Shanti -Voluptuous Desirable Ch. 04

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Shanti moved up and knelt down behind Sneha, between Kamesh’s knees as she spread the slut beauty’s firm young ass-cheeks apart with her open hands and began to run her slurping tongue up through the slut beauty’s hot little ass-crack. Bobby was astounded.

After what happened so far, he was pretty certain that Shanti wasn’t a lesbian, and the naive youth couldn’t understand why on earth the gorgeous woman was licking Sneha’s ass, he knew that Sneha wasn’t a lesbian either… and yet his beautiful young collegiate friend was purring with pleasure as Shanti licked and sucked at her ass.

Bobby looked at Kamesh, to see how the paramour was reacting to his slut’s depravity. Kamesh gave Bobby a conspiratorial wink. Bobby was still confused. But he sure didn’t have any objections. The idea of lesbian sex between two such gorgeous females really turned him on, and he moved closer to study the details.

Shanti licked up and down in Sneha’s ass-crack, then began to dance her tongue into the Slut beauty’s tight little asshole. She sighed with the tangy taste, relishing that sweet, flavorsome fudge-slot.

“Uuuuhhh, yeahhhhhh… lick my ass, Shanti!” Sneha moaned.

Shanti nursed on the puckered little snack lovingly, her saliva coating the slut beauty’s little pink rosebud.

“Ummmm… God, that feels so good!”, Sneha moaned. “Give me a tongue-bath and I’ll lick you, too!”

It was a new experience for Sneha, but a very welcome one although she normally preferred men and she had often thought about making love with a woman and secretly looked forward to it. Now, with two men watching, she found the prospect even more thrilling. Her pussy and her tongue were equally enthused.

Shanti rimmed the slut beauty’s asshole for a while, then slid down and began to run her tongue over Kamesh and Sneha’s joined loins. She sucked her paramour’s bloated balls and slid her tongue around the fucking pair’s coupled genitals, licking Sneha’s tightly-stretched young cunt-lips where they clung wetly to to the shaft of Kamesh’s deeply-fucking prick.

Kamesh began to lift Sneha up and down slowly, fucking his prick in and out again, as his horny slut pressed her face into their juicy coupling, sucking his balls and licking his cock-shaft as it pulled out, coated with a glistening sheen of tasty young cunt-cream. Shanti slipped her tongue up into Sneha’s cunt alongside of Kamesh’s thick cock-shaft, tongue-fucking the collegiate in tandem with her paramour’s throbbing cock. She fitted her mouth to the underside of Kamesh’s cock, and he fucked through Shanti’s lips as he fucked in and out of Sneha’s tight young pussy. His cock came out slathered with college cunt-juice and slid back in slick with saliva.

“Cum in her, darling,” Shanti purred, the throaty words muffled on prick and pussy. “Fill her up so I can suck your cum out of her hot little cunt!”

Sneha was squirming under the double delight of cock and tongue. But the collegiate was jealous, too… she actually envied Shanti that delectable snack. Her mouth felt neglected… a void abhorred by her passionate nature. She glanced at Bobby who had been half hard when they came in.

But as he watched the sordid action, his prick reared up again, rising in a series of short, sharp jolts until it was standing rampant, as stiff and vibrant as if he had been celibate for a month and it was evident that he had been fucking Shanti outside because his cock still glistened with her cunt-juice, the female nectar shot through with thicker streaks of the youth’s spilled spunk.

Sneha had been just about to taste the rich cream of her boyfriend’s cum earlier, but the blow-job had been aborted.

Just because she had subsequently sucked off Kamesh and swallowed his enormous load, didn’t detract from her desire to finally do the same to her handsome young boyfriend, better late than never, she reasoned.

And, besides, Bobby’s juicy cock looked even more tantalizing now that it had been pounding away in Shanti’s creamy cunt-hole. Sneha figured it would be a case of killing two birds with one stone. She could finish sucking her boyfriend off and, at the same time, get a tasty hint of Shanti’s hot cunt as a sort of appetizer, giving her a definite idea of just what a delicious treat she had ahead of her. Sneha grinned at Bobby and licked her full red lips suggestively.

“Let me suck on that big, gorgeous prick, baby,” she panted.

Bobby eagerly moved up and knelt in front of Sneha, pushing his prick towards her hot little mouth. Sneha sucked it in greedily, relishing her first taste of cunt-soaked cock. Bobby began to fuck his sexy slut’s mouth as enthusiastically as ever. Although he’d had a wonderful blow-job from Shanti, his one deep yearning was to shoot a load into his gorgeous young sexy slut’s hot, sucking mouth. It was a dream of his… and now it was actually about to happen!

