Same Time Next Month

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Addie was still a looker, even after all these years. She had her share of ups and downs …. okay, a lot of downs …. but she was desperately trying like all the other women in her age bracket to stave off time. She didn’t realize how she affected people. She didn’t realize how truly beautiful she was, way down into her soul. There was one man that realized that, though, and his name was Sam.

Sam and Addie had been friends since high school. They dated a little, hung around together a lot, and generally got a kick out of one another’s company. Sam thought Addie hung the moon, and Addie thought Sam was her soulmate. It’s funny, though, how fate will step in and push people in different directions. And so it happened with these two. Addie followed her dream to college after graduation; and Sam, being the good ol’ hometown boy he was, stayed behind. Addie was a little sad that he didn’t follow her, but also overwhelmed by a future so full of possibilities. With a kiss, they said goodbye to one another, promising that some day their paths would cross again for good.

Addie’s bright future didn’t turn out to be as bright as she had anticipated. Like so many girls do, she allowed a man to lead her away from her dreams, and she became a wife and a mother … her dreams slowly slipping into a flurry of bills to be paid and owies to be kissed. She worked hard at both, trying to be everything that her husband – – – and society – – – expected: productive, supportive, available for the twice a week trysts in bed that grew more and more routine. Addie realized that somehow the “Addie”she had dreamed about was fading from view – – – lost in this “real life” of hers. Her heart ached for the carefree love she had with Sam, but she knew he, too, had taken vows, had children and a life of his own. But still, she wondered if he ever thought of her. She wondered if he still …. perhaps ….. loved her. Even as her husband’s body covered hers – – – as he murmured her name into the hollow of her neck – – – Addie thought of Sam. For 15 years, she couldn’t shake him from her mind. Then it happened.

One of Addie’s dearest friends, Sara, became terribly ill. Since Sara was just about the best friend Addie had ever had, and since Addie was a genuine caretaker, she chose to leave her children in the care of their father once a month to travel back to her hometown to help as best she could. It broke Addie’s heart to see Sara struggle so, but their monthly time together not only helped Sara get much-needed things accomplished but also allowed Addie to talk about Sam to someone who knew and who understood. Addie poured her heart out to Sara over the hundreds of dishes washed and the meals cooked and the towels folded. “Addie,” Sara said gently, “why don’t you leave your husband if you are so unhappy?” Addie shook her head. “Sara, I’m not UNhappy …. I just miss Sam so.” Sara nodded, although deep down she knew that Addie was aching for something lost. Or so she thought.

Even as Sara got better, Addie still came to her aid monthly. This ritual became as healing for Addie as for Sara, even after Sara was able to get a small part-time job. Addie came to Sara’s apartment as a sort of a once-a-month sabbatical now …. and Sara enjoyed the company even when she didn’t understand Addie’s obsession with memories of Sam. One day, as Sara was ending her shift at the grocery store where she worked, she looked up to see Sam coming through her checkout line. “Oh my GOD!” he practically shouted, “how long have you worked here? Where have you been? Have you talked to Addie?!?” Sara didn’t even have time to answer all the questions at once, and her stunned silence made Sam repeat his last question: “Have you talked to Addie? Where can I get hold of her??” Sara still didn’t know how to answer, so she told Sam to wait while she closed out, and she would come talk to him. They went to the breakroom of the store, and she sat Sam down, telling him of Addie’s life and her recent visits to town. Sam lowered his eyes, and whispered, “If I had only …….” then he looked up at Sara and continued “….. can you get to her? Tell her I want to see her. I need to see her.” Sara agreed.

Addie sat the phone back into the cradle, moving as if in a trance, and slumped into the chair. She couldn’t believe it. Sam wanted to see her. NEEDED to see her! After all these years. “Oh, he’ll be so disappointed in me!” she had said to Sara …. glancing at herself in the mirror. “He’ll take one look ….” Sara proposed that the next time she was in town, that they attend the high school football escort ataşehir game. Sam was always there, and they could see each other from a distance. If he still wanted to see Addie, Sara said she’d arrange it for them. Sara warned her, “Addie, this is a small town, and you both are married. Please be careful!” Addie told her she understood and that she would. The football game sounded like a good plan, so Addie made arrangements to go the very next weekend.

