Shade Ch. 02

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As I stood there bewildered and nude I could sense Trina’s delicate fingers wrapping around my semi-erect penis. I had no idea what was happening, or at least what was next. Trina stood up still stroking my sensitive shaft. I looked at the semen splattered goddess before me. With her free hand, she began caressing my chest. The sensation of her slim digits coursing over the hairs on my chest was soothing. I could feel my pulse gradually slowing down.

Raven and Danielle both came to the counter with two beers each. Raven was tall and slender with something of a feminine build. He had a slight tan with long bright blue hair tied in a bun with two long bangs on either side of his face. He had on black eyeliner and black lipstick leaving me feeling somewhat disturbed by his appearance. He was wearing a white girls tank top with a black sports bra underneath, as well as, a pair of tight black leggings that seemed to emphasize the feminine curves of his body. I could even discern that he was wearing a thong under his leggings.

Danielle had curly shoulder-length auburn hair with purple highlights. She had gorgeous green eyes and thinly plucked eyebrows. She was dressed to thrill in a black leather corset and was wearing a short purple and black plaid skirt. Her boots were black leather knee-high platforms with purple sateen straps. She was wearing a good bit of makeup, almost as much as one of the Kardashian girls would sport. Her eye shadow and lipstick was an identical shade of pink. topped the entire look off with a pink and purple tiger printed choker. She had a sexy figure full of sultry curves. Her plump double D tits were pressed tightly together as they seem to overflow from her corset.

She took two fingers dragging them vertically along Trina’s flat stomach wiping my seed from her navel. Danielle than sucked my spunk from her fingers before turning to kiss Raven and then giving an additional passionate kiss to Trina. It was by far the single most erotic thing I had ever seen outside of a porno. I could feel my cock swell as watched the two girls furiously kissing one another. Raven had lifted Danielle’s skirt and slid his hand down her dark purple panties. Danielle was rolling her hips and panting in Trina’s mouth as Raven aggressively played with her pussy. Like Trina, Danielle too had a nice round ass that looked like it was made for fucking.

I stood dumbfounded as Danielle was lapping the jizz off of Trina’s face. The two girls were looking at me with a fierce yet playful gaze. I had never before felt like I did at that moment. A large part of me was turned on and ready to see where this was going, however, I couldn’t help but feel jealous. I had wanted to be with Trina for what felt like an eternity. Yet, now that I finally had her it would seem that I would have to share her with people I didn’t even like. I could feel Trina squeezing harder as her hand was gliding up and down the length of my ever stiffening dick. All eyes were on me like they were waiting to see what my reaction would be.

“What is this? What’s going on Trina?” I asked, confused.

Everything came to a stop as the three stood there staring at me. Trina started walking around the counter to Danielle and Raven towing me by my cock. My heart was racing in anticipation for whatever would come next. I was entranced by the palpitating movements Trina’s bare cheeks displayed as she walked ahead of me. The smell of lustful musk had filled the air from our passionate encounter. My body jolted with the sensation of Danielle slapping my bare ass as I was led past her. She now had me standing in the middle of the floor on display for all to see. However, I wasn’t feeling self-conscious. Instead, I stood confident, masculine, and somehow renewed.

“Heres the deal Matty, Raven and I think that you are a humorless dick. Trina, however, is madly in love with your dull ass. So she convinced us to throw you this little party. We do all the work that was scheduled for tonight so that you too can have some fun.” Danielle said suggestively.

“Tell him what’s in it for us Trina?” Raven added.

“What’s he talking about Babe?” I asked as Danielle knelt before me gently brushing her fingers down my belly and thighs.

“This is all for you, Papi. We are an item, but tonight is no strings attached. I want us to do and try anything we can. No boundaries just got nasty sex. Then tomorrow I will be yours and tours alone. You will be mine and mine alone. However, for tonight to happen I need your open-minded consent.” Trina said as she stood nude still glistening from our sweat and fluids.

Before I could say anything Trina had sat me down in one of the collapsible lawn chairs. My heart was racing in anticipation of the potential orgy that may soon ensue. She then knelt behind me draping her arms over my shoulders resting her fingers on my chest. Raven knelt to my left having me an ice-cold Coors Light. At that moment I had made the decision to let go of all of my inhibitions and to simply give in to their plans. I put the chilled perspiring escort kartal long neck to my lips chugging the whole thing down. As I felt the cold effervescent brew rushing through my core a strange sense of relief overtook me. I found myself wondering how a man so famously unlucky could find himself in this situation.

