Sailing with Daddy

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Big Tits

The following story is fiction and includes incest between two consenting adults. Should you be offended by the subject I urge you to look elsewhere.



My name is Sarah and I haven’t seen my Dad for almost four years. He’s a pilot and had gone to the Emirates after he and mum divorced. He phoned me to tell me he’s coming home for a holiday and has hired a yacht in the Whitsunday Islands to spend a week sailing with my brother and me. I’ve been looking forward to it for months and now, at last, the day has finally arrived…

The plane landed at Proserpine airport at 9.30am and I was wild with excitement. Dad had been away for what seemed an eternity and I hadn’t caught up with my brother David for almost twelve months. This was going to be a week to remember.

I emerged from the arrival lounge full of expectation and daddy was standing by the carousel with a huge smile waving to me. I ran to him and we embraced, it was wonderful to see him. He hadn’t changed at all, still as handsome as ever I thought to myself. Dad and I always had a special relationship. In fact sometimes I thought my mother was jealous of our special bond.

Dad picked up my bag and took it to the hire car. On the way to Airlie Beach we chatted excitedly about the coming week. I told dad how nice it was going to be to see David, my elder brother again after almost twelve months. Dad looked at me and said, “Oh I’m sorry Sarah, David called me yesterday and said he was so snowed under at work, he couldn’t make it.”

“Oh, what a shame I was really looking forward to seeing him.”

“As was I!” Dad said.

I was disappointed to hear David wouldn’t be joining us, but it would still be fun I thought, just the two of us.

We arrived at the Marina and daddy carried my bag to the boat which turned out to be a near new forty-two foot sloop. His gear was already on board and he’d had his briefing that morning. I went below and was surprised how spacious it was. He asked me to choose a cabin and I looked around. The forward cabin was quite large in boat terms and had an island double bed. I said, “You have the big one Daddy!” And went to check the cabins at the stern. I chose the larger of the two behind the small bathroom. After unpacking I went upstairs and found daddy almost to go. He started the engine and we cast off. The weather was perfect with a light breeze. I was really looking forward to this.

Daddy had chosen an Island about three hours sail from Airlie Beach but because the wind was on the bow he decided to motor all the way to save time. During the trip we swapped stories and had a few laughs about some of the funny emails we’d exchanged. I was amazed at the explicit nature of the emails he occasionally sent me, some very raunchy. It was nice though because I’d become far more relaxed about the things I sent him too. Our relationship was extremely open.

At around two pm we arrived at our island destination and made our way to a small sheltered bay before dropping anchor. The island was one of dozens stretched out in the Whitsundays and boasted clear turquoise water with a palm fringed white sandy beach. It seemed like paradise and we had it all to ourselves. I said, “Hey Daddy,” (I’ve called him daddy since I was a child) “Let’s go into the beach for a swim and a look around.” I slipped down below, grabbed a couple of towels and got into my brief yellow bikini. When I clambered up into the cockpit, Daddy was sitting in the tender waiting for me.

We rowed slowly to the beach to investigate our tropical paradise. After investigating the beach, we spread our towels out and I slipped my sundress off and lay down. Dad stripped his Tee shirt and shorts off and lay beside me on his tummy. It was mid afternoon and still very warm. I said, “Hey Daddy, would you mind if I sunbathed topless?”

“Not at all,” he said. “If it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me!”

I undid my bikini top and removed it. At first I felt a little self conscious but soon got over it when I caught him sneaking an occasional look.

We lay there soaking up the sun before Daddy announced he was going for a swim so I decided to join him. The water was cool at first, and we laughed and splashed around like a couple of kids. At one point he tried to wrestle me so I jumped onto his back and hugged him around the neck. Suddenly it dawned on me how wonderful it felt having my bare breasts pressed against the coolness of his skin. I was amazed to feel a wave of arousal ripple through me so I slid off and went back to the beach. While drying myself I couldn’t help wondering if bursa escort it was the cool water or the tingling in my groin that caused my nipples to become erect.

