Sneddy’s Revenge

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Cheral had made her emotional connection with Sneddy some time ago and now she had the sex to go with it! “This could be the beginning of something special.” she said as she nestled into Sneddy’s hairy chest.

“Yes” he replied, thankful that at last he might just be allowed to sleep a while.

But it was not to be…

Sneddy was tired; dog tired like an ill-informed Labrador that’s run a marathon. Sneddy didn’t feel he could rise to the occasion again. But then from nowhere came an awakening; still exhausted but nonetheless willing and maybe even able.

Cheral lay spooning against Sneddy, sated from their love making but Sneddy wasn’t about to let it go at that. Slowly he reached across to cup her breasts. Gently massaging her nipples between his fingers Sneddy’s erection began to show a glimmer of hope! Sneddy loved to gently twist and rub Cheral’s nipples, to feel them respond to his touch and to sense their firmness; the crowning glory of her magnificent tits. From the outset Sneddy had been aware of Cheral’s breasts; it was hard to ignore them! He noticed them on their first date and imagined how they would feel. Their weight in his hands, the nipples pert and full, and their shape once released from the restraint of her bra.

Cheral was a woman who wanted sex a lot and was not bashful about saying what she wanted and when she wanted it. It was one of the things Sneddy truly enjoyed about their relationship; he didn’t have to second guess whether she was in the mood or not, he didn’t have to feel bad about wanting sex as often as he liked because she would gladly handle all he had to offer pendik escort and more! What’s more there was no doubting she was ready for more right now.

Cheral responded by rolling to face Sneddy, her loins still warm from her own juices intermingled with his. “I’ll hop in the shower.” she said.

But Sneddy had other ideas. By now his erection was growing to serviceable proportions. He wanted to enter his lover again but this time he was determined to have things his way. Gently, but firmly pushing Cheral onto her back he moved to prepare her sweet pussy with his tongue. She gasped lightly, a little in surprise, a little in pleasure. Sneddy ran his fingers gently over the skin of her inner thigh.

“That gives me a tingle all the way up my spine.” Cheral whispered as she let out a barely audible moan of pleasure.

This time Sneddy was determined to make quite certain Cheral was satisfied. His earlier efforts had been marred only by his early arrival and he was determined his cock would not let him down this time. Kneeling between her thighs Sneddy took in the look from her sparkling blue eyes and continued his visual exploration of her body. Caressing her with his eyes he wandered slowly past her dimpled cheeks and centred on her oh so inviting lips. It was her smile that had first attracted him; Cheral had a Mona Lisa smile that said “There’s a naughty streak a mile wide beneath this smile.” Sneddy had not been disappointed.

Aware, owing to his tiredness, that his erection was fragile Sneddy moved to turn Cheral over so that she lay face down on the bed. Sneddy lifted her hips from maltepe escort the bed, she knew what was coming; there’s nothing subtle about doggy-style. But Sneddy had a trick or two up his sleeve. Grasping her arse he descended on her, gently but firmly parting her labia with his tongue and gently nibbling and stroking her pussy with his lips. Then Sneddy pushed deeper with his tongue readying her for what was to come.

Still wet with their combined juices and eager, having been teased back into life by Sneddy’s tongue, Cheral seemed ready for a good, old fashioned doggy-style fuck. Holding his cock so that the head could just tease apart her lips Sneddy began to penetrate Cheral for the second time. Entering her just far enough for him to feel her moist lips pass over the head of his cock; each slow thrust a measured, deliberate act of penetration that sent an erotic high coursing through his body. Gathering momentum Sneddy thrust a little deeper feeling his foreskin pulled back as he entered her. Cheral responded to Sneddy’s thrusts, her arms folded above her head she pushed against the mattress, her arse lifted and pushed back towards Sneddy’s thrusting cock. God she felt good!

“Slow down honey.” Cheral appealed.

Slowing his pace Sneddy concentrated his mind on his senses, on the feelings he experienced as his cock slid in and out of Cheral’s silky passage. He could feel her lips engulf his cock then release him as he pulled out. The sense of oneness with her was palpable. He reached round beneath her and cradled her breasts in his hands, feeling her nipples harden to his touch. But kartal escort he had to stop. If he continued for just a few more moments he would surely come and he was not ready to let her off the hook that easily! Sneddy withdrew and quickly rolled Cheral over onto her back. Briefly glancing into her sparkling eyes Sneddy took aim at her dripping pussy. He buried his head between her thighs and once again tasted the sweetness of her juices. Teasing her with his tongue Sneddy moved to cover her clitoral hood with his mouth. Then Sneddy began to suck; gently and rhythmically he sucked her into his mouth. Pausing only to gasp for breath Sneddy watched Cheral massaging her breasts as he sucked and his erection grew stronger. He could feel the movement of her moving back and forth as he gently sucked her. Cheral’s head squirmed from side to side and she groaned as she experienced the sensation of her ‘foreskin’ moving over her clitoris.

“I’m going to come!” Cheral exclaimed.

“Not yet, you’re not.” Sneddy said as he moved up her body and pulled her into him.

Sneddy entered her quickly, desperately. It had taken all his restraint not to simply fuck her for all he was worth earlier but now there was no holding back. Cheral was ready and he couldn’t wait any longer. Thrusting back and forth Sneddy didn’t last long but it was long enough. As he pumped his sperm deep inside her he heard Cheral cry out, she seemed to shudder as her cry turned to laughter. Sneddy held onto her as though his life depended upon it, pulling her close to his chest as his erection, exhausted, finally relaxed inside her.

Snuggled together, her head resting against his chest a thought flew through Cheral’s mind. Only for an instant but it had registered; he’s not a dud root. She smiled to herself and kissed his chest as she drifted into a satisfied sleep.

Sneddy slept.

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