Sharon’s First Time Ch. 05

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On the drive home I couldn’t help but reflect on the events that had just taken place. I wasn’t the type of woman that usually succumbed to events like that in the theater.

I knew for a long time I enjoyed sex, but I also knew I wasn’t simply a bimbo that used my body to get what I wanted. I was a successful elementary school teacher. I had an education and a career, but it also seemed like my appetite for sex was growing.

I had a new boyfriend who was a great lover, who was showing me what I could be as a woman, but less than a day after spending the night with him I was in a movie theater, a stranger finger fucking me in public, then I dragged him out of the theater, found a small janitor’s closet and sucked his cock, let him fuck me, bring me to another intense orgasm, and then letting him fuck my mouth until he emptied his balls, which I sucked and swallowed eagerly.

I didn’t even know his name. I found the anonymity of event even more of a turn on. I recalled everything in detail over and over in my mind.

When I got to my apartment, I couldn’t contain my lust any longer. I walked quickly through the apartment throwing off my clothes until I was nude and in my bedroom. I sat on my bed, reached into my nightstand and pulled out my vibrator. I lie on the bed, spread my legs wide, turned on the vibrator and quickly inserted it deeply into my tingling cunt. I inserted it completely, lifting my hips slightly off the bed to allow it all the way in and clenched at it with the muscles of my vagina.

It felt good, but it wasn’t as big and the unknown man that had filled it less than an hour earlier. I slid it back out and concentrated its tip on my engorged clit that was longing for stimulation. I let out a gasp as I felt the vibrations center on my clit and pressed the hard plastic tip tightly against it.

Moments later I felt my body spasm in pleasure as I brought myself to the third orgasm of the evening. Every fiber of my body tingled with excitement from the pleasure and the memory of what had taken place earlier. I lay there spent as my body came down from the exquisite high of sexual pleasure.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I recall is the chirping of my cell phone. It was late and the phone was on the table near the door to my apartment. By the time I got to the phone the message had gone to voicemail.

I heard it was my boyfriend-the photographer, and I called him back, “Hey, how are you doing,” he said?

“I must have dozed off, sorry I had to call you back,” I said. “What’s up?”

“Nothing really that couldn’t keep, but I hear from Sean’s wife, Karen, and she and Sean are stopping by the studio tomorrow afternoon. If you are available you can join us, if not I was calling to see if you are ok with me showing them some of the albums of the pictures I took of you,” he said?

“They are pretty tame compared to the albums I have here,” I said. “I hope they won’t be bored, but yea, I guess it is ok to show them to them.” “I do have a lot of work to do tomorrow, what time are they coming?”

“Around 2 or so,” he said.

“No, that doesn’t work for me,” I said, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok; I can show them the albums and let them know that you would be interested in working with Sean. Just Sean, right,” he said?

“Yes, just Sean,” I said, “Are you offering to photograph Karen and me having sex?”

“If you are interested,” he said, “She is bi and has posed with Sean and another model.”

“Yea, well let’s think about that at some other time, not right now. I am still wondering if I can take Sean,” I said.

“You’ll do fine,” he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there. Everything will go according to what you want. No pressure.”

“Ok, show them the albums and I’ll see about the modeling session,” I said.

“Ok, love, see you soon,” he said as he hung up.

I hung up the phone and went to take a shower and get ready for bed. I fell asleep watching TV and didn’t wake up until early the next morning.

For the next couple of days I was engrossed in work for my new students and some work for a class I was taking for my Master’s degree in Education.

Early in the next week I got a call from my boyfriend to let me know that he had met with Sean and that he and his wife both liked the photographs of me. “Sean and Karen both said you had a very small and pretty vagina,” he said.

“Thanks, I guess,” I said.

“It was meant as a compliment,” he said. “Sean likes tight, Karen told me.”

“Ok, but I am really swamped with school,” I said, “I am not sure when I can get some time to spend in your studio for at least 3 weeks.”

“That’s OK,” he said, “Sean and Karen are going to Europe for a month later this week, and I have to go to New York for several days as well. I’d ask if you wanted to go along, but I now know what your answer would be. Damn, we should just get married so you can travel with me.”

