Sex and Fun in San Francisco Ch. 02

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Ch. 2, Saturday

I was floating in a pool of thick, warm goo. It was dark and totally silent, yet I was completely aware of my surroundings. The sensations I felt, though strange, were definitely pleasant. This was especially true of the tugging and releasing of my hard cock by some unseen force. It was a feeling I hoped would never end!

Suddenly I noted a change. There were background sounds growing increasingly louder. I also sensed a different feel against my skin, something pliable, but solid and a little bit rough. Where there had been total darkness, there was now an increasing light. Oh no! Please, don’t let this happen! I don’t want anything to change! Alas, my mental pleas went unheard. My eyes slowly opened as I awoke, and for several seconds I was totally disoriented. And yet, that nice warm, wet feeling on my penis was still there. I looked down and there was Charlotte, looking back at me, my stiff cock securely lodged between her lips. She had a twinkle in her eye as she performed her oral magic. All too soon I felt a well-known pressure building in my groin followed by a gush of fresh sperm emptying into her mouth.

Charlotte is a big believer in a high-protein diet and she made sure every single sperm cell stayed in her mouth. She swallowed with a loud gulp and let out a satisfied “Ummmm, that was good!”

“Morning.” I mumbled at Charlotte.

“Morning? If you stayed asleep a few more minutes it would be the afternoon!”

I looked at the clock. It read 11:54. I had slept for almost 10 hours! I guess working all day yesterday followed by the long flight into San Francisco and a couple of hours of very hot, steamy sex after we arrived in our hotel room had worn me out. A whole morning was gone, but there were still the afternoon, evening and night to have fun.

“Did you eat yet?” I asked.

Charlotte giggled, “You silly man, I just had lots of delicious cum! I’m full!”

As she spoke she gently patted my limp dick. Unlike Charlotte, I was very hungry and suggested after I took a shower we grab something to snack on. I should have realized Charlotte would take my words quite literally. With a big grin on her face she took firm hold of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. This woman could be insatiable and I thanked God I was the one she chose to be insatiable with! My cock quickly responded and grew long and thick in her mouth. She licked and sucked for about 5 minutes before I announced I was ready to cum. Charlotte grunted her acknowledgement. Her tongue was busy licking all around the sensitive crown and piss-slit. That was my cue to release my second load of the day. She greedily accepted my offering. Charlotte’s kartal escort eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a moan and shivered with her own orgasm.

A minute or so later I managed to climb out of bed and padded into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the hot water rinse me clean. Then I returned to the main room. Charlotte was on the bed, busy pleasuring herself. I watched her play with her breasts and finger her pussy with great interest. No matter how much I tried, my technique could never match her’s. I watched as she increased the pace. Her hips were bucking up and down. The aroma of her sex hung heavy in the room. I wondered what the housekeeping maid would think. Suddenly Charlotte plunged several fingers into her cunt and went rigid with a huge cum. She pulled out her fingers and offered them to me. I slowly licked them clean of her sweet vaginal secretions. I guess that counted as my “snack”. It was very tasty!

For the first time that day I looked out the window. The sky was overcast and a steady drizzle was falling.

“The weather looks terrible. I don’t think it makes much sense to spend a lot of time outdoors.”

Charlotte had never been to San Francisco and she insisted on taking advantage of the city’s sights, the weather be damned. She wanted to see the Pacific Ocean and Fisherman’s Wharf and everything else we could cram into a long weekend.

OK, I thought, since we were going to get wet from the rain, I figured a trip to the ocean would be a good starting point. We got dressed and headed for the nearby Muni Metro subway station. We boarded the Judah line trolley which soon exited the tunnel and continued westward toward its last stop running over, around and through the steep hills of the city. We traveled the last few miles on the surface. Charlotte had her face glued to the window taking it all in with child-like wonder. The trolley took us to within 2 blocks of the shore where we got off.

I was still hungry and we bought some coffee and snacks at a convenience store. We walked through the drizzle across the Great Highway into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We climbed the tall sand dunes and got our first glimpse of the Pacific. Charlotte stood there with her mouth slightly agape not fully believing she was actually here. I took her hand and led her through the dunes onto the wide beach. She took off her sneakers and socks and pulled up the legs of her sweats. Then she scampered to the waterline and let the cold ocean water swirl around her feet. She turned toward me with a huge smile on her face and beckoned me to join her. I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pant legs maltepe escort bayan before walking over to her.

Charlotte stood up on her tiptoes and planted a big kiss on my lips.

“Isn’t this great? I love it here! I wish we could live here!”

