Show , Tell Ch. 19

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While we talked on the phone often, because of family stuff on both sides I didn’t have a chance to meet with Elle for over three weeks after our, “date” at the doctor’s office and the strip club.

I knew that she was healing, no complications at all with swelling or with the incisions. When she reported these facts to the doctor, he reluctantly released her to drive and go back to work, stressing to the administration that she do, “No lifting of any kind. Also, if possible, have an assistant assigned to her classroom,” to lessen any possibility that she might need help, “…, in case of an emergency.”

She had to plead with Leo, the principal, to let her come back early and have Mrs. Harrington, the teacher in the next classroom, swear that they’d leave the door between the room open at all times, so they didn’t need to assign a teaching assistant to her classroom.

She’d been back to work for a week and her mood was good, still positive about her growing relationship with her daughter and even sensing a thaw in the way her husband was treating her since the breast augmentation procedure.

But, things hadn’t gotten to the point where he would go out of his way to help her, beyond what she’d consider to be his normal MO. Kim had assumed those responsibilities to the extent of her abilities.

With her next appointment with the plastic surgeon looming, she once again asked that I accompany her.

“But you’re driving now,” I protested, “you don’t need me.”

“What if he gives me bad news?” she replied.

With all of the good news I’d been hearing from her, that didn’t seem like it was probable…, but it was possible. “What time is your appointment?”

She’d made it for 9:00 AM this time, so we met early and I took her to the same restaurant for breakfast. Straight from there to the doctors office where I agreed to accompany her into the examination room. We waited a couple of minutes for him, he and his nurse not surprised to find me with her.

“I see you’ve found some courage,” the nurse wisecracked, the doctor giving me a knowing smile. “Well let’s see how well you’ve been taking care of yourself,” he said to Elle, the nurse helping her to remove her tee shirt and sports bra.

“Holy shit!” was my reaction to seeing the, “new,” tits for the first time.

While that drew a big smile from Elle and the nurse, the doctor was much more restrained in his reaction, his interest seemingly more mechanical than esthetic. He actually had what looked like a ruler and a level combined into one tool, which he was using to see if her nipples aligned! Then he lifted each breast to check on the incision scar and only after holding each one in his hand, examining them with a three hundred and sixty degree inspection, did he finally smile and declare, “Perfect!”

He then took out the, “Before,” pictures and showed us how her left breast had actually been somewhat smaller than her right, the nipple pointing off slightly to the left.

Then, holding up two pieces of white cardboard with cup shaped cut-outs in the middle of the top and middle bottom of the pieces, he put them together around her breasts, showing us that each was the same size and the nipples both pointed straight ahead.

“A true artist,” I declared, reaching out to shake his hand.

She made another appointment, this time twelve weeks in the future, “…, unless something unusual happens.” When she asked about exercise and, “other,” extracurricular activities, he proceeded to tell her that she’d need to start with, “light workouts for a couple of weeks, increasing to moderate over the next month,” before, “…, pretty much doing whatever level you want to work towards,” after that.”

As I grinned and shook my head, his nurse said, “Doctor, I think the, “other,” extracurricular activity she was referring to was sex.”

“Oh…, okay…, well, use good judgment there too. If you follow my instructions, when I see you in three months,” he predicted, “…, we will see that everything looks as if you’ve done nothing more that work your way into a firmer chest and that you’d always had this cup size.”

“Deal,” Elle proclaimed.

She left the sports bra off when she got dressed, a reaction that the nurse called, “…, not unusual,” before we thanked everyone again and departed.

“Wow!” was all I could say as we walked out of the office building into the sunshine of a mild early April day. That was followed by, “NOT HERE!” in reaction to her reaching for her blouse buttons and announcing, “I want to take off my shirt and walk around the city topless for the rest of the day!” while we were still twenty feet from my car.

Trouble was…, I WANTED to watch her walking around the city topless for the rest of the day!

So we went to 2Hot in hopes that we’d find a man that Elle could expose herself in front of. Not only was she disappointed to find that was not the case, but even worse, Kat wasn’t there either.

