Scott’s Adventures Continue

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Hooking up with Lisa opened up an entirely new area of excitement for me. Fucking in and of itself is usually exciting enough all on its own but when you can add a new area of excitement, well that can take it to an even higher level of pleasure.

Every time I get laid especially when I fuck someone for the first time, I like to look back on the situation to reflect on if there was anything new or different about this time to separate it from others. You know, something that makes it more memorable and distinguishes it from every other fuck. Some of them are so easy that we will never forget, losing your virginity, first blow job, first time eating pussy, first time butt-fucking, etc.

Others are also easy to remember like the first black, white, Asian and Hispanic girl you fuck. Nothing against Native American girls but I’ve never had the pleasure of fucking any.

I’ve also had the pleasure and sometimes the not so much pleasure of experiencing many other firsts when it comes to fucking. First fat girl, first and unfortunately not the last ugly girl, first MILF who was also the first married woman, first virgin, first threesome, and on and on.

Over the years it’s gotten harder and harder to label someone or an experience as a first but I’ve managed to come up with something every time, even if it’s a trivial first. First time in a particular position or particular room, first time in a car, first time in public, first time in a closet, etc.

Being with Lisa took care of several first. The biggest were the first time I had sex in my office and the first time I fucked a subordinate. Both of those are big turn ons for me and really added a bonus thrill to our relationship.

After that first time together we had the typical what does this mean and where do we go from here discussion. We decided that all it really meant was that we were horny and attracted to each other. As for the other part, we both knew we didn’t want it to be a one time thing but we didn’t want to put a label on our relationship. In the end, it turned out we would be friends with the occasional and sometimes frequent additional benefit of making each other cum.

Some of those times of additional benefits were very exciting. As a single parent of two small kids, Lisa had limited opportunities of free time. The baby daddies were useless and her mother babysat so that Lisa could work but was adamant that she would only baby-sit while Lisa was working.

You see grandma babysat all the time after baby number one was born but she was not too happy when Lisa got pregnant the second time at such a young age. After that she was determined to make her “suffer the consequences” for her actions as much as possible and refused to help Lisa continue running around town like she use to. Still she was saving her a fortune on day care costs so Lisa never pushed the issue with her mom too much.

Because of her situation at home we had a hard time seeing each other outside of work or for any substantial amount of quality time. So we played the hands we were dealt and tried to make the best of things. My number of visits to her store increased and she would come up with any excuse she could think of to stop by my office. It was always good to see her but it didn’t take long for it to become extremely frustrating not being able to act upon the intense sexual attraction growing between us.

We resorted to phone sex virtually every night which did initially help take the edge off. But again after a while that too becomes frustrating because you want the real thing. At that point we decided to take advantage of every opportunity we were alone to get even just a little bit of sexual satisfaction. Anything to help release the intense sexual tension between us

Everyone knew I had taken her under my wing so we really didn’t raise too many suspicions with the increase in our visits, but there were a few incidents where we did cut it pretty close to getting caught with our pants down … literally. The first time was one Friday afternoon when I stopped in to see Lisa at her store.

Things started like any of my other countless number of visits to her store. I’d chat with Lisa and her clerk out in the store about whatever and then ask Lisa to join me in her office. Anyone who knows anything about convenience stores knows that the manager’s office also doubles as the back room storage area bostancı escort bayan without a lot of free space.

As soon as we got back there I gave her my standard greeting of a sensuous kiss and a squeeze of her very shapely ass. It didn’t take long to turn the topic of conversation to sex. We’d had phone sex the night before and were rehashing some of the particulars and how nice it was. Pretty soon I was experiencing significant growth inside my pants which didn’t go unnoticed by Lisa.

“Damn Scott can’t you control that thing?” She joked staring directly at the growing bulge between my legs.

“What can I say? You turn me on.” I responded truthfully. “You should take it as a compliment.”

“Oh I’m flattered all right. I love having that effect on you and from where I’m sitting it’s starting to look mighty tempting.”

“Is that right?” I said as I moved within inches of her. “And what exactly are you tempted to do.” I whispered before gently kissing her neck.

“mmm” she moaned ever so softly. “You keep that up and I’ll be tempted to follow through on what we talked about last night.” She managed to say in between moans.

“Talk is cheap girl. I don’t think you’re adventurous enough to fuck me right here right now.” I egged her on as I continued my masterful work on her neck and massaged her breast through her shirt.

I could almost hear the wheels turning in her head as she contemplated going through with my challenge. I decided to step up the ante by giving her even more temptation. I intensified our kissing alternating between her neck and lips. I had my left hand on the back of her head running through her hair while I used my right hand to unsnap her pants and lower her zipper.

