Sex in the Sahara Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Into the Bedouin Camp

Adele’s narrative.

I squeezed Linda’s shaking hand as I told her my theory about Gadaffi and how he would not risk any further altercation with Western Governments now that they were about to lift the sanctions that had crippled his desert country since the Lockerbie bombing. I partly believed it but what was to stop the 3 of us totally disappearing without our government even knowing we had entered Algeria? I turned and looked at Linda and noted the small tear drops that were forming at the corners of her eyes. I leaned forward and licked them away before kissing her softly on the lips. The Bedouin guards either side of us smiled at each other as they watched and I realised that my tenderness towards my best friend probably only served to harden their cocks beneath their desert robes and possibly heighten their resolve to rape us before we had even reached our destination. However my kiss visibly relaxed Linda and I decided it was worth the risk just to ease her mind and body a little.

After what seemed hours the vehicles finally slowed down and I espied, ahead of us, a large encampment made up of two very large tents with many smaller ones surrounding them. The vehicles headed for the larger tents and came to a halt outside.

I was expecting Linda and I to be dragged from the rear seats by the large Bedouins that jumped quickly from the Range Rover; but instead they just stood beside the open doors and held out their weather worn hands as if inviting us to alight. The gestures were not those of captors and Linda and I took the offered hands and climbed from the vehicle. Once out into the hot sun we were ushered gently into one of the large tents; but not before I had a chance to see Curtis being offered the same inviting treatment as he was shown into the other large tent.

As Linda and I disappeared inside the darkness of the interior, compared to the blazing sunlight outside, it took our eyes several minutes to re-adjust. Linda was clutching my hand tightly like a frightened school girl and I squeezed her firmly in a bid of reassurance, although I still had no idea of what fate awaited us, and inside my heart was racing almost in blind panic. I felt that Linda was looking to me for re-assurance and I was not going to let her see that I was as terrified as she was.

However my fears decreased once my eyes had adjusted and I began to take in the plush interior of the tent. It was certainly very big and had brightly coloured cushions scattered around the carpeted floor. Huge drapes and multi coloured rugs hung down the sides of the canvas and several small, gold coloured, tables were distributed evenly between the large cushions with bowls of fruit, and carafes of wine and glasses, perched neatly on top.

My racing heart began to slow down and I felt Linda’s hand relax in my own.

This was not a prison or a torture chamber. This was pure luxury and opulence in the middle of The Sahara Desert. A solitary Bedouin had accompanied us inside and he now ushered us politely towards two large cushions in the centre of the tent and invited us to sit down. As we lowered our bodies onto the soft seating he picked up a carafe of white wine and poured two glasses. He smiled at us, the first facial expression we had seen from one of these nomadic tribesmen, as he handed each of us a glass of slightly chilled wine. He then turned and left the room without uttering a sound. I looked at Linda and we both had the same puzzled looks on our tanned faces. Together we began a more detailed look at our surroundings and it was Linda that drew my attention more closely to the huge rugs that adorned the ‘walls’ and flooring. Each rug had a different design but all of them with the same theme. All had pictures of naked men and women stitched expertly into the material; and all of them were in positions that left nothing to the imagination. I then began to notice other sexual items such as the tall candle holders in the shape of naked women and the many gold coloured bowls that held the fruit and were decorated with scenes of couples fornicating in more positions than the Khama Sutra.

This definitely was no holding prison. This was a love nest.

Linda and I began to talk in low voices about our surroundings and guess at what could happen to us when the covering kartal escort bayan over the entrance opened and a large Arab dressed in multi coloured robes entered, bowed slightly to us and touched his forehead, before smiling at us and saying, in excellent English;

“It is my delight and pleasure to welcome such lovely English roses into my home.”

Still smiling he approached us and took first my hand, kissed it softly, and then kissed Linda’s in the same manner.

“You are certainly wondering why you have been brought here and I offer my humble apologies for the upset you must have felt during your journey. However I will explain why you are here after you have had some sleep. But please be assured that you are safe and will remain so”

At that he left the tent and Linda and I sat talking about our situation. She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out a small tin containing a small, but thick, joint of Moroccan Gold. She lit it and puffed deeply on the smoke before handing it to me. I inhaled deeply and passed it back. Before the joint had expired my mind was much more relaxed and we decided that the idea of sleep was good and, with our arms wrapped tightly around each other we laid our heads on the soft cushions and within minutes

Linda was fast asleep in my arms. My mind was too full of thoughts to drift off to sleep as quickly as Linda had done and I lay there thinking back to a time when I had last been screwed by an Arab. It had happened a few months earlier after I had moved to Morocco; through the haze of the drug my mind began to re-live that fantastic experience all over again

He was a handsome man, but built like a stallion, lean and muscular, but with a huge, veined, thick cock. We had met at a night club and he had chatted me up and whisked me off back to his penthouse apartment on the other side of the city in his stretched Mercedes limo.

