Stacey’s Vacation Photos

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Josh MacKinnon stared out of his office window, wishing 5 o’clock would hurry up and arrive. It was still only 3:38 on a Friday afternoon and he was eager to get off work. It had been a busier week than usual and he was looking forward to relaxing over the weekend. The phone ringing made him let out a groan. He was afraid it was someone from shipping with another order, which meant he would probably have to put in more overtime. That on a Friday was the last thing he wanted.

“Hey, big brother, how are things?”

Josh smiled at the sound of his sister’s voice. “Good.” he told her.

“I just got back last night and wanted to give you a call and let you know.” she told him.

Josh’s sister, Stacey, had been in The Dominican Republic for the past ten days. She and two friends of her’s had pooled their money and rented a beach house for spring break.

Josh was the oldest of three siblings at twenty-four. Stacey was twenty-two, and working towards a nursing degree at a nearby college. Their younger brother, David, was eighteen and still attending high school. Both Stacey and David still lived with their parents.

“Did you have a good time?” Josh asked his sister.

“The best!” she exclaimed “I’ve got a bunch of photos to show you. The place is so beautiful! I thought maybe we could get together this weekend so I can tell you all about my trip and show you my photos.”

“That sounds like fun,” Josh exclaimed “what are you doing tomorrow night?”

Stacey paused for a moment while she thought. “Nothing,” she said “how about I come over around seven?”

“That will be good,” Josh told her “I haven’t seen you in a while, so it’ll be nice to hang out.”

Josh was still smiling as he put down the phone. Now he had something fun to look forward to this weekend. Suddenly waiting the next hour or so until quitting time didn’t seem so bad.

Saturday seemed to pass more quickly than usual for Josh. He slept in till 9:00 than went out that afternoon for some groceries and did laundry. He bought a pizza on his way home so he and Stacey would have something to eat, then stopped for some wine coolers for her and some beer for himself.

When the buzzer to the door of his apartment building sounded at 6:53 Josh knew it would be his sister. He pressed the button to let her in, then waited for her at the door.

“Wow, that’s quite the tan you’ve got, Stace!” he exclaimed as his sister entered his apartment. She was wearing a denim mini skirt that barely covered her thighs and a red t-shirt that left most of her midriff bare.

Stacey gave her brother a hug and kissed his cheek. Josh placed his hands on her waist, savoring the feeling of her soft skin. Her t-shirt climbed up her back as she raised her arms to wrap them around him and Josh slipped his hands around to feel her lower back, then up until he encountered her bra strap. She felt warm and soft and he wanted to move his hands over the rest of her body. His cock began to swell and his pulse quickened.

Stacey closed her eyes as her brother gently caressed her and felt herself becoming wet. She clutched him a little tighter than she intended to, wishing they could remain in the embrace longer than she knew it would last.

“Does I look okay?” She stepped back so he could look her over, trying to ignore her clit as it throbbed.

To Josh she looked better than okay, but he wasn’t about to say that out load, and certainly not to her. He noticed that her nipples had hardened and were protruding from her t-shirt, and he wondered if she had enjoyed their hug as much as he had.

“Yes… you look good,” he said “the tan is nice.”

Stacey was pleased with her brother’s reaction and smiled. “I was able to get one all over — well, just about.”

Standing at about 5’5″ Stacey was shorter than her brother, and slender. Her dark brown hair was pulled back on one side, held in place with a silver barrette. Josh ran his eyes over her as she tossed her purse on the sofa. He stared at her exposed skin, tanned and smooth. As she plopped herself down on the couch he noticed how her breasts bounced beneath her top. His cock began to stiffen and he felt nervous. She crossed her legs and smiled at him, her dark eyes moving up and down his body.

“Can I get you something to drink? I bought coolers and beer.”

“A cooler sounds great.” she said.

“I thought you’d want one. I got them for you.”

Josh went to the fridge then returned with a beer and a cooler in each hand.

“You’re too kind.” she teased as she look the bottle from him.

“I also bought a pizza at a deli downtown,” he added “all I have to do is throw it in the oven.”

“Pizza sounds good. I never had much for supper.” she said.

Josh returned to the kitchen and put the pizza in the oven. He was glad for a few moments alone so he could distract himself and allow his erection to subside.

“So tell me about your trip.” he said as he joined his sister on the sofa.

