Step Sister’s Prank

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Double Penetration

Authors Note: All participants in this story are of legal age.


It WAS a good prank. Well it would have been a good prank if it’d gone off the way she planned it. Unfortunately my stepsister and her best friend didn’t quite get it carried out the way they planned. Now I don’t hate Tammy. She is my stepsister after all. We haven’t always gotten along. Just getting used to having a sister after being an only child for sixteen years was tough enough. Having to get used to a sister with a really warped sense of humor made the last three years a mixed bag. Her mom, my new mom, Elaine was alright. My dad seemed to like her and she made him happy, so what could I say? Even before she got married to my dad, she pulled me aside and brokered a deal with me. She’d not make life any more difficult for me than it needed to be if I didn’t make life any more difficult for Tammy than it needed to be. It seemed like a reasonable arrangement, one which she has worked hard to keep her side of.

I guess the pranks Tammy seemed to always play on me was her way of dealing with suddenly ending up with a brother after being an only child for her first sixteen years. They weren’t usually mean, and like I said, her warped sense of humor left many of them to be less than funny in my book. Of course when I complained to Elaine, mom, she simply told me that if I wanted to return in kind she wouldn’t find that to be unreasonable or unfair, as long as the pranks weren’t dangerous or illegal. Consequently Tammy found the periodic live critter in places they weren’t supposed to be, like her dresser drawer. All of her bras missing or her underwear hidden at inopportune times, that sort of thing.

This prank wasn’t meant to be mean either. I suppose it was her way of teasing me over not having a date on Valentine’s Day. I was in the shower, taking care of business, if you know what I mean, when they slipped into the bathroom and dumped a container of some kind of pink powder and little red tissue paper hearts over the top of the shower curtain. Like I said, it would have been a good prank had she not lost her balance on the trash can, which she was using to get high enough to reach over the curtain. In her haste to escape she slipped and caught herself on the only thing that appeared to be strong enough to hold herself up, the shower curtain. In seconds, I found myself standing naked in the shower, with my hand wrapped around my hard cock, with both my stepsister and her friend staring at me.

In itself it would have been embarrassing to be seen like that by Tammy, but at that moment I was thinking about her best friend Vickie. And given my state at the time, I’m sure you can guess what it was I was thinking about!

Tammy and I had inadvertently seen each other in various states of dress and undress, which one would expect when you share a bathroom. But to date neither of us had seen the other naked, and it was my misfortune to be on the wrong end of that first time.

The girls didn’t stay long, running from the bathroom screaming more in surprise at what happened than in fear of anything, since I was standing covered in pink powder and tissue paper hearts, unable to chase either of them down. I suppose it was good that our parents were gone for the day when I finally got cleaned off and stormed out, pounding on her bedroom door with less than pleasant statements being hurled through her closed and locked door from my side.

Two hours later I could still hear them in her room, giggling and laughing; I presumed at my predicament. My nineteen year old mind was busily working at just how I could get back at her. Little did I know that my chance would come much, much sooner than I could have ever predicted.

“Vickie! NO! Don’t!” I could hear Tammy practically yell at her best friend through the bedroom wall.

“It’s okay. I’ll be back in a while.” Vickie laughed. “You’re the one that dared me, remember?”

“But not this!” Tammy cried.

“You know. If I were you, I’d not shout so loud. Unless of course you want your brother to hear you.”


“Uh uh. That was the dare. We’re both the same or it’s no go. Fair is fair!”

“But Vickie! If Andy comes in!”

“Well, you’ll just have to be really quiet until I get back then, won’t you?” she giggled before I heard the door of Tammy’s room open and then close. I had to admit I was curious as hell. What were those two up to that they were worried about me seeing? And what was the dare?

I waited a few minutes to make sure that Vickie was gone and then snuck to my sister’s room and gently inched the door open. To say I was shocked would be the understatement of the world. There was my stepsister, laying on the bed, completely nude, her legs spread and tied to the footboard with fat white ropes and her hands handcuffed to the headboard over her head. Between her spread legs was an assortment of dildos and vibrators. I was initially afraid she’d see me peeking in until I realized her eyes were covered with a heavy pink eye cover. bahis firmaları

Like I said, I’d never seen her naked, only a couple times in her underwear, so I was in no hurry to close the door. Her tits were larger than I’d realized, each creamy mound sitting on her chest firm and round, easily larger than a coconut half. Her areola were slightly oblong with hard pink nipples sticking up toward the ceiling, almost as if anticipating being played with or licked. Even more surprising though was her pussy. Her full round lips were shaved as completely bare as her mound, a fair amount of soft looking inner lip already protruding and glistening wetly in the bedroom light.

