Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 04

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All sexual acts herein are between people 18 years of age, or older.


Gaining Insight

Nikita came to Donnie’s place after work, and moments after walking through the front door—left open for her—was caught from behind by Donnie’s strong hands.

They kissed in the foyer, and his hands traversed her supple body while her hands clung to his neck and hair. Ending the kiss, he smugly inquired,

“Have you seen the bedroom lately?”

“Oh, have you had a decorator in?”

“No, but I’ve mussed the sheets up just the way you like them.”

“Well do let us go and see. I adore rumpled sheets with a manly odor to them.”


He stood majestically above her, staring into her deep brown eyes. There was no mistaking the wanton lust in those eyes and she knew he saw it there. Nikita’s chest rose and fell rhythmically and her breath continued to quicken as she felt the sudden warmth radiating through her body and settling in her mons veneris.

Donnie’s hand ventured under the short dress Nikita wore and went straight to her sex, encased in a pair of lace panties. His knowing fingers deftly parted her labia through the filmy material.

Feigning surprise, he said huskily, “Oooh, your panties are in the way; make that pussy wet for me, will you?” He stressed his request by pressing the damp lacy material between her folds and sopped up some of the juices already flowing freely from her sex.

Nikita wormed a hand into her panties and stirred her honey-pot for him, creating more in the way of free flowing juices.

“Good girl” he whispered softly, while running a hand through her luxurious dark brown hair and gathering it then pulling her head back slightly.

“Look at me” he said calmly and firmly.

Her eyes sparkled as they met his, and she felt his fingers moving her lacy undies to one side. He kissed her and the kiss lasted several minutes during which his fingers gently graze her unhooded clitoris and open her folds enough to accept his knowing finger inside.

An involuntary groan of pleasure followed by the flexing of her vaginal muscles around the finger signaled her desire for at the very least, another finger inside her. Donnie’s middle finger slithered into her steaming cunt as Nikita closed her eyes and sighed with satisfaction.

Donnie as always, was impressed by the high sitting breasts and long turgid nipples thrusting against the flimsy material of her dress. He glanced down and saw his own erection jutting against the material of his slacks and smiled.

“Look at me.” He said, and as Nikita’s eyes opened she saw the way he was looking at her and moaned with want. Perhaps a full second elapsed before she began to hump his fingers, but then he used his free hand to hold her steady.

“Stay still, Nikita.” His words brought her humping to an end. He slowly extracted his fingers from her vagina and tapped them lightly against her swollen lips.

“Taste yourself, Darling.”

Nikita ran her tongue over every part of the fingers in her mouth then sucked them until every particle of her juices vanished from the proffered fingers.

At the mid-point of this activity, Nikita resumed humping the air as if searching for an invisible phallus.

Taking the fingers from her mouth, Donnie kissed her again; Nikita responded to it with a violent urgency signaling her need to have her cuntal cavity filled with his cock.

During the torrid kiss, Donnie worked her dress up over her hips, pulled on her panties until they filled the crack of her ass and began rubbing against her clit and cunt, intensifying her desire to be possessed by him.

“Donnie,” she croaked, “put it in me!”

At this juncture in his young life, Donnie knew enough about women and their sexual desires to ignore the demand. He knew delaying her gratification would heighten her sensations and wring a more powerful orgasm from her than normal.

It was such powerful orgasms that gave him a certain power over women. He was well aware of it and patiently continued with what he referred to as ‘prepping the patient’ much as a surgeon in an operating theatre might.

In fact, he took great pride in his sexual approach with each and every female he fucked. For instance, here with Nikita who was obviously ready for him, he slowed his pace and contented himself with priming Nikita by squeezing each breast thoroughly before and after plucking them from the scooped neckline of her dress.

To his way of thinking they reminded him of an exotic twin dessert waiting for him to dip into them with a spoon. When he told Nikita this, she burst out laughing, delighted with his ‘vision’ of her twins.

She began moaning non-stop when he started to chew on her elongated nipples, bringing Nikita to the cusp of a tumultuous orgasm.

“Bite the fuckers! I love it! Oooh–ooooh–ooooh!” She crowed sensing her release nearing.

He obliged her–he almost always did so, except when he had kartal escort other ideas in mind that suited him better.