Since it was barely 10:00 AM, I got her into ataşehir escort bayan the car and drove downtown to, “Seductive Nights,” where I knew Hue would be working and we’d have a shot at a man shopping with his girlfriend or wife. If all else failed, it might be the day where Elle would finally show enough courage to run the gauntlet of construction workers at the hotel site down the street.

When we got there I knew our luck had changed.

The was an empty metered parking space directly across the street from the store, that had almost 40 minutes left on the clock and I could see Hue standing in the window looking out onto the street and she saw us as soon as we got out of the car.

I don’t know who was more excited, she or Elle!

Hugs all around, the manager and other two clerks just as happy to see us since they all knew by now that I would buy some things and that Elle would be exposing herself to anyone and everyone who came through the door!

Unfortunately, at that moment, we were the only two customers who’d come through the door.

Hue ordered Elle to the dressing room before we’d had a chance to look at anything. “I’ve been shopping for you for month,” she called out from the stockroom, “you no come to store. We think we do something bad.”

Elle was bouncing around like a six year old, anxious to get Hue into the dressing room so she could show the girl her new tits. When she did reappear, carrying two arms full of merchandise, Elle practically pulled her into the dressing room, Hue’s, “Oh my God!” uttered (;-) loudly enough to be heard all over the store.

Lots of giggling, lots of, “Oh baby…, they look so good…, boys will be drooling on theyselves to peep at you!” To which Elle replied, “And in another three months they’ll look even better!”

They’d started to go through the items that Hue had set aside, all of which Elle wanted to model, some of which Hue dismissed as, “No sexy enough for you now you have such big nice chest…!”

More giggles and I watched through the slightly opened curtain as Elle started to get undressed.

Then I heard the door open and the manager, who was putting new merchandise on clothes hangers say, “Hey…, good morning April…, you’re up early this morning.”

“Hi Helen,” a girl answered, walking into view, “I’m not up early because I haven’t gone to bed yet. I was coming home from work and my mother called me. She asked me to drive to the hospital and wait for Bobby Orr here,” pointing to teenage boy who’d walked in with her. He was sporting a bandage over his right eye, the surrounding area already displaying the look of what would become a, “World Class,” shiner. “She had to get ready for work and his coach had called to tell her my little brother Billy here,” pointing a thumb at the kid, “was going to be in the Emergency room for a while so…. It took forever for them to get done with him so I figured I’d stop in on my way home and pick up my dress.”

“It’s in the back,” Helen told her, “I’ll get it for you right now.”

I wandered over towards them, the girl looking very cute from a distance, my natural inclination to see just how cute!

That was when the kid spotted me, giving me an odd look, which I defused with a question, “High stick or cross check?”

Now his sister looked at me, her look one of confusion too.

She getting cuter still…, the closer I got!

“Oh,” the kid finally catching on, “I cut outside on the defenseman and caught him by surprise. He stuck his stick out and I forgot to duck.”

Nodding, I asked, “X-ray of the orbital bone?”

“That’s what took forever!” April replied, giving me a nice smile.

Pointing to a scar that ran through my right eyebrow onto my forehead, “Redirected puck.”

The kid laughed.

April, not to be outdone, pulled her blond hair off the right side of her face, revealing a little brown scab. “Curling iron!” she boasted proudly.

Shaking our heads, the kid and I snickered, before I added, “You sound like Richard Dreyfuss’s character, “Matt Hooper,” comparing scars with Robert Shaw’s, “Quint,” in “Jaws.”

Neither one of them got it!

“High School?” trying to keep the conversation going.

“Providence,” he replied.

I was about to say, “Impressive,” the Providence College hockey team a great program, when his sister stated, “Little shit would have never gotten in with his grades!”

The kid snickered again, before adding, “Jealousy gets you nowhere… and what talent would have gotten you in?”

April smacked him in the back of the head and told him, “Keep it up and you can forget the spending money.”

Billy smiled at her and then turned to me, “She dances at…”

April cut him off with, “And you forget to duck,” adding another smack to the back of his head, this one drawing an, “OW!” from the little brother.

She and I laughed, but before the banter could continue we were interrupted by Elle calling out, “Baby…, come see this!”

