Safe Room

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I walked into the house and was greeted by my mother. “Hi Eric, did you have a good time at the movies?” She was reading a magazine in the living room, dressed in shorts and a loose blouse, always a turn on for me.

“Yeah, I had a real good time mom,” as I headed to my room on the second floor. My dad is a contractor and as a result we live in a very nice house, with quite a few extras. My dad had built a safe room on the second floor, where if trouble was to happen, you would go inside, hit the panic button and be very safe till help arrived. The door to the safe room was in a small recess, next to my bedroom door. From the outside it looked to be just a closet door, nothing special to the casual glance.

I was sitting in my room when I heard music coming from my sister’s room. My sister, Taylor, was a real fox. Taylor was 18, a year younger than me. She was 5’7″, 117lbs. and sexy as hell. Taylor would be going away to college, in another state, in a few months, while I would attend college locally, staying at home.

I had a thought and headed to the safe room. No one even gave this room a second thought anymore, but I knew it held some pretty good electronics in it. Dad had installed surveillance cameras in every room in the house and you could monitor them from inside of the safe room.

Once inside, I turned on the screen and saw mom sitting on the couch reading. I hit the button for Taylor’s room and got a full view of her whole bedroom. Taylor was dancing to the music and slowly removing her cloths. bursa escort “This is going to be good” I said out loud. My eyes were glued to the screen as Taylor became entirely nude. “Wow! What a body!” I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this before.

Taylor stopped her dancing suddenly and went to her dressing table. She picked up a hair brush and lay down on her bed. With her legs pulled up, she spread them showing a beautiful bald pussy. I hit the zoom and zeroed in on just her cunt. She put the hair brush handle at the small opening and moving the handle in and out, stroking deeper and deeper. She was thrusting her hips and gyrating, till she convulsed and slowly pulled the handle out. She got up and went into her bath to shower. The cameras were not covering any bathrooms, so this show was over for now.

I went into my bathroom to jack off. I had just seen the hottest show ever in my life. I knew I had to get into my sisters pants. Taylor was all I could think about the rest of the day.

The next day I stayed at home waiting for Taylor. She came home just after noon and headed to her room. I went into the safe room. Again, the music and dancing only this time I hit record and got the whole scene on DVD. Taylor was again on her bed, but this time she was on her knees. She sucked the brush handle for 10 min., before thrusting it deep into her cunt. I caught the action on the recorder and now I had my plan.

The next day I was waiting in the safe room, ready for the show. Taylor came home and went bursa escort bayan to her room. The music started and I waited till she was stroking that brush really good. I knocked on my sister’s bedroom door.

“What is it?” She asked in a hoarse voice. “Taylor, it’s Eric, I need your help, please open your door.”

I waited for a full two minutes before she unlocked and opened the door. I noticed her face was a little red and a trickle of sweat was running down her forehead. Without being asked, I went past her and sat on her dressing chair. I gave her a copy of the DVD I made the day before.

Taylor looked at the DVD and half screamed, “What the hell is this?” I asked her to, “Please play it, please!” She glared at me but put it in her player anyway. As soon as the picture came on she knew what it was. Taylor turned off the player and broke the disk.

“That’s ok sis, I have more.” “What do you want asshole?” she spat at me. “I want you to help me with my problem, that’s all.” I said with a snicker. Taylor looked me in the eyes and said, “What problem?”

I pulled down my pants in a flash and showed her my eight inches of problem. “This one sis. You’ve got to help your big brother.” Taylor was staring at my boner like she had won the lottery.

“Eric you’re so big!” My sister was stroking my cock, but I don’t think she knew it. I was getting close to cumming and didn’t try to stop her. All of a sudden I spewed out a shot of cum that landed on her shorts and followed with a bunch of ropes escort bursa covering her hands. My sister was squealing as the flow continued.

“When will you be ready to do that again Eric?” “In about the time it will take us to strip and get into your bed: I panted out. With that sis pulled off all her cloths and even helped me to get undressed. We got on the bed and I moved her into the sixty-nine position. I went to work on her puffy cunt and she was swallowing my cock. I knew Taylor was on birth control, but I wanted to bond with her first and though this might be the best way. Taylor came hard, I followed in a flash.

We fucked and sucked each other every day for almost two months. School was going to start soon and we would not be able to continue our sessions. I was sitting in the safe room, Taylor was sucking my cock and I pushed the button for my parents’ room. As I came in her hungry little mouth, Taylor finished me off a little sooner than usual.

“Eric, what are you going to do when I go to school?” Still staring at the monitor, I said, “I would work on another little project, which just came to mind.”

Taylor’s eyes went to the screen that I was watching so intently. There was my mom, in all her naked beauty, slowly working a nine inch dildo into her cunt. We both watched as she plied the dildo in and out, moving her hips back and forth, letting out little mews the whole time.

“I guess you will have something to play with while I’m away. That dildo looks very much like you cock. I hope mom enjoys you as much as I have,” Taylor whispered.

“You’ll be back for holidays, Taylor, and I was thinking, maybe a threesome?” Taylor laughed and kissed me hard on the lips. “You really do know how to please a lady,” she cooed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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