I quietly slipped into the room, making damn sure the door didn’t make any noise as I pushed it most of the way closed behind me. I really wasn’t all that sure what I was going to do, but after the two of them got a really good look at me in a compromising position, I really couldn’t help but take advantage of paybacks.

“Who’s there?! Vickie? Is that you? You better damn well untie me! VICKIE!” Tammy shouted, apparently able to sense that someone had come in the room, expecting it to be her friend. I grinned and kept my mouth shut as I stepped closer to the bed and my struggling, completely nude sister. Laying among the sex toys on the bed was a large, soft feather. You know…paybacks are hell, and this was going to be one hell of a payback for a LOT of pranks against me. I picked up the feather and then, standing over her, began to draw the feather up and down her creamy thigh. “SHIT! Vickie you scared the fuck out of me! Now untie me!”

I grinned to myself and continued to tease her soft smooth skin with the feather, working it slowly up her squirming body, up her stomach to her exposed tits. I slowly circled each firm orb with the feather, making her gasp as I brushed it across the fronts and her sensitive nipples.

“Oh fuck Vickie. You’re so fucking bad! Ohhhhhhh shit, you’re good at that,” she moaned as I teased around and across her nipples before slowly drawing the feather down her stomach toward her spread legs. She moaned softly as I teased the feather around her lips, the tip of the feather picking up her wetness as I teased across her soft delicate inner lips. I wasn’t a virgin by any means, but I had to admit this was probably the best view I’d had of a pussy since I got laid the first time. Maybe what made it so special looking was that it was my stepsister!

I teased the feather up her body again, sweeping it back and forth across her nipples, bringing more moans and gasps from her. I just couldn’t resist the temptation… I pulled the feather away from her and moved to kneel on the edge of the bed, leaning over her and gently teasing her nipple with the tip of my tongue.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck Vickie,” she moaned softly as I swirled my tongue around and around her hard nipples, before blowing gently across the now wet areola and nipples to chill them slightly. “Oh god you are getting me so fucking wet,” she moaned.

I pulled my head back and stared at her, almost surprised that it hadn’t occurred to me before this. Of course it made perfect sense now. She wasn’t upset that Vickie was tickling her or licking her nipples because it wasn’t the first time she’d done it. Fuck, my sister swung both ways!

I went back to teasing her body with the feather as I considered what I should do. Laying between her legs were half a dozen dildos and vibrators. A slender blue silicone vibrator seemed to attract my attention, maybe because it still shined with lube and pussy juice. I set the feather aside and reached for the vibrator, turning on the device. The gentle hum filled the room and Tammy moaned softly, expecting its vibrating touch. I didn’t disappoint her.

I gently pressed the tip of the vibrator against her wet pussy lips, rubbing it up and down slightly, working it between her lips until I could tease the tip against her hard clit. She spread her legs wider and moaned loudly as I slowly stroked the soft device up and down her pussy, teasing just the end into her tunnel before pulling it out and working it back up to her clit. Over and over I stroked her, slipping more and more into her with each pass until I was pressing almost the entire length of the blue toy into her.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned loudly as I pushed the toy deep into her once again. I left the vibrator deep in her, humming away as I reached for another, intending on teasing her nipples with another of the toys. I pushed off the bed to stand up and moved slightly farther up the bed so I was even with her tits. I pressed the button on the new tiny vibrator in my hand and was about to reach down to press it to her nipple when a pair of arms circled me, one around my waist, the other cupping a hand over my mouth. My muffled cry of surprise went unheard over Tammy’s loud moan of pleasure. I stood frozen, realizing that I had been caught in the act.