“Well, since you haven’t asked me as yet, I guess that won’t be happening any time soon,” I said.

“Yea, ataşehir escort yea, you know what I mean,” he said.

“I do, so when are you leaving,” I asked?

“Thursday, can we spend some time together before I leave,” he asked.

“I’d love to, perhaps I can come over after school on Wednesday and stay until Thursday morning,” I said.

“Sounds great,” he said, “See you then.”

We got together and again had some great sex. He is an imaginative lover and exciting to be with. He pleasured me, but I couldn’t help comparing the pleasure and excitement I felt with the stranger at the movie theater.

He leaves on Thursday so I spend the next few days engrossed with work for school. It is early in the school year and the normal routine hasn’t been established as yet. There are new things happening almost every day.

Tuesday after school I am working in my classroom when the school principal calls to say she is bringing down a new student for my class. She soon enters the room along with the new student, Zack. “Zack has recently moved here,” she says. “Let me also introduce you to his father, Mr. Bryant.”

To my surprise I immediately recognize Zack’s father as the anonymous stranger from the theater. Our eyes meet, I can feel myself flushing, hoping he won’t say something inappropriate. “Nice to meet you Mr. Bryant,” I say.

“Nice to meet you too,” he says with a smile.

The principal, Mr. Bryant, and I discuss Zack’s background and the various aspects of how we do things in our school and what we will be studying and how we will give Zack every opportunity to catch up with the bit of work we have already covered.

My heart races as he and Zack and the principal finally leave. I am confident that he knows it was me at the theater but I am also happy that he seemed to understand my need for discretion.

About a week later, I arrive in my classroom to discover a brown lunch bag waiting for me on my desk. The students that had arrived at school were mostly in the library playing on-line games. Not sure who might have placed it there I quickly retrieve it before the students arrive. I walk to the back of the classroom, away from the door, and open the bag. Inside, neatly wrapped in paper is the thong I was wearing at the theater. Also attached was a note that read, “Would like to thank the owner for a wonderful experience.”

My heart raced confirming that he did recognize me and was savoring the experience as much as I had. I had been curious wondering what would happen the next time I came in contact with Zack’s father. To keep it professional, I suggest to the principal later that day that a parent conference with Zack’s father to keep him informed as to Zack’s progress might be in order.

You suggest a meeting Friday after school, knowing full well that the principal had to leave early that day. She reminded me that she had to be away, but that I could have the meeting and let her know how it went.

My mind raced over the next few days with what might be said or what should be said at my meeting with Mr. Bryant on Friday. I was confused because of my desire to keep my professional life separate from my personal life. My memories of the event at the theater may have been more vivid and exciting as I recalled them over and over for the past few weeks, but I knew that Mr. Bryant had an intense sexual magnetic power that I found attractive. He seemed to sense what I wanted and what I needed.

When Friday did finally arrive, I was up early with anticipation. I took extra time to prepare that morning. In the shower I spent a few extra minutes making sure that my pussy was completely shaved and smooth. I picked out a fresh white blouse with buttons on the front. I had it demurely buttoned for work, but planned on showing some cleavage for my meeting with Mr. Bryant. I also chose a skirt that was long enough to be professional, but short enough to show off my legs. Even though I don’t usually wear high heels for work, I brought along a pair of black stilettos for the meeting.

It seemed like the longest school day I can recall. Everything seemed to slow down. I kept glancing at the clock throughout the entire day. Finally the dismissal bell rang and the students headed home. I cleaned up the room, took a deep breath, unbuttoned a button or two, put on my heels and tried to look busy; Zack’s father would be arriving in about 20 minutes.

When Zack’s dad arrives I find myself stumbling for the right way to state the conversation, but he cuts me off saying, “I have to be honest, that night when I first met you I believed it was a once in a lifetime encounter, but after finding you again here I believe is may be more than fate that our paths have crossed again.” “I respect your privacy and by no means would I ever say a word to anyone about our past, but seeing you here, I have to have you again.”

With that, he stood up, walked over to the door to open it and turned off the lights. “Shall we,” was all he said motioning to the kadıköy escort bayan door.

I hadn’t said a single word, but my body knew what to do. I gathered my things and walked to the door.