This time he felt that a sharp yank on her hair might enhance the sensations a little more, and as he accommodated her in biting down on each nipple, he also pulled suddenly on her hair sending a sharp pain throughout her system countering the pleasure she was receiving from his munching on her well tortured buds.

And as he was wont to do with each conquest, Donnie added additional confusion to her senses by kissing the pulsing vein on her neck, driving her wilder with want and need.

Finally they were skin against skin at the foot of the bed, arms wrapped about each other’s backs. Nikita’s head rested just above his chest and she kissed the hollow above his collarbone, inhaling the barest scent of a faraway forest, dark and wild. No novice in sexual matters, she decided to take the lead in their coupling and slid her right leg up to the outer side of his left, felt his hardness pulse against her thigh.

Donnie sighed and turned his head down to nuzzle and lick at her neck, animal like, making her shiver. He moved his hands to her shoulders, and turned to growl-whisper in her ear. “Get out of the dress and onto your knees!”

He tempered the rough edge of his words by gently pushing her with one hand and pulling with the other to turn her around. Nikita resisted for a moment, just to let him know she could then capitulate, letting her shoulder and arm brush against his chest and stomach as she positioned herself accordingly.

In the process she was unable to resist letting a hand encounter his hard cock and giving it a not-so-gentle squeeze.

Now she faced the bed, with him behind. His hands moved from her shoulders to her breasts caressing then squeezing and pinching the still very sensitive nipples. Moaning, Nikita placed one knee on the mattress and slowly, seductively, crawled onto the bed, making sure Donnie caught several eyefuls as she moved to the center then looked back over her shoulder with half-lidded eyes.

“I’m still here,” he said with a lecherous smile that made her shudder.

He cupped the cheeks of her ass with his hands, caressing them with a familiarity that brought memories of orgasms past flooding back to her.

He too, was recalling previous couplings with her and noting the glisten of moisture at the junction of her legs had to restrain himself from leaping upon her like a starving beast.

Patience—anticipation-sweet torture … thoughts ran through both their minds just then.

Donnie moved closer and Nikita turned away as the bed shifted on absorbing his weight. She held her breath; felt the mattress pushed down between her slightly parted knees.

Nikita’s body jerked involuntarily at his hot touch as his hands stroked up her legs paused to lightly tickle behind each knee before moving on–but not before letting her feel the tip of his member, fat and hard pressing against her mons.

Two could play this game Nikita thought, and pushed forward, her splayed opening kissing his cockhead, until he growled–a combination of aggression and humor in the guttural sound.

Retaliating, Donnie thrust and pulled on her in one punctuated motion, burying himself almost all the way inside her with one shove. Now it was Nikita’s turn to let out a cross between a grunt and a growl, which turned into a deep purring exhalation as he withdrew for two long seconds then sank back in his full length, opening her to his heat and urgency.

He was wise enough to hold her tight, pulling her to him then pushing forward as their comingled heat swallowed them both.

In a handful of heartbeats, Donnie’s hips were rhythmically slapping into Nikita’s rump as he thrust into her from behind. His hands stayed possessively on her hips, holding and guiding her where he wanted–pulling and pushing if she made to break free, or interfere with his stroke.

Nikita exalted in the varied angles of his thrusts; in the heat radiating off him both within her and behind her. She exalted in the strength of his hands, knowing she couldn’t get away from him if she tried–not that she would. Off in the distance she heard herself, moaning, groaning hissing and cursing–all sounds of arousal that she was all too familiar with.

A newer form of arousal to her was his persistence in discovering her secret spots–those particular places that sent her sexual stimulation soaring.

He had just found a new one–his hand snaked from just below her ribcage rested briefly on her belly, and then made a series of small circles there. His other hand followed from the opposite side, venturing much lower, lingering over her mons before a finger glossed over her engorged clit causing Nikita to jerk upward.

Almost immediately another finger slipped in and out of her moistened cleft, causing her to hump back although her motions were somewhat contained by his thigh which impeded her overall movement.

Nikita maltepe escort bayan turned her head as if to look over her shoulder, only to meet his face–his nose nuzzled her ear as his hands abandoned her lower extremities to cup and fondle both breasts. Nikita’s excitement soared as Donnie rolled her oh so sensitive nipples in his expert fingers.