“I took a lot of photos,” she said “how about bahis firmaları I show you them and explain as we go?”

Josh watched as his sister opened her purse and brought out four envelopes of pictures. She placed them on the coffee table and took a pile in her hand from the top envelope. One by one she showed her brother the photos as she explained where they were taken and told him about the sorts of activities she and her friends took part in during their trip.

Once Stacey had gone through the first group of photos Josh went to check on the pizza and get another beer and cooler for him and his sister. As he handed her the cooler his eyes once again moved up her legs to the curve of her breasts pushing out against her tight t-shirt.

“Do I really look okay with a tan?” she asked, her eyes catching his.

Josh nodded and grinned as he took a swig of beer. “Of course… you look great.”

Stacey was still smiling as she resumed showing him the photos from her trip. Josh noticed that she was drinking her cooler faster than she had her first. He tried his best to pay attention to the photos and ignore how sexy his sister looked, but as she leaned over slightly he couldn’t help but notice the occasional sway of her breasts beneath her top. They were round and firm, and he surmised that they probably would not fit into his hands were he to hold them — although he wanted to try.

“Time for a break. I need to use the bathroom.” Stacey announced once she was half-way through the second group of pictures.

Josh watched his sister walk towards the bathroom, captivated by the sway of her hips and her breasts gently bouncing with each step. His cock twitched and began to stiffen.

While he waited for Stacey to return Josh picked up the stack of photos from the coffee table and began thumbing through them. His heart instantly began to race as he discovered a photo that his sister had neglected to remove from the envelope before bringing them over. The photo was of Stacey sitting outside on a reclining chair with a drink in hand. She was topless, and wearing only a red bikini bottom. Josh’s jaw dropped as he fixated on the picture of his younger sister. He was struck by how round and firm her breasts were. Her light brown nipples were hard and thick, surrounded by about a two-inch ring that was slightly lighter. As his cock throbbed Josh imagined cupping Stacey’s breasts in his hands, wondering how her nipples would feel between his lips, then what it would be like to push his hard cock between them.

The sound of toilet flushing startled Josh and his mind raced. At first he considered pretending that he had never discovered the photo, then realized Stacey would get to it eventually anyway as she showed him the others. He was resigned to having to be honest with his sister about his discovery. He took a deep breath and waited for her to return.

Stacey noticed the expression on her brother’s face as she entered the room. “What is it?” she asked as she sat down next to him.

“Ummm… there’s a photo in here that you forgot to leave out.” Josh held the photo up for his sister to see what he was referring to.

Stacey gasped and covered her mouth when she saw the photo, then laughed.

“You think it’s funny?” he questioned, perplexed by her reaction.

“Nicole took a few of me like that during our trip. I thought I’d gotten them all before I came over — sorry.” she explained.

“It’s okay, but you might want to double-check before you show these to mom and dad and Dave.” Josh told her.

“Yea,” she laughed “dad would have a heart attack if he saw my boobs, and I don’t even want to think about what Dave’s reaction would be!”

Josh wasn’t quite sure how to interpret his sister’s comment. He gave her a puzzled look as she pulled the photo from the pile and deposited it into her purse, still with an enigmatic smile on her face.

“Okay, no more nudity in the rest — I promise!” she assured her brother as she quickly flipped through the remaining photos.

“I don’t mind nudity, providing it’s not my little sister.” he joked.

“Why?” Don’t I look good?” She turned to him with a dejected look.

Josh was already flustered and her question only made it worse.

“Geez, Stace, it’s not that, but… you’re my sister!”

Stacey grinned. “So I do look good then…”

“Cut it out.” he barked.

Stacey enjoyed seeing her brother shaken-up like he was — especially given the circumstances. Growing up she had developed a crush on Josh, and although she knew she shouldn’t give in to those sorts of feelings they had grown more sexual as she entered womanhood. Her friends often commented on how good looking her brother was, and Stacey was always careful to not agree too strongly for fear others would realize her forbidden attraction to him. However, the truth was that she often imagined what it would be like if they were lovers. Her neglecting to remove the photo of herself was an honest mistake on her part, but a welcome one for her nonetheless. kaçak iddaa She hoped it was as enjoyable for Josh as well. What wasn’t a mistake was her choice of clothes that evening. She had carefully chosen her short skirt and tight top hoping to get her brother to notice her, and judging from the lingering glances she had received from him she knew that she had definitely caught his attention.