We had not discussed any plans, but as we walk to the parking lot he tell me that I can decide where we are going and that he will follow me. As I drive out of the parking lot I am searching my mind for a place that we can go to and have privacy and not be worried about being seen. I remember a place where I used to wash my car just down the road. It was behind an old, now abandoned, service station just a few miles away.

As we drive, I look back in the mirror to see him following me at a discrete distance. My body is tingling with anticipation and I can feel my pussy moistening. Four miles seems like 400. I pull into the service station and drive around back to the car wash bays. I pull into one and a few moments later he pulls his Suburban into the adjoining bay. As I walk to his car I notice he is not in the front seat, the tinted windows make it difficult for me to see him, but suddenly one of the back doors opens and I see him inside. I quickly get in and close the door behind myself.

As I closed the door behind me, he pulled me close and kissed me passionately. He cupped one of my tits with one hand and slowly moved town to kissing my cleavage. His hot breath made my nipples hard and I tried to reach in to unbutton my blouse but I moved too quickly and several buttons popped off. He pulled my blouse open revealing my breasts covered only by my lacy sheer bra. He pulled his head back to take a good look and smiled down at me.

He lowered his lips to my nipple and gently bit it through the fabric of my bra. The sensation of his biting me sent a shock wave through my body. I didn’t move allowing the sensation of lust fill me as I became the object of his desire.

I lay on the seat as his hands went to the front clasp of my bra. My hands cupped the sides of my full breasts as he expertly unhooked the clasp. I released the grip on my tits and the y spilled out of the bra. Again he smiled.

He worked his way down to the zipper of my skirt, unzipped it and slid it down my legs as I slightly lifted my hips to allow him to undress me. Once off me, he placed the skirt over the back of the front seats. I was lying on the seat with him setting next to me wearing only my black stilettos and the small thong that matched my bra. His hands roamed up my body caressing my belly as he moved to my tits. He cupped each in a hand and pulled on my hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger. Again, a bolt of excitement coursed through my body.

His hands then started down my body, when he got to my thong he hooked his fingers in the material and started to pull downward. I raised my hips again so they glided down my body and over my shoes and onto the floor of the Suburban.

He smiled as he lowered his head to my pussy and ran his tongue along my slit, over the swollen lips of my vagina from top to bottom. I reach out to grasp his head and push his head to my cunt as I spread me legs as wide as I can to allow him access. I can hear myself moaning, “Oh, yes, yes,” as he eagerly licks my pussy, circling my clit with the tip of his tongue.

It felt so good as he eagerly licked my cunt. He must have sensed that I was getting close to coming because if inserted two fingers deep into me as he continued to stimulate my clit. The sensation of his expert oral technique was too much and I pulled his head tightly to my throbbing pussy and moaned loudly as I felt wave after wave of pleasure course through my body.

While my body spasms and slid all over the seat he relentlessly continued licking my clit and fingering me deeply.

A few seconds later my orgasm was starting to subside. I released his head and he again sat up on the seat next to me. He smiled as I moved my hands again to my breasts and pushed them together invitingly. He needed no further encouragement as he moved to remove his pants and boxers. His beautiful hard cock stood straight out.

I move to a kneeling position, fumbling to pull my blouse and bra off my shoulders as I push him back against the door. I push his legs apart as I lower myself to a position with my head between his legs. I warp my hand around his thick shaft and pull it to my mouth and eagerly engulf it. I suck his cock for a few moments than pull it from my mouth, push the shaft back against his body and lick him from his balls to the tip of his prick several times. He moans as I eagerly pleasure his cock. I alternate between licking the shaft and eagerly engulfing his cock and pumping it vigorously with both my hands.

While I eagerly suck his cock, I see him reach into the seat pocket and pull out a condom. I feel him nudge me and I look up to see him holding the condom. I take it from him and have him slide down on the seat. I open the pack and roll it down his cock. Once it is on, I straddle his body and lower my cunt over his escort maltepe prick. It feels so good as I feel my excited cunt lips spread by the head of his dick. Slowly I lower myself all the way down onto his cock.

