up her own fingers for me to taste. I took them into my mouth, and decided it was now or never. I slid to my knees and moved between her widespread legs. She smiled, closed her eyes, and leaned her head back onto the couch, awaiting the pleasure she had wanted for so long and now was ready to receive.

And there it was, right there in front of me… another woman’s pussy, dripping wet. I took a moment to look at it, mustering up my courage to actually lean forward and taste, for the first time, another woman’s pussy. Yes – I had thought about it over and over again… and yes, what better person to do this with, than a trusted, close, friend? I just never thought I’d be doing this with my sister-in-law, I thought.

Her bush was immaculately trimmed, and was light brown in color. It was obvious that she waxed around the edges, and I was a little ashamed that my dark brown bush was wild, although to be honest there wasn’t much that I would have trimmed. Her pink pussy lips and swollen clit glistened with thick juices; in fact, the bush around her pussy was soaked and matted with her wetness, and as I moved in closer I watched a drop of her wetness slide down her pussy and drip onto the couch, leaving a thin strand of wetness that still connected her pussy to the drop on the couch. Taking one more look, I said to myself, here goes! And leaned in.

Her smell was exotic and complex and arousing, and I put my hands on her legs, causing her to jump a little from the touch. I stuck my tongue out and gently touched her clit, causing her to moan softly. I began to move my tongue around and ran it down between her pussy lips, collecting her wetness on my tongue. I took my tongue back into my mouth and slowly savored the flavors. This isn’t bad at all, I said to myself… in fact, I kind of like it… and with that I let go of any other inhibitions and began to freely explore her pussy, sucking up as much of her wetness as I could, driving her mad with pleasure as I focused only on her clit, then sliding down and escort bursa pushing my tongue and mouth as deep inside of her as I could, feeling her pussy spread open for me. I moved back to the clit, and realized that Denise was starting to come. Once again limiting my tongue just to her clit, I licked and pushed and sucked, causing her hips to rock and her mouth to loudly moan as her orgasm exploded out of her.

I stopped licking her as her orgasm abated, and leaned back, watching her face as it changed from one of erotic pleasure to pure relaxation. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, and said, “Mmm… Sabrina… that was wonderful… did you enjoy it as much as I did?”

“It took me a little while, but… yes… it was a lot of fun.”

She dreamily said, “Mmm… you can say that again.”

She got up off the couch and, with a broad smile, said, “Come on… let’s go have some more fun. Those satin sheets are calling our names.”

She peeled off her bra and I got undressed as well, and then we went in to Mom and Dad’s bed and laid down facing each other. We began to slowly kiss and caress each other’s bodies, entwining our legs together, pressing our bodies together as we drank in the softness of each other’s skin, surrounded by the satin sheets under us and over us.

She laid me on my back and leaned over me, kissing me deeper and faster as her hand began to first play with my nipples, and then move to my pussy. I willingly spread my legs for her and eagerly gave myself to the pleasure. We kissed passionately for a few minutes, both of us aroused once more. The top sheet was cast to the side as she kissed her way down my chest, sucking deeply from both breasts, before kissing down my stomach and thighs. Lifting herself up on her hands and knees, she turned her body and lifted her leg over me, and looking back, moved down so that her pussy was right above my face, slowly dragging her breasts over my body, teasing me with her nipples, which only aroused both of us more.

Her pussy was dripping wet, and I examined it closely again, even more fascinated than before to be looking at another woman’s pussy. I felt Denise’s’ tongue penetrate my pussy, and took that as my cue to begin my own exploration, experimenting with what gave her pleasure. It was a challenge to focus, because Denise was eagerly licking and sucking my clit, and I couldn’t help but moan and squirm, even while trying to suck up every drop of her sweet saltiness. She was moaning quite often as well, and eventually stopped eating me so that she could focus only on the intense pleasure my fumbling tongue was giving her. Although it was only my second time eating a woman, I must have done something right because before I knew it she was convulsing with erotic pleasure, moaning loudly as I continued to focus on her clit. And then I felt a warm gush of liquid on my face as she reached the peak of her climax. I had read about female ejaculation, but hadn’t expected this. The juices dripped down both sides of my face and down my neck, and I tasted their salty flavor and tried to capture every drop I could.

Denise was motionless now, her ragged breathing punctuated by soft moans every so often. She lifted herself off of me and turned around, and gently began to kiss me, tasting her wetness that had covered my face. Pulling the sheet back over us, she lay down next to me and closed her eyes, a look of exhausted pleasure on her face. I closed my eyes as well, and we both drifted in and out of sleep.

We both woke up when we heard a male voice say, “Is this a girls-only party, or can I join in?”

It was Doug, and he was standing at the door of the bedroom in his suit, a big grin on his face.

Denise laughed and then said, “Hi, Doug… how did you know we’d be here?”

“Well, I enjoyed yesterday so much, I was kind of hoping… I could have some more… so I left work early for a long lunch, and came by. Once I got to the house, all I had to do was follow the trail of clothes to the bedroom, and voila! I found two of the most beautiful women in the world.”

I smiled and jokingly said, “And now that you’re here, you want us both…” The truth, however, was that the sex yesterday with Doug had been very enjoyable, so much different than with Jeff, but also very erotic. In fact, the little bit of role-playing we did with the cheerleader outfit had, in retrospect, been very erotic for me.

“Well, I was mainly hoping to have some fun with you, Brina, but, since Denise is here, I guess I could have some fun with her, too.”

Denise shot back, “Hey! You be nice to me, if you want to get between my sugary thighs!”

He laughed, and said, “Oh, and I do… but it looks like Brina’s already been there.”

“Oh yes… she’s got a wonderful tongue. And actually… it’s my turn to give her some pleasure, isn’t it?”

The whole scenario was making my head spin, but most of me was eager to cross this next boundary. I said, “Yes, in fact… it is.”

Denise smiled and pulled back the sheet, positioning herself between my legs on her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder, pointed her ass at Doug, and said, “Are you joining us?” Then turned around and began to kiss and lick my thighs, before gently focusing on my clit.

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