Gaining the access that I needed I took two fingers to rub her pussy and my thumb to massage her clit through her panties. Taking it up an even higher notch, I managed to move her panties to the side to gain direct contact with her very wet pussy at this point.

When I took those same two fingers to penetrate her for the first time she let out a moan that was probably a bit too vocal given the environment but I wasn’t going to be deterred. I began a slow sensuous finger fuck and muzzled her moans with some very passionate deep kissing.

Within moments her hips were gyrating to increase the pace of my fingers going in and out of her. Her body was on fire and I knew that I had her right where I wanted her; but what happened next surprised me.

“Oh FUCK I can’t take it anymore. I need to feel that DICK!” She said as she pushed me back into a chair and seemingly in the same motion dropped her pants and underwear. I have no idea how or when she came out of her shoes but it seemed like in the blink of an eye she was naked from the waist down save her socks.

Momentarily stunned by the sudden turn of events all I was able to say was “wha what …” before Lisa cut me off.

“Shut the fuck up!” She commanded as she busily worked to unbuckle my pants. “Don’t say a fucking word. Just sit there and let me get to that dick.”

She yanked out my very hard dick without so much as pulling my pants down and without hesitation sat on my lap and engulfed my dick with her hot pussy. She took a second where she appeared to be savoring the incredible feeling of having a hard cock deep within her. Then she unleashed what had to be all of her pent up sexual tension by bouncing up and down on my lap and fucking me like a woman possessed.

This girl was on a mission and I just happened to be the lucky recipient. I grabbed a hold of her magnificent ass and just went along for the ride. Given how close I had her to cumming with my finger fucking from moments earlier it was not unexpected that it didn’t take her very long to climax. Good thing for her because no one could keep up the pace that she was fucking me for very long.

When the moment hit her once again she let out a louder then she should have moan that I tried to control with more kissing. Going into a trancelike stare as she took every second to thoroughly enjoy what was surly an incredibly intense orgasm. I was just about to resume our fucking when we both were snapped back into reality by some commotion in the store.

“Oh Shit somebody’s coming.” she said as she immediately jumped up off of my still throbbin’ hard dick. My first thought as I looked at my still ümraniye escort fully erect dick glistening from her abundance of pussy juice was “someone may be coming but I guess it won’t be me”.

“Lisa, I need change.” Her clerk called out from the store as Lisa got dressed nearly as quickly as she had undressed.

“I’ll be right there.” Lisa answered.

“I put my pants back on so fast I forgot about these.” She said as she handed me her wet panties.

“Will you take them with you and I’ll pick them up when I stop by your office after work? Who knows maybe then I can do something to help you out of your predicament.” She remarked as she walked out of the room while pointing at my still obvious bulge in my pants.

To give me the needed relief I was craving I was tempted to take matters into my own hands right then and there but somehow that seemed like an anticlimactic ending to a very exhilarating experience. So instead I remained in the back area for several minutes to give my erection sufficient time to deflate before heading out into the public area of the store.

“Well ladies it’s time for me to head back to the office. I will see you both another day. As always the store looks great. Keep doing what you do.”

“Bye Scott” they said in unison.

Not thirty seconds after leaving the store my cell phone rang. The caller ID simply read L.

“Miss me already?” I answered.

“What were you doing in the back room for so long? Were you doing what I think you were doing?” she questioned.

“Sadly No, but considering the state you so abruptly left me in, could you blame if I did?” I responded.

“I guess not.” She said chuckling. “So what were you doing?”

“Nothing. I didn’t want your clerk noticing the same thing you noticed when you left the back room. I just needed some time to let things calm down.” I explained.

“Oh, I do kinda feel bad about that. You know I think that’s the first time I’ve ever had sex where I got to cum but the guy didn’t. Normally it’s the other way around.”

“Is that supposed to somehow make me feel better?” I asked.

“No not really, but I tell you what, next time I promise to make it all about you.”

“Be careful what you’re saying Lisa, I just might hold you to it.”

“I’m serious. I feel bad about leaving you hanging like that so I’m going to make it up to you.”

“Yeah, yeah, promises, promises. Look I got to go that’s the office beeping in on the other line. I’ll talk to you later.”

A few hours later I was back in my office trying to research an issue without much success. Between reliving the days events, having Lisa’s underwear in my pocket, and wondering if she truly was going to make it all about me the next time, sex was firmly entrenched on my brain. I kept thinking that I should have jacked off at the store when I had the chance. Maybe that would have taken the edge off so that I could get some work done now.

My thoughts were interrupted when my assistant called in to let me know that Lisa was here to see me. When she walked in my office she still had a huge smile on her face that said to me I got fucked silly today and damn I feel good.

“You look like you’re in a good mood.” I greeted her.