His hands were all over me in the car and I couldn’t wait to get into bed with him, it was going to be one hell of a love match.

We got to the apartment block and I stumbled trying to walk on some ridiculously high hells. He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me in to the lift.

My arms were wrapped around his neck and he let my body slide down until my legs wrapped around his waist. We kissed passionately as the mirrored lift ascended to the top floor. He carried me into his penthouse and took me straight into the bedroom, lowering me on to the fur covered bed.

He stood over me, our eyes locked on to each other as he undressed, he was proud of his body and he was soon naked and I took in the view of his stiff cock. I let out a low moan and tried to reach out to grab it. But he stepped back. He had other ideas.

He came over to the bed and his hands caressed my body, whilst his fingers expertly undid the fasteners on my mini dress and then in one swift movement he lifted it off over my head.

He took in the beauty of my now naked body before him. I had gone to the club in just the dress and hold up stockings. I felt very naughty pressing my body against him knowing I had no knickers on. ‘Going Commando’ was a big tease to the locals.

He lifted my leg and eased my stockings off, he then kissed the soles of my feet and softly worked his way up my leg until his tongue was nestling in my sticky wet pussy. He was hungry for my pussy juices and he forced his long tongue deep inside me.

He lapped at my pussy with long slow deliberate strokes running from him flowered arse to my clit. Oh I was crying out for more each time his tongue found my clit. He was preparing me for his big stiff cock.

After I had flooded his tongue with my orgasm and before I could regain my senses he picked up my limp body and flipped me over on to all fours. I felt him positioning himself behind me. The large head of his cock was sliding up and down my wet slit just gathering juices. And then with one push he lunged forward to breach my pussy opening. I let out a scream of pleasure as his cock lunged into me. It was like losing my virginity all over again.

It took me a while to adjust to his girth and length, but boy did he know how to use this monster, this wasn’t just ‘I’ve got a big cock’ he knew how to pleasure a girl with it and he was stirring my insides like never before. I was lubricating escort maltepe the shaft of his cock with my own juices and it was sliding in and out beautifully.

He gripped my hips and started to pull me harder and harder on to his cock as I lost the strength in my legs as orgasm after orgasm hit me.

He started to slap my arse and grunt in Arabic, I cried out knowing he was about to cum, but never had I felt the force of spunk erupting inside me like I did this time. It seemed to go on for ever. He continued to fuck me, his spunk dripping out of my pussy as he took me to a massive final orgasm before I passed out.

I came too in his arms. He pressed a glass of cool water to my lips and I drank in short sips, quenching my thirst. I could feel his sticky cock still erect against my thigh.

He smiled at me and once again we kissed. I thanked him for being a fantastic lover. But I knew he wasn’t exhausted yet. I lay on top of his chest and we hugged and kissed. I could feel his cock growing stiff again. I slid my pussy lips along its length and he chuckled when he realised that I wasn’t finished yet and I wanted more…..

With my hand inside my shorts rubbing my now soaking wet clitoris I finally drifted off to sleep beside Linda.

We were awoken an hour or so later when the Bedouin leader again entered the tent and coughed gently to bring us from our slumber. With our minds adjusting to our situation we sat up, cross legged, and waited for the Arab to speak again.

As he sat down in front of us the curtain around the doorway opened again and a Bedouin entered carrying a smoking ‘hubbly bubbly’ pipe that he placed beside the Arab sat in front of us. He took the pipe, placed the end against his mouth and inhaled deeply. He then offered a second pipe, that stemmed from the same vessel’ to myself. I hesitated before inhaling the rich smoke; fearful of his reaction if I refused.

I coughed a little but the feelings that suddenly entered my head from the drug gave me pleasure I had never felt from smoking the odd joint or two. Linda, in turn, puffed at the third pipe and I noticed the smile that crept across her eyes. Soon all three of us were sampling the delights of the pipe with utter gusto.

Finally the pipe was placed on the carpet beside the Arab and he began to explain exactly why we had been brought there.

First he explained that Curtis was in the next tent and would be treated with politeness in the same manner as we had. He also explained what would be expected of him during his stay. If what we were being told were true then our worries for his safety were soon expelled.