When Addie went into the stadium with Sara that next Friday night, it was as if she was teleported back to high school. The sights, sounds, smells of fall and of football fever were so reminiscent of days gone by …… of feelings she had long yearned to rekindle. Although things were “bigger” than they had been back then, there was still that small-town comaraderie that perpetuated over an air-filled pigskin. She saw classmates long ago forgotten …. and although all of them seemed to know her immediately, she was thankful that Sara was there to prompt her when their names became lost in her memories. Addie scanned the crowd …. and her eyes were immediately drawn to Sam. He was coming across the front of the stands, making way through a throng of people talking to him about the game. She smiled …. feeling it spread almost comically across her face. Their eyes met, and her heart lept … but hopes were dashed when he merely took her hand and shook it, said “hello” and continued on. She and Sara sat back down, and Addie looked at Sara with a dazed and confused look. When Sara saw the hurt on Addie’s face, she leaned over and whispered, “You gotta remember what I told you … small town …. his wife is right over there …. ” Addie knodded, but inside, her heart was broken.

A week later, the phone on Addie’s desk rang. She answered, only to hear a gentle masculine voice say, “I’ll bet you don’t know who this is ….” All the blood left her, and she was suddenly glad that she was sitting.

She gulped, “Sam?!?”

“Hey, babe, betcha didn’t think you would hear from me again, did ya?? I’m so sorry about the game. I couldn’t talk right then … too many people … but oh, how I wanted to!”

Addie blushed, “Yeah, I wanted to, too. I sure have missed you …”

“I’ve missed you, too, Addie. You don’t know how much. Can I see you again?” Sam’s voice was hopeful. Suddenly, clouds of confusion and doubt rolled over her, and he sensed her hesitation. “Addie, I’m not going to hurt you. I just miss you and want to talk, okay? Whatever happens ….. you have always had a special place in my heart …. and I can’t let you leave my life again. I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to call. I really didn’t know how you’d react, but I’m hoping we can renew our friendship if nothing else. I really do want you in my life, Addie”

Thus it began. Addie made arrangements to go to “help” Sara more often, and each time she was in town, Sam made arrangements for them to have a little time to be together. Their togetherness consisted mostly of talking …. about anything and everything. They laughed like they used to … the only difference was that they were seeing each other at odd times of the day or night, and they had to be very discreet. Addie and Sam even shared things about their time apart, about their families, about their spouses. Addie confessed to Sam that back in high school she had wanted him to be her first lover, but when he had rejected her, she made the mistake of giving that gift to someone who wasn’t very chivalrous. Sam told her gently that he’d known all along …. the boy she had allowed to take her came to school the very next day and had bragged to Sam how he’d “got her cherry”. Addie wanted to die right there, until Sam told her it didn’t matter anymore, but that he was sorry he hadn’t listened to his true feelings back then.

As time went on, their friendship escalated. They emailed each other daily. They made weekly phone calls to one another. They teased, they talked, they fought …. but they always made up. Sam would kiss Addie deeply one moment, then they would get scared and push each other away the next … but their distancing never lasted very long. A year went by of this back-and-forth, arms-length romance they had going. They both realized that while they still wanted to remain married, they also desperately wanted one another. They said over and over that they still loved each other …. and they knew that soon the time would come for them to complete their connection.

It was Addie who decided first. She made a decision to stay at kadıköy escort bayan a hotel on this trip instead of her usual stay with Sara. Although it did hurt Sara somewhat, Addie softened the blow by promising to spend lots of time with her. Sara knew something was up, but she didn’t question any further. She knew that Addie would tell her when the time was right. Addie knew that if she and Sam ever DID make love, that Sara wouldn’t be allowed to know: she and Sam deserved a little bit of privacy even though she was grateful to Sara for her help in getting them together. Addie wanted a private place where she and Sam could make love if they decided to. So, she booked a room, and she let Sam know where she would be and when she would be there. Now the ball was in his court.