I escort kadıöy nodded at them and then walked a few steps to find Elle with her back to me, looking at herself in the Wal-Mart mirror outside the dressing room.

The dress was…, what there was of it, a vibrant form of raspberry. It was shiny and tight and backless. It was so backless that almost the entire top half of her ass was exposed and it was so mini that what covered the rest of her ass was, maybe, four inched wide…, which was nowhere near enough material to do the job.

Then she slowly turned to her left, her shoulders pivoting while her head stayed still, watching herself as her hips now tried to catch up with her shoulders, the raspberry material that had been designed to cover her breasts no match for newly enhanced version of those glorious mounds.

The, “side boob,” view was also spectacular!

But she didn’t stop there, her body continuing to turn so that she was now almost one hundred and eighty degrees from where she’d started…, but her head had barely turned at all.

Her right breast was completely exposed, only part of her left breast covered and the bottom of her crotch equally visible.

Had either she or Hue taken the time to put the dress on correctly, I was sure that it would have shown off more of Elle than one might consider, “tasteful.” On the other hand, the way she was wearing it at that moment, there was no one word, other than, “slutty,” to describe it!

“That’s my dress!” a voice behind me exclaimed.

I didn’t need to turn around to know the speaker.

But I did anyway, finding April with a surprised look on her face, little brother Billy just off to her side, eyes the size of saucers, mouth hanging open!

Elle, who until this moment hadn’t turned away from the mirror, finally directed her attention to the girl behind me, tilting her head before asking. “This dress?”

“Yes,” April proclaimed, “I ordered that dress.”

Now Hue looked confused and more than a little distressed, wondering if she’d screwed up?

Adding to the confusion, Helen walked around the corner, a garment bag over her arm. Seeing Elle with the raspberry colored dress on, she did a double take, then held up the dress she was carrying. It was a duplicate!

Hue, not seeing Helen behind her, started to tug at various places on the dress Elle was wearing, in an attempt to get it right. Of course a tug on one corner pulled up another corner and her attempt to get the bottom hem to cover the bottom of Elle’s ass only uncovered more of her chest and more of the top of her ass.

Like I said before, there just wasn’t enough material.

The only other people who seemed to be enjoying this fiasco, besides myself, were Elle and young Billy. As far as she was concerned, she couldn’t be too…, “overexposed!”

By the look on his face…, he felt the same!

Helen quickly restored order, telling April that she had the dress that the girl had ordered and that the dress that Elle was wearing was one of an additional six that she had re-ordered because of the popularity of the item.

Hue seemed relieved by that news, but was still trying to get the dress to fit Elle properly.

“Properly,” was the hang-up because Elle was happy with the dress no matter how Hue adjusted it. To me, the answer would be found in the tightness of the strings that tied around her neck. Giving a little more exposure to Elle’s chest allowed for a bit more coverage to her crotch and butt, which seemed to be Hue’s biggest concern.

Like Elle, Billy was happy to just stand there and watch as Hue pulled and tugged. Like me, he knew that every action precipitated a reaction and that something titillating was going to happen, no matter what!

April, watching the struggle between Hue, the garment and Elle’s many curves, decided to try her dress on, hoping there’d be less drama with her frock.

It fit her perfectly!

Yes, some of her ass was exposed and, yes, her cleavage was quite evident, and, yes, she was flaunting copious amounts of side boob. But overall, with a more petite figure and far less curves, she and the dress looked great.

It was at that moment that young Billy decided to introduce himself to all present, having managed to become invisible to everyone, but me, by voicing his opinion of the garment.

“I think it looks way better on her,” pointing at Elle.

His sister then offered her opinion, “Nobody cares what you think! Go stand at the cash register you little pervert!”

Elle wasn’t going to let that pass, declaring, “Well I value his opinion.”

The issue was settled by both girls going back into their dressing rooms, April reappearing with the clothes she worn into the store and walking to the check-out counter, where Billy was waiting.

As April was checking out, Elle stepped out of the dressing room wearing something new, her, “I really like this,” announced loudly enough that Billy decided to do some checking maltepe escort out of his own.

