Satisfaction Pt. 04: Ch. 14 to 19

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This follows from Satisfaction Parts 1, 2 and 3: Chapters 1-13. Separately, Glen gets to enjoy the company of Abby, Bee, who brings her daughter Ally along, and Wendy. We get to read Abby’s, Bee’s and Wendy’s stories.

All my caveats expressed at the start of Part 1 continue to apply to this part.

You’ll get a context to this by reading Part 1 first. Enjoy.

Chapter 14


Wendy called Glen. “Just heard from Carol. She tells me that you found her story easily. She added how happy you’d made Phil, and by extension herself. That poor man is so badly injured and sick. I feel very sorry for Carol. She’s such a trouper.”

Glen could not resist grinning to himself at the words Wendy was using. She did not know how accurate she was being.

“Agreed. I may well make a regular visit over to them to try to cheer Phil up and as support for Carol. Who’s next? Abby?”

“Sure. I’ll let her know. It may have to be a weekend. She works long hours through the week. I’ll call her tomorrow and leave a message for her if I cannot reach her. By the way, are you enjoying the task we set you?”

“I’ll wait for Abbey’s call. And, yes, I am enjoying it more than you can guess. You have some fun friends in the book club.”

“Not too much enjoyment I hope?”

Glen did not answer her question. “Is that a religious question? I have to go.” He left Wendy dangling, but she did not call him back.


“Abby, nice to hear from you. Ready for the great denouement?”

Abby laughed. “Sounds as though you want me naked.”

“I was thinking of your authorship, but you have a good idea going there, and quite in the spirit of the exercise, I’m thinking.”

“True. Can you come over on Sunday? I try to get all my chores done on Saturday.”

They made arrangements.

Glen arrived at Abby’s door precisely on time. It was raining heavily. He had no hands free for an umbrella as he carried a bottle of chilled Champagne, a bag with three different cheeses and washed and prepared berries for dessert with a can of whipped cream in accordance with their arrangement.

Abby opened the door. She was naked. Glen almost dropped the bottle.

Cool as a cucumber, Abby demanded, “You better get those wet clothes off, and the dry ones as well. This is, after all, a denouement. Your idea. Reveal all.”

Stunned, Glen stripped naked including his socks. He gathered himself to observe Abby’s quite small breasts, trim body and very prominent and naked mons.

Looking Glen up and down. “Nice tackle, mister. Now, what’s my story?”

“I like you. Direct and to the point. No wasted time as is fitting for a project manager. Only one story is possible… Ava. Your present status reflects your story, or should I call it fantasy.”

“Frankly, I had no interest in writing a story. But you’ve seen the others. They nagged me. I eventually caved and I rattled off this bit of second-rate fluff. Even that was a struggle. I had no idea what to write until I accidentally spotted a neighbor naked in his kitchen.”

“I guess one never knows where ideas come from.”

“I hoped you would get it quickly. I was going to put on an article of clothing for every question you asked. A reverse strip. I see a certain tumescence building up. I think we should fuck now before we eat. Then eat food, and if we are still hungry, which I suspect I will be, eat each other and work off the calories. Sound like a plan to you?”

“A perfect project, I would say.” Glen was astounded how readily the church-going women of the book club dropped their panties and demanded sexual attention. At least this one has no husband to come after me. He worried that he had setting himself up for trouble.

They moved to the darkened bedroom, kissed twice and went at it as nature had intended without the benefit of foreplay. The widow had a hair trigger. She was off on her orgasm-finding expedition within two minutes. This was followed by five bone-shaking, flesh wobbling orgasms achieved in various positions over the next twenty minutes before Glen blew his wad in Abby.

“I’m pretty sure It’s alright, I just finished my period. I’ll grab a morning-after pill tomorrow. Food is next.”

Glen was pleased how this encounter was going. Had it followed a normal pattern with food first he may have found Abby’s no-nonsense attitude somewhat aggravating. As it was, he was delighted. He could notch up four for four, if anyone was counting.

The extensive meal, washed down by a fine German Riesling, went down very well. Their naked bodies felt invigorated. Glen’s reaction showed.

The cunnilingus and fellatio games began. The scoring was problematic. Did a successful engagement go to the giver or the receiver? The final numbers, whichever way one wished to do the accounting, was ten to three. The latter being Glen’s ejaculations.

Glen left dressed, sore and exhausted. No rematch was considered.