Daddy stayed in a few minutes more and when he finally made his way up the beach, I was taken by how fit and trimmed he looked. He dried off and lay on his back sunning himself. I glanced over and was drawn to the bulge at the front of his brief nylon swimmers. They left little to the imagination and I could clearly see the shape of his penis through the thin nylon. I couldn’t help stealing regular glances and was amazed at how big it looked. I thought it strange I couldn’t remember noticing the size of his penis before. I began to feel quite ashamed and tried to change my thoughts.

Not long afterwards daddy suggested we head back to the boat for a shower and a cool drink. We packed up our things and rowed slowly back to the sloop. When we arrived we went below and daddy said, “You have the first shower Honey.” So I went in and showered and rinsed myself off. I tried drying myself but in such a cramped space it was quite awkward. I opened the door slightly and called out, “Would you mind if I dried off outside the bathroom, there’s not much room in here.”

He replied, “Not at all, I promise not to peek.”

I stepped out with my towel around me and faced away from him to dry off. When I was done I slipped into my cabin and pulled a sun dress on. When I returned I sat in the lounge in front of the galley and started flicking through a tourist guide. made his way to the bathroom with his towel around his waist and went in. A short time later he opened the door and said, “It’s your turn to look away Baby while I dry off.”

He stepped out and began drying himself but I couldn’t resist sneaking a look, hoping to get a peek at the size of his cock. I didn’t have to wait long because when he lifted his foot up onto the seat of the chart table to dry it, I managed to get a great view. His penis and dangled tantalisingly hanging way past his testicles. When he turned and caught me peeking he said, “Hey Sarah, you’re not supposed to be looking.” And wrapped the towel around his waist.

“I’m sorry Daddy, that wasn’t fair.”

“Not to worry, we’re family.” He said with a cheeky grin.

We had dinner that night and after clearing up, we sat enjoying a glass of wine, chatting about the things we’d been up to. There was plenty of laughter but at some stage he looked at his watch and announced, “I’m hitting the sack Darling, I want to get away early tomorrow.” He came over and kissed me on the cheek and went to his cabin. I decided to call it a day too and made my way to my cabin.

I lay in my bunk going over the afternoons events and my mind kept returning to the sight of his huge cock. The thought got my juices flowing, so before drifting off to sleep I started rubbing my clit lightly. In no time I was hot and wet and well down the path to orgasm. I felt guilty masturbating while thinking about my father, so I tried to concentrate on my boyfriend. But, the image of Daddy’s huge penis was etched into my mind. I let go and allowed my thoughts to drift back to him and in no time was enjoying the most beautiful orgasm.

When I woke, there was daylight creeping through the hatch above me. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 6.20am so I decided to get up and have a swim before breakfast. I went into the galley and noticed the door to daddy’s cabin was still closed. I thought I should wake him because he’d said he wanted an early start. I went to his cabin and opened the door a little and peeked through. He was sleeping on his back and snoring quietly with his bed sheet around his waist. He didn’t have a top on and daylight was coming through the hatch above him focusing attention on the fact that he had an erection. It was pointing upwards and lifting the sheet like a tent pole. I rather thought this amusing and slipped inside the door calling, “Daddy, wake up.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the tented sheet and when he stirred he looked up and said, “Good morning Sarah.”

I gave an exaggerated glance at his erection and said with a laugh, “It must have been some dream you were having!” Suddenly it dawned on him what I was referring to so he raised his knees to cover his embarrassment.

He looked at me with a sheepish grin and said, “No dream darling, that’s my morning need-to-pee hard on.”

I laughed and said, “Come on move over and let me in, I need a long overdue cuddle from my Daddy.” He moved over and I slid in beside him. Seeing his erection had stirred me up again and I could feel bursa escort bayan the wetness spreading in my vagina. I nestled in against him savouring the touch of his bare skin. He was still lying on his back with his knees up to avoid me focusing on his erection. I propped myself up on one arm and said, “I’ve missed you so much Daddy, I love you so much.”