The arms loosened around me and I turned as she pulled her arms back from me to see kaçak iddaa Vicki standing behind me. She looked up at me, being several inches shorter than I am, and moved her hands to the knee length coat she still wore. She undid the coat, spread it apart and let it slide from her, leaving her nude except for the knee length boots she still wore. She held her finger to her lips to tell me to stay quiet as she reached for the waist of my sweat pants, slipping her fingers into them and pulling them down, freeing my rock hard cock. I saw her eyebrows go up in surprise at my size and then a slight smile creep to her lips.

She moved her hands to my shirt and pulled it up, letting me lift my arms to allow her to pull it all the way off. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gently pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear.

“Just do what I say and stay silent.” She whispered before releasing my neck and sliding down to squat in front of me. She pulled on my shoes and the sweat pants until I lifted my feet and allowed her to strip me as completely as Tammy was. She was still grinning when she stood up and took my hands, stretching herself out as she stepped to the foot of the bed and around it, getting on the other side and then pulling me to climb onto the bed with her. I carefully climbed onto the bed walking my knees carefully toward her until she stopped pulling, leaving me kneeling between my sister’s spread legs. Vickie let go of my hands and reached for the vibrator protruding from my sister and slipped it slowly out.

“Oh god no fair. I was getting so close,” Tammy moaned loudly.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to put something else in there,” Vickie said with a grin as she set the vibrator aside and reached for my cock. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and then gently pulled on it, encouraging me to turn to face my sister. It was all too obvious what she intended as she kept pulling on my rock hard dick, aiming me down at the pussy spread in front of me. I had to use my hands to hold myself over my sister, but Vickie didn’t stop pulling until she had my engorged mushroom head rubbing up and down my sister’s sopping wet lips. “I promised a new toy. Here it is,” Vickie said huskily, as she tried to pull me down again and force my cock into my step-sister’s pussy.

“Oh fuck. Did you get a strap on?” My sister moaned as I pushed slowly into her, her hot wet tunnel expanding to allow me into her. “God it’s so fucking big and so warm,” she groaned as I sunk deeper into her.

“Isn’t it? Feels just like a real cock, doesn’t it?” Vickie asked, her head near mine. “And just like I promised, I got completely naked at the checkout.”

“Oh fuck it feels good!” Tammy moaned as I felt the end of my eight and a half inches hit the end of her tunnel.

I pulled back slowly, easing my cock out of her and back in again, pushing into her faster than I had pulled back, making her gasp and moan in pleasure. In and out I started to stroke, letting my head bump gently into the end of her tunnel with each stroke, but not so hard that I might hurt her. I looked down at my sister’s round, firm tits wiggling and shaking with each impact, her hips trying to thrust at me and rock with each stroke I made.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to COME!” My sister screamed as her whole body started to shake and tremble. I could feel her pussy clench around my cock as she climaxed below me, gasping for breath as spasms and shudders wracked her petite body.

“Come with me,” Vickie whispered in my ear before sliding gently off the bed. I pulled out of my sister and let Vickie pull me by the hand toward the door. “Be right back baby!” she said over her shoulder as she led me out the door. “God I need to fucked!” she said as she pulled the bedroom door closed behind us. “Fuck me.”


“Hell yes here!” she practically demanded, as she turned around and leaned on the wall pushing her ass out at me. “Come on. We don’t have all day.”

“Fuck. Okay,” I said, stepping behind her. My already lubricated cock slid easily into her as I pushed my head against her wet lips.

“Oh yeah. God you are big,” she moaned softly as she pushed back against me. I pushed into her until my hips hit her full, round ass and then pulled back, jamming into her again. In moments we were pounding against each other, our bodies rhythmically slapping together as we pushed each other up the short slope remaining to climax. I felt her pussy clench around me as I took hold of her tits, squeezing them in my hands as I tried to capture the madly flying orbs of sexy flesh. “Ohhhhh fuck,” she gasped as her body started to shudder and tremble.

“God gonna come,” I grunted as her pussy clenched around me again, pushing me beyond any hope of holding back.

“Yeah. Oh fuck yeah!” She gasped as my body jerked, jamming my cock deep into her and squiring a huge gush of cum into her soft hot pussy. Over and over I jerked, adding to the load inside Vickie, my mind slowly recognizing reality again after long seconds.

“Vickie! Don’t leave kaçak bahis me like this!” I heard my stepsister call from in her bedroom.

“Shit. You better go,” Vickie panted, pushing off the wall and pulling her pussy off my now softening cock. She turned and without another word slipped back into the bedroom, leaving me standing there with my cock dripping our combined cum.

