Something Old, Something New

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Ainsley stood quietly at the back of the room. She had taken one of the last chairs in the corner of the last row. Only minutes before the ceremony, ten very loud and hyperactive women rushed in and Ainsley graciously moved to the back. The music began. It was a classical piece. Ainsley tried to remember what it was called. With so many weddings, she had forgotten. Of course, it didn’t help that the bride had changed her mind at least five times.

Ainsley watched as the bridesmaids made their way to the front. Their dresses were a light pink color and they were each holding a small bouquet of pink roses. Ainsley couldn’t help but do a calculation in her head of the cost. Each bouquet had cost twenty dollars and that meant two hundred on just the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Ainsley was good at keeping a straight face when all she wanted to do was burst out laughing. The bridesmaids all rushed to the front as quickly as possible and by the time the song had ended, there were ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen scrunched up against the wall of the room.

The music changed and Ainsley relaxed her face to smile. The bride was stunning. She walked down the aisle on her father’s arm and smiled at everyone. Ainsley let out a sigh of relief. Things were going well.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows and kissed passionately as the minister introduced them as husband and wife. Thank heavens everyone had remembered how to exit the room and before she knew it, the pictures were being taken.

Ainsley was a wedding planner. She had been doing this for a number of years and was very good at her job. She had enjoyed planning this wedding, as she did all of them, but this one was the last of the season. From May until October, she had been booked solid with only two weekends off. Now, she was free until February.

“She’s knocked up you know.” Ainsley spun around and was face to face with a very tall man. He was wearing a very expensive suit and she couldn’t figure out whether it was rented or purchased. He had piercing blue eyes and a very cute smile. It took Ainsley a few seconds to register what he had said. She had been standing at the back of the room watching as everyone danced. The photos had been taken. The receiving line had been successful considering the poor guests had to shake thirty pairs of hands since both the bride and groom’s parents had remarried. The dinner had been perfect and now that the cake cutting and first dance had occurred, she was ready to finish the last few things and go home.

“Excuse me?”

“The bride. She’s pregnant. Do you see how she held the bouquet in front of her the whole time and now that she doesn’t have the bouquet she’s leaning up against Jake.”

“Do I know you?” Ainsley was shocked. This man didn’t look or sound drunk. She had had her fair share of drunken discussions with guests who needed to tell her their life story. Most of the time, it was single women depressed that this was their tenth wedding and they still didn’t have a boyfriend.

“I’m Parker. I’m a wedding crasher so, no, you don’t know me. I was at the Carter wedding two weekends ago. You wore a much cuter dress then. It showed off your cleavage a lot more.”

Ainsley took a deep breath to calm herself. This guy was arrogant and annoying. She wanted to smack him or tell him off, but she knew that she couldn’t. The bride and groom hired her to make their day perfect and the last thing they needed was their wedding planner getting in a fight with a guest, even if he wasn’t officially invited.

“Thanks. I don’t always wear the same outfit to each wedding.” Ainsley forced a smile and then looked around, trying to find an excuse to get away.

“Want to know how I know she’s knocked up?” Carter grinned. He knew he was tormenting this short blonde woman and was enjoying every minute of it. He liked a challenge.

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.” Ainsley’s voice was a little too sarcastic, but she didn’t care. She could feel her temper flaring and she knew exactly why.

“The cute redheaded bridesmaid is single and while doing her in the back of my car, she told me the whole story. She’s a sexy little thing, but god she talks too much.”

Ainsley had had enough. Carter reminded her of her ex and that was the only topic of conversation she could never control herself about. Ainsley took another deep breath.

“I need to go say goodnight to the new couple. Excuse me.” Ainsley didn’t even wait for Carter to respond. She rushed past him and walked straight up to the bride and groom.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Ainsley waited. Kate and Jake were cuddling and whispering to each other. Once they stopped and looked up, Ainsley continued. “The D.J. is all set to do the bouquet toss and garter throw when you’re ready. I’m going to check with the kitchen to make sure the cake is wrapped up properly and then confirm the hotel rooms for the guests staying over for the weekend. Enjoy your wedding night and enjoy your marriage even more.” Ainsley then said her signature line. “Remember pendik escort a wedding is a day, but a marriage is a lifetime.”