“So umm… What happens next? I am not going to lie. I have never done anything like this before.” I said with noticeable angst in my speech.

“Well, Papi, I got you first cause you’re my man. Next, I want you to fuck Danielle like a dirty little slut. Take all of your anger out on her holes, but you gotta promise me something.” Trina said.

“Anything for you babe.” I replied.

“That you will do anything I tell you tonight without any questions, jealousy, or resistance. Can you do that for me?” Trina asked her

At first, my instincts were telling me to run, but the level of arousal or lustful attraction I was feeling was beyond anything that I have previously experienced. I could not even bring myself to speak. I only offered a brief submissive nod to express my compliance. I think that I was trembling because Trina had placed her warm hand over mine. My heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. I peered across to Danielle who was crawling towards me on her hands and knees. Her movements were reminiscent of some jungle cat stalking its prey. The anxiety only worsened with the addition of Raven’s slender fingers trailing his black painted nails up and down my torso.

I all but leaped from my seat as he wrapped his delicate feminine hand around my tender semi-erect dick. He was stroking and massaging my shaft in a smooth seemingly effortless motion. Even for as uncomfortable as I was having another man’s hand on my rod I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the electrifying surges of pleasure that shot through my body. It was by far the most intense and pleasurable sensation I had ever felt from a hand. Even without lotion or any other lubricant, there seemed to be no friction whatsoever. My whole body was writhing as I tried to maintain my composure. My left leg was shaking and bouncing turbulently with each gentle stroke.

Danielle then began to suck and lick my scrotum taking my balls into her warm salivating mouth. It was almost more than I could bear. I could feel the firm fleshy tip of her tongue tracing slowly up the length of my rigid member. She hovered her open mouth over the head of my member polishing it with her tongue. I let out an audible gasp as she took the length of my cock into her greedy mouth. She was a good little cock sucker. Although she did lack the aptitude and talent that Trina had brought to the table she was very good in her own right. She was very enthusiastic as she swiftly bobbed up and down on my hard dick.

I was enticed by her loud slurping noises, gagging sounds, and slutty moans. She was not merely taking me into her delicate throat, rather than force fucking it with each descent. As if her sloppy slobbering oral game wasn’t enough to push me over the edge Trina started kissing my neck and nibbling my earlobe while Raven was sucking my nipple. He soon began giving wet soft little kisses down my chest and belly making his way to my already immersed penis. I don’t know if in the back of my mind I had forgotten that he was a guy or if I was already too horny to care anymore. Either way, I offered no resistance when Danielle ceased her sloppy oral treatment to make way for Raven to go down on me.

He took the entirety of my swollen throbbing cock into his eager mouth with ease, and I could even feel the hard metal bulb on his tongue stud as it ran up and down my shaft. He was certainly skillful when it came to fellatio as he was able to swallow my whole cock while sucking and working his tongue all simultaneously. Danielle was licked around my anus and playing with my balls as Raven was sensuously and slowly sucking my rod. I would not have before dreamt it possible that a guy could deliver that much pleasure with his mouth. He was sucking harder and faster as each moment passed a pressure to ballooning in me. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum.

Then I felt something that was equally new and strange. I was overtaken by the sensation of Danielle sliding her finger into my tight unprepared ass hole. It was nothing short of an erotic invasion. I was struggling to relax and not break my word by making a fuss. At first, I was upset, to say the least. However, after a few minutes of her massaging my prostate in conjunction with the unbelievably amazing head that Raven was giving me, I found myself in a peculiar state of bliss. Raven’s full lips and pierced sopping wet tongue were now rapidly traveling up and down my hard cock filling his throat as Danielle was aggressively fucking my ass with two of her short chubby fingers.

It was strange how something that made me feel so dirty could feel so amazing. My whole body shook as Raven’s head pivoted up and down on my thick pulsating pole. maltepe escort “I’m gonna”, is all I could get out before I erupted with the most powerful orgasm of my life right in Raven’s ill-prepared mouth. Raven’s face emerged from my lap, his eyes were red and glazed as he opened his mouth to show me my load pooled over his tongue. I was breathing heavily and my heart was doing a drum solo within my chest. I gave a loud gasp when Danielle had suddenly plucked her fingers from within my rectum.

