She wants that College Wrestler Pt. 04

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Jason (20 yrs.) is a sophomore who won a spot on the wrestling team. This is the second year he had to compete for a position. There are no athletic scholarships awarded at this community college. The wrestling team doesn’t receive as much funds as the basketball team. Jason stands at 5’8″ and his weight is 150 lbs. He’s been undefeated in the last year.

Diane is a voluptuous brunette (38-24-36) who just turned 26 years old. She traveled from out of town to check Jason out. She saw him at her city college two weeks ago. He’s a strong wrestler with a lot of speed, on the gym mat. Diane sits in the audience watching Jason on his home turf. She isn’t disappointed when he pins his opponent real fast. He walks off the mat after his win. Diane smiles while looking at his muscular shoulders and solid thighs.

Jason is taking a shower while the heavy weight divisions compete on the gym floor. Diane approaches coach Barry as he comes out of the gym locker-room. He looks down and notices her huge tits jiggling under a loose sweater. She doesn’t have a bra on and her large nipples peak through.

She asks, “Are you coach Barry?”

“Yes, I am.” he answers.

She hands him an iPhone and says, “Give this to Jason. I left a voice message for him.”

Diane turns and walks away. Coach watches her sexy buttocks shake under her jeans.

Jason steps out of the shower ataşehir escort and grabs his towel. He walks over to his locker on the end and begins wiping down his wet body. Coach Barry steps over smiling and pulls out that iPhone. He places it inside Jason’s locker and then sits down on the bench.

Jason asks, “What you doing coach? Is that your phone?”

Coach looks around and no one is in earshot. He turns back and says, “Jason, this woman with these huge tits, gave me that phone. She left a voice mail for you.”

Jason rubs his wet hair down and laughs, “Bullshit coach. C’mon.”

“I’m serious. She wants to meet you. Listen to her voice mail” coach says.

“Alright, I will” Jason replies. He continues wiping down his body. Coach then laughs, stands up and walks away.

5 hours later. Jason is sitting in the bleachers of the gymnasium. The gym lights are dimmed. Diane’s iPhone sits on the bench next to him. Coach Barry walks into the gym and sees Jason. He smiles and walks over.

Jason’s finger touches the voice mail on the iPhone. A sexy female says, “Hey Jason, I’m Diane. Call me. I’ve been watching you. Let’s fuck.”

Jason powers off the phone and says, “Shit, coach. I’m getting married in a month.”

Coach nods his head, “I know, but she’s got an incredible body. I’d say her tits are 38 DD’s.”

“She sounds sexy as hell. kadıköy escort bayan I’m not having a bachelor party either” Jason says.

Coach asks, “But, is Cassandra having a bachelorette party?”

“Yeah, she is” Jason answers and then shakes his head.

Coach looks at him, “This could be your bachelor party. I love my wife, but I’d jump Diane’s bones in a second.”

They both laugh.

Jason says, “Diane’s out of town. She gave me her address and Casey’s having a wedding party this Friday. With all her girlfriends. Coach, will you drive me? I don’t want anybody to know where I’m going.”

Coach smiles, “Sure son, I’ll fuck her after you, if she’ll let me.”

They both laugh.

It’s Friday night. Coach and Jason sit in a truck, inside a parking lot. Jason takes a drink of whiskey and smiles. They both look up at the tall apartment building.

Jason says, “Well, she’s on the third floor waiting. She sent me this.”

He turns on the iPhone and shows coach Diane’s photo. She’s wearing a wet t-shirt that clings to her enormous tits. Both of her hands cover her pussy.

Coach shakes his head, “Fuck me! You, lucky little bastard!”

Jason smiles and gets out of the truck. He slams the door and walks toward the building.

In the bedroom. The lights shine over the naked bodies of Diane and Jason. Her buttocks are escort maltepe on the edge of the bed with her legs bent up into the air. She’s laying back with her hands gripping the bed sheets. Jason is standing in between her legs with his hands placed on each side, above her hips.

His 6-inch cock is buried into her shaved pussy. He leans on his hands and his thrusts are short and hard. His eyes stare down at her jiggling tits.

He grunts low, “Mmm.. Fuck.. Fuck.. Mmm.. Mmmm!”

His eyes glance down at his cock while still thrusting short and hard.

She replies, “Jason.. Uhh.. Uh-Uhhh!”

Her tits flop after each thrust and she looks down at his tight abs and thick crotch hair.

His deep grunts get louder, “Mmm..! Mmmm..! Fuckk..! Mmmm!!”

His cock thrusts in a few more times and he hold’s it inside.


He pulls out his cock, steps back and his hands grip her ankles. She smiles up at him as he breathes hard. His right-hand yanks off the condom and drops it to the floor. He then leans onto his elbows, on each side of her ribs. His lips begin kissing those huge tits.

Diane giggles, “That was round two.”

The next morning at 5 a.m. Jason staggers onto the sidewalk carrying both shoes under his arm. His shirt is rolled down only to his chest. His fingers struggle to zip up his jeans. He turns right and walks past coach Barry’s truck.

Coach yells, “Jason, where you going?!”

“Huh? To coach’s truck” Jason answers.

Coach runs up to him, “The truck’s back here. C’mon.”

“She did things to me coach, Cassandra never does” Jason says.

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