I walked to my bedroom and closed the door behind myself and flopped on my bed, my mind grappling with what I had just done. I wouldn’t exactly say I regretted it, because if felt damn good, but I worried that if she found out it was me she might tell our parents, then I’d be in deep, deep, deep shit. But how would she find out? I doubted that Vickie would tell her. “No. She wouldn’t.” I said to myself as I closed my eyes and pictured her nude body again, trying to convince myself that it’d be alright.

I was up and dressed when my parents came home later that afternoon. Vickie and my sister were still locked away in her room, the two of them being surprisingly quiet. I was slightly apprehensive when my dad called up the stairs to the pair for dinner and then came to let me know they’d brought pizza home for dinner. I turned off the hockey game I’d been watching and headed to the kitchen for a few slices. Tammy and Vickie came down shortly after, wearing somewhat revealing shorts and crop top shirts. I was pretty sure my mom noticed the lack of anything under the shirts. I know I damn well did.

“So you girls have a good day?” She asked them across the kitchen island.

“Yeah. Just been hanging out and talking girl stuff. You know how it is mom.”

“I used to,” she said with a smile. “Want some company?”

“Oh. You wouldn’t want to hang around with us. Especially not on Valentine’s Day! You should be snuggled up with your sweetie!”

“Well, we’ve done plenty of that all day, but I wouldn’t say no to some quiet time with him this evening.”

“Not a problem with us. How about you Andy? Wanna hang with us this evening?”

I about choked on my pizza when she dropped that bomb on me. “Me?”

“Ohhh that’s sweet honey!” My stepmom injected. “Since neither of you have Valentine’s dates, maybe you can rent a movie or something.”

“I doubt Andy would enjoy a romantic comedy,” Tammy answered her mother. “But maybe we can find an action movie or something that he’d enjoy. I know how much he prefers action to romance!”

“Awww. That’s nice of you sweetie. I’m glad to see that you two have gotten so close!” Her mother answered with a sweet smile.

“You have no idea!” Tammy mumbled with a grin, throwing me a sideways glance. After we ate Tammy and Vickie disappeared, apparently going out for a movie. Our parents had also disappeared, but it wasn’t any mystery as to where they went to, anyone going down the hall near the master bedroom could tell very quickly. My step-mother wasn’t the quietest person in the world when she climaxed, and my dad seemed to be able to make that happen quite a few times. I headed down to the basement family room to watch some TV and get away from the sound of my parents going at it like rabbits.

“So, brother of mine. We tried to come up with a movie we’d all enjoy. Something with a little action for you and a little romance for us. Hope you enjoy it!” Tammy said as she walked into the family room and stepped in front of the TV, pushing the power button on the DVD player.

“So what is it?” I asked with a soft sigh, realizing that I wasn’t going to get to finish watching the program I’d already started.

“Oh. I can’t tell you that,” she said as she bent over, pushing her miniskirt covered ass out at me. I did a serious double take as she wiggled her ass back and forth as she worked the buttons on the DVD player, her bare pussy sticking out at me below the hem of the short skirt. She finally straightened up when the movie flashed to life on the sixty inch flat screen, stepping over to the sofa and plopping down hard next to me, on the other side from where Vickie had settled. “You know. It’s chilly down here!” she said, reaching for one of the blankets that lived on the back of the sofa. “Don’t you think so Vickie?”

“It is a bit chilly,” her friend agreed as Tammy spread the blanket across the three of us and then pulled it up to her chin.

I had no idea what the movie was called, but I had to admit that it started out with plenty of action. Two “agents” of some kind protecting a shipment of diamonds on a train became almost immediately involved in a gunfight with would be robbers. Just when I thought the two agents were going to win the day and protect their cargo in the armored rail car, an extremely busty woman snuck up behind them from I don’t know where and tasered them both into unconsciousness. The now apparently successful thieves decided that stealing the diamonds wasn’t enough, they had to “embarrass” the two agents, stripping them both and handcuffing them naked to the now empty safe. As the two agents came around from their untimely tasering, one of the thieves decided to pass the remaining time until their departure from the train by getting him hard and riding him until she was satisfied, which took plenty of time and plenty of bouncing boob time.

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