Chapter 15

Abby’s story


Twenty-six-year-old Ava worked within a consultancy firm that covered a wide swath of industrial eryaman escort bayan and commercial enterprises. As a fully qualified actuary she dealt with life insurance companies on pension plans. She met Todd at a company function. Three years her senior, he was a high-flying management consultant specializing in the mining Industry.

They courted and married over the course of six months. Their passion and lust over-rode their different interests. Ava put up with Todd’s love of skiing and skydiving. Todd tolerated Ava’s love of classical music and opera.

Their life followed a familiar trajectory: Ava worked until she had children, stayed home, discovered she enjoyed being home and did not press to go back to work, becoming a stay-at-home and typical soccer mum. Ava used some of her skills through her work as treasurer of her local Episcopalian church, where she had become a pillar of its administration.

Todd rapidly rose up through the ranks of the consulting company to become the go-to guy on anything to do with the mining industry. Todd travelled extensively. Money was never a problem. Todd earned a substantial salary and obscene bonuses.

Ava and Todd became two individuals whose lives intersected from time to time, mainly in the form of vigorous and good sex. There was little else between them. Even the children did not draw them together, not that either was a bad parent – just somewhat detached.

On her forty-fifth birthday Ava was content. Although she missed him, she accepted the fact that Todd was dead. The previous year, a chair lift at a ski resort had collapsed killing Todd and two others. With her skills and contacts Ava extracted a high seven-figure court settlement from the ski resort and cable car manufacturer. She was financially set. The one thing she missed Todd for was a good fuck now and again.

Although Ava and Todd could afford to move upmarket, they stayed in their original home and simply made significant upgrades and renovations which Ava enjoyed managing. They liked the neighborhood, their particular lot suited them perfectly and the kids had plenty of friends nearby.

Ava kept the house after Todd’s death. One contributory factor to Ava staying after Todd’s death was the new neighbors. They were a good-looking couple in their late twenties. Ava liked seeing them from her study that overlooked their kitchen. She particularly enjoyed that they were often nude and seemed to have a few friends who shared their naked practices. She also appreciated the fact they were never a nuisance and she only had a passing acquaintance with them. Ava met and introduced herself to Phillip, call me Phil, when out collecting the mail, but she had not met the wife.

Ava got horny without Todd’s occasional ministrations. She bought some expensive toys but never found they were totally satisfying. She was not one for the bar or singles scene. The idea of an on-line dating service horrified her after some of the stories she had heard from divorced friends. Out of desperation and on impulse Ava called Phil and asked if she could come over to his place. He said he was alone if that was OK. Ava knew he was on his own having seen his wife leave.

Ava dressed in a thin cream, extremely well-tailored pantsuit that sat nicely on her body, with Victoria’s best underneath. A fully dressed Phil met Ava at the door. She accepted an offer of cafe au lait. They sat in the kitchen.

“I’ve seen you and your wife nude.”

Phil raised his eyebrows as if to say “go on…” Then he said, “She’s not my wife. Jane. Not that it matters.”

Ava found herself somewhat out of character when she made her pitch, Ava’s ears buzzed from the adrenaline in her system as she blurted out, “I’ll get straight to the point. I’d like you to fuck me. No relationship. Just a good hard fuck. Will you do that for me as a neighborly act?” Ava gave as inviting a smile as she could manage with her heart pounding.

Phil thought for a moment. He openly appraised Ava up and down. “Interesting gambit. Didn’t see that coming from our hot MILF neighbor. Stand up. Turn around.” Ava stood and turned around under Phil’s scrutiny. “You’ll do. Yes.” Phil paused and furrowed his brow. “But only if Jane can join in.”

Ava felt triumphant. She’d pulled it off. “Right. Sunday after church; say, noon. The kids are with the grandparents. I take it you are both medically clean. I know I am. Until Sunday. I’ll bring the wine.”

Ava left her coffee untouched.

Chapter 16


Once more Glen found himself calling Wendy on Monday morning. “Mission accomplished. Abby wrote Ava. Just Beatrice left to pin down for a get together. Can you arrange?”

“What am I chopped liver?”

“Somehow I didn’t think you’d be writing. Minister’s wife and all that. I was assuming one of the others had doubled up.”

“Rethink. I’ll let that somewhat patronizing comment pass for the moment, but I may come back to it. It does occur to me that if you guess Bee’s story correctly then by a process of elimination, you’ll know which is my story.

“That’s ankara escort logical.”