Bobby was thrilled to discover that Sneha, although only a novice cock-sucker, had a mouth almost escort kartal as talented as Shanti’. What the collegiate lacked in experience she sure made up for with enthusiasm. He fucked into her hot young deeply and Sneha gulped his prick down with glee, taking his prick as deep into her throat as she could manage without gagging. Her face was turned sideways. She was sucking Bobby’s cock right in front of Kamesh’s face.

Kamesh was watching the youngman’s thick, hard prick slide in and out of Sneha’s mouth with delight, the pleasure enhanced by the fact that his slut was nuzzling around in his groin, licking and sucking cock and cunt together. Sneha’s lips pulled out around Bobby’s big cock-shaft each time he drew it from her mouth, contorting her pretty face. Then Bobby, when shoved his tasty cock back in, the collegiate gulped and gurgled in cock-sucking delight. Kamesh was getting as great a kick out of fucking the tight-cunt of the young collegiate while she sucked her boyfriend’s prick.

After having crammed his own prick into the sexy Slut slut beauty’s hot little mouth earlier, he knew the intense pleasure that Bobby must be feeling right now. But her snug, slippery little cunt felt even better, and Kamesh began hunching his hips up at her, fucking her deeply in time with Bobby’s thrusts into her hot, sucking mouth. Bobby held Sneha’s face between his open hands and fed the prick to her steadily, his balls swelling on every stroke.

“Swallow his cum, youngman! Squirt in her hot fuckin’ mouth, Bobby!” Kamesh gasped, when he heard Bobby begin to moan, his young balls surging toward a creamy climax.

Shanti lapped up through Sneha’s smooth young crotch, tonguing her asshole then lifted her head higher so that she could watch Bobby cum in the slut beauty’s mouth. Bobby grunted and rammed his cock into the slut beauty’s mouth with a vengeance, stiffening finally to shot his cum-load deep into Sneha’s gulping young mouth.

“Glubbbb… mmmfffffff… ulllpppppp”, sputtered Sneha, as her boyfriend’s sperm splattered the back of her throat. She swallowed his cum with gusto and Bobby pumped his hips, fucking her pretty young face as more cum jetted out. Jizz flowed down her chin and cheeks as he filled her little mouth to the brim.

Bobby finished cumming and staggered back, his cum-coated cock swaying like an elephant’s trunk. Sneha tipped her head back, letting the final load of his cum trickle down her throat with her mouth open, so that Kamesh and Shanti could see her creamy reward. Kamesh kissed her on the lips. And Shanti dove back into their joined loins to slake her own savage thirst. Both Kamesh and Sneha were ready to climax now, inspired by the cock-sucking. He was no longer restraining her, and the horny young collegiate began to fuck furiously up and down on his big prick.

In less than a minute, her tiny cock-filled cunt spasm and creamed around his rapidly-piston shaft, and she squealed in pleasure. Then, seconds later, she squealed again, this time as Kamesh shot a geyser of thick jism up into her wildly squirming cunt as she bounced up and down his cock, filling her to the brim. His copious jism blended with her collegiate-cum and bubbled out into Shanti’s waiting mouth. Kamesh emptied his balls into the writhing young collegiate and slumped back. Sneha kept bouncing up and down, milking her own orgasm for all it was worth. Until she too, slumped forward, her heaving tits pressed into Kamesh’s chest.

Kamesh’s prick was beginning to shrink inside Sneha’s pussy now, softening and bending. Bobby, too, was losing the tension in his hard-on. Virile as the young man was, he had spilled an awful lot of cum tonight, and he needed a little time to recover. But it was no tragedy for the collegiate to find that both cocks were shrinking. They had their lips and tongues to keep each other happy…

Sneha squirmed up and Kamesh’s prick pulled from her clasping little fuck-hole, flexible and bending. The huge cock-knob came out with a slurp and her well-fucked young cunt-slot stayed open, retaining the outline of his prick and filling up with a milky pool of their combined cum-juices.

Shanti gulped her paramour’s prick into her mouth, sucking the glistening cylinder of muscle voraciously. But she only mouthed his spent cock-meat for a moment. Shanti wasn’t too interested in her paramour’s familiar cock, especially not now that it was softening. She had only taken it into her mouth to taste Sneha’s spicy young cunt-nectar, fresh from her paramour’s prick.

Her tongue soaked it up and her taste buds tingled, her appetite whetted. Kamesh moved aside, prepared to watch. Bobby already had his eyes glued to the scene.

Shanti rose and kissed the young slut beauty’s lips passionately. Both of their mouths were highly flavored by cum they had swallowed. Their tongues drilled back and forth, sharing the randy residue.

