Silky Adventures #09

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Chapter #9

Boning up for grades

I did really well in freshman biology. Well enough to be allowed to take osteology, a 300 level course. It’s about bones, no, not boners, bones; there’s even a book called ‘The Bone Lady’ which is great fun.

The professor was a hunk. He hailed from Georgia, and I could just hear it in his lilt. He was broad shouldered, with curly blond hair, wonderful hairy arms and muscular hands. His blue eyes snuck out through his wire-rim glasses, and his smile radiated when he talked enthusiastically about bones, which he did all the time.

“Professor, can I schedule some extra study time with you?”

“It’s not professor, Silky. I’m just a TA, so call me Craig.”

“Well, ok, Craig. I’m worried about my grades, and I’d like to go over things.”

“You have a 98 average, Silky. Why would you worry?”

Craig didn’t know about how George had my sister Jessica and I study. Bent over the dining table, we study. With naked backsides. And he whips us with a cane if he thinks we’re distracted, even if we were just thinking and looking at the wall. I really was just thinking about what to put in my paper, and I didn’t deserve the spanking, or the three lashes for talking back. I really didn’t.

Anyway, focus. But I had plenty of reasons to worry about my grades.

“You just never know, is all. So can I set up a study time?”

“I’ve never had a popular cheerleader be so interested in her grades.”

“I am a cheerleader, but I don’t party, and I’m not in a sorority, so I think you mean cute rather than popular. Do you think I’m cute?”

“Cute? Silky, you’re gorgeous!”

“Gorgeous! Really? You think I’m gorgeous? Why? Do I have protrusions and recesses that meet cultural expectations for symmetry?”

“Yes, yes you do. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it expressed like that, but you certainly do.”

“So can this gorgeous cheerleader set up a study time?”

“I can’t do it today. I’ve got to go home and walk my dog.”

Those of us who watched ‘Dawson’s Creek’ growing up know that ‘walking the dog’ is code for masturbation. And those who have read my adventures know of my concern about public awareness for escort ataşehir the evils of self-abuse. So it was completely natural when I asked him.

“Walking your dog? Are you sure that’s not dangerous?”

“She may be little, but I don’t think walking her merits ‘dangerous’.”

“SHE is LITTLE?” I almost choked.

“Are we talking about the same thing, here?” he asked.

“Apparently not,” I mumbled, confused. “But listen, I like, love dogs! Can’t I come to your place and help you er…walk… her? I can go over the class notes.”

“You are a persistent young lady, Miss Silky. Sure, here’s my address.”

When I arrived at Craig’s student hovel, I brought a huge back-pack. I unloaded all the tools I need for school. Six legal pads, ten different colored high lighters and pens, the text, a companion text, the Cliff Notes, and both my notes and those I had copied from Hal, who sat next to me.

“You certainly come prepared,” said Craig.

“I just try to stay focused,” I replied. “Let’s see, paper, pens, rulers, text… oh, damn! I forgot to wear panties!”

Of all the words of tongue and pen, those are the ones most distracting to men.

Somehow, knowing that my little labia were naked underneath it all was very disturbing to him. Thongs don’t really provide any protection, they’re pretty much useless. But knowing they’re not there, that some symbolic barrier is gone, drives men crazy. It is mystical, really. It certainly worked on Craig.

“What?? I’m sorry, what did you say?” He just wanted to hear me say it again. He knew what I said.

“I let wearing my panties slip. I’m sorry; I was just busy getting ready to study and neglected to wear them.” Of course, there was no reason to even mention my unmentionables, except to make him insane. Like I really actually forgot.

So when I bent over to pet his little red poodle, all he could think of was my pussy. Ditto with sitting to study, drinking a cherry limeade, and everything else. Men are hard-wired that way; it’s almost cruel to tantalize them, but I’m a very bad girl.

After a hour of hard work, I stretched my arms skyward, and let out a big sigh. Of course, he kadıköy escort thought about my lack of panties. But he tried.

