Semblance of Normalcy

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It has been two weeks since the victory over the Ankarian Desert of the Middle East, CNN, BBC, and other news agencies have reported the miraculous battles, where a single regiment of four battalions, defeated an Army Corp size of four divisions from the enemy’s side. Though some of the men sacrificed their lives, it was a victory that gave birth to a myth that the Rim-Cats are an unbeatable fighting force. A myth bought in blood. My clients and their foes started to bargain for a peace treaty and soon a cease fire have been agreed upon. During the peace talks I opted to stay in Ar’Raq City and every night of my stay Sara accompanies me as I try to forget this bloody business of war, even a mercenary can get a bit tired of killing for a living. Though it is done to protect those who are needed and is truly in need of it, such a profession as a mercenary commander can be exhausting and the toll of it has taken a hold of me. For some time now I have written the letters about the men whom I’ve lost in this contract, personally taking care of arrangements making sure that their bodies make it back to their families, and finally making certain that the families are compensated for the loss of their love ones. I hated this part of my profession, but then again it is a necessary, in war there will be losses and these losses are not just names or numbers. They are people who have families, love ones, or at least those who care for them that are hurting because of their violent departure from this world. What more can I say, it is the fact of being a professional soldier.

“Marc, will you just relax.”

Sara’s voice brought me out of my reverie as her hands wraps around my muscular, toned, built, and well defined body. I gently grabbed her hands and squeezed them tenderly and lovingly.

“I’m sorry honey. I just can’t help it you know.”

“Hun, you need to rest your mind,” she said to me, the man she loves and have given her all.

“I will and am trying to Sara,” I replied to her.

“I know how about we go out and have fun eh?”

“Alright let’s go out,” I agreed to her proposal kissing her lips passionately.

Within an hour Sara and I were finally dressed and walked out of the penthouse suite which I have rented in my stay within the city, taking the elevator down to the garage. I have taken out the key to my rental car and remotely opened the door. Sara climbed in the passenger’s seat as I occupied the driver’s seat, turning on the ignition, I have drove off from the hotel and headed towards a nice club within the city. My mind still raced around the matter of security for this client country and what the result of the peace talk would be.

“Honey, I’m glad were together,” she placed her head onto my muscular chest as I focused on driving the vehicle.

“I am happy that I make you this happy Sara,” I replied.

“Ever since we met you always made me happy,” she commented, “But at times you’re an ass.”

I laughed at her and made a turn parking the car next to the night club.

“We’re here.”

She opened the door escort bostancı and got out at the same time that I did, with my hands grasping hers we walked into the night club, ordered a couple of drinks, headed to the dance floor and let our bodies sway with the rhythm of the music.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve dance like this,” she said to me.

“Same here too honey.”

The music faded and a love song started, her eyes locked into mine as my arms curled around her slender waist, hugging her we gently danced to the soothing and romantic rhythm of the song.

“I low you so much Marc.”

“And I love you too Sara.”

She hugged me tightly seeming never to want to let go.

“Marc, I don’t want you to get hurt. I know it’s your job to do these awful things but every time you go out there. I worry about you.”

I could not respond to her words, all that I could do is hug her in return and try to comfort her best I can. She looked deeply into my eyes as our lips brushed, my kiss deepens and our passion erupted once again. My hand slides down to her wonderful ass, gently fondling them as our tongue played with one another.

“Do you want to go back in the hotel?”

I grabbed her hand gently and led her out of the night club and into the car.

The Hotel Suite….

Getting back in the hotel’s penthouse suite, both of us were so eager to take our clothes off. Afterwards Sara and I hugged one another, our lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongue massages the other. Her hand caressed my muscular frame as I explored her sweet lovely body. I clasp onto her lovely mound, the erect hardening nipples sends the message of pleasure throughout her body as Sara’s sweet moan escaped from her mouth. I covered her mouth with mine as my free hand gently slides downward to her flat stomach, then to her shaved pussy. She gasp as I touched her sensitive bud, my other hand massages her breast in circles, and my palm gently rubbing her hardened nipple. I slowly slide my hand up and down her slit until her wetness slips off to my hand lubricating it and steadily increasing the rythm.

“Aaaahhh, Marc that feels so good baby!”

I gently led her to the bed as I kept gliding my hand up and down her oozing slit, laying her down I kneeled onto the bed placing myself on top of her. With my index finger, I gently slide it in and out of her wet tight channel. My finger crooked inside of her as I wiggle it around and around with each thrust, she whips her head from side to side as the feeling of pleasure engulfs her whole body, sending tantalizing feeling of electricity all over her beautiful goddess like body.

“Oooohhh oooohhh aaaahhhh,” Sara moaned with every thrust as her lovely tight channel started to expand and her juices slowly ooze out of slit and onto the bed.

My kiss departed from her lips as it gently and passionately glides to her neck, to her earlobe, then down to her throat. From her throat I kissed her chest to her cleavage, burying my head between the two mounds. My mouth devoured her left breast, ümraniye escort hungrily sucking on it and massaging it with my tongue, flicking her nipples with my tongue, Sara moaned more as I combined such pleasure with fingering her pussy. Gently I added my middle finger inside her pussy. She buckled to the onslaught as I steadily fingered her lovely cunt. Sara arched her back as she closed her eyes and gave in to her first orgasm of the night.