It crossed her mind that he seemed to know exactly how to turn her on and keep her turned on.

With a low growl that sent shivers up and down her spine, Donnie pulled her up until her back pressed against his solid, sweaty chest. Nikita’s hands left the mattress, to feel his hands on her hips then to move almost in disbelief to the hands that were massaging her breasts. He’s everywhere–how the fuck…?

Donnie sensed her emotions roiling, but held off their consummation a little longer. It will sweeten her climax and mine as well, he told himself as his tongue tasted the edge of fear, even panic, in the sweat of her neck–but only the edge. She did not recoil, nor did she grip him any tighter–except inside where a vice of wet heat squeezed his errant fingers when they returned to dip again into her aperture of bliss.

He was convinced her passion matched his own for her hot breath, heavy and labored, blew across his neck and ear; and her teeth grazed his earlobe, but didn’t bite.

He reciprocated, licking her neck with a hot, wet tongue; growling while telling her how good she tasted and how good her tits felt; leaving her breathless with want. Half formed questions and protests left her lips as unintelligible mewls and cries. By this point her thighs were repeatedly squeezing him and his carnal accoutrement swelled in response.

Nikita took him in and together they allowed a rip current of desire to take them under.

The pleasure coursing through Nikita’s body electrified. On one level, it was like nothing she’d ever felt before. On another level, the ecstasy didn’t matter at all. Nothing mattered but the peace and tranquility of the moment. And yet his heat, touch, scent, taste, sounds, filled her senses. She felt it rising in flesh and spirit, readying to ignite. She was too far gone now.

So was he. Donnie was breathing harder, snorting and panting like a beast. Nikita felt the throb of his heartbeat against her back – and in the pulsing of his cock inside her. He shook with exertion, but held her firmly. He was waiting for her. And then, tight against him, she was cumming, crying out with each deep thrust, pulled and teased and kneaded and held. Her inner muscles clamped hard around him, and he answered her cries with a snarl of his own as he drove through her contractions harder and hotter.

A kaleidoscope of vivid colors blinded her and she burst!

Donnie didn’t stop until his own completion erupted within Nikita, buried to the hilt, her hips pulled back tight against him as he emptied deep into her, his clenched teeth against the skin of her neck allowing only animal sounds to escape.

He held her firmly, but gently, until he was through. Then his powerful hands released her, lowering her sweat-drenched body to the sheets. He sank down next to her, panting and Nikita timidly turned to face him, uncertain of what she would see. Her hands, shaking just a little, travelled up his chest to his left shoulder and arm and she fell asleep. Perhaps a minute or two later Donnie joined her and they slept for more than two hours.


They played a silly game on awakening–she would attempt to suck him off without using her hands in any way, shape, or form.

“Let’s see if we can make it happen,” Donnie said, and Nikita promptly maneuvered his flaccid penis onto her outstretched tongue and began her fellation.

When Nikita raised her eyes to look up at his face, Donnie made a series of silly faces designed to make her laugh.

Nikita gurgled and laughed, finally spitting his penis from her mouth to declare: “Don’t make me laugh, I might choke to death when you cum.”

After she resumed blowing him, Donnie gently pushed at her head, felt her ears, her tits, and her cunt as she in turn sucked him harder; even resorted to putting a finger in his ass. When it went in with ease, she added a second and then a third. She resolved to query him about that after finishing him off. In the meantime she fingered him as he would have fingered her cunt and found him pulsing more rapidly in her mouth.

Yet he failed to ejaculate, and this left her puzzled and concerned. She used her free hand to remove him from her mouth and asked him if anything was wrong. She had never found him in a state of impotence and wondered if it had finally caught up with him. But he’s much too young, she told herself.

“Nothing’s wrong, you’re doing great,” he told her.

She seemed baffled by the fact that she’d been sucking his cock for quite a while and he had yet to cum. “I never had anyone last this long before,” escort pendik she said. “Are you sure you’re not …”


She hesitated before replying. “Yeah, impotent!”

“I assure you I’ll cum when I’m ready. You’re doing a fantastic job giving me head.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth, you know that, right?”

“I do, Nikita, and I’ll make you a deal; after I do, I’m going to rest for about fifteen minutes, during which time I’ll eat you to a climax and then I’ll fuck you silly.”