“I love you very much too darling and have missed you terribly.”

Just being with him, cuddling in bed had me highly aroused. I leant over and gave him a kiss on the cheek before a lingering kiss on the lips. It obviously caught him by surprise because he said, “Hey Sarah… what’s that about?” Without a word I pressed my mouth hard against his in a long and passionate kiss.

“Heavens Sarah,” He said. “What are you thinking? That’s not a father and daughter kiss.”

“Why not Daddy, I love you so!”

He must have forgotten himself because he dropped his knees for a moment and it was obvious he was still very erect. I felt a surge of arousal at the sight and kissed him again, this time thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. I had no idea how he’d respond but was amazed when he thrust his tongue into my open mouth.

“Oh Daddy… I love you… I love you so much.” I whispered to him as I felt his hand reach up under my nightdress and cup my left breast. When he squeezed my nipple, my whole body screamed with passion. I sat up and removed my nightdress, dropping it onto the floor. I lay down again and said, “Please suck my nipples Daddy!” He raised himself and buried his head into my breasts gently sucking and nibbling my nipples with his lips and teeth.

I reached down and felt for his cock. I took it in my hand and wrapped my fingers around it. I’d had a number of lovers over the years but none had anything like Daddy’s monster. I knew my boyfriend Sean’s cock was just under six inches because we’d measured it one night for a laugh. I had an overwhelming desire to ask him how big it was, but thought better of it. I suddenly felt Daddy’s hand grip my wrist and pull it away from his swollen member.

“Jesus Sarah, we can’t do this! I’m you father for Christ’s sake.”

“You have no idea how badly I want this Daddy.” And with that I placed his hand between my legs to feel my heat and wetness.

“Oh Sarah, I can feel your passion but this is wrong.”

I detected his weakening resolve so I took hold of his engorged penis again and began to stroke it. Once more, I was astonished by its thickness. I knew I’d won when I felt his hand moving between my legs, cupping my swollen vulva and cunt lips. I felt him slip his fingers inside my saturated vagina and I sighed with delight.

I wanted to see his penis in all its glory so I snatched the sheet back fully exposing him. He tried to cover his hardness but it was pointless, it was too big. I slithered down beside him for a closer look and I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Smooth and pale pink with a huge mushroom shaped head standing proud of the shaft. The skin was like silk, stretched tight like the membrane on a drum. On the underside blue and red veins stood out giving it the appearance of a cylindrical roadmap.

I stroked it lightly while cupping his balls with my other hand. I was amazed at the weight of his balls and pictured their creamy white contents squirting from the eye of his cock. I lowered my head between his thighs and took his left testicle into my mouth. I’d never sucked a man’s balls before and I realised my cunt was flowing with juices. I returned to his cock and slipped my mouth over the head. It was all I could do to get his monster into my mouth. I sucked and licked for a few minutes paying particular attention to the glans and his frenulum. My boyfriend Sean loved me doing this when I sucked him off so I knew I was on a winner. I worked my tongue into the eye of Daddy’s dick and tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Daddy moaned softly and said, “Oh Sarah, I love you so much. Can I put it inside you?”

I lifted off the bed and positioned myself over his groin. Daddy held his cock in place while I lowered my saturated cunt onto him. I was concerned about its size so very slowly eased the head past my cunt lips before completely enveloping him. I could feel his cock pushing hard against my cervix and for a time it was quire uncomfortable. When I’d acclimatised more to his size I began very slowly sliding up and down his pole. The sensation of having my cunt filled with my father’s huge cock was simply beautiful. The more I became used to his size the faster and harder I found escort bursa I could go without discomfort. Daddy began thrusting to meet me and I soon felt my orgasm building. As my pleasure increased I banged down harder onto his rod. Then the first wave of pleasure swept over me as the first of my orgasms began.