Once he is completely into me, I lean forward and start rubbing my tits over his face. His hands move to them to control them and he moves them to his mouth and begins eagerly sucking my nipples, first one then the other. My nipples are hard and sensitive and he teases my tits expertly as I fuck myself on his hot, thick cock.

With every flick of his tongue on my nipple, I feel a shock of excitement course through me. To pleasure him back, I clench my vagina tightly around his shaft. Often I hear him moan as loudly as I do while being stretch by his cock. I feel my orgasm building as I ride his cock and look into his eyes and say, “I’m going to come again.”

I hold back as I ride his dick like a woman possessed with lust. Gripping his cock as tightly as I can, I slide up and down for several more intense minutes before I feel my second orgasm overtake me and moan loudly, “Oh, God, I am coming. Fill me baby; empty your balls into my cunt.”

Seconds later, in the throes of my orgasm, I feel his cock throb and can almost feel him shooting jet after jet into me, filling the condom on his beautiful cock. I kept riding him as long as I could before collapsing onto his chest. I lay on him breathing hard until I felt his cock start to go limp and felt it slowly side out of me.

I move off of him so I am kneeling on the floor of the Suburban next to the seat. I smile over at him as I gently grasp his flaccid cock and slowly pull off the full condom. I have him help lowering the window as I drop the condom outside.

I then lower my tongue to his cock and start to like the jism that is covering his cock. I spend a few minutes licking every drop off his cock and his balls. He come tastes just as I remember it for our earlier encounter.

When he was cleaned up, I smiled at him again and moved onto the seat and start to gather my clothes. I slide my thong back on and my skirt. I move to gather up my blouse and bra while he is dressing. I slip on my blouse and attempt to fasten it enough so it will stay closed for my trip home. Without him noticing I folded my lacy sheer bra and put slide it up under the front seat.

While he is dressed I reach for the door and get out. I turn to him and said, “Thank you for coming today Mr. Bryant. It has been a most enjoyable parent/teacher meeting.”

I walked to my car and drove away.

On my drive home my mind was exploding. What the fuck was I thinking? It is almost alright to get picked up at a movie and fucked in a janitor’s closet by a total stranger, but fucking the father of a student? My head would roll if anyone found out about this.

So many questions, first of all – is there a Mrs. Bryant? If so, complicated, but on the other hand wouldn’t she have brought Zack to school on his first day?

My thong was soaked with my natural lubrication from the two (God yes, where has this man been in the past!) orgasms he gave me. My blouse was barely covering my tits because I ripped it earlier trying to get him access to my boobs, my bra was enticingly tucked up under the front seat, and my skirt now had a big wet spot. I was hoping when I got to my apartment there wouldn’t be many folks in the lobby.

I parked and rushed through the lobby to the elevator, but when the door open and older gentleman from the floor above my apartment got off. He took a second look and smiled as I tried to keep my tits contained in what was left of my blouse. “Is that the newest style,” he asked?

I walked past him and quickly pushed the button for my floor. Once I got into my apartment I stripped off my clothes and made a dash to the shower. In the shower I relaxed a bit as the warm water caressed my body. I somewhat relaxed and I remembered what he had said to me earlier, that he would never say anything, but could he be trusted?

After my shower, I climbed back onto my bed and relived the entire day from the time Mr. Bryant arrived until now. I started to get excited; my cunt tingled recalling the feel of his tongue. I stroked myself with my fingers as I recalled other details of our time in his large Suburban.

A few minutes later I was enjoying the pleasure of another orgasm. It seems that this man has some hold on my brain. He makes me come more intensely than anyone else.

“Ok,” I thought, “what do I do next?” I wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed our time together. Both times it seemed that each of us knew instinctively what the other wanted and were eager to provide the sexual stimulation and pleasure for the other. I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth; he pleasured me with two orgasms each time we were together.

I knew I wanted to see him again. While it was exciting to be fucked at the theater and in his car, I really hoped that we could find a place where we wouldn’t have to hurry and we can pleasure each other as long as we wanted. I was hoping that we could spend an evening together, but then I remembered his son Zack. I can’t go to his house, I am Zack’s teacher. He can’t stay out all night, the sitter wouldn’t understand. And what if he does have a wife?

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