Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 06

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Sarah in Heat

After she woke up Sarah lay on her bed thinking of the past days’ events. She and her friend Sally had been at the beach looking to hook up for a fuck and had been picked up by two guys who took them to their beach house. She had found the guys and their friends to be pretty poor lovers but four of them had fucked her and filled her vagina with their loads. She had masturbated when she got home to relieve her frustration. “Four fucks and not a single orgasm,” she had thought.

But what really bothered her was her friend, Sally. Sally hadn’t liked the time at the beach house at all. She didn’t like being tied down and the guys hadn’t been considerate of her. Yeah they were kind of rough but still they had gone with the guys expecting, … no, wanting to get fucked. Sally was such a control freak. She had her own group of fuck buddies and had trained them all to do what she wanted. Sally hadn’t spoken at all on the drive home. She also wasn’t answering her phone or responding to Sarah’s texts.

Sarah was feeling lonely when her mom stuck her head in the door. “Your dad and I are going out tonight.” she said simply.

Sarah knew what that meant. Her parents, actually her mom and stepfather, were swingers and went out to partner sharing parties every week or two. Sarah had been sexually active since middle school and had done it with plenty of boys. Now that she was 18 she wanted men to fuck her not the boys she had so far. She was devoting the summer after graduation to finding such men.

She realized that the guys at the party were all probably older, her stepfather’s age, definitely men. Sarah fantasized about all those men fucking her. “It would be nice having an experienced sexual partner,” she thought as she rubbed her clit. “They probably know how to really please a woman too.” She sure could use some fun and was getting really horny. She got up and yelled, “Mom!” down the hall.

“What dear,” her mom said as she came into the bedroom where her mother was adjusting her dress. Her stepfather sat on the bed putting on his socks. “I’d prefer you not be yelling.”

“Mom,” Sarah started and then hesitated. She stopped and glanced at her stepfather. He’d approve of her coming. She knew how he looked at her. They were pretty open about things and walking around naked was an everyday experience. Her stepfather was polite but clearly liked seeing his young and voluptuous stepdaughter with no clothes. “Mom, do you think,” she hesitated again.

“Yes, dear? What is it you want?”

“Mom do you think I could come with you.” Sarah stopped and then without thinking added, “Just this once,” expecting that to lessen the impact.

Sarah’s mother had long desired this request. She had hoped to have her daughter bring one of her young studs to the party and thought that having her along with them would add to their stature in the swinger community. Sarah’s stepfather turned his head. It would be unseemly to expose the joyful expression he knew was on his face. He fantasized about having her in one of the rooms at a party, ideally one that would be so dark she wouldn’t recognize him.

“You know where we’re going don’t you dear?” her mother said knowing it was no secret what they did when they went out.

“Yeah you’re going to one of your parties.”

“You know what we do at those parties?”

“Yeah, have sex. Lots of sex. I really need some tonight. And lots of people. Sex with lots of people.”

Her mother glanced over at her stepfather who was staring intently at his socks, his cock hardening in his shorts, trying to keep the smile off his face, wondering if they would be upset at what he was thinking.

“Let me talk it over with your father,” her mom said.

Sarah left the room with a glance at her stepfather. His cock was stiffly tenting his underwear. She smiled, he would definitely be in favor. She wondered what it would be like to have him fucking her. She resisted listening in, went to her room and lay down on her bed.

Her mother came in shortly. “Yes,” she said, “you can come with us.”

“Oh! Thank you!” pendik escort Sarah jumped up and gave her mother a hug.

“But,” her mother cautioned. “You can’t come alone. Only couples are allowed. You only have an hour before we’re going to leave. Can you get a boy to come with you? He has to be eighteen.”

“Oh sure,” Sarah replied. She knew there were several boys who would arrive in less than five minutes if she called.

“You do know,” her mother continued, “that he shouldn’t have sex with you at the party? It’s bad manners. This is a swingers party, a sharing party. If I want to have sex with your dad we can do it at home. If you and this boy want to have sex you can do it here after we’re gone.” Sarah’s mother had no delusions about what Sarah did while they were gone.

Sarah hesitated and asked, “Are all the ladies old?”

“Old?” her mother responded.

“Yes, like you,” she knew it was a mistake as soon as she said it.

Her mother was only slightly offended, she knew that a girl’s parents were always old to her. “Well yes, I guess so. There are a few that are not much older than 30.”

After her mother left the room Sarah picked up her phone and thought about it. She wasn’t sure that she could find a guy who would go for this. Maybe there were 1 or 2 who would like older women. But she wasn’t so sure she could find one within an hour. She knew most of the guys would reject the offer.