“That’s because I am. I’ve had a great day and I owe it all to you!” She responded cheerfully.

“I can’t take all the credit but I’m glad I could help brighten your day. Things didn’t end quite the way I expected or wanted but all in all it was a great day for me too.”

“Well the day’s not over yet. I have a feeling that you just might like the way your day will end afterall.” She said in a low voice.

“Oh you do … do you.” I replied. “And just why do you have that feeling?”

“Because I’m not here to pick up my panties. I’m here to show you just how much I appreciate what you did this afternoon and to fulfill my promise to make it all about you.” She said seductively.

“I don’t know what you have in mind but you damn sure got my full attention.” I said curiously. “Go lock the door and we have to be quiet because my assistant is just outside.”

“You can focus on being quiet. I won’t have that problem because I plan to have my mouth full.” She said in a matter-of-fact tone and giving me an indication of just what she had in mind.

She had me sit on my office couch, the same place we fucked for the first time, and escort kartal told me to sit back and relax. The radio was on and Lisa began to dance for me. The song was easy listening and not exactly what I would call erotic but the way Lisa was moving it could have been the Star – Spangled Banner and it still would have been incredibly sexy.

When she finished her dancing she had skillfully maneuvered herself where she was on her knees between my legs. The look in her eyes exuded confidence and extraordinary sex appeal. Maintaining constant eye contact she loosened my tie and unbuttoned several buttons on my shirt giving her full access to my chest.

To my surprise and delight she kissed all over my chest and paid particular attention to my nipples which I’m not ashamed to say are very sensitive. Let’s just say that I can fully understand when a woman says she could cum just from having her tits sucked. I had gotten an erection the moment Lisa started her seductive dance but as she kissed my nipples my dick was so hard I thought it was going to literally explode.

When she continued her downward path to get to her ultimate destination I was both excited and disappointed. Excited that she was one step closer to sucking my dick but disappointed that she stopped playing with my nipples which felt incredible.

She looked at me at she unbuckled my pants to gain access to my 7-in dick for the second time that day and without saying a word her eyes let me know that she was about to suck me dry. Using the pre-cum that was seeping out the tip as lubricant; she gave me a few slow strokes up and down before engulfing the head with her mouth.

Twirling her tongue around as she ever so gently stroked my shaft, we made eye contact. If you’ve never experienced having eye contact with a beautiful woman who has your dick in her mouth then I’m here to tell you that you have missed out on one of life’s sexiest moments and there are no words to fully describe the feeling.

Maintaining eye contact the entire time, Lisa’s mouth began a slow descent along my shaft. I was convinced she would take the full seven inches but after about five or six inches disappeared, she reversed herself and slowly came all the way back up. She gave me a few more slow strokes with her hand and then closed her eyes and went to work slurping and slobbering on my dick.

After a few strokes up and down she found her rhythm and placed both hands on my thighs as her head bobbed up and down. She wasn’t going as far down as before but she was sucking at a frenzied pace and still taking at least 4-5 inches with downward bob. It wasn’t long before my hips were moving up and down to match the pace of her head bobbing. I grabbed the back of head and soon it was more me fucking her mouth than her giving me a blow job. But either way it felt fucking great.

The moment of truth was rapidly approaching so I gave her a little warning and moved my hands from the back of her head to give her the opportunity to step back and finish me off with her hands if she so chose. But she was having none of that. She put my hands back on her head and increased her bobbing as I continued fucking her mouth.

I knew that because I hadn’t cum during our earlier fuck session at the store and with the intensity of the current blow job that I was primed to produce a ton of semen and have a very powerful orgasm. When the time finally came I was not disappointed. I closed my eyes threw my head back and enjoyed what was by far the most intense orgasm I had ever had from a blow job.

I shot what felt like stream after stream of hot cum down her throat. I think the first spasm surprised her but to her credit she didn’t skip a beat and didn’t spill a drop. Throughout college I had received many blow jobs but this was the first time that I was literally sucked dry and clean as a whistle.

I finally opened my eyes after calming down from my orgasmic high and the first thing I see is Lisa staring at me and giggling with this wide shit-eating grin on her face. Thinking I may have gotten too loud as I was cumming, I asked her, “I didn’t get too loud did I?”

“No you were quiet as a mouse.”

“Then what’s so funny?” I asked with a smidgen of too much paranoia and self-consciousness.

“You look funny when you cum.” She explained.

“As good as that shit felt I could give a fuck about how I looked.” I responded honestly. “But I’m glad you got some sort of enjoyment out of it.”

“Oh trust me I enjoyed every second of it.”

“Well in that case, feel free to suck my dick anytime you want.”

“Oh I plan on it.”

“There you go again … promises … promises.”

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