They had each sucked off both Kamesh and Bobby, yet the milky remnants of Shyam maltepe escort and Ted’s sperm still lingering in Shanti’s mouth. The combined flavor made their hot, lesbian kiss a real taste treat. Shanti moved down and sucked Sneha’s tight, young tit, then arched her back and fed the willing collegiate some tit-meat of her own. They licked and sucked on each other’s breasts in turn then Sneha fell back along the couch and opened her lean young thighs invitingly.

Shanti moved down, licking the slut beauty’s belly and lapping into her cunt-slit. The mouth-watering scent of simmering pussy rose from Sneha’s crotch as the slut beauty’s well-fucked little cunt heated up again, ready for some female tongue.

“Lick me, Shanti!” she begged. “Suck my, pussy! Pleeeease!”

Sneha was so hot, she hunched her skinny hips up at Shanti’s mouth, eager to feel the older woman’s hot tongue lapping at her cunt. Her little pussy quivered with anticipation, but she was also impatient to

sink her own tongue into the beautiful woman’s pussy, in turn. Shanti began to flick her tongue out lightly, teasing Sneha by barely making contact. She licked up the slut beauty’s glistening, pink cunt-slit and lapped at her clit, working her nimble tongue deep into the youngster’s cum-soaked little fuck-slot.

Kamesh and Bobby leaned over them, watching Shanti’s nimble tongue dip and dance. Shanti was basking in the glow of their heated gaze. She adored eating pussy at any time, but it was especially gratifying to be tongue-fucking a collegiate whiles the horny paramour and the slut beauty’s randy boyfriend was watching her do it. It satisfied her exhibitionistic tendencies as well as her taste buds. She spooned and scooped her tongue into Sneha’s cunt-hole, then began to suck as she lapped. She was pulling out mouthfuls of jizz and

pussy-juice, swallowing noisily, sucking every drop from the young slut beauty’s tasty little pussy, and Sneha was loving every second of it. Shanti drew back for a second to look at the gorgeous young cunt that she was munching on. Sneha’s little pink pussy was moaning both sperm and cunt-cream as the youngster ground her hips up Shanti’s face, silently begging her to continue. Shanti dove in again, her tongue probing deeply and her lips making suction sounds around the little slut beauty’s cunt-lips. She ducked down to lick some cream out of Sneha’s ass-cleft, varying the feast, making a smorgasbord out of the young slut beauty’s groin. Shanti was like a shark in a feeding frenzy, and her efforts were rewarded when Sneha began to climax noisily. Shanti munched and Sneha melted.

The older woman’s mouth seemed glued to the slut beauty’s fuck-hole, total fusion of mouth to cunt only prevented by the copious juices which poured from Sneha’s over-heated young pussy. With a moan, the lustful lady sucked the lovely young collegiate through waves after wave of adolescent bliss, and when it was over, Shanti leaned back, licking her lips, expecting to see Sneha looking totally contented.

But Sneha looked anything but satisfied. The horny young collegiate had found out that, as she expected, cunt-licking was a double-headed event. As soon as her clit and cunt were satisfied, her lips and tongue got hot for the second half of the mutual muff-munching. Sneha was dancing her tongue around like a shadow boxer warming up, practicing pussy-plating. She wasn’t at all worried by her lack of experience. The collegiate knew that cunt-sucking would come as natural to her enthusiastic mouth as sucking pricks had done.

“Wanna lick me, now?” Shanti whispered.

“Ohhhh, yeahhhhh!” Sneha exclaimed.

Shanti was looking forward to a good tongue-fucking from the sexy little collegiate. But she was still very much aware that two fascinated males were watching, and she figured it would be nice to change positions and let them enjoy a variety show, instead of simple switching. Shanti dropped down on all fours and twisted around, wiggling her ass invitingly. Sneha slid down from the couch and knelt behind the older woman, pressing her pretty young face into Shanti’s drooling cunt slit from behind.

Bobby’s jaw was hanging open. The youngman still couldn’t understand why his gorgeous, cock-hungry sexy slut would want to lick a pussy. Bobby had a lot to learn about the ways of wanton women. Shanti had been his teacher before. Now the youngman was learning his lessons from Kamesh, taking note of how approvingly the man gazed at his promiscuous slut, starting to get a hint of the visual pleasures that accompanied peeping. Who could mind if a slut or sexy slut cheated… as long as they could watch! Bobby thought that his eyeballs were going to melt as they registered the thrilling scene. His cock was rising to yet another erection and he saw that Kamesh, too, was getting a hard-on again. But from the looks of the horny female action on the floor, cocks were not required-yet.

Sneha ran her tongue up the musky, flavorsome cleft of pendik escort bayan Shanti’s ass and began to lick Shanti’s ass-ring. The tart, tangy confection made the collegiate whimper with lust. She was licking Shanti’s haunches as if nipping at appetizers before diving into the main course of hot, steaming pussy.