“Come on,” she prodded “if it wasn’t me in that photo you’d still be drooling over it!”

Josh laughed. His sister was even more right than she realized. He imagined just how bad it would be were she to realize his honest reaction to looking at the photo.

“But it is you.” he retorted, hoping to put the issue to rest.

Stacey saw the look of exasperation on her brother’s face and felt bad. Besides, she didn’t want to force things further and risk making him angry at her. A tense silence filled the room and she was afraid she had gone too far.

“I’m sorry, Josh. I didn’t mean to make you mad. It’s no big deal, really. I actually think it’s funny. Don’t worry, no one will ever know you saw that picture.”

Josh felt a sense of relief wash over him and he smiled. “I’m not angry, Stace, just kind of embarrassed, or something.” He lowered his head and stared at his lap.

“Guilty?” she suggested as she cocked an eyebrow.

“What?” he spat out, jerking his head up to.

“Guilty… because you liked what you saw.” she elaborated, her voice matter-of-fact.

Josh blushed and didn’t know how to reply.

“It’s okay,” she reassured him “you can admit it to me, Josh.”

“I can’t even admit it to myself.” he said, avoiding her gaze once more.

Stacey reached inside her purse and took the photo out. She held it in front of her brother, just above his lap, forcing him to look at it.

“Here… take another look.” Her hand was now resting on his thigh.

Josh stared at the photo of his sister once more, feeling his cock swell. About ten seconds later he was able to pull his head up and look at Stacey.

“That’s enough. Put it away, Stace.” he said, his voice soft, defeated.

Stacey tossed the photo onto the coffee table then tucked her feet under herself and turned towards her brother.

“You can keep the photo. I won’t be showing it to anyone else, and I already know what I look like.” she giggled.

Josh opened his mouth to protest but she quickly reached out and placed her fingers on his lips.

“Keep the photo, Josh, and I promise I’ll never bring it up again.”

Josh nodded, noticing how soft his sister’s fingers felt on his lips. She moved them slightly, brushing over his bottom lip and it felt sensuous.

“Now it seems to me you said something about pizza. What’s a girl gotta do to get something to eat around here?” she joked.

“Believe me, you don’t want to know,” he retorted as he went towards the kitchen “but since it’s you I’ll make it easy on you.”

Stacey followed her brother to the stove, watching him bend over and slide the pizza from the oven. She was tempted to grab his ass. Instead, she waited until he turned around and stepped towards him.

“Don’t do me any favors, big brother,” she said “besides, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much.”

Josh placed the pizza on top of the stove and turned around. He was surprised by his sister’s flirtatious comeback and wondered if she was just joking or perhaps there was an undercurrent of seriousness to her comment.

“I already have a photo of you topless,” Josh remarked “I think that’s worth some pizza.”

“I said I’d never mention that photo again.”

“I know, but you’re not — I am,” he replied, then paused “besides, I suppose it’s better if we can joke about it rather than try to pretend it never happened. I mean, if you’re comfortable with it that is…”

Stacey nodded. “I don’t care. But do I have to bring the others with me the next time I come over if I want to get fed?” she teased.

Josh smirked. “It depends on how much you eat tonight.”

Stacey was enjoying the banter between her and her brother. She stepped closer and placed her hands on his waist and looked up at him.

“So how many pieces of pizza is tonight’s photo worth?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Josh said “a couple I guess.”

“Only a couple?” she exclaimed with a pout.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be big pieces.” he assured her.

“They better be,” she countered with an impish grin “since I’ve got big boobs.”

Josh looked down as his sister clutched him tighter and pressed herself against him. Her breasts were pushing against his chest and he could feel the soft curve of her stomach on his. What concerned him the most was her right thigh pushed against his crotch. He smiled as he stared at her breasts filling out her top. He felt his cock twitch and swell and he eased away slightly from Stacey’s leg.

“Yea… you do.” he remarked.

“Did they look okay? In the photo, I mean.” she asked.

Josh nodded, his answer barely audible, but his erection told her kaçak bahis all she needed to know.

Stacey gave her brother a proud smile. “You should have seen the others,” she told him “Nicole took some of me walking around in the kitchen of the cabin we rented. You can see them better in those than in that one.”