I don’t know about Linda, who was more used to smoking drugs than I was, but my head felt very light headed and I kept staring at Linda’s long legs and imagining myself between them with my tongue firmly embedded in her lovely wet pussy. I say wet because Linda’s pussy was always wet and always willing to accept the feel of my tongue as I licked and sucked and fucked deep into her wetness I could feel my finger sliding slowly into that lovely wet… I came out my sexy thoughts as my hazy, wandering mind was brought back to reality by the squeeze of Linda’s hand on mine. The Bedouin leader was now talking about us; and telling us why we were there. He used lovely long words that sounded good but meant, basically, that we were there to provide a service for his tribe of horsemen.

He didn’t actually tell us that we had a choice but his demeanour left us with little doubt that it would be almost impossible to refuse. He went on to say that we would be richly rewarded for our services and assured us that no violence would befall us.

He paused and asked for our comments. I looked at Linda and Linda looked at me and in our partly drugged state we just giggled slightly before I turned and asked if we could think on the matter. He smiled, rose from the floor and left the tent.

“My God sweetheart.” I murmured; slightly slurring my voice. The effects of the pipe were taking my mind to places it had rarely been. “What are we going to do?”

Linda looked at me sexily and giggled.

“Well my love.” She giggled back. “I guess we are going to get fucked by 50 or so hairy Arabs.”

I smiled back at her; pleased that she had stopped being terrified and was accepting pendik escort the situation very calmly. But when it came to having cock that was Linda all over.

God I did love this girl. I put my arms around her and we hugged and kissed for a while before Linda said slowly. “The only thing I am not so sure about is this payment he was talking about. ‘Payment for our services.’ He said.” She paused as the same thoughts were trickling through my own mind.

“To be quite honest Adele I am so relieved to find ourselves here rather than in a dirty prison somewhere, as I had first feared, that I am game for this but I am not a prostitute and will not accept money or any reward from them.”

“Yes.” I replied quickly. “And as we know that Curtis is safe and will be enjoying himself as well it looks like we are in for a heap of fun. Just as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.”

The Bedouin leader returned and looked at us for our answer. I looked him deep in the eye and said boldly;

“We are not hookers and we do not want payment. If you can assure us of our safety and that things will not get out of hand then all I can say is.. Bring in your men and let the fucking begin.”

Without the drug I had smoked still wandering around my mind I would never have been so forthright but right now my pussy was feeling moist and I felt so sexy that I just wanted to get on with it. However his next words informed me that I would have to wait awhile before I would have the pleasure of his men. He wanted to wait until nightfall as many of them were out in the desert and would not return until then. Meanwhile he suggested we get a few hours sleep as we were facing a very long night. The Bedouin smiled and backed graciously out of the tent leaving Linda and I alone together.

I looked at my dear friend and we smiled at each other; both of our minds conjuring up pictures of what the night would bring. We had no idea of how many men would be involved but the hubbly bubbly had loosened our minds and both of us were feeling as sexy as hell.

It was but a few minutes before two Arab girls, covered from head to toe in black robes and with their faces covered by a nakab, entered the room and led us gracefully through a curtain at the back of the tent into what can only be described as a shower room. There was a large container that held the water and a soak away area beneath it. There were small gold tables that held bottles of perfumes and dresses hanging up around the tent walls. The girls undressed us slowly and pulled a cord as they stood us beneath the ‘shower’. The water inside had obviously been heated by the sun and it felt wonderful as it splashed onto our naked sand covered skin. Once we had been showered we were dried and the perfume from the bottles was sprayed onto us before the two girls fetched the dresses and offered them to us for our choosing. I smiled at Linda as she picked a sexy, see through pink dress that opened at the front and left nothing to the imagination as it fell just below her panty line. However there were no panties on offer. I, in turn, chose a similar design only in virgin white. Our hair was tied back behind our necks with tiny bows that matched our dresses before we were both escorted back into the main tent.

During our absence the pillows had been rearranged into two huge beds, side by side, with more pillows at the head. The air was sweet with the scent of perfume and fresh wine glasses were offered to us as we entered. I knew that the Bedouins themselves refused to touch alcohol on religious grounds and thought how gracious it was of our host to provide it for us. He had done it, of course, to help loosen our minds and heighten our sex drives.

Linda and I both swallowed a whole glass of the cool liquid straight down before allowing the two servants to help us onto the cushions. A fresh hubbly bubbly had been placed beside the bed and Linda and I each grabbed a pipe and inhaled the mind releasing drug. Soon our heads were light and sexy thoughts were pouring into our minds. Without the wine and the drugs I would have been tensed up and still a little fearful; but my inhibitions were gone and I grabbed Linda’s outstretched hand and clutched it tightly as we smiled at each other and giggled again. Our mouths met and we indulged ourselves in a long, sexy passionate kiss that had both our pussies wet and ready for anything. We finally broke our kiss when the curtain to the entrance opened……

End of Chapter 6

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