“Uuuhhhhhh, yessssss… lick my ass, baby!” Shanti panted.

Sneha nudged her cute little nose into the gorgeous woman’s crack and sniffed. Strangely, the aroma of Shanti’s asshole thrilled her, enhanced deliciously by the fragrance of hot pussy wafting up from below.

Sneha licked and sucked some more on the puckered slot of that carnal canapé. She drew back for a moment and gave her boyfriend a shy smile, then dove in again. Her tongue sank up Shanti’s ass and Shanti’s asshole sucked on it. Sneha had to tug back firmly to retract her tongue against the suction. Her lapper came out distended like a taffy pull. Shanti heaved her haunches up.

“Do my cunt!” she moaned.

Sneha slid down. Her forehead rested on the cheeks of Shanti’s ass and her lower face buried itself into the woman’s pussy from behind. They were linked up doggy-fashion in this act of lesbian love. Sneha took a taste. The very first lick was enough to convince the collegiate that cunt-tonguing was for her. It didn’t detract from her devotion to cocks at all. It was simply another succulent side of the creamy coin. She lapped in and sucked at the rim. Shanti’s cunt was full of jizz as well as cunt-cream, a seething stew bubbling over into Sneha’s mouth. Sneha shook her head like a shark devouring its catch as she munched in Shanti’s hot, gooey fuck-hole.

Cunt-juice ran down the insides of Shanti’s trembling thighs, and Sneha slid down to gather it back up, not wanting to waste a drop. She slid up and took another lick at Shanti’s ass-hole, then resumed sucking on her fuck-hole.

“Cum, Shanti! Cream for me!” the collegiate whined.

She had already wolfed all the jism out of Shanti’s pussy, and she was gulping unadulterated cunt-juice now. It was getting more copious by the second as Shanti surged toward a crest. Shanti shuddered and vibrated and undulated as her clit detonated and the core of her cunt turned to jelly. Her ass shoved back. Sneha’s lips were glued to her pussy by a paste of pussy-juice and saliva. As the collegiate panted, it made a bubbling sound.

Sneha was in a feeding frenzy and Shanti was flowing like a waterfall, filling the slut beauty’s mouth again each time her pussy contracted in orgasm.

Drained, Shanti slid belly-down along the carpet. Sneha’s head went down with her and the collegiate kept on burrowing under her jiggling ass, licking out the last seepage, sucking the dark-haired woman dry.

When Shanti’s cunt stopped juicing, Sneha slid back up and finished off where she had begun, sucking Shanti’s musky little asshole like a savory following the feast. Then they cuddled together in fond embrace, kissing lovingly, sharing the lustful residue of their first fuck.

“Can we suck more… lots more?” Sneha whimpered.

Her first lesbian suck-session had turned the sexy little collegiate into a gash glutton. She was eager to suck Shanti’s cunt again, as well as to mop her own muff on the older woman’s mouth.

“Yes, baby… but aren’t we forgetting something…” grinned Shanti, glancing over at the guys.

Sneha followed her gaze and saw that Bobby and Kamesh both had enormous erections again. This was an aspect of cunt-lapping that the collegiate hadn’t paused to consider… the fact that it would make any watching men horny again, no matter how much they had been fucking before.

Stiff pricks were always a welcome sight to young Sneha. But, at the moment, she was somewhat confused. The poor, horny little collegiate didn’t know which she wanted most now… more cock or more cunt, more sucking or more fucking, cock-cream or pussy-juice.

She kissed Shanti, and her eyes rolled as she stared at Kamesh and Bobby’s huge, throbbing hard-ons. Shanti understood the slut beauty’s problem, since it was a choice she often found hard to make, herself. But Shanti knew a solution. Watching one another in action was always fun, but now it was time for total commitment and involvement… for a little `audience participation’. In short, it was time for a cluster-fuck. And, like a choreographer, Shanti set the scene for the complex coupling to cum…

Shanti lowered Sneha to the floor and gracefully slid around into the sixty-nine position. She mounted the collegiate, lowering her cunt over Sneha’s pretty face and ducking her own face down between Sneha’s widespread thighs. Shanti opened her mouth and gave the slut beauty’s pussy an open-mouthed kiss, thrusting her tongue hungrily into Sneha’s hot little hole.

Sneha did the same, and soon the gorgeous dark-haired woman and slender Slut collegiate were moaning and slurping at each other’s cunts in total abandon. They sixty-nine like that for a minute while Kamesh and Bobby watched them with glowing eyes, their cocks throbbing in their clenched fists.

Suddenly Shanti rolled onto her side, pulling Sneha with her. They were still linked up mouth to cunt, but now they were both lying on their sides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32