Special Delivery

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I’m just a lonely housewife that cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids. My husband works a lot, so I don’t get a lot of sex. I know he is taking care of me and the kids, but I still crave to be touched and need sex. My kids are all old enough that they go to school so that leaves me home by myself during the week. I have decided that I will work on me. So lately I have been exercising and eating better. I mean I’m no skinny girl, but I don’t think I look bad for having three kids. I’m petite at 5’1 with double DD breasts and round hips and plump butt. I have long blond hair that hits at mid back and blue/grey eyes. I am in my 40’s, but I get mistaken for younger since aging has been kind to me and I have taken pretty good care of myself. My neighborhood is on the rich side of town where everyone has gardeners, trainers, and they get multiple deliveries a day. So, I have a bunch of eye candy in the way of young hot males that I can watch from my bedroom window or living room. There has been a very hot delivery guy that has been delivering packages up and down the street and even delivered some to my house. He is new and is one of my favorite eye candy that I can think about as I fuck myself with my toys after they leave. I hear a knock on the door and get up from my yoga mat.

“Just a min” I yell as I grab a towel and dab at my forehead. I open the door and there stands my eye candy with a package in his muscled arms.

“Hi, Mrs. Hall, I have a huge package for you.” He says grinning and scanning my body with his eyes. I have on tight yoga pants and a sports bra since I was doing yoga. I smile at him and mutter under my breath” I bet you do have a huge package.” His smile grew wider and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that Mrs. Hall.”

“Oh, I said please bring it in I’ll show you where to set it.” I smiled and walked towards my bedroom. “You can set it in my room.” I turned and he was stand right behind me grinning. I motioned for him to set it down in the corner.

“There you go Mrs. Hall” I held my hand up “please call me Mae.”

“Ok Mae, I’m Adam. I’ve noticed you a lot since I start delivering here.”

“Y-you have?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you jogging, and I hate to tell you this, but your curtains in your room are kinda of see through.” He says with a smirk on his gorgeous face. He has to be at least 6 foot with wavy brown web tasarım hair that looks unruly and so tempting to run my hand through. He has chocolate brown eyes that seem to smile and a body to die for. He looks like he has done a lot of surfing.

“Ohhhh shit” I say as I hurry to my window and pull the shades down. I didn’t even think about being seen through my curtains; I just like the light. “Oh, I am so sorry. I’m thankful you told me. I would hate to scare people.” I ramble on as Adam approaches me and takes a finger lifting my chin and his mouth smashes against mine. I stand there for a second shocked then my lips start to move against his. He licks my bottom lip and mine part as his tongue darts in and tangles with mine. We pull back from each other and he smiles.

“You didn’t scare me, you made me hot watching you finger yourself and then fuck yourself with that dildo. I got behind on my deliveries, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I wanted to be the one touching you and fucking you.” He said so bluntly with fire in his eyes.

“Please” I whisper. I have no idea, what exactly I am asking for, but I want him so bad.

“Please what Mae? I need to hear you say it. Tell me you want me as bad as I want you. I have watched you every day pleasuring yourself. Tell me I can pleasure you.” He grinds out as he pulls me to him and kisses me hard then nipping at my bottom lip.

“Please Adam. Please pleasure me. I want you; I need you. Fuck me!” I moan out as he kisses down my neck. He lets out a growl after hearing those words. He pulls my bra off and throws it to the side. He kisses down to my breasts and pushes them together and takes one nipple into his hot mouth while his finger and thumb pinch my other nipple.

“OOOhhhh God” I moan as my nipples harden and pebble out. I feel my panties dampen as his tongue and fingers work my nipples. I take and unbutton his shirt and slide it off his arms revealing a very tan muscular chest and a six pack with a V heading down into his pants. Why this God of man wants me I have no clue, but I want him.

“Jump” He says, and I jump and wrap my legs around his hips. He walks me towards my bed as he places open mouth kisses up my neck then sucking my lip into his biting as I groan. He lays us down on my bed as he continues fondling my breasts and kissing me passionately. He web tasarım ankara kisses down my chest stopping only to swirl his tongue around each nipple then open mouth kisses down my stomach to the top of my yoga pants. He grabs them and works them down and off my body. I’m so glad I shaved today I thought to myself as he looks up and down my body. I am a little embarrassed as I mean I’m probably 20 yrs older than him and have had kids so my body is not model like. I try and cover myself and he grabs my hands and shakes his head at me.