Reassured, Nikita giggled then said, “I like you, I really do.” She began playing with his balls and fingering his ass. “Umm, don’t take this the wrong way, but how is it that I had no trouble getting three fingers in here?”

Donnie laughed and said, “One of my ladies had this thing about using a strap-on. She maintained that turn about was fair if I was going to fuck her anally. Of course she said it after I’d plundered her asshole.”

“And you let her?” Nikita said dubiously.

“Why not?” he answered. Then laughing at her, he added, “I’m usually open to new experiences. Then again, that particular experience has helped me no end in analizing several women since … umm, with no complaint from any of them.”

Regarding him with new found interest, Nikita said, “Very enlightening, Donald. Soooo let me share something with you. Sometimes I cum from sucking a nice cock.”

“Do you think I’ve got a nice one?”

“Yeah, you do.”

“Let’s see if we can make it happen,” he said, and Nikita placed his still erect joy knob gently on her outstretched tongue and renewed her blowjob.

This time he made a point of concentrating on cumming, and when it happened, his ejaculate filled her mouth, and even though she swallowed as much as she could, a good part dripped out on to her chin and even her tits.

Laughing, Nikita smeared it all over her face and then licked the rest from her fingers. Her other hand went to her cunt, rubbing it until she came with a quivering shudder and fell against him.

Donnie picked her up and carried her into the shower. She remained passive except for refusing to release his sexual truncheon as he washed her and then washed himself.

Later, after ordering and devouring a large sized pizza, they had a leisurely fuck, after which Donnie asked Nikita to tell him a few things about her sexual history.

“Well, I remember my first blowjob, Sweetie,” she said. “I remember how silky smooth his penis was; how his semen ran down my hands onto my tits, and I was lost in the taste of his skin. When he came I tied to capture it. It was like a fountain. It scared me, but even with my heart trembling, I sucked it into my lips, and kissed him back. He was happy, he was shaking too.”

Have you had many cocks in that lovely mouth?” he inquired as he toyed with her left nipple.

“Not all that many, but I do love holding a hot cock in my hands,” she said with a lewd grin. Donnie couldn’t help but pull her in for a long, mushy kiss.

When it ended, Nikita bounded from the bed, and stood at its foot and issued a challenge. “I bet you can’t catch me and smack my ass with that pillow,” she said pointing at the pillow I happened to be holding.

“No,” I responded. “But if it’s a bet you want, how about we kiss. I mean, just kiss, for say, thirty minutes. No touching the other except for, say … face, head and mouth?”

“What about our bodies?”

“Um, let’s say they can touch anyway possible without using the hands.”

“Okay, so when do we start?”

“Right after I smack your ass with this pillow!”


“Oh you!” Nikita shrieked and then they kissed, with Donnie holding her face in both hands.

Nikita used her hands to hold his head. After several minutes he had to slap her hand away from his neck, but otherwise they held the kiss a good ten minutes before breaking it to ask if she could suck his cock again.

Nikita couldn’t believe it when he denied her that privilege, but curved her body into his, and they spooned that way for a time with Donnie taking care to rub his knee against her center of the senses while pushing an elbow into her right breast.

In fact, he was going to end the contest and fuck her when she suddenly grabbed his hand and brought it to her mouth and sucked two fingers into it.

“You lose!” he shouted gleefully.

“You said my mouth could do anything.”

“No I didn’t. I said, face, head and mouth.”

Pouting like a six-year-old denied her dolly; Nikita surprised him by starting to giggle and then kissing my lips, neck, hair, cheeks, ears, tongue, nose, inner ear, and finally, the back of my head before kissing her way down my spine. I put a halt to her meandering kisses when she nipped at my left buttock, by yanking on her nipples with both hands.

Nikita laughed and said, “You won’t let me cheat?”

“No I won’t let you cheat.”

He followed that by sucking her left nipple so hard she gasped: “I … I could cum if you keep that up.”

“You could cum if I do several other things to you too,” he answered.

“Yeah …”

“Feel me again, Nikita.”

“Oh, my god! Already?”

“You like that?”

“You’re amazingly resilient, Donald.”

“Wanna fuck … again?”

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