Josh tried to imagine what the other photos must look like and felt his cock twitch as his sister’s thigh pressed into it.

“What’s with you? Why are you behaving like this?” he demanded.

“Because I love you, Josh.”

“I love you too, but a guy shouldn’t be seeing his sister’s boobs.”

Stacey giggled. “I know, but admit it — you seeing that photo opened a Pandora’s Box, didn’t it?”

“I guess… sort of.” he conceded.

“So what are we going to do about it?” she asked.

“Nothing — that’s what we’re going to do!” he told her, his voice more emphatic.

Stacey thought the situation over for a moment before she spoke. “Can I admit something to you?”

“Sure. What?”

Stacey drew in a deep breath and collected her thoughts. “You’re my brother, and I love you…”

“I love you too.” he replied.

“Please, let me finish… this isn’t easy for me.”

Josh saw the serious look on his sister’s face and grew concerned.

“I love you, Josh, but sometimes that emotion, that love I feel, hasn’t always been what it should be. It hasn’t always been pure or innocent.” she confessed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused by her statement.

Stacey sighed. “My feelings for you are sometimes beyond what a sister should feel for her brother.”

Josh was stunned by his sister’s admission, and although he was quite sure he understood what she was getting at he still couldn’t believe it. Yet it encouraged him and helped to assuage his guilt.

“You mean you’re attracted to me like you are other guys?”

Stacey nodded. “Yea… and when I found out that you’d seen that photo, part of me hoped you’d feel the same — even a little. I didn’t mean for you to see it, Josh, I swear. Nicole took three or four like that. I thought I got them all before I came over.”

Josh let his sister’s words sink in while he grappled with his own emotions. It was a welcome relief for him to know Stacey felt the same, but he still felt that it was wrong and probably detrimental to their relationship in the long term. She was still holding him by the waist and having her breasts pressed to him was not helping him to think straight. Without realizing it he was staring at her chest as he thought.

Stacey was aware of where her brother’s eyes were and it encouraged and excited her. She could feel her wetness beginning to soak her panties. She moved slightly, straightening her back to stick her chest out, not daring to speak and risk interrupt his leering.

“I don’t know what to say.” he finally said, his eyes meeting hers.

“How about that you feel the same?” she suggested.

Josh let out a nervous laugh and gave a quick glance down towards his hard cock as her thigh rubbed over it then back to her face. “You’ve probably already guessed that.”

“I still want to hear it though.”

“Stace, I think you’re as sexy as hell, and if you weren’t my sister I’d probably be tearing your clothes off right now, but I don’t want us to rush into something we’ll regret.”

Stacey gave her brother an understanding nod. “I’ve thought about this a lot of times over the years though.”

“Really?” he exclaimed.

“Sure. Be honest, hasn’t it ever crossed your mind?” she prodded.

Josh furrowed his brow and twisted his mouth. “Maybe a few times…”

Stacey laughed. “Maybe more than a few I bet.”

Josh couldn’t help but chuckle. “Okay, but you’re my little sister. I hated myself for having those thoughts.”

“Do you still think I’m little after seeing that photo?” she joked as she twisted her shoulders causing her breasts to shake.

Josh let out a laugh at his sister’s display, even though he found it very sexy. “No, you’re definitely stacked!”

Stacey giggled and her eyes fell to her chest.

“How about we eat the pizza before it gets cold.” he suggested, hoping to let the conversation die.

“Okay.” she said, stepping away from him.

Josh cut the pizza and placed slices on plates for each of them. Stacey picked up a plate and went into the living room. Josh followed and sat down next to her on the sofa.

The siblings ate in silence for a few minutes while each contemplated the ramifications of what had just taken place and their conversation. Both were happy with the turn of events, but each was waiting for the other to make the next move.

“This isn’t bad pizza.” she said as she finished her slice.

Josh nodded as he chewed, then took a gulp of beer. “Yeah… I was hungry too.”

Stacey went to the kitchen for another slice. Josh watched her walk back towards him, his eyes moving up her legs to her ass. He turned his head towards her as she sat down, watching her skirt slide up her thigh as she crossed her legs. She caught him looking and gave him a knowing smile.

“You’ve got nice legs.” he told her.

“Really?” she replied, almost choking on a piece of green pepper.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32