Sharing Ch. 01

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I had been divorced for about nine months. I hadn’t really put much effort into finding a new man, so I was on my own. My friends were starting to comment that I needed to get out there and find someone. I have a really great group of friends that all look out for me. We get together just about every weekend. Three couples, plus me. Okay, I was the odd man out since my husband and I had split. I guess I was starting to feel a little lonely.

It was a Friday night, and we were having one of our regular gatherings at the home of my best friend Lisa and her husband Joe. The ladies were enjoying wine and the men were drinking beer. We were all swimming on the warm evening. I went in to the house to help Lisa open another bottle of wine and grab some more beers for the guys. Lisa and I had always said we would do anything for each other, but I really never would have predicted what happened next. Lisa told me that her husband Joe had always been attracted to me, and it seemed that I could use a little male company, so why didn’t I hook up with Joe? Wow! I almost dropped the beers I was holding right there!

I knew that Lisa and Joe had an open marriage, and that they had tried swinging in the past. None of the other couples in my group of friends participated, at least as far as I knew. My ex was really conservative, so we never did anything like that with Lisa and Joe, or otherwise. I really didn’t know how a couple would go about finding another couple to swap with. I did not expect that Lisa would just come right out and offer Joe to me. Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was the fact that I was horny as hell. The idea sounded like a good one to me.

Joe is a very attractive man. He is a few years older than me, but looks young for his age, and is quite fit. He smiles and laughs all the time; and I had been attracted to him since the first day I met him, about ten years before. Joe adores Lisa. He treats her like his queen. I always thought Lisa was the luckiest woman in the world to have a husband like Joe.

When Lisa and I went back outside with the drinks, my friends Sheila and Carl were in the pool, and Tina and her husband Rick were in the spa with Joe. I joined them, and Lisa jumped in as well. We enjoyed a few more drinks, and soon Tina and Rick got out of the spa to go home. Sheila and Carl climbed out of the pool, and dried off. Lisa got out to see them off. That left Joe and I alone in the spa.

Since Lisa had given me the go-ahead, and I now found myself alone with Joe, I moved closer to him, and kissed him. We had kissed before, but it had always been as friends, like good-night kisses. This was different. It was hot! When our lips touched I felt like I would melt into him. We each parted our lips, and our tongues wrestled to go as ataşehir escort deep into the other ones mouth as possible. I felt my whole body warm up. I could feel that Joe was also reacting to our kiss. I was close enough to sense that he was getting hard, so I put my hand on his lap and found a large erect cock beneath his swim trunks. I stroked him through the fabric while we continued our passionate kiss. Nine months of being without a man was too long; I needed sex in a bad way.

Fortunately, Joe was feeling as horny as I was. While I was rubbing his erection through his shorts, he reached for my breasts, and caressed each one tenderly. He slipped his hand under the thin fabric of my bikini, and pinched my nipples between his large fingers. Although the pinch was not meant to cause pain, my nipples were so hard that they were overly sensitive to his touch. It felt like jolts of electricity ran through me from my nipple throughout the rest of my body. Joe pushed aside my bikini top so that both of my breasts were fully exposed. He then slowly withdrew his lips from mine, and bent to kiss my left breast. His tongue expertly circled my sensitive, hard nipple. He gently bit me, which sent shock waves directly to my now soaked pussy.

Joe moved his lips to my other breast, and sucked my erect bundle of nerves into his hot mouth. I felt my nipple throb and once again, electric shocks ran through me. I was lost in the sensation when I felt Joe’s hand reach between my thighs. The water in the spa was hot, but my pussy was much hotter. The fabric of my bikini bottoms was all that was between Joe’s hand and my anxious pussy. I needed him to feel me without the cloth between us. I also needed to feel him without his shorts impeding my access. I loosened his swim trunks which were tied at the waist. I reached in and firmly gripped his cock in my hand.

Joe is not enormous, but his cock is bigger than my ex’s, and bigger than most of the other men I had been with. My fingers barely touched as they wrapped around his shaft. I gently squeezed as I stroked up and down the length of his penis. I ran my finger along the slit on his cock head, and felt it ooze its slippery precum. The water in the spa provided enough lubrication for me to rub his cock while he continued to explore my pussy.

He pushed my bikini bottoms to the side, and slid his finger back and forth along my wet, slippery slit. After a while, he spread my enlarged lips, and slipped his finger into me. It had been a long time since I had anything other than my vibrator inside me, and his finger felt so good! We had resumed our passionate kiss while Joe continued to maneuver his finger in and out of my vagina. He slid another finger in, which stretched my tight, neglected hole. kadıköy escort bayan I was so close to climaxing, but he would slow down whenever he felt me tighten around his fingers. I felt like I was about to explode. Then, without removing the two fingers that were deep inside me, Joe began to rub my clit with his thumb. His expert touch put me over the edge and I came like I had never cum before.