“Your beautiful, don’t try and hide your body Mae.” He starts kissing at my knee and works his way to my silk thong. He rubs his nose against the fabric inhaling deeply. “You smell so good” He moans as he kisses my pussy through the fabric. He then takes my thong pulling it down revealing my pink swollen lips already glistening with my arousal. He takes his tongue and flattens it against my lips licking up until he hits my nub flicking it with his tongue. I let out a moan as he swirls his tongue around my bundle of nerves. I feel him pull my lips apart and taking his tongue he slides it into my wet hole licking and sucking before he licks back up to my clit sucking it into his mouth.

“Fuck “I moan out as he sucks and flicks my button making it pulse and become rigid. He slides a finger in and curls it upwards hitting my g-spot. My hips arch up and into him. He slides in a second finger and curls them moving them in and out, in and out as he sucks and licks my nub. He is working me into a frenzy. My stomach is tightening and my pussy tingles with my oncoming orgasm. He hits my g-spot with rapid precision as he sucks my clit into his mouth. I let out a scream of pleasure and my body shakes as my hot juices squirt into his mouth. He licks and slurps my nectar as my body comes down from it’s high.

“MMMM you taste so sweet “Adam says and kisses me hungerly letting me taste myself. “I’ve been wanting to do that for days now.” He stands and slides his pants down and stepping out of them. He has on black boxers that are doing nothing at hiding his huge package. I slide of the bed and stand in front of him taking my hand and rub his cock through the fabric. He groans and closes his eyes. I push his boxers down and his beast springs free. He has a huge cock, much bigger than I even imagined. I lick my lips and kneel in front of him and lick from his balls up his hard veiny shaft flicking my tongue across the tip licking the precum that was oozing from it. I swirled my tongue around his mushroom head sucking it into my mouth. His hands shoot up and into my hair. He pushes his hard member into my throat making me gag as his balls hit my chin. He controls my movement as he fucks my mouth. He moans as I stroke his balls and take his whole cock.

“Fuck yeah.” He slides his cock in and out, in and out his balls slapping my chin. He rams his cock deep into my throat tears spring in my eyes. He then jerks his cock out of my mouth. “I want to fuck you. I want my cock buried deep in your pussy and my seed coating your walls.” He pulls me up and kisses me as his hands cup my ass and pulls me up his body. I wrap my legs around his waist feeling his cock pressing against my stomach. He lays me down on the bed and positions his hard member at my hot, wet entrance. He pushes his cock into me till he bottoms out. Mewls of pleasure escape my mouth as I feel his cock twitching in my pussy. He pulls out and pushes back in letting out a grunt.

“Fuck you are tight baby.” He slams his cock back in hitting my g-spot and I buck into him as he takes my legs throwing my knees over his fore arms pulling my body into his. He fucks my cunt like he is wild. Our bodies slapping together making squelching sounds as his dick slams in and out making my pussy wetter. He leans over pushing my legs up and over my shoulders and him resting his weight on his arms as his cock drills into my hole. His balls slap into my ass as I feel a tightening in my stomach and my body feels on fire. I damn breaks loose as my body orgasms. My pussy walls clinch down onto Adams big cock milking it for his seed as he slams into my pulsating cunt. He growls and slams his cock into me faster and harder and then stiffens as his seed explodes coating my pussy walls sending me into another orgasm.

“Oh fuck Me!!! “I scream as my body shakes and I pull his body down into mine as he kisses me deeply. After our orgasms settles down, he rolls over bringing me with him holding me to his chest.

“Mae, you are one special woman. I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I saw you.” I lift up and kiss him. After a few mins we both get up and get dressed. He has delivers to make and I well have household things to do. I walk him to the door and kiss him passionately.

“Thank you for the delivery Adam. Maybe you can deliver for me again.” I say as I shoo him out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32