“Thanks Ainsley. Everything was great. I have a few complaints, but we’ll talk at the debriefing when we get back from Greece.” The bride flashed her a fake smile, but Ainsley just smiled back. She nodded and then made her way to the kitchen.

Ainsley prided herself on making sure that every wedding she planned was perfect. This was one of the most difficult brides she had encountered. She had changed her mind about fifty times for each element of the wedding and she was dreading the debrief meeting. Ainsley always asked the bride, groom, and anyone who had paid for the wedding to come in and discuss what went well and what didn’t. It was a way of getting feedback on her job and, at the same time, making notes about what did and didn’t work.

Ainsley giggled as she remembered the time that one of the brides wanted to release doves after their vows. It was an outdoor ceremony, which she thought meant things would go well. In fact, they hadn’t. The two doves had flown up, pooped on the bride’s perfectly styled black hair, and then flown straight into the glass window of the nearby building.

Ainsley quickly went and said goodnight and thank you to the chef. He was a tall man with dark brown hair and a big smile.

“Well hello cutie.”

“You did a great job tonight. Everyone was very happy with everything.”

“I hope so. You bothered me enough to make sure the details were set. Do I get a congratulatory hug or something?”

Ainsley grinned. She and Mark had a great working relationship. He was married and she had a boyfriend. She smiled as she thought of her boyfriend. He was at home waiting for her. She couldn’t wait to get home and crawl into bed next to him.

“Stop flirting with me and go home to your wife.”

“Turned down again.” Mark’s smile showed that he knew she was teasing him. “Your next wedding isn’t until February right?” Does that mean I won’t see you until then?”

“Next wedding isn’t until February, but I’m sure Cameron and I will come eat here soon. I have to go. Bye.”

Ainsley hugged Mark and then made her way home.


“Dear god you’re huge.” The petite blonde-haired woman bounced harder and faster on Cameron’s cock. Cameron grunted and sat up on the large bed.

“You love my cock inside you. Fucking you so hard it hurts.” He gripped her waist and bounced her harder. He had already cum twice and needed it one more time. The room smelled like sex. Her clothes were scattered on the ground except for the sexy stockings she had been wearing under her dress. Those had remained on because Cameron had a fetish about lingerie, specifically stockings.

“Make me cum again.” Cameron watched as his lover ran her perfectly manicured fingernails against her clit and then began to rub. Her pussy was so swollen and he felt her muscles jump each time she stroked her clit. He thrust his whole body off the bed, watching as she impaled herself on his cock.

“I’m trying. Fuck, you’re demanding.” Cameron could never keep up with her. The moment she had entered the house, she was all over him, kissing and sucking on his neck and face. He loved how sexually open and aggressive she was, but sometimes he wanted to go slow. He wouldn’t dare say a thing though. She had a great pussy and was always willing to fuck as long as it didn’t get in the way of work.

“Doggie style.” She flipped over onto her hands and knees and spread her legs wide. Cameron stood beside the bed and slid her so that she was perched on the side. He slammed his throbbing cock back inside her and felt the bed shake. He looked in the mirror opposite them and couldn’t help but smile. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat. His bare muscular chest looked so sexy and he saw how her eyes were glazing over. Her blonde hair dangled and her makeup was smeared. She had one hand gripping the silk sheets for balance while the other was massaging his balls. His balls were heavy and full of cum. He needed her to cum so he could. Finally, he thrust in hard and felt her whole body shake. Her pussy gripped his cock so tight he screamed out. He was cumming so hard that he leaned over and rested his hands on the bed for balance.

“That’s it baby. God I love fucking you.”

Cameron kissed her lower back gently. “I know.”

Suddenly both of them stopped moving and talking. There was a click of a door and without saying a word; both of them knew there would be a problem. Cameron’s girlfriend Ainsley had arrived home early.

Ainsley rarely went to bars. Well, actually, she had never been in a bar or club except the one time at her high school graduation when the bar conveniently forgot to check ID at the front. She wasn’t the partying type and after breaking up with her boyfriend, she wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Her best friend Adriana had dragged her to the bar. Adriana was sick and tired of her best friend being so depressed and sad. It had been over maltepe escort two weeks since she had caught her boyfriend having sex with another woman. She had a history of attracting cheating guys and she had thought Cameron was different.