I found myself feeling light-headed and utterly exhausted, nevertheless, I yearned to go further. I watched as Danielle and Raven were kissing passionately with my seed spilling out of their mouths. Trina crawled from behind me making her way over to Danielle.

“That was amazing.” I proclaimed.

“We’re just getting started, Matty. I was in your ass, so maybe you should cum in mine.” Danielle said while Trina was lapping the cum off her chin and tits.

I looked to Trina as if I was seeking her approval. Her fierce seductive eyes met mine. She had a sinister toothy grin on her face as she rubbed Danielle’s crotch all without breaking her gaze with me. I once again felt Raven’s hand on my swollen shaft. His tender touch seemed to revitalize my organ as he gently resumed stroking my cock. Trina then slipped one hand down Danielle’s dampened dark purple panties and with the other one started groping her plump titty through the top of her corset. Danielle squirmed and gyrated as Trina went to town on her grateful mound. Her moans grew louder and more lewd with each passing second.

I was rock hard watching the girl of my dreams fingering and fondling a sultry BBW all the while receiving a handjob from my femboi of a coworker. Trina’s eyes were locked on me like some manner of a predator in the wild. The evening had already managed to surpass any and all of my expectations. Even my own personal carnal fantasies would fail in comparison to what I had already experienced or was currently experiencing. Both Trina and Raven were staring at me with viciously hungry eyes as they dropped what they were doing and rose to their feet.

I was beginning to get a bit nervous as they both stood at the exact same moment without a word uttered or a look shared between them. They each took one of Danielle’s hands and guided her into position face down ass up before me. Her plump round buns were angled up towards my face as if on display. Her panties were almost completely drenched in anticipation of me. I got down to my knees placing myself against her waiting posterior. I couldn’t help but to firmly take hold of her thick needy cheeks. She let out a loud gasp and her whole body jolted when I gave her soft round juicy buttocks a firm smack.

“Go on Papi, give it to her. Fill her ass up.” Trina said as she was slowly lifting Danielle’s purple and black plaid skirt granting me easy access.

“Hell yes, Matty, fuck the slut right out of her ass!” Raven shouted with lustful excitement.

With both of my hands, I took a firm hold of the waistband on Danielle’s panties sliding them down gradually. I could still make out the handprint from where I slapped her. Without hesitation, I plunged my stiff ridged cock deep into Danielle’s sloppy wet cunt. She was grunting and moaning loudly as I was ferociously pounding her eager greedy pussy. Before I knew it I was fucking her as hard and fast as I could. The impact of our bodies colliding with each other was producing a hollow thunderous clapping sound. My belly and thighs had been thoroughly coated with her warm sticky juices. I could tell that she was enjoying it as much as I was by the way her chubby hips were smashing into mine with each pump.

Danielle’s pussy was as hot and moist as anything I felt before, although, she wasn’t quite as tight as Trina was. I could feel the muscles in her groin getting tighter and clamping around my meaty shaft. Her entire body got stiff. She was convulsing and quivering in a series of powerful spasms as she came hard on my piercing dick. Rather than cumming myself, I instead pulled out and slid two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. She was rocking and bucking hard as my talented fingers toyed with her moist inner pocket. I had also started using my thumb to rub and tease her soft anus as Trina was unzipping the corset. The corset flopped to the thinly carpeted floor beneath Danielle freeing her near massive breasts.

I then took a tight hold of her thick husky thighs rolling her over onto her back. Danielle had a slightly pudgy belly, but not one I would consider fat or unappealing. Her skin was as white as freshly fallen snow. Her honeydew sized tits lay proudly on display as they fell to either side of her chest. Her skin was damp to the touch from all of the sweat and sexual fluids of the past hour’s events. My fingers were still slick from Danielle’s dripping cunt. I started stroking my dick, lubricating it with Danielle’s slimy juices before mercilessly punching it into her anticipating anus.

“Oh fuck!” Danielle shouted pendik escort bayan as I buried my meat rod deep into her tightly clenched rectum.