“I can’t think you gave the others the fifth degree, so it seems you may have tickled them in submission to confess up to their stories. I do like a good tickle though. I’m not speaking in metaphors here, for the record.”

“Got it. I’ll bring over my feather tickle stick as a debriefing on the whole inquiry.”

Wendy chuckled. “Debriefing. Sounds interesting. We’ll see where we are at after you’ve tackled Bee. I’ll let her know I’m still to follow.”

“Thank you, kind lady. I suspect she’ll be the toughest.”

“Remember she has five children, three at home still. The oldest is twenty-two. You’d never believe it looking at her. How Bee fit modelling into her career I shall never understand.”

“I’ll bear that in mind. You have her number?”

“Bee’s pretty protective of her number. I’ll ask her to call you. I’m not sure I should be saying this but with their large family her hubby doesn’t have the means to take her out to a place like Luigi’s. If you decide to repeat two of your previous encounters, I’m sure she’d like that very much. Just saying. No pressure.”

“I’ll bear that in mind too. Thanks.”


“Beatrice? Wendy told me you’d call. That was quick.”

“Call me Bee. I hate Beatrice. I’m a sort of do it now kind of person. I called immediately after Wendy told me you were ready. How would you like to do this? How has it gone with the others?”

Glen swallowed hard. He wondered if she heard from the others.

“Whatever arrangements we make up between us is good. We could go out for lunch, you can come over here to get out of the house, or I could come to you?”

“Lunch sounds nice. Can I ask a big favor? Can my oldest daughter join us? She proofed and edited my story on the computer. She knows the whole business. She’s at home on her break from law school but she is continuing with the clay studio in town making her whimsical ceramics. You’d like her. She’s lots of fun.”

“How does Luigi’s sound?”

“Are you sure? It’s very expensive. I’d love it of course. I’ve only been there once on a wedding anniversary.”

“Let’s settle the when. What works for you both?”

“Let me sort that with Alana and find someone to sit the little ones. I’ll call you back within the hour, OK?”

“This number. I’m home for the rest of the day.”

“Got it and got it. Call you.”

She called back an hour later. “Ally was difficult to get. She’s fine for the day after the day after tomorrow. Three days’ time. We’re both free from lunchtime for the rest of the day. I can go shopping with Ally after lunch, however long that might last.”

“See you both at noon the day after the day after tomorrow. If there are any crises that are going to prevent you meeting up just call me and leave a message if I’m not here. Looking forward to it, a lot.”

Glen made the arrangements at Luigi’s.


Bee and Ally were about fifteen minutes late arriving at Luigi’s. Glen was a stickler for time and promptness. He felt annoyed that they had left him standing on the sidewalk. They arrived in the back of a Prius. Glen noted that they had used Uber or Lyft. He found that a positive inasmuch as they anticipated having a drink or two with the meal.

Glen’s annoyance disappeared as soon as Bee tidily swung her long legs out of the car door. She wore a sleeveless summer dress with a bold pattern that had areas of transparency between the pigmented areas, hinting at the flesh below. Glen tried to determine if Bee wore a bra, without reaching a conclusion. No stockings were present to reveal tanned legs. The open-toed red strappy shoes worked perfectly with the dress. On any other person, the dress would have seemed over the top, but Bee carried it to perfection.

Bee moved with grace over to Glen and gave him an air kiss by both cheeks, in a European fashion, and a short “Hello.”

Glen had hardly recovered from this first delightful encounter when Alana, Ally as she preferred to be called, who he had never seen before, rounded the back of the Prius and headed for him. She was every bit as stunning as her mother. She wore cream-colored dress pants over plain matching pumps with a silk top in an ultramarine blue. The hem of the top was low enough to cover her breasts but revealed a fair amount of a naked midriff circled by a heavy golden chain. He could not fail to notice that she moved like a gazelle and had the face of an angel.

“Sorry we’re so late. I couldn’t choose what to wear.” Glen liked Bee’s candor.

Bee had clearly gone all out to look right for lunch at Luigi’s. Ally was a delicious colt compared with her thoroughbred mother. What a combination. The maître d’ recognized Glen at once, looked at the two women he escorted and broke into a broad grin. He took them to his, as he now thought of it, table near the back.

Glen was going for broke and just didn’t care with the beautiful company he was entertaining. His Visa would take months to pay off.