So did I, but San Francisco is a very expensive city and our finances weren’t up to the task. Oh well, we could always visit!

We strolled along the beach, heading in the direction of Cliff House. Eventually we had to leave the sand and take the sidewalk up a pretty steep hill to reach that landmark. Charlotte and I looked out over the seascape from the higher vantage point. We could just make out a large container ship emerging from the mist, heading for port. Charlotte and I got something to eat and afterwards took an electric bus back downtown.

It was after 5:00 when we returned to the hotel. We changed into dry clothes and walked over to Powell and Market for a cable car ride to Fisherman’s Wharf. Under her raincoat Charlotte wore a nice blouse and a mid-length skirt with black stockings and flat shoes. She carried a fairly large handbag. I had on a dress shirt and slacks and a sport jacket beneath my raicoat. The wet weather kept the line for the cable car quite short and we were soon on our way. The car climbed up a very steep hill cresting at California Street. A few turns later our cable car began an equally steep decent toward San Francisco Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf. We exited onto an unusually empty scene and walked over to the Embarcadero. Soon we were seated at a well-known seafood establishment where we enjoyed a first-class meal. Charlotte was very happy. So was I.

Before leaving, Charlotte excused herself and went to the ladies room. I paid the check and waited for her near the exit. After a few minutes she emerged looking ready for the next part of our adventure. I took her arm and we walked along the Embarcadero toward Pier 39, a tourist trap, but worth the visit. We strolled onto the pier, passing gift shops and food stalls. I thought we might ride the carousel, but it was closed due to the poor weather. I led her to the end of the pier. About one mile into the bay was Alcatraz Island. The island’s lighthouse beacon rotated, warning ship masters of the dangerous waters surrounding the island. Several ferryboats plied the bay between the city and Marin County communities. Then through a break in the overcast the Golden Gate Bridge emerged like a specter. I pointed it out to Charlotte who did her best to absorb it all.

After a while she turned to me and said “Hasn’t this been a perfect day? I’m so happy we came here!”

It turned out mere words weren’t escort pendik enough for Charlotte to express her appreciation. She took my hand and led me to a small alley between buildings. Charlotte looked into my eyes and gave me a sly smile before slowly decending to her knees. She opened my raincoat and unzipped my pants. She looked up at me as she freed my cock. Charlotte gave it a light kiss before taking it into her hot mouth. I was rock hard in seconds. Then Charlotte stood up, turned around and bent forward, pulling up her raincoat. Except for a garter belt holding up her stockings, she was completely naked from the waist down! She had taken off her skirt and panties while in the ladies room of the restaurant. I wholeheartedly approved of her initiative!

All she said was “Fuck me!”

That’s all I needed to hear! I ran my hard dick up and down her sopping slit. She was so wet I entered her very easily. Then I began to rhythmically pump in and out of her super hot cunt. She squeezed my penis with her strong vaginal muscles. In about 2 minutes we were both in the throes of massive orgasms. It felt I deposited at least a quart of semen into her womb! I pulled out and stood there for a minute or two, allowing the rain to wash my cock clean. Then I tucked myself in and zipped up. Charlotte stood up allowing her raincoat to cover her. She looked absolutely radiant!

We kissed and walked back to the Embarcadero. There we boarded a streetcar taking us back toward our hotel. I never noticed that Charlotte hadn’t put on her panties and skirt. Just before our stop she whispered to me that she’d done a naughty thing. I asked what and she told me to look at her seat after she stood up. Our’s was the next stop and we stood up to head for the exit doors. I looked at Charlotte’s seat and noticed a puddle of cum. She had kept my load in her pussy until now. What a nasty woman she was! I loved her for it!

We ran off the streetcar laughing. We walked hand-in-hand down the street. Before reaching our hotel, Charlotte asked me for some money to buy a few things in a drugstore. She told me to wait outside. About five minutes later she came out carrying a plastic bag. I asked what she bought but she wouldn’t tell me. Soon we passed through the hotel’s lobby and rode the elevator to our floor. Once in our room I called down to room service and ordered a bottle of wine and some snacks. Charlotte said she was going to take a hot bath and she’d be out in an hour. She also encouraged me to fortify myself for an evening of hot sex.

The waiter came and left the wine and a tray of tasty finger food. I had a bit to eat. I couldn’t help wondering what Charlotte had in planned. I peeked in the bag and saw she had purchased an enema kit, surgical gloves, a big tube of lubricant, and a dozen condoms. Oh boy, I was sure I knew what she wanted and it was going to be good!

But you’ll have to wait for the next installment to find out!

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