“You look distracted, Silky. Did you want to do more?”

“Well, yes, there is something I really wanted to learn.” At this point had taken the cherry from my limeade in my mouth. I opened wide and swept out the stem where he could see that I had tied in a nice knot. “Have you ever heard that people who could do this were good kissers?”

He just stared at me. I’m afraid I overwhelmed the poor boy. But he’s cute.

“I listen to you in class, and you are so articulate. I just wondered if you could put that labial dexterity to a better use. Can you?”

“Like what?” he asked, whispering. Afraid to hear the answer.

“Well, I may have mentioned that I lost my panties…and, well… I wondered what your tongue could do between my legs.”

Craig fell to his knees. I wasn’t sure if he had fainted or was complying, but he ran his hands up my thighs and lifted my skirt. I wasn’t lying.

His head went under the hem, and I couldn’t see what he was doing, but oh, could I feel it. He started just breathing me in, and the hot breath on my mons was so nice. Then he kissed me like a preacher on Sunday. Just very prim and stiff. I felt his lips soften at the same time I felt the heat rush to my crotch, and his lips trapped the first flowing of fluid there. He licked lightly around, as if learning a map, and then began to spread me with his tip.

He was very nimble. My clit was swollen with lust, and I was pouring juice. He used his lips to suck one labia in, then the other, brushing my nub between moves. His heated exhalations blew over my introitus and the feeling was intense. He actually took both labia in one mouthful, and blew gently so that air was forced up my vagina! When he pulled away, my pussy quietly farted! That was certainly new to me!

His tongue bounced my perineum, and then slid to my anus. If you’ve never had your ass hole probed by a knowledgeable person, you must try it. I like it a lot! But naturally, he was getting even for some of the teasing I had done, so he slid back to the ‘taint’ and rubbed it with maltepe escort bayan a soft wet apex that sent shivers up and down my spine. Oh, do that some more!

I knew his cock must be bursting by now, but I hadn’t offered anything else, yet. I wanted more, selfish bitch that I am.

He put his hands on either side of my cunt, and pulled it wide open. He tickled my inner lips, and then pushed his face as far as he could, and fucked me with his whole tongue, gliding in and out in a pumping that no penis can duplicate. His five-o’clock shadow added just enough sandpaper to increase the thrill. I crushed his head between my legs, and clawed at his hair. Oh, God, he was going to kill me!

Only now did he slide two fingers far inside me, and began to lick and suck my clitoris. He fingered me with a different pace than his sucking, so that I didn’t know what to expect from one second to the next. Inside, my G spot was being hit, while outside, my clit was in a different stroke. I couldn’t take it, what can I say, he broke me like a wild horse. I came so hard against his face that not only was I screaming nonsense sounds, I felt my g spot squeeze, and I spat cum into his open orifice. I almost never do that!

“Ok, big boy, you wanna screw a gorgeous cheerleader ’till she can’t walk?”

He didn’t answer; I didn’t ask again. All we did was rip clothing off like a tornado in the garment district. A whirlwind of socks, blouse, briefs, papers, pens, and everything else. As soon as possible, he had lifted me against his wall. And was ripping me apart with a very nice thick cock. I pulled his ass against me with my calves and feet, and hung on for dear life. I think we put a hole in the sheetrock.

Our mouths were clamped as hard as our loins, and we frantically expended the tremendous pressure we had both accumulated in two hours of rising lust. I felt my guts clenching again, but was pleased to feel load after load of hot semen splattering my vaginal walls. I held no longer, and screamed out for the second time, as waves of climax tightened my ass and pussy in waves, and I clasped with every part of my body.

As we slowly slumped down the wall, utterly spent, I whispered in his ear, “How was that for extra credit?”

He pulled me against his shoulder and said, “You already have an ‘A.’ I think I have to supervise you closely to be sure you keep it.”

“I do like studying your bones, professor,” I sighed into his ear.

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