Sampling Sarah

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It’s Sunday morning in the Stark household, and I sit and write this account in a dazed sexual delirium. My name is Jason Stark Sr., and from reading the accounts on this site, I now can verify that my kids, Jason and Sissy, are fucking each other.

I knew something was going on, between the ass grabbing and late night bedroom visits, but it really doesn’t bother me, as long as they use protection (don’t tell my wife I said that)!

Anyway, I have my own story to tell after last night. Junior and Mom are away this weekend checking out Grad schools (I’ll check back here to see if THAT turns into something hot!) Sissy has really taken to our future daughter-in-law Sarah, and the two of them had a party last night to introduce Sarah to all the kids’ friends.

I must confess up front how much Sarah turns me on. She is so quiet and polite, yet there is a voluptuous aura about her as she pads around the house in her skin-tight ribbed sweater shells and zippered ski pants. Sarah is 5 ft. 3, with long dark hair, gigantic 42 inch tits, and a fat plump ass and hips just begging to be breached.

Last night, as Sissy and I ate dinner with Sarah, I spent the whole meal watching Sarah’s locket rise and fall atop her massive chest as she silently breathed in and out. Sissy broke the spell momentarily.

“Dad. Dad! Hello! I’m having some girls over for a sleepover tonight so they can meet Sarah. Would you kindly stay out of sight?”

“Sissy! That sounds horrible!” breathed Sarah in her adorable little voice.

“That’s O.K. girls,” I laughed easily, “but NO drinking and NO boys!”

Sissy got up and kissed my cheek. “Thanks, Daddy!”

Sarah, slightly unsure of herself, mimicked the gesture. “Thanks, Mr. Stark.” she cooed with a peck.

“Remember- it’s Dad now!” I said warmly, and as pendik escort I got up I hugged her quickly. The scent of Sarah’s body soap caused my prick to tug in my slacks.

I stayed in my den that evening, drinking scotch in my pajamas and robe as I heard the giggle of girlish laughter and naughty whispers parade outside my door.

I had a mental image of all of Sissy’s friends in their sleep attire: Emily, the tiny Korean with puffy nipples; Rosetta, the Mexican Mama who grabbed my ass last New Year’s Eve; Stacy, the be speckled bookworm who hid porno novels in her book bag.

Yet try as I might, I couldn’t place what conservative Sarah would be wearing. Even the thought of her in a gunnysack caused the head of my prick to glower in purple desire.

After several hours, the house grew quiet and I awoke from dozing in my chair. I looked down upon my massive pis-hard on and knew I had to make a trek to the john to relieve the pressure.

As I quietly peered into the darkened living room as I passed, I saw several nubile bodies peacefully in repose, their nighties riding up to reveal a saucy glimpse of coed thigh. Yet two people appeared to be missing.

I looked to the end of the hall and saw a crack of light coming from the slightly ajar bathroom door. With quickened pulse, I strode the distance and pretended to sleepily push open the door unawares. The sight that greeted me hit like a sexual thunderclap.

There stood Sissy, gently holding Sarah’s hair back as the poor girl leaned over the sink looking flushed. The two girl’s close kinship was announced by their sleepwear: Sissy was tanned and topless, with tight bikini bottoms riding up the crack of her ass. Sarah wore the upper nightie, obviously one meant for Sissy’s petite frame. Sarah’s massive tits pulled against the fabric, her escort pendik dark aureoles totally transparent in the gauzy shift. Both spaghetti straps rode down her arms, and the bottom of the nightie barely covered her belly button, leaving her hairy pussy and golden brown ass cheeks totally bare to her future Father-in-Law’s gaze.

“Dad!” whispered Sissy with a smile as I stood there dazed, “Sarah’s a little woozy but I don’t think she’ll get sick. Come over here!”

I shuffled several feet closer and my aching erection shamelessly popped out of my pajamas and brushed both girls’ thighs.

Sissy looked down with a knowing smirk, but Sarah still was out of it and hanging over the basin.

“Help me steady her.” said Sissy, and my daughter’s tiny hand grazed my cock as she took both my hands and placed them firmly on Sarah’s hips.

“I’ve got to get back to the girls.” lied Sissy, and as she left the room she wantonly squeezed my throbbing water log.

“Uhhhhh.” I grimaced, but now the urge to pee was shut off, and the urge to shoot hot cum all over my daughter-in-law took over.

With Sissy gone, I moved in behind Sarah and watched us in the mirror. Sarah’s hair was messy and sexily back in her face, and she seemed totally unaware that my fat prick was now leaking warm pre-cum all over the crack of her naked ass.

Looking down at Sarah’s perfectly manicured hands braced on the basin, I saw my son’s engagement ring glisten on her finger. Rather than feeling guilty, the sight caused me to simultaneously tug at the tight garment I held at her hips, while my erection began to worm inside the wet folds of Sarah’s hairy pussy.

“Daddy’s got you, hon.” I purred in Sarah’s ear, and we both gasped into the mirror as the nightie popped downwards and her massive tits sprang out into pendik escort bayan my greedy, clutching hands.

“Mr. Stark- Dad- don’t.” moaned the good girl in Sarah, but at the same time she raised her right leg up to ease my prick’s fat entry into her sopping, matted puss.

Overcome with lust, I easily tore the remnants of Sarah’s nightie off and swooned as my prick slid into her to the hilt with an audible plop.

“Darling Sarah.” I tongued into her ear while twisting her fat nipples, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day we met.”

“Uhh–what about Jason? Uhh-give it to me–what about your son?”

I reached up and held Sarah’s extended leg, her sweet ankle bracelet jangling as I poked deep into her steamy cunt, causing her fat tits to dance like jello in the quickly fogging mirror.

“I’m going to fuck you all the time after you become my daughter-in-law. You’re going to learn to swallow two Stark men’s cum.” I rasped deeply.

There was no effort to hide the sounds of our lovemaking; Sarah moaned and groaned as if in labor as I slammed my illicit engorged prick in her now wide-open clutching maw.

Looking to the doorway, I saw my daughter Sissy and her friends all watching googly-eyed as my meaty prick conquered the pussy that would give me grandchildren.

“Fuck her good, Dad!” intoned Sissy as she fingered herself feverishly. Rosetta grabbed Emily’s silken Asian hair and pulled her willing mouth down over her Hispanic Sex. Even Stacy, glasses knocked askew, got into the act by licking Sissy’s asshole.

The entire room smelled like Coney Island at high tide, as sweat, semen and teenage pussy radiated from the enclosed space. Giving in to my needs, I gritted my teeth and launched an incredible wad of boiling hot stew into Sarah’s pink sopping wet cunt.

As we all came down from our orgasms, I let Sarah bring each girl over to me individually and allowed them to nurse on my dirty old cock.

Sissy declined for now, but we all know that Dad and Daughter will happen eventually!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32