Shock and Surrender

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Big Dicks

That night was a turning point in my psyche. As I sat there alone in the bar casting my eyes around at the lovely dancers strutting their stuff on the centre table a pretty face caught my eye. She was staring at me from the opposite corner and as our eyes met she smiled softly. She was really pretty with hair dressed like a Japanese doll and wearing a pink lace dress through which you could see her pink bikini. I smiled and beckoned her to come over. She was fairly tall for a girl, very sexily built, not thin, well formed everywhere. But incredibly young looking.

As she sat by me and greeted me I noticed she had a husky voice. As the drinks flowed and the night wore on we got really intimate. She took me to a darker corner of the bar where she said we would be left alone. Her beauty and the drinks combined to make me heady. Also she had consumed 4 tequila shots by now and was getting more loose with me. Finally I kissed her on her lips. She tasted sweet and, overcome by the intoxicating feel of her wet lips, I kissed ataşehir escort bayan her long and hard again.

“You like me?” she asked. I nodded. She offered herself to me, thrusting her breasts and inviting me to go further. I slipped off her shoulder strap and slowly unhooked her bra. She had one of the loveliest pair of tits I had seen in a long time – full, firm, rounded with light brown nipples perked up. As I bent forward and sucked on them she moaned. “You really like me?” she asked.

I interrupted my sucking to look up into her eyes and reply clearly “yes.”

Her eyes glazed as she thrust up her pelvis. I slowly slipped my hand on to her thighs and began to grope her. I felt a bulge now in her panty and I was confused. She kept looking at me, half sad half aroused, almost egging me on with her eyes to touch her. I slipped my hand in between her thighs over her panty and then stopped as I felt puzzled.

Now she wrapped her hand around my head, looked deep into my eyes as she pulled escort kadıöy my face to hers then locked her wet lips with mine. We kissed passionately then she said “If you like me take it off baby, please.” I slid my hand to her panty and slowly started pulling it down. Thirstily, I looked down at her body as I stripped her, desperate to set my eyes on her pussy.

Finally to my speechless shock her long hard dick popped out of the panty. It throbbed hard before my eyes. For a minute I simply stared spellbound. Here she was naked in my arms, a sexy naked aroused woman, her breasts wet with my sucking, her smooth body undulating curvaceously down her flat belly, her navel adorning her white skin like a little star, and her rounded belly tapering down to her smooth hairless mound, a smooth hairless crotch where suddenly a cock was throbbing as she lay there spread eagled in my arms, her smooth soft thighs spread wide.

Maybe it was the drinks, or the throbbing music and lights, or the eroticism of the dance, maltepe escort or the wildness of the night but I sensed a mounting sense of daring adventure as she looked into my eyes half pleading half hungry herself for sex. She wanted desperately to be held by me. She was thrusting herself up and down now her eyes glazed her lips glistening.

Finally, throwing all my caution and reserve to the wind as it were, I slid my hand slowly along her thigh till I wrapped my fingers round her dick. She moaned loudly but no one could hear as the music was loud, she almost screamed as I made love to her there on the couch, massaging her cock as she passionately massaged mine ……. till finally ….. in a frenzy I shot from her hands …. in heaving breaths, moaning and groaning as she kissed me relentlessly, sucking my lips. Even as I heaved and gasped and ejected the last drops of passion, she shook suddenly, then went into a great wave, surprising me, tightening her frame, thrusting her erect secret right through my fist, then moving back to thrust again, screaming as she released her own white hot squirts of passion into the air, shooting from my fist, as it were, then suddenly collapsing and embracing me, devouring my lips in a frenzy of passion as we leaned into each other, drained …..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32