She dropped onto the bed panting and gasping for air, as I withdrew my two fingers out of her lovely channel. I parted her legs and mounted her, my dick resting on the entrance of her lovely sex. Then I slowly pushed my cock inside of her, sliding it gently as possible as she grunts feeling the width and length of my girth. Deeper and deeper I buried my rod inside her warm, wet, and tight pussy, then slowly I started to withdrew and thrust inside of her. She bit her lower lips with every thrust slowly I piston her pussy, gradually building up the rhythm of my pounding of her lovely channel. Sara started to moan louder and louder with every thrust that’s getting faster and faster, deeper and deeper inside of her lovely pussy.

“AAAAHHH AAAHHHH OOOOHHHH HAAAAHHHH,” Sara moaned in a faster beat as her pussy gets the pounding she desired since they last done this.

My hands grasp her legs as I lifted them up to my shoulders burying my cock deeper insider of her.

“Marc, oooohhhh aaaahhhh mmmm…..ooooohhhh,” she replied to my touch as she moaned in a fast rhythm.

I pounded her pussy in rhythm, slowly then faster and faster in circles as she moans on top of her lungs. Her moans of pleasure drove me to want her cum even more. I wanted to give her the most pleasurable experience that she ever experienced. My cock rubs her inner walls and g-spots of her pussy, sending overwhelming sensation throughout her body, she arched her back as Sara gave in to her climax.


Her arms wraps around me as I never let up on my drilling and pounding movements inside of her wonderful, wet, warm, and lovely pussy. I grabbed her waist and gently turned her around. Sara got on all fours as I plunged my cock deep inside her pussy, our flesh started to clap as it bangs together with ever thrust, my hands grips her waist and pulls her to be impaled deeper by my large engorged rod. She lowered her head, closed her eyes and girps the sheet tightly moaning, panting, and gasping for air as her pussy is pounded in and out, around and around, deeper and faster by my shaft.


She screams and moans my name as her wet pussy drips with every thrust. Every place and nook of her pussy is touched and is given attention by my pounding dick, her g-spots never lacked any attention as my manhood thrust in to rub them along with the circular motion that drove her body insane from such a pleasurable experience. I placed my thumb in her anus and started to probe in as I fuck her pussy more. My cock is engulfed by her glazing juice, as I pound her pussy kartal escort bayan faster. Sara opened her mouth again as her body shivered, feeling the rush of her cum washing my cock. I smiled as Sara gave in to her orgasm.


I gently slide out my dick off her pussy and started to probe it onto her anus, slowly my cock parted and opened her bum-hole I slide it deeper in her ass. Slowly I pump in and out deeper into the tight hole. Sara started to grit her teeth at the onslaught. As I increase the pace pistoning in and out of her ass, she started to moan again, my dick started to be coated as her ass started to release its love juice. My hand reached down to her pussy as I started to play with her clit while pumping her ass.

“OOOHHH AAAAHHH BAAABY AAAAHHH,” Sara moaned while my hand and dick pleases her clit and bum-hole.

As my cock thrust deep into her ass to the hilt, I started to fuck her harder and faster. She started to moan louder gripping the sheets once again as her head turned to look at me. I groaned in pleasure with every thrust of my dick in her tight little ass, and then I started to grind my hips making circular motions of my dick inside of her tight hole. Sara cried out in pleasure as my hand gently tugged and rubs her clit.


I kept up the pace and slowly started to fuck her faster and faster.


She cried each word with every thrust as her body shuddered and a ripple of her juice flows out of her hole washing my rod with her love juice. I turned her around again and plunges my cock deep in her pussy.


She moaned arching her back, her legs wrap around my thigh as I thrust in and out of her pussy. My hands grab and squeezed her breast passionately as my palms rubs her hardened nipples. I started to grind my waist again, sending overwhelming pleasure throughout her body. Sara in return started to thrust upward, meeting my dick and impaling herself to me. She closed her eyes and arched her head as I know her climax is close approaching.


I fucked her pussy harder and faster, with every thrust she buckled and grip the bed sheet as a tear fell to her cheeks knowing that the pleasing sensation throughout her body is closing to be unbearable.


Sara yield to her body as a rush of orgasm rocked her.

“AARGHHHH,” I groaned as I reached my climax.

At the same moment I too came inside of her lovely pussy shooting my seed deep in her. I collapsed on the bed next to her as she turned towards me and kissed my lips.

“Honey, that was so amazing,” she said smiling at me through her sweat covered face.

“I’m glad to make you feel that way Sara.”

Her arms wraps around me in a tight embrace as I hold her tight.

“I’m so happy Marc.”

She closed her eyes as her exhaustion took her to sleep. I looked at her peaceful face deep in sleep and smiled, lying down and looking up towards the ceiling, I savored this precious moment. Closing my eyes, sleep finally crept in taking me to a peaceful night’s rest. Though times like this are few and rare for a mercenary, at least some semblance of normalcy still exists in my war torn if not an adventurous life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32