Once I caught my breath, I lifted Joe’s hips from the spa seat, and removed his shorts. I took hold of that glorious pole that stood proud before me, and swallowed it in one gulp. I could feel my lips wrap around the base, and I felt the tip of his cock deep down my throat. My sudden plunge upon Joe’s penis caused him to let out a loud groan. Just as he had teased me, and held my climax at bay, I let up on him, and licked the length of his cock over and over. I sucked on his cock’s head, using my tongue to glide along the valley and poke the small, sensitive hole at the tip. I slowly licked back down to the base of his penis, while caressing his balls in my hand. I looked him in the eyes, and sucked one of his nuts into my mouth, then the other. When I saw his eyes roll back, I resumed my efforts to swallow his cock whole, fighting the gag reflex, and holding him down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft for a short while, and then was rewarded with his salty cum shooting down the back of my throat. I swallowed every last drop. I love the taste of cum!

I moved up along Joe’s body, and kissed him firmly again. His tongue darted into my mouth, and he too was able to enjoy the taste of his seed which remained in my mouth. We kissed and caressed each other for a while. Then Joe reached down and untied my bikini bottoms and then my top. We were both naked together in the warm swirling water of the spa. The water felt good as the spa jets enveloped us in their soothing motion. He lifted me out of the water, and sat me on the edge of the spa. He spread my legs, and just looked at my pussy which was splayed before him in the moonlight. His eyes slowly moved up my body, hesitating at the sight of my full breasts, and then met my eyes. I could tell that Joe was drinking me in. It was a wonderful feeling.

Joe used two fingers to spread my pussy lips, and then softly licked my clit. His tongue alternated between being flat, and softly licking me, to being pointed and hard, and flicking my love button. He sucked my clit and gently bit it, causing me to shiver. His tongue moved downward, and darted into my vagina. Joe lapped up the juices which were flowing from me. He really seemed to like eating my pussy. I know I liked how my body felt when he did it. The man has mad skills. It did not take long at all before I once again enjoyed escort maltepe an intense orgasm.

Before I could come down from my orgasm, Joe stood so that I could see that he was once again erect. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my still-throbbing pussy. He looked at me to make sure that I was okay with fucking my best friend’s husband. We had not spoken a word to each other, but I knew what he was asking. When I nodded my head, he gently slid deep inside me. How had I gone so long without a man inside me? It was the best feeling I could imagine.

Without pulling out of me at all, Joe scooped me into his arms, and we kissed passionately again. I could taste my essence in his mouth, and found that I liked it. I sucked on his tongue to get as much as the flavor off of it as I could. With Joe standing in the middle of the spa, my legs wrapped around his hips, I began to rock, forcing his cock to penetrate me as deep as possible. I felt stretched beyond my limit, but was so slippery from cumming just a few minutes before that there was no pain. I only felt the fullness of his penis, which seemed to touch me in places that I had never been touched. As I enjoyed the sensation of Joe’s cock stimulating my g-spot deep within me, I also rubbed my clit on his pelvis. It was still very sensitive from being chewed on and was twitching with each movement that I made. I felt like I was about to cum again, but Joe was determined to make me wait a while longer.

Joe slowly laid me back into the warm water of the spa, and rested my head on the edge. My body was floating, with my legs still wrapped around Joe’s waist. He reached down and supported my butt so that I could release the grip my legs had on him. Joe began to slide in and out of my slick pussy. The water splashed with each thrust. The feeling of the water swirling and splashing all over me, combined with the sensation of being rhythmically pounded by Joe’s large cock was more than I could take. I once again climaxed, but this time it was even stronger than before. I let out a scream, and as my pussy clenched around Joe’s cock, I could feel him swell, and release his seed deep within me. A few moments later, we both sat back, and allowed the swirling jets of the spa to surround us while we came down from our mutual orgasm.

After my head stopped spinning, I looked across to where Joe was sitting and smiled. We then spoke for the first time since Lisa had gotten out of the spa to see our friends off. I told Joe that the sex we had just enjoyed was exactly what I needed. He smiled at me and asked me what brought on my sudden lust. I realized that he and Lisa had not discussed her offer, and that Joe thought I had just seduced him out of the blue. I told him that it was Lisa’s idea, and that she said I could borrow him, and that I was really glad I took her up on her offer even though he was not aware of it. I was also glad that I hadn’t gone behind my friend’s back, and that she was willing to share her man with me.

Maybe next time Lisa could join in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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