It was 2 a.m. when a soft knock at her door came. “Addie?” he said, trying not to wake anyone but her, “Addie, babe … are you awake?” She got out of bed and went to the door ….. allowing Sam to step inside. She stood before him in a tee shirt and shorts …. her normal sleeping attire. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes sloe from sleep. He just looked at her, his breath audibly rushing from his lungs as his blood rushed to his aching cock. “My God, Addie …..” She blushed as she stepped back from him, but Sam stepped forward more quickly and grasped her around the waist, pulling her to him. Addie felt Sam’s breath, hot with lust, against her neck as he softly emplored: “I want to make love with you, Addie. Please.”

Addie pushed at Sam’s shoulders so he righted himself, and she looked him straight in the eye. “If we do this,” she said, “it can’t change anything between us. I don’t want you to leave your wife, I’m not going to leave my husband ….. but know that I am giving myself to you in love. I do love you, Sam, and I want you with everything that stands before you now. But if our friendship is going to suffer…..”

Sam silenced her with a kiss. A kiss borne of longing … of long suffering, long-repressed love. A kiss that made Addie’s knees buckle, and Sam had to suddenly brace to cradle her as her weight became heavy in his arms. Addie’s arms went around him then, and she succumed to that kiss, allowing Sam to carefully direct her to the bed as he was peeling off her tee shirt, exposing her breasts to his hands and mouth. Sam devoured her flesh as a starving man devours a steak, running a wet tongue wherever it was warranted. Addie arched into his wet kisses, guiding him gently with her hands. Sam’s mouth found Addie’s once again, and his hands fondled her hair and stroked her face as his tongue possessed her mouth. She kissed him back as fervently, and pulled his clothed body on top of her.

She felt his knee go in between her legs, pressing against her mound. Addie stifled a groan into Sam’s mouth and hunched against his knee, almost bringing herself off from the sheer pleasure of being in his embrace. It had been so long since lovemaking had felt this free and wanton. She pushed his shirt from his body, and nibbled at his chest and nipples as they were exposed to her. She flattened her hands and ran them down his tummy to the waistband of his pants. She felt his cock tenting the fabric, and ran her hands beneath the top to carefully stroke his member. “ooohhhhhhh godddddddd….” she heard Sam moan as her fingers made their first contact with his cockflesh. Addie undid his pants and slid them over his hips, and as he was exposed to her for the first time, she felt him tense in her arms. “Sam, what’s wrong?” she asked

“I don’t think I can really do this, Addie ….. I keep thinking about …….”

“I know, me, too.” Addie stroked his face while she spoke. “But remember, no strings. I just want to love you, and I want you to love me. We already FEEL it, so let’s share this one time. If we never do this again, we have this time to cherish.”

Sam relaxed into Addie’s embrace then, and kissed her on the shoulder. “God, how I love you, ” he murmured against her soft skin.

“I know, Sammy … I love you, too … more than you’ll ever know, ” Addie said.

Sam reached for Addie’s shorts and as he stood up from her, he pulled the garment with him. She had no underwear on, so now her body was completely exposed to his gaze and to his whims. She felt his hands caress her legs, up to her thighs, and felt him sweep them open so that he might see her pussy. Sam knelt down between Addie’s legs, breathing hotly onto her pussy as he drank in the sights there. The lips were slightly swollen, as was her clit …. it throbbed with each escort bostancı light breath he blew on it. He could hear Addie groan in frustration, and he stroked her thighs …. letting her know that all in good time he would get to what she wanted. Sam took his hands and carefully parted her pussylips, to be greeted by glistening juices that coated the inside of her. The silky fluid beckoned him, and he leaned forward, swiping up her slit with his tongue. Sam was prepared for a little reaction, but it was as if he had run a live electrical wire up her pussy: Addie bucked off of the bed and wailed when his tongue made contact with her intimate flesh. Sam placed his hot mouth over her clit and suckled it softly, sliding two fingers into Addie, and he felt her muscles contract against him time after time.