There sincan escort bayan was a wicked twinkle in Bee’s eye when she leaned into Glen to whisper in his ear. “No. I’m not wearing a bra. I saw you looking. Nor is Ally.” Glen felt his cock twitch. “But it’s alright, we won’t be heading off to the ladies’ room to remove our panties.”

Glen gulped. “That’s good then.” It was all he could offer in response to the curve ball she threw him. She’d clearly spotted him checking her out earlier.

Thoroughly enjoying her tease, Bee continued after a well-timed pause. “That’s because we’re not wearing any. Thought you’d like to know.”

Glen’s imagination put him in a death grip. He was instantly erect under the table. Bee giggled.

Champagne was ordered by Glen at over one hundred dollars for the magnum. He thought, my old computer will have to hold up for another year.

After the glasses were poured, Glen proposed a toast. “To the luckiest man in the world.” His two companions looked at him wondering what he was talking about. “That’s me, ladies. I have the most beautiful pair of women in the state sitting here with me. And also, to you. None like us.” They all quaffed a large mouthful of bubbly.

Out of the blue, Bee asked, “Which story?”

Glen had heard this upfront question before during his quest, and it worked out just fine.

“Sara, of course. No question.” He was looking directly into Bee’s eyes. “Seeing Ally here, does raise some interesting questions about the story’s background.”

“Did Ally’s connection to ceramics give it away?”

“I knew long before then. That just sealed the deal. There was the modeling and the fact you are a social worker. You identified with the immigrant experience very closely. The story was pretty sexy. Will you do something for me? Poke out your tongues as far as possible and see if you can touch the end of your noses, please.”

Bee and Ally burst out laughing before they gathered themselves and complied with their host’s request. Other patrons turned their heads to look to see if they could share in the joke. They saw two longish tongues poked out and up. Not up to Sara’s length, but not far short nor were they fat. Glen shuddered.

With the erotic tone set by Bee, Glen was not shy to ask, “Have you posed in lingerie? Or nude?”

“Most models get used to being seen naked. I think you’d find my portfolio quite interesting. Ally’s is even better, but it would not be much use as a lawyer.”

Bee fiddled in her small purse and pulled out her iPhone. She waved at a waiter, who came over immediately. “Before we get started can you take some photos of us?”

He agreed and took two shots of each of a series of combinations of them all together and in pairs, arms around each other, as they shuffled around. As he finished his role as photographer, the waiter told them the specials and left menus with them.

Bee offered, “I’ll send you the best shots.”

Glen nodded his thanks.

She continued, “I think some ground rules for this lunch are in order. I suggest no discussion of or questions about the story and the book club members before coffee arrives.”

Glen agreed immediately. Ally looked a little disappointed, as if she wanted to get into some juicy conversation immediately. She also gave her nod.

They agreed on their meals and ordered them. Glen hung onto his first glass of Champagne while his companions were being refilled with considerable alacrity by the wine waiter, as if he was personally keen to see the girls get merry.

Glen asked, “Bee how do you do it? You’ve had five children and still have enormous energy.”

“You’re wrong on one score. Before explaining that statement, let me take you back. You’ve never seen my kids. I am a cliché. Bee made an air quotes gesture. I was discovered by a talent agent one summer day at an open-air café in Seattle at aged fourteen. I was modeling on the catwalk at fifteen and continued as my star burned out, with the expansion of my tits and butt, at age twenty-one. In Europe particularly, I drank too much but never did the coke and other drugs. I returned to the US. I studied social work at college. I met my husband Paul there. He graduated with an MBA and joined a bank. He’s still there as an upper-level manager or lower-level executive, take your pick. He earns just enough to maintain a family of seven. Kids are a luxury. Treats like this are a rare luxury.” Bee took a deep sip of her champagne.

She continued. “We married. At twenty-five I had Ally.” Bee looked over at her daughter. It was complicated birth. I was declared probably sterile after all the messing around with my insides. We tried for five years for a second child without success. We established Paul’s swimmers were good. We adopted an American-Vietnamese boy from an orphanage after a lot of paperwork. He was three at the time. His father had been in the American forces. Little Rod, as we named him, was abandoned by his mother. He’s now twenty and studying medicine. Two years later we took on a baby girl, Amy, from Afghanistan. Father was American. Mother local, who was murdered by the Taliban. She’s fifteen and a math whiz. Our final adoption was a Congolese boy, Richard, now thirteen. He wants to be a plumber. He’ll probably make more money than the rest of us put together.”

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