Another denim mini skirt, this one white with sequin floral designs in bright red and royal blue, all outlined with pearl colored beads. The oversized red tank top was designed with deeply cut double “V’s” in the front and back, the straps on top extra long leaving both sides completely open so that her breasts were never fully covered from the front or sides.

“Very nice,” I offered, standing off to the side as Elle turned left…, right and then all the way around, her smile agreeing with me.

“Yeah…, that’s really nice too,” Billy added, now standing five feet away from Elle, his face swelling by the minute, yellow and purple the predominant colors around his eye.

“Thank you baby…,” walking over to him, both tits exposed, his good eye riveted on them.

With the platform high heels that Hue had provided she was nearly as tall as Billy, something she noticed as she pressed herself against him, giving him a kiss on the his “good” cheek. “I’d like to have you here every time I come in,” her smile dazzling, “you could be my fashion critic.”

It suddenly occurred to me… Providence College or not…”How old is this kid?”

That question must have been written all over my face because… when I looked to my left…

His sister, watching from across the floor, was looking at me…, shaking her head. I mouthed, “What?” She held up both of her hands, all ten fingers spread…, then five and then she closed one hand, leaving the other three fingers open.

It took me a second to grasp what she meant…, then I got it.

Eyes wide, I mouthed, “EIGHTEEN?”

Her smile was dazzling, as she nodded her head up and down.

I wiped my right hand across my forehead and said, “Yo man, I think your sister is ready to go and you should get some ice on that eye.”

“She can wait,” he said, looking down at Elle’s chest as she took a step back.

“No, you should get some ice on that eye,” as Elle seconded my opinion, acting motherly, “and both of you need some sleep.”

Reluctantly he turned away, April holding open the door for him as Hue and Helen joined us saying, “Goodbye.”

“They were nice!” Elle offered, as she went back into the dressing room.

I didn’t want to kill her buzz by telling her that she could have…, hell we all could have gone to jail if that boy had been a year younger!

With the store to ourselves again, Elle tried on two more outfits.

Not to bore you with the details, but I must say that the third, “Dress,” that Hue had selected was, by far, the most seductive garment Elle had modeled so far…, and that included EVERY dress that she’d modeled!

When I asked, “What kind of dress is that?” Hue grinned and replied, “It called sundress.”

Salmon color, slightly open weave crochet, it had a bikini top that tied around her neck with spaghetti strings, and matching strings tying behind her back. The bottom of the dress was formed by a piece of the same crochet material sewn onto the bottom middle of the bikini top, maybe two inches wide, the material falling on both sides to form a skirt that was held up in the back by a loop sewn on the material, through which the spaghetti strings slid and were then tied. Because of the way the material fell, most of her torso was exposed.

And speaking of exposed…, because of the open weave nature of the crochet material, even standing in front of the mirror in the artificial light of the store, there was no doubt that Elle was wearing nothing underneath the dress, which only added to the seductive nature of the garment. Adding to the allure, Hue had even managed to find a pair of matching cork soled high heels, a perfect finishing touch.

While the raspberry dress that she modeled first definitely showed off more skin, there was just something about this dress that made it more erotic than anything I’d seen her wear before.

Lastly, Hue had put aside a pair of very tight skinny jeans and a deep purple, boat neck, oversized sweater, the boat neck so wide that it hung half way down her right arm. While not super revealing, between the tight jeans and the oversized sweater, she looked super hot.

We bought everything she’s tried on, along with a couple of pairs of shoes to match and some other accessories.

All in all, a very successful morning of shopping, to go along with the successful unveiling of Elle’s new breasts, both to me and to young Billy!

“Lunch?” I asked, as we stepped out of the store, the day now even warmer.

Still wearing the sweater and jeans, she turned left and started to walk towards the pub at the end of the street…, which would take us through the ensemble of construction workers I could see as we proceeded down the sidewalk.

Unless she decided to cross the street at the last moment, maybe I’d been right about her new found confidence.

Seated in the pub five minutes later, I’d been proved half right.

YES, she did walk through the workers and YES, she did accept their catcalls, in addition to some lewd and suggestive remarks, with a smile. What she didn’t do was slow down as we walked past the men, nor did she respond in any way, other than the smile.

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