Her masochistic screams of pleasure and pain were all but deafening as I repeatedly thrust my member deeper and deeper. She was enjoying it, every last second of the violent hate fucking I was giving her. The sounds of Danielle’s agonizing lustful screams along with the crude sloshing and slurping noises created by the rough anal invasion she was enduring only served to fuel my aggression. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, give it to me!” She screamed while I was throwing all my strength into every thrust of my pelvis. The fact that I didn’t even like her only enhanced the gratification that I received from pumping inch after bitter inch of my hard dick into her slutty shameless asshole.

Danielle’s belly didn’t jiggle as much as it rocked powerfully back and forth with each plunge into her wanting ass. Her soft opulent tits repeatedly collided as they swung wildly in circles from the sheer momentum of our intertwined bodies. Without breaking rhythm I grabbed a tight handful of her large doughy left bosom squeezing it with a vice-like grip.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you, you little slut?” I growled half out of breath from the exertion.

“OH GOD YES! Give it to me harder! Fill my dirty little hole with your filthy cum!” Danielle shouted back in ecstasy.

“You want my cum? You want me to fill your dirty whore ass with my nut?” I screamed angrily as I continued to aggressively pump my throbbing meat in and out of her ass.

“Please! I am begging you, give me your load!” Danielle pleaded in a flagellant tone.

I then hunched over and started sucking and nibbling on Danielle’s fat nipples. I was running out of breath as I sucked down on her nipple and poker chip-sized areola. I could feel the pressure building deep within my loins with every thrust of my hips. She wrapped her thick legs around me clamping tightly as if preventing my cock from escaping her constrictive badgered anus. The sensation of her dragging her nails from my shoulder blades to the base of my spine like talons only served to fuel my vulgar desires.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come!” I shouted loudly and unashamed.

The climax was agonizing. I felt one, two, three, and then four potent bursts of cum as they tore through my shaft into Danielle’s ass. It was as if the very life from my body was pouring out of me and flowing freely deep within her lewd rump. I fell limp on top of Danielle’s cool sweaty body. Her fluffy round frame acting as a cushion as I lie nearly lifeless on top of her. We were both exhausted and euphoric from our erotic exchange. It was strange, whatever feelings of resentment I was harboring against Danielle had suddenly and violently faded away. I tried to find my feet and get back up, but no sooner than I tried to stand, I fell hard on my ass.

I was gasping for air struggling to catch my breath. Trina having witnessed me fall swiftly came over helping me back to my seat. Raven had already got up and headed toward the office. I watched in awe as Trina grabbed two more beers from the cooler. She had put on a little show for me bending over seductively exposing her bare pussy as she reached for the two frosty beverages. I glanced down only to see my spunk oozing from Danielle’s gaping anus forming a small puddle on the carpet below. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she too struggled to regain her breath. Soon she to would carefully sit up with a jack-o’-lantern-like smile on her face.

“God damn Matt, that was brutal. Promise me you will be gentle with me when I let you in my back door.” Trina said laughing as she took a seat in the chair next to me.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea what got into me.” I said panting.

“Whatever it was you put it right in Danielle’s ass.” Raven added as he returned with the two cheap padded aluminum chairs from the office.

“You don’t have to be sorry Matty. That was fucking awesome! I mean it, I enjoyed every minute of it.” Danielle said gradually getting to her feet.

Raven placed the two chairs across from us forming a small intimate circle. He and Danielle then both sat in the empty seats with the cooler in the center of the circle. The pair would then each grab a beer from the cooler and join Trina and me in drinking. Never before has something as mundane as drinking a cold beer with coworkers ever left me feeling so invigorated. I glanced over at Trina’s nude ink-covered body. She showed no signs of modesty as she was slouching back in her seat chest out proudly, one leg propped up on the armrest, almost her entire body gleaming with sweat.

Danielle had her beer in one hand while the other hand was massaging her hefty supple breast and teasing her nipple. I could still see traces of my cum smeared on her meaty parted thighs. Her make-up was now a complete mess. Her lipstick was smudged all around her mouth. Her mascara appeared to be black cloudy tears that had run down her delicate yet chubby cheeks. Her skin was pale and clammy adding to her thoroughly used guise. She would circle the opening of the bottle with her tongue before she took each sip all while maintaining eye contact with me. She knew I was looking, and she was practically getting off on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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