I cried out, “I’m coming darling Daddy! I’m coming! I’m coming!” The first contractions were the most intense, starting just inside my cunt before spreading deep inside me as my body shook with spasms and pleasure. “Oh fuck” I cried out as time stood still and my orgasm completely engulfed me.

“Oh darling,” He moaned, “I’m coming too.”

“Cum inside me Daddy, please!”

Seconds later I felt his cock pulsing as he ejaculated deep inside my cunt.

“I can feel it Daddy, I can feel you cumming inside me.” I screamed.

Slowly the intense pleasure of my orgasm subsided and a feeling of wellbeing spread throughout my entire body. I had never experienced sex like this before with anyone, it was sensational.

I was still straddling him as I put my hand between my legs and squeezed Daddy’s thick meat. The feeling of it disappearing into my saturated love hole kick started my arousal again. I wanted to keep fucking but he suddenly said, “Darling I have to pee.”

“I don’t want to lose you,” I said and rolled off him. He got straight out of bed and headed for the loo.

I was in a state somewhere between contentment and arousal when I heard daddy flush and exit the head. When he got to the cabin door he stopped. I looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“You are the most beautiful creature in the world.” He said as he walked over and lay beside me again.

He leant over and kissed me again and as he did another orgasm swept over me. He kissed and sucked my neck, tits and nipples before moving onto my tummy. I felt his mouth and tongue licking and sucking my navel and it tickled in the most delightful way. He moved lower licking and kissing his way to my swollen vulva.

When he arrived between my legs, he began sucking on my engorged cunt lips and clit. He flicked his tongue in and out of my vagina as I climaxed again. I have no idea how many times I climaxed but they seemed to blend into one long and continuous orgasm. I was completely carried away by the pleasure of it all and beginning to feel emotionally drained. Daddy stopped his pleasuring between my legs and moved back up the bed. As he kissed me I detected the odour of his semen and my vaginal fluid on his face and the thought of it brought on another wave of pleasurable sensations.

All this activity seemed to have revitalised him and he was erect again. I grasped his cock and started sucking the bulbous head while stroking it with my right hand. I could taste the mild saltiness of my vaginal juices and it was bliss.

Daddy let out a guttural moan and mumbled, “Oh yes… Yes Sarah… Keep on sucking it darling, around the head, it feels wonderful.”

I sucked harder and stroked faster until Daddy began an involuntary thrusting of his hips. I knew he was close. Seconds later he arched his back and made a gurgling sound as the first contraction deep inside his cock spewed semen into my mouth. I held the base of his cock and could feel the contractions as he pumped his creamy white fluid into my mouth. I thought I might gag because it seemed to go on and on. But slowly the strength of his contractions subsided and I knew he was done. Daddy closed his eyes and lay completely still trying to regain his breath.

Finally he looked at me and said, “Thank you sweetheart, come up and let me hold you.”

As we lay there in silence I wondered what was going through his mind. Minutes later I broke the silence, “Daddy, I want you to know that I have no regrets about what we just did and I hope you don’t either.”

“I’m glad Darling and no, I have no regrets.”

“Surely there can’t be anything wrong with two adults expressing their love for one another in such a beautiful way,” I said, “I mean that’s what people do to express their feelings for each other isn’t it?”

Daddy replied, “I agree Sweetheart but I guess not all families have the benefit of such a wonderfully strong relationship. Unfortunately some people would see it as wrong.”

I added, “Well I don’t, and I’m glad it happened. It’s only strengthened my love for you, and I hope it can go on forever.”

“Sarah, you know that’s not going to happen. As much as I love you, I have to return to the Emirates in three weeks, and you have your own life ahead of you.”

“I know Daddy but I’m going to miss you.”

“Mind you,” he said, “we still have six more days out here. And judging by this morning’s events, we’ll both be total wrecks when it’s over.”

We laughed out loud but deep down we knew there was some truth to it.

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