“You look gorgeous sweetie. You better get picked up by some handsome guy and have wild sex.” Adriana looked at her best friend and knew that any guy would be crazy not to. She had worn a tiny pink dress with matching high heels. Her blonde hair was curled and she had pink lipstick that made her lips look pouty and sexy all at the same time.

“Yeah whatever. I have to work tomorrow remember?”

“Just cancel the meeting. Seriously you work too hard.”

“I can’t. This bride sounds neurotic already and if she doesn’t hire me to be her wedding planner then she’ll go to Sinders and get one of the snotty women to plan her wedding.”

Adriana rolled her eyes. Ever since her best friend had become a wedding planner seven years ago, she had never had a good thing to say about the big wedding dress store across town. They always messed up the dress orders and had messed up so many weddings it was crazy. Ainsley wanted and needed to be known as a wedding planner with the personal touch.

“Fine then. When’s the bride thinking of getting married?”

By this time, the two young women were at the bar gulping down a few shots. Ainsley didn’t know what she was drinking, but it was making her feel warm inside.

“Christmas Eve.” Ainsley looked at Adriana. She knew the look she was getting and just waited for the lecture.

“You said you’d never plan a wedding for Christmas Eve. After Jason, you said you wouldn’t plan any weddings from November until January. Is that a good idea?”

Ainsley stared at her best friend. She really did care about her and right now, she needed all the love and support she could get. She gulped down her fourth shot and answered.

“The only apartment that was available for rent starting the first of November is almost twice as expensive as the place Cameron and I were sharing. I need the wedding to pay for rent otherwise, by January; I’ll have used up all my savings. As it is, I’m going to need a loan to pay for the flight for the two destination weddings I’m planning in March.”

Ainsley was trying hard not to pout. She didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her, but it was very difficult. Her best friend would understand. She always did.

“I’m sorry. No more talk about work. Let’s go dance.”

Ainsley was about to protest, but didn’t have time. She was pushed onto the dance floor and began to dance. It was a fast song and she tried desperately not to look like an idiot. As she danced, she felt a warm body nudge up against her and she turned to see a tall handsome guy. The light in the club was dim, but all she cared about was the fact that this man looked nothing like Jason or Cameron. It felt good and when he gripped her hips with his large hands and helped her shake her hips a bit more, she didn’t protest.

Adriana watched the scene unfold. She had no idea who this man was, but he was flirting with Ainsley and Ainsley was giving as much as she was receiving. Soon Ainsley had spun around and was face to face with the man. He looked familiar, but she was so drunk that she couldn’t figure it out. It hurt her head so she stopped trying to place where she had seen him. She had gone to enough weddings over the last few months that he could have been anyone.

“I’m Ainsley.”

“I’m Parker.”

Ainsley smiled and wrapped her arms around Parker. She was wearing four-inch heels, but she still had to get up on her tiptoes to reach around his neck. Parker slid his hands down her back and cupped her butt.

“I don’t normally do this. I promise.” Ainsley wasn’t thinking straight, but was trying to convince herself more than him that she wasn’t this aggressive. She leaned up and kissed him hard on the lips. He kissed her back and pulled her off the dance floor to a dark corner. She hadn’t stopped kissing him and all he could do was hold her tight. She was swaying back and forth as if the room was spinning. Parker knew she was drunk.

“You’re drunk. You should go home.” Parker wasn’t the type to take advantage of a woman when she was intoxicated. It wasn’t in his nature.

“Take me home.” Ainsley suddenly had this urge to have sex with Parker. She had no idea where this was coming from, but the close dancing, the loud music from the club, along with him grinding against her had turned her on. She didn’t remember the last time she had been so aroused and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“O.K., I will take you home, Ainsley.”

Ainsley and Parker made their way out of the club. Adriana watched and mouthed the words ‘call me’ as they left the club. Adriana hadn’t really been paying attention to her best friend after they had left the dance floor. She had a cute guy herself who was desperately trying to bring her home. She loved being a tease. She made a mental note to call Ainsley kartal escort in the morning to make sure she got home all right.