“Please, Sam, let me have your cock …” Addie whimpered. Sam stood and eased himself up near her face.

“Addie, suck me …. get me ready for you, baby …”

Sam pushed his hips forward, thrusting his cock toward Addie’s mouth. Addie had learned how to be an expert cocksucker, and it was no time at all before Sam was pushing at her head, warning her that if she wanted to feel him inside her, she’d better stop right NOW! Addie smiled faintly, feeling powerful that she could play a man’s body that way. She felt the bed shift again, as Sam began to navigate her to a more central spot. She shifted with him and then he was over her, looking down to confirm what they were about to do. “Addie, are you sure?” he asked, looking directly into her eyes. She confirmed her assent by locking her legs around his hips and thrusting herself up to him, enveloping his cock in her warm, moist heat. Sam’s eyes rolled back and his head lolled at the sudden confinement of his cock inside her tight passage. He slumped into Addie’s embrace, and lay with her a moment so that they could both revel in their coupling. “Oh, my God,” Addie whispered into Sam’s ear, “you fill me so completely….” And then she groaned as his cock began it’s excruciatingly slow exodus from her body.

Sam was determined to concentrate and make this lovemaking session last. He carefully timed his thrusts well enough that he was bringing Addie to orgasm and keeping himself from one, over and over. A soft sheen of sweat began to cover Addie, and in the flush he thought she looked even more beautiful. Her soft cries filled the air, and he watched her face as it contorted over and over again in sheer pleasure. Sam wondered why it had taken him so long to make love to her. Why hadn’t he seen before now who she was?? His thrusting became more insistent now, and Addie’s hips began to undulate under him, assisting her pussy in bringing his cum to the brink. Just as the head of his cock began to swell, Addie gripped him with her legs and thrust up, holding him as deeply inside her as she could get him, not allowing him to move. Sam felt his cock begin to pulse and belch out rope after rope of pent up emotion, as well as cum, inside his best friend. Addie felt his cock throb inside her, heard him groan loudly and felt the warmth of his cum spread into her, which was enough to send her once again over the edge. Sam wrapped in his strong arms around her as he felt her tense around him once again, arching and calling his name over and over again until her final release abated.

Sam gently lowered Addie’s limp body to the bed, following with his own. He pulled the covers over the both of them, and glanced at the clock near the bed. 5:30 a.m. Sam kissed Addie on the forehead, feeling how sweaty she had become. “I guess I need a shower, huh?” she said, smiling up at him. Her eyes were alight with love.

“Y’know, it’s after 5. I probably ought to go ….. ” Sam said softly, ” … but I really don’t want to”

Addie turned to him, wrapping the sheet around her. “What are you going to say if she is awake and wonders where you’ve been?”

“I go to the gym a lot at this hour of the morning …. nothing unusual … I’ll head over there now and have a quick workout …”

Addie laughed, “I thought you already had one!”

“Yeah, and it was a good one, too!” Sam sighed. He kissed her forehead again and got up to get dressed.

Addie got up, too, wrapping the sheet around her. This was the part she dreaded … the goodbye part. She saw Sam to the door, and he turned and took her in his arms. “Addie, this was incredible. No regrets. None at all.” he nuzzled her.

“Are we still friends?” Addie asked as tears threatened to well up in her eyes. The fear she felt knotted up inside her was audible in her quavering voice, and she cringed when she heard it.

“More than friends, my love,” Sam smiled and reached out to stroke her face one more time. “I gotta go… hey, Addie??”

“Yeah, Sam?”

“How ’bout same time next month, then??”

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