Second Meeting

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I opened the door and let Chris in.

“Hi,” I said with a smile on my face.

“Hi,” he answered, nervously. I turned around and headed up the stairs.

“Nice ass,” Chris said, and I laughed. I was wearing a nightgown short enough to see the bottom of my ass cheeks I wasn’t expecting such aggressiveness but, damn, did it turn me on! He held my wrists with one hand and pulled my left tit to his lips with the other. Slowly, he dragged his tongue against my nipple and then swirled around it. I was staring at his tongue when he glanced up and smiled. I must’ve just stared at him like an idiot with my mouth hanging open because Chris laughed a little before turning his attention back to my nipple. He kissed it lovingly before kissing his way up to my collarbone and then nibbling his way along it. I arched my back and gasped. He was making me crazy.

“I-I thought I was supposed to be teasing you,” I managed to get out. He brought his face up until we were nose to nose and bostancı escort bayan said “Guess the tables have turned.” His voice had such an edge to it, it made me shiver. Then he kissed me, plunging his tongue into my mouth. I sucked it, pretending it was his cock and moaning. He groaned into my mouth and I felt his fingers on my clit. I was so wet, his finger slid across with no problem. He worked my clit, rubbing lazy circles around it, pinching it lightly, then sliding down to move across my wet slit, making my hips buck. All the while his head was bobbing as he slipped his tongue in and out of my mouth.

Chris slid his face to my neck, biting and sucking.

“Oh, fuck!” I shouted. I could feel his smile. “Please, please fuck me,” I begged. My entire body was trembling now. I was rubbing my legs against his and thrusting my pelvis up, just trying to get a feel of his cock. It was so fucking exciting that I had no control but I was on the verge of coming ümraniye escort and I just wanted it so bad.

“You want me to fuck you?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

“And how do you want it?”

“Just hard, I don’t care about anything else.” I was shaking my head and wriggling my hips. Chris rolled me over and said, “Get on your knees.” I happily obliged, stretching my arms over my head and pressing my tits to the bed with my ass in the air. When I felt his tongue shove into my cunt, I yelled out and pushed my hips back. He slapped my ass and pushed me back. “Ohhh,” escaped my throat. I looked over my shoulder to see him gripping his cock. I felt my pussy juice literally roll down to my knee in anticipation.

I felt Chris’s cock head press into my cunt and tried to roll my hips back. He smacked my ass again and bit out a groan. “Don’t move,” he said. I moaned and stayed still. He pushed just the head of his cock in and withdrew, rubbing escort kartal it up and down my slit. He put the tip in and withdrew it again, this time rubbing it against my clit. My hips bucked uncontrollably and I got another smack on the ass.

“I can’t help it!” I yelled. “Just fuck me, please!” As an answer, Chris pushed his cock all the way in my cunt at once and I shouted, “Fuck!”

“Is that what you wanted, baby?”

“Fuck yes, fuck, fuck!

“Come for me.” He hadn’t even finished the word and I was coming, my pussy squeezing his cock.

“Oh, yes, baby! Just like that!” Chris reached up and pulled my hair, holding me immovable and started fucking the hell out of me. All I could do was come and cry out as I felt his balls hitting my clit with every thrust. Finally I felt his thrusts getting more frenzied and moved my hips, knowing he was no longer in control. When I felt his cock suddenly swell inside me I came again, biting my pillow. He threw his head back and cried to the ceiling, “Fuck!” I could feel his hot cum spurting all over my pussy and some leaking out.

We collapsed as one, breathing heavily and sweating all over the place.

“That was one hell of a second date,” Chris growled in my ear, and I giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32