Ainsley stumbled into her apartment and fumbled to turn on the lights. Parker was right behind her, making sure she didn’t fall. She turned on the lights and Parker saw that she lived in a tiny apartment. It was one main room with two doors on the right. One led to the bathroom and the other was probably a closet. The kitchen was against one wall and opened into the main area. The main sleeping area barely fit the bed, but Parker realized that it was a King size bed. He wondered why a petite single woman had a King Size bed, but didn’t think this was the time to ask. He was about to say goodnight when Ainsley pulled him towards her bed.

“I want you so badly Parker.”

“Ainsley no. We just met. You’re drunk.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer. You’re just as horny as me.” Ainsley glanced down at Parker’s pants. It was true. From the time he first saw her walk into the bar, he had had a raging hard-on. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t quite place her. He worked at the local hotel and figured the number of people coming and going in that place for weddings and special events meant they had probably crossed paths at one point.

“Ainsley, please.” Parker tried to struggle, but it was no use. His cock was throbbing and all willpower he had was gone when she removed her dress and panties. She slid up on the bed and spread he legs wide. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but still had the four inch pink high heels. Parker groaned.

“I’m not going to regret this. You can just leave before I wake up tomorrow.”

Parker didn’t hear a word she had said. While she was convincing him to fuck her, she had spread her legs wider and was rubbing her clit gently with her fingers. He growled and pulled off his shirt, lunging for her.

He pushed her onto her back and wrapped his lips tight around one of her nipples. She arched her back and he sucked harder. Her breasts weren’t that large, but the nipples were so hard that he felt them throb in his mouth. While one hand squeezed her breast, pushing more of it into his mouth, his other hand unzipped his pants.

“That feels amazing.” Ainsley’s body was on fire. She had never felt this aroused, not with Jason or with Cameron. As she lay back, she realized that in her twenty-seven years, she had only had sex with two guys. Here she was, on one drunken night, increasing the number of guys she had had sex with by fifty percent. Unfortunately, that was all her brain was thinking because the rest of her body was reacting to the raging hormones that were racing through her body.

Parker stopped sucking on her nipple long enough to yank down his pants and boxers. Once naked, he lay on his back and fumbled with the condom package that he had taken from his pants pocket. He watched as Ainsley slid into his lap and after moving to straddle his thigh, began to grind against it. Park moaned. Looking down he saw her pussy lips against his leg. She was so wet, he could feel it. She wiggled her hips back and forth while her hands played with her nipples.

“That is so fucking sexy.” Parker slid the condom on then picked her up by her waist and impaled her on his cock. He knew she didn’t want it slow. She was so horny that she would probably slap him if he tried to take it slow and sensual. He knew this was only going to be a one-night stand so it didn’t matter.

“Go harder. I need it hard to cum.” Ainsley was whining as she rubbed her clit. She pinched it hard then winced. She had never cum during sex and was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to. She furiously rubbed her clit.

“God you’re tight.” Parker couldn’t think straight at all. He wanted only one thing and that was to cum inside her. He watched as she continued to rub her clit. Her fingers were wet with her juices and he imagined waking her up by licking her pussy tomorrow morning. He grunted and felt her pussy clamp down on his cock. Her whole body shook and she moved her hand away from her clit. Her whole body convulsed in spasms and had he not been holding on to her hips, she would have fallen over.

“Oh.” Ainsley fell forward and buried her head in his chest. He lifted her hips up and down, continuing the hard fast fucking he needed to orgasm. He was getting close to cumming, but then suddenly he was there. He closed his eyes tight and exploded inside her. He felt her teeth bite gently on his nipple and he ran his hands through her thick blonde hair.

“Dear god that was amazing.” Parker rolled her off of him and then stumbled to the kitchen to throw out the used condom. By the time he got back to bed, she was fast asleep on her tummy. He grinned and slid in next to her. He remembered what she said about leaving before she woke up. He closed his eyes.

Ainsley opened her eyes and immediately cried out in pleasure. She had been having an intense dream where a handsome guy was licking her pussy. She had never had a dream like that before, but either way, she enjoyed how the dream made her feel. When she opened her eyes, she realized it wasn’t a dream. A handsome man was kneeling between his legs and his tongue was lashing against her swollen clit. She tried to remember why a man was in her bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32