As she thought her mother came into her room with another revelation. “You dad is printing down a set of rules from our club website. You and your ‘date’ will need to look at them and be sure to abide by them.”

“Rules?” Sarah asked.

“Sure, things like always using condoms, when it’s OK to watch other couples, when it’s not OK, nothing major.”

Sarah became less sure she could find a guy. She called out as soon as her mother had left the room, “Mom!”

Her mother put her head in the doorway, “Yes?”

“I don’t think I can find a guy who will be willing to do all this in an hour. I can get a guy to come over for me quickly, but …” She hesitated.

“But he will expect to have sex with you?” her mother finished the sentence.

“Well, yes,” Sarah admitted.

“I understand,” her mother said and added, without thinking, “Your stepfather will be disappointed.” “And I will be too,” she thought, already missing the young stud she imagined as Sarah’s ‘date’ “.

“He will? Why?” Sarah asked, already knowing the answer.

Her mother hesitated, she’d opened a topic she’d rather have left unstated. She decided on the truth, “I think he’d like to have sex with you.” she said.

Sarah knew it was true. She knew how her stepfather looked at her and remembered how quickly his cock had raised his shorts in the bedroom when she suggested going with them. “Oh” was her response. Then she had an idea and said, “Well, if I don’t go this time, maybe next?”

“That would be fine,” her mother said, her desire for one of Sarah’s young studs overriding any concern over her husband fucking her daughter.

“Tell Dad I need the rules,” Sarah reminded her as she went out the door.


After her mother left, Sarah quickly undressed and then arranged her naked body on the bed. Relaxing on a pillow, she spread her legs so her cunt would be visible to anyone who came in the door. She pretended to be reading a book as she waited.

Her stepfather came in with the set of rules, “Sarah, uhhhhhh!”

“Hi, Dad!” she said, putting the book to the side and gently rubbing her hardening nipples. “Is that the rules?”

“Uh, yes, it is,” he said, slowly approaching the bed and holding out the single sheet of paper he carried.

“What’s the problem, you’ve seen me naked before,” Sarah moved one hand to her crotch and spread her pussy lips.

She was correct that her family was pretty open about nudity and she frequently walked naked down the hallway between her bedroom and the bathroom to shower. But they both knew she never displayed her sexuality so blatantly.

She reached out. But instead of taking the paper escort pendik she took his wrist and gently pulled him to the bed. As he sat she moved his hand to her breast. Then, throwing the paper to the side she moved it to her crotch and held his hand tightly to her softness. “Do you like this, Jerry,” she asked sweetly having decided that “Dad” was not the proper address if they were to be intimate in the way she wanted.

He started to draw his hand away, uncertain how to answer. She pressed it all the more tightly. He felt dampness on his fingers and she pressed a couple of his fingers inside her slit. “I know you want me,” she said. “Mom told me. I want you too.” She thought of the long cock she’d seen when he’d been naked in front of her (something that seemed to happen more frequently lately). “I’ve yearned for your cock inside me. Please!”

Her sweetness overcame his reluctance. Not difficult given his raging desire. He pushed a finger entirely inside the warm soft, wet vagina, put his other hand on one of the soft and ample breasts, massaging the nipple, feeling it enlarge and stiffen in his fingers. Bringing his face close to hers he kissed her gently on the lips.

She took his head in her hands and in a very un-daughterly manner opened her mouth slightly, massaging his lips with her tongue until he opened his mouth to admit it.

Then she slowly broke the kiss off. “Show it to me, please,” she said. moving one hand to push under his belt. The tip of her finger gently touched the tip of his fully expanded cock.

He got up, removed his shoes unbuckled his pants and let slacks and shorts drop to the floor. She’d never seen it fully erect, eight inches of thin, rock hard flesh looked at her with its single eye from a reddening tip fully exposed from its foreskin covering. She reached out, took it gently and pulled it to her crotch, lifting her legs as he moved between them and slowly pushed inside. He marveled at how wonderful it felt, tight but offering no resistance as the full length of the shaft sunk inside.

His step daughter moaned slightly with his movements, more of a sigh than a moan, a sigh of contentment and pleasure. He thought it impossible but felt his cock stiffening even more at the sound. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the elegant feeling of the eight inches of his body sliding in and out of the silken vagina.

Sarah closed her eyes too. She luxuriated in the feeling of this man, who had been the only father she had known, the most important man in her life since her mother met him when she was only seven. She reached up and pulled him to her, rubbing her breasts back and forth in the thick coat of hair on his chest.

He thought about the cute little girl of six or seven he had grown to love when he met her mother. How she had grown, looking more and more like Marlene, her mother. with her blond hair and blue eyes. Her breasts had grown rapidly when she was only 12 or 13 to the same wonderful size as her mother’s. She had the same voluptuous figure, narrow waist, ample hips, nice, round rear. He had imagined doing this with her but always restrained himself, knowing it would be wrong. Now she was of age but still his stepdaughter. What would her mother think? As she pulled him to her and began rubbing her breasts on his chest that final thought left him and he felt the tickle in his belly and the base of his cock that signaled the beginning of his orgasm. He didn’t want that yet so he pulled away from her grasp and sat up with his cock firmly pushed in. He held it tightly in place until he could get the sensations under control.

“Don’t stop,” Sarah pleaded softly, “Don’t stop.”

“Give me a moment,” he replied tenderly. “I’ll explode if I don’t wait.”

Sarah waited patiently, eyes closed, debating whether to wiggle her hips a bit. She felt someone getting on the bed, legs next to her. She opened her eyes. Her mother, completely naked was moving to straddle her face. Sarah watched as the soft very light brown hair of her mothers crotch was lowered to Sarah’s face. Sarah knew what she wanted and began to lick at her vulva, pendik escort bayan paying special attention to her clit.

Jerry Malone was wondering how Marlene would feel when he felt the bed move. He opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the dark blond pubic hair covering the beautiful face of his step daughter. His eyes traveled up the familiar body, the slightly bulging belly with its stretch marks. the narrow waist, the ample breasts, sagging slightly more than her daughter’s with barely perceptible stretch marks radiating from the nipples. Her face had the same blue eyes but a few more wrinkles, “smile lines” as he referred to them. She had recently lightened her hair, as she did every month, so it was now much lighter than her daughter’s natural color. Marlene answered the question he had in his mind by leaning forward, embracing his head and kissing. He returned the favor.

He felt his step daughter begin began to twist her hips. Marlene was beginning to breathe heavily. He immediately knew what was happening at the other end of both bodies. That realization and his step daughter’s movement brought the sensation of oncoming climax. He knew it would not be denied. He began thrusting wildly and hard into his stepdaughter’s willing receptacle. The sensation moved to the tip of his cock, intensified and then rapidly filled his body. He ended the kiss in order to breathe and groaned as he came, thrusting twice, thrice into the soft, warm cavity. He made a huge groan as his body pumped semen into the soft, moist, warm cavity in Sarah’s body. “God that was incredible,” he thought, not sure whether it would be OK to compliment his stepdaughter on that while her mother was there.

Marlene knew the signs of her husband’s orgasm and she had been holding back her own, tightening her thighs and pushing down onto her daughter’s face. Now the clear sign of Jerry’s cumming caused her to go over the edge. Her belly shook in pleasure and she grabbed Jerry again for a huge, tongue filled kiss.

Sarah had been somewhat distracted by a hair caught in her mouth when she felt her stepfather suddenly driving his cock home again and again. Each time striking hard against her clit. When he came she stopped licking at her mother’s clit as she focused on her stepfathers cock throbbing inside her as he pushed his hips tightly against her cunt. She imagined the semen filling her and felt the coolness on her butt as a bit dripped out.

She re-focused on her mother’s clit, licking rapidly and inserting her finger to stroke her G-spot. She felt her mother’s thighs tightening and then spasms forced liquid out of her vagina and onto Sarah’s face. Sarah felt herself cumming and then her mother rolled to the side. Sarah felt the cock slip from her.

Marlene released the embrace she had on her husband and looked at her daughter who smiled at her. Sarah was the only of the three who hadn’t yet climaxed and her mother decided to correct that. Stopping only to clean her husbands cock by engulfing it in her mouth, she moved to Sarah’s crotch and began to move her tongue around her shaved privates. She lapped up as much of husband’s cum as she could. The taste was fabulous, “Campbell’s should make a soup,” she thought, “Sarah Flavored Cream of Jerry Soup.” Musty with sweetness and ust the right amount of sourness. It was her daughter’s juices that made the flavor she thought as she pushed her tongue into her daughter as far as it would go.

Sarah had no idea her mother was so skilled at this. Sarah had had a few sexual sessions with her girl friends but none were this skilled at giving her pleasure. She quickly climaxed and her mother continued licking and fingering beyond the point it was unbearable. Sarah struggled to free her clit from her mother’s mouth but it stayed with her until the sensations passed from unbearable into irritating until her genitals were numb. Her mother finally stopped.

None of the three made it to the swinger’s party that evening. Sally lay in her mother’s embrace, her head on her mother’s breast. Her father lay behind her, his genitals resting in her butt crack. One arm was under her waist, its hand between her legs, gently touching her womanhood. His other arm lay over her head its hand cupping her mother’s breast. Sarah had never felt so satisfied, so